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07/01/2015 11:03 PM
Beer store update 5th May
So Sydney has had cracker beer drinking weather this week and it’s set to continue this weekend – sweet! Growlers Currently we have Moa Breakfast beer. A cracker of a lager with rich cherries, very easy drinking. Check out the review for it below: “The aroma is stunning with hints of dry wheat and cherry’s. The carbonation is lively, which works for a crisp summer beer. The taste has a serious hit of wheat and yeast, washing through with all those bubbles and a touch of cherry.” Joel Macfarlane – brewnation.co.nz $28 for a Growler fill Once this is gone we’ll be moving onto Mikkeller Citra Single Hop IPA probably early in the week Latest beers Murray’s No 6 2011 Anniversary Ale – the last available anywhere (limit 1 per person) Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Ale Barley wine Rich is in the shop today, Geoff is onto his 2nd table for the tasting room, while Will is in training for a 9km soft sand running event. Store hours 11am-3pm today, 8:30am-6pm Mon-Fri. 1300 808 254 Cheers!

07/01/2015 11:03 PM
April Beer Club Selection
Our Beer Club selection for April has now been sent out to all online customers. For those living in Sydney you can still pick these up from our store. The April Beer Club selection includes: Samuel Adams, Black Lager Bridge Road Brewers, Australian Ale William Bull, William’s Pale Ale Morland Brewing, Old Speckled Hen

07/01/2015 11:03 PM
Carlton Draught hits slow mo
Australia’s alcohol advertising regulations are strict, as a result advertisers continually look for new ways to promote the brand – albeit without specifically promoting the product! Check out Cartlon Draught’s latest ad – the slow mo…and a few other old classics.....

07/01/2015 11:03 PM
Store update 19th May
So Sydney is on a roll with its awesome beer drinking weather this week and this weekend looks good to go. Growlers Currently we have Young Henry’s Hop Ale. This beer harks back to classic English style IPAs. Hefty malt backing meets every type of hop in our cool-room, added to all stages of the process. The all Australian hop flavour is not aggressive in its bitterness, but is evident in flavour and aroma and slowly asserts itself with a lengthy, lingering and thoroughly enjoyable palette. $28 for a Growler fill Once this is gone we’ll be moving onto Dr’s Orders Brewing Plasma. Plasma, a White IPA is yet another emerging trend that we’re happy to embrace and present a Doctor’s Orders Brewing twist on. Judicious hop use dominates Plasma’s aroma, backed up with a balanced mouthfeel defying its alcoholic payload before delivering an extremely long lingering bitterness. A deceivingly addictive prescription. The grist for Plasma is practically identical to our Zephyr (Double White Ale) which explains the appearance. However the lack of botanicals, a different yeast strain and excessive hop use deliver an ale that is Zephyr’s polar opposite. In other news Rich is in the shop today, Geoff is onto his 2nd table for the tasting room, while Will is in training for a 9km soft sand running event. Store hours 11am-3pm today, 8:30am-6pm Mon-Fri. 1300 808 254 Cheers!

07/01/2015 11:03 PM
A thought for the brewers and people of Christchurch
When I was a young lad of 18 years of age I packed my bags and travelled from the North Island of New Zealand to the city of Christchurch in the South to begin my university education. The move to Christchurch was a no brainer for me – I had lots of family who lived in the “Garden City” and I had been there many times before, always leaving with fond memories. Christchurch is a very special city with significant character – it is the New Zealand city that most closely resembles Melbourne with old stone buildings, a tram line and a beautiful river, the Avon. The city also has a number of other great gems including the Port Hills for excellent scenery and mountain biking, as well as the port suburb of Lyttleton, reached after travelling through one of New Zealand’s longest tunnels. If there is one word I would give to Christchurch it would be ‘beautiful’.....

07/01/2015 10:26 PM
New breweries update: Checking in on the progress of the many
We all get excited when we see a new brewery’s signage going up. (Photo courtesy of the NM Brewers Guild) One thing I had hoped to do in June, before life got in the way, was to go around and see where all the forthcoming breweries are in their progress toward opening. It is something that is easier to think about writing than actually wr ...

07/01/2015 10:25 PM
Young Henrys exits WA
The West Australian brewery currently known as Young Henrys Beer Farm is to become a completely separate entity.

07/01/2015 10:15 PM
Second Batch Lambic Session

Hard to believe that it was a year ago that John brewed his first batch of sour beer, Lambic in style. But a year later he’s got a bucket full of dregs and its time to brew again! Pretty straightforward brew day. Using an extract wort of wheat malt extract, and pilsner extract is a […]

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07/01/2015 08:34 PM
Patent No. 2841500A: Method Of Packaging And Preserving Hops
Today in 1958, US Patent 2841500 A was issued, an invention of James O. Hughes and Ray Nelson, assigned to Tri-State Processing Company, of Yakima, Wash., for their “Method Of Packaging And Preserving Hops.” There’s no Abstract, although in the description it includes this summary: Our...

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07/01/2015 08:24 PM
Beer Release – Falconer’s Flight 7C’s, Top Rung Brewing

Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog.

Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog. New beer coming from Top Rung Brewing. Here’s the official release info. Top Rung Brewing Releases “Falconer’s Flight 7C’s the Hop” Pale as part of Pale Series July 1, 2015 – On July 3rd we will release the third beer in our Pale series. “Falconer’s Flight 7C’s...

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07/01/2015 08:14 PM
12oz Cans of Bell’s Two Hearted Ale This September

(Galesburg, MI) – Following on the launch of 12-packs of 12 oz. Oberon cans, Bell’s Brewery is excited to announce tha…

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07/01/2015 08:00 PM
Boulder’s 7th Annual JUL-IPA Festival
Photo from a past JUL-IPA Festival: “Celebrating the BEST and BADDEST IPAs out there.” Saturday, July 11th is the 7th Annual JUL-IPA Festival, presented by The West End Tavern in Boulder. The event will be held at the outdoor pavilion of the Millennium Harvest House Hotel from noon-4 p.m., and proceeds will benef ...

07/01/2015 07:56 PM
Cincinnati Craft Brewer’s Volksfest 2015

(Cincinnati, OH) – Cincinnati’s best summer beer festival is back During All-Star Weekend! Volksfest is a festival …

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07/01/2015 07:41 PM
Flying Bike Brewery finally takes flight – brews first batch

Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog.

Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog. It’s been a long ride, but Flying Bike Brewery (Washington’s first cooperative brewery) is currently in the process of brewing its very first batch of beer as I write this. The brewery on Greenwood Avenue North, practically next door to Naked City Brewery, is now up and...

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07/01/2015 07:41 PM
Harpoon Brewery Introduces 100 Barrel Series Nordic Saison

(Boston, MA) – The Harpoon Brewery is proud to introduce the 54th installment of the Harpoon 100 Barrel Series: Nordic Saiso…

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07/01/2015 07:36 PM
Small is the new IPA
Earlier today Brewers Association economist Bart Watson tweeted this: “Small breweries are small. Looking at CA 2014 data: Breweries < 100 bbls = 144. 100 < breweries < 1,000 = 209. Breweries > 1,000 = only 122.” If you break down the percentages that’s 30% under 100 barrels, 44% between 100 and 1,000, and 26% […]

07/01/2015 06:19 PM
Left Hand Brewing Now Majority Owned by Employees
Even if you offered Eric Wallace $1 billion, he says, he wouldn’t sell Left Hand Brewing Company -- the Longmont, Colo. craft brewery he co-founded in 1993 -- to a private equity firm. Instead, he just entrusted more than half of it to his employees. That makes his semi-utopian business philosophy a bit more believable.

07/01/2015 06:14 PM
Hangar 24 Addresses Possible Sanguinello Packaging Issue

(Redlands,CA) – Hangar 24 releases Important info about Sanguinello bottles released last week in 3rd Quarter pickups for Barr…

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07/01/2015 05:57 PM
The Bruery Addesses Concerns With Regards to Hottenroth With Peaches

(PLACENTIA, CA) – The Bruery has release a statement about the recent Society sale of  Hottenroth with Peaches. Continue rea…

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07/01/2015 05:30 PM
Beer jobs: Sales Reps, Vale Brewing — Vic, SA and Sydney
Vale Brewing has sales roles open in Sydney, South Australia and Victoria...

07/01/2015 05:24 PM
Sociable Cider Werks Review
Earlier this spring, my wife Sj and I went to a Happy Gnome beer dinner featuring beers and ciders from local Sociable Cider Werks.  Previously both of us had been a bit underwhelmed by their early ciders and were a bit sceptical.  However, knowing that we have never had a bad dinner at The Gnome, we decided to take the risk and t ...

07/01/2015 05:21 PM
The votes are in, and you elected BEER!

Remember that archaic time when breweries in Georgia weren’t allowed to send you home with any beer? Oh, that was yesterday? Weird. Well, folks, it’s a new era. Thanks to the tireless work of the Georgia Craft Brewer’s Guild, our lobbyists, brewery owners, and the countless local beer lovers who helped us pass SB63, as […]

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07/01/2015 05:16 PM
Brewery Becker : A Year Of Unique Beer
Some of the greatest treasures to be found in the world are tucked away in small towns.  Amazing restaurants, unique wines, shops that provide goodies for both young and old, and of course unique breweries that curve the bar and remind you just how deep the world of beer can go.  Brewery Becker is one of these gems, located in the heart of Brighton Mi. sits the historic building, once a hotel and now a bastion of inspired beer the likes of which you might…

07/01/2015 05:01 PM
Anchor to Sell BrewDog Distribution Rights
While preparing to build out its first large-scale production facility on American soil, the Scottish craft beer stalwart BrewDog is also working out plans to retake control of its U.S. distribution. Anchor Brewing, which has imported the BrewDog brand since 2010, has agreed to sell back the company’s distribution rights for an undisclosed sum, Anchor CEO and co-owner Keith Greggor told Brewbound.

07/01/2015 04:55 PM
BrewDog’s Rob MacKay Becomes Master Cicerone
CHICAGO—The Cicerone® Certification Program today announced that Scotsman Rob MacKay became the tenth individual to earn the title of Master Cicerone. MacKay is the second European to earn the title, joining BrewDog co-founder James Watt. MacKay earned the certification through a series of exams culminating in two days of intense taste panels plus written and... Read more »

07/01/2015 04:47 PM
Beer Birthday: Chris White
Today is the 47th birthday of Chris White. Chris founded the yeast company White Labs in 1995 and he’s also on the faculty of the Siebel Institute. He’s also a fixture at virtually every brewing industry and homebrewing conference, and was kind enough to talk to my SSU beer appreciation...

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07/01/2015 04:36 PM
Firestone Walker Bottles Helldorado Barrel-Aged Blonde Barley Wine
One of the highlights of Firestone Walker’s recent The Lion and The Dragon event that was held at Green Dragon a few weeks back was the rare sighting of Firestone Walker Helldorado. This is the Paso Robles, CA brewery’s 12% ABV barrel-aged blonde barley wine that until now has never been bottled until now. Helldorado […]

07/01/2015 04:36 PM
07/01/2015 Llywelyn’s Pub Presenting a Brew You Never Knew
While it’s fun to be on the hunt to try and find that special or fun beer, it can be pretty tiring. Well, you can stop running all around town and visit Llywelyn’s Pub in Webster Groves and St. Charles to see something cool on tap. Llywelyn’s is continuing their program that they’ve been calling [...]

07/01/2015 04:32 PM
New Glarus Serendipity – Too sweet, or Fruitful PERFECTION?


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07/01/2015 03:35 PM
Sundown at The Grove is back for another summer season
Are you ready for another summer season of great craft beer? Then look no further than downtown Houston as Sundown at The Grove returns for another year. Now sponsored by Southwest Airlines, Sundown at The Grove is in its fourth...
Sundown at The Grove

07/01/2015 03:30 PM
Brew: Craft breweries are attracting babies, toddlers
Two-year-old Cal Novario sat at one of the long communal tables at the JAFB Wooster Brewery in Wooster, Ohio, enjoying a tall, frosty mug of chocolate milk, as his father munched on a sandwich…

07/01/2015 03:00 PM
Pairing Recipe: Celebrate the Fourth of July with some Oskar Blues Beer Can Chicken
Press Release

Longmont, CO & Brevard, NC--Because the Fourth of July is on Saturday this year..which gives America three days to drink beer and handle meat...so here's Oskar Blues iconic Beer Can Chicken recipe for the weekend celebration. Happy grilling!


1 3-lb delish chicken
1 Oskar Blues CAN of bliss
Salt & pepper Rev. Rog's BBQ Rub
1 beer can holder to hold the can
Covered gas grill that heats to at least 400 degrees

  • Heat covered gas grill to 375 degrees. Season bird inside and out with all seasonings.
  • Drink half an Oskar Blues beer. Put the other half in the can holder.
  • Stick chicken on the can/can holder. 
  • Cook the bird on top of the can for about an hour and a half or until bird reaches 180 degrees. Stick meat thermometer thru the breast to the middle of thigh to insure proper temp.
  • Keep the direct flame off bird throughout cooking.
  • Serve with homemade coleslaw or potato salad and corn on the cob. 
 Happy birthday, USA, from all of us at Oskar Blues Brewery!

Oskar Blues Brewery Soul Founder, Dale, getting his Beer Can Chicken on

About Oskar Blues Brewery

Founded as a funky little brewpub by Dale Katechis in 1997, Oskar Blues Brewery launched the craft beer-in-a-can apocalypse in 2002, using a tabletop machine that sealed one can at a time. In 2008, the makers of the top-selling pale ale in ColoRADo, Dale's Pale Ale, added a brewery in Longmont, ColoRADo. The brewery has since experienced explosive growth-from packaging 59,000 barrels of beer in 2011 to 149,000 barrels in 2014. In December 2012, Oskar Blues opened the doors to an expansion brewery in Brevard, North Carolina. Oskar Blues has continued craft can innovation by introducing the CROWLER as a canned off-premise growler alternative. The innovative, original canned craft brewery now distributes trail-blazing craft brews to 44 U.S. states, Washington, D.C., as well as parts of Canada, Sweden, and the U.K. For more information and social media visit http://www.oskarblues.com.

07/01/2015 02:50 PM
Todd the Axeman coming to cans in July, Guinness Nitro IPA, New Belgium Hop Tart
A few news tidbits to start the week. I spent the weekend in Minneapolis and had my first visit up to Surly Brewing. Let me say that this place blew me away. The food, the staff, and of course… the beer were top notch and I’ll post more on this visit and all other other breweries I visited while in Minny. I talked to a number of st ...

07/01/2015 02:49 PM
A newcomer in DC's beer scene
One of the joys of being a craft beer fan is that extra thrill you get when traveling. It's fun seeing landmarks and eating good food, but there's just something special about seeing Hopslam in the...

07/01/2015 02:35 PM
Harpoon Brewing Introduces Nordic Saison

The post, Harpoon Brewing Introduces Nordic Saison, first appeared on The Barley Blog.

Press Release Boston, MA (July 1, 2015) – Harpoon is proud to introduce the 54th installment of the Harpoon 100 Barrel Series: Nordic Saison. Anders Kissmeyer of Kissmeyer Beer & Brewing, Will Meyers of Cambridge Brewing Company, and Jaime Schier of Harpoon Brewery created this effervescent golden Saison using local honey and cranberries, rosehips, yarrow, […]

The post, Harpoon Brewing Introduces Nordic Saison, first appeared on The Barley Blog.

07/01/2015 01:50 PM
Patent No. 3453114A: Process Of Brewing
Today in 1969, US Patent 3453114 A was issued, an invention of Peter D. Bayne and John L. Pahlow, assigned to Schlitz Brewing Co., for their “Process of Brewing.” There’s no Abstract, although in the description it includes this summary: This invention relates to a process of brewing...

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07/01/2015 12:55 PM
What am I doing?
Eating tacos.

A couple of weeks ago.

07/01/2015 12:22 PM
7th Annual Evanston Brewfest
The season of the beerfest continues! This entry comes to us from our neighbor to the north, Evanston, WY. The Annual Evanston Brewfest often runs counter to Pioneer Day and offers an alternative to adults who are seeking more little more beer and less green jello.  The Brewfest takes place on July 25th at Depot Square and goes from 1p ...

07/01/2015 12:03 PM
Harpoon Introduces New ‘Nordic Saison’ Collaboration
Harpoon is proud to introduce the 54th installment of the Harpoon 100 Barrel Series: Nordic Saison. Anders Kissmeyer of Kissmeyer Beer & Brewing, Will Meyers of Cambridge Brewing Company, and Jaime Schier of Harpoon Brewery created this effervescent golden Saison using local honey and cranberries, rosehips, yarrow, and heather flowers.

07/01/2015 11:00 AM
Heavy Seas 2015 Phantom Ship

The post, Heavy Seas 2015 Phantom Ship, first appeared on The Barley Blog.

Heavy Seas has a knack for brewing some big, bold beers. Their Phantom Ship — a 10% ABV Belgian-style tripel — is right in line with what I’ve come to expect from this Maryland brewery. It’s potent, boozy and has the added benefit of having rested in bourbon barrels for a measure of time before […]

The post, Heavy Seas 2015 Phantom Ship, first appeared on The Barley Blog.

07/01/2015 10:40 AM
Left Hand Brewing establishes ESOP
Left Hand Brewing announced today it has established an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). Under the Colorado brewery’s employee ownership plan, the brewery will contribute stock to the ESOP trust with each eligible employee receiving an annual allocation. “Our intent is to reward employees and foster an ownership mentality, encouraging team members to contribute to […]

07/01/2015 10:20 AM
Guardian Angel

May your Guardian Angel be at your side to pick ya up off the floor
and hand ya another cold stout from the store.


07/01/2015 10:19 AM
10 Pop Culture Moments That Changed the Way We Drink
  Why do we drink what we drink? Maybe we just love the aroma of a good bourbon. Or maybe it’s because we saw someone ...

07/01/2015 10:18 AM
Bear Republic Returns with Café Racer 15
Sonoma County, CA – Racing back in July, Bear Republic Brewing Company® fan favorite Café Racer 15™ is arriving at a store near you. A summer seasonal release, Café Racer 15™ is one of our premium offerings with considerably limited production and distribution. Releasing for the third time in bottles, Café Racer 15™ has received […]

07/01/2015 10:12 AM
Learning How To Sing Beer
DOH The stuff that buys me beer. 
RAY The guy who sells me beer. 
ME The guys who drinks the beer. 
FAR A long way to get beer. 

07/01/2015 09:53 AM
Left Hand Brewing Co. announces Employee Stock Ownership Plan
Left Hand Brewing Company is taking the future of their brewery into their own hands with the announcement of an employee stock ownership plan. Continue reading

07/01/2015 09:30 AM
Left Hand Brewing Announces Employee Stock Ownership Plan
Colorado's Left Hand Brewing will join a growing list of craft brewers opting to sell at least a portion of their companies back to employees. The Longmont-based craft brewery today announced it has finalized the repurchase of common shares from current stockholders and established an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP).

07/01/2015 09:20 AM
What if it was InBev?
When SABMiller announced they were buying Meantime last month, there was some negative reaction to the news. That was no surprise. But there was also a lot of positive commentary. The lack of true "nerdrage" was probably due to two fairly inconsequential factors. Firstly, Meantime were already perceived as a bit unfashionable among the cognoscenti. Secondly, SABMiller - mainly due to their solid

07/01/2015 09:00 AM
Charity Event: WA: Bellevue: Westin Hotel hosts Georgetown Bob’s Brown Ale to benefit the local Ronald McDonald House, July 8th
From the “Ronald McDonald House Charities of Western Washington and Alaska” comes word that a special event is coming to Bellevue. Starting at 4pm, the West Hotel in Bellevue will feature a rare keg of Georgetown Brewing’s Bob’s Brown Ale.
Charles "Bob" Hirsch was a child fighting cancer at the House who came to us all the way from Alaska. During his stay, he went to Camp Goodtimes, a special camp for kids with cancer. His camp counselor was Manny Chao, the brewmaster of Georgetown Brewing and the two hit it off. When Charles passed away, Manny decided to brew a beer in his honor every year on May 14th, Charles' birthday. The beer is a limited run and extremely popular for its big hoppy taste. Georgetown Brewing donates 100% of the proceeds of Bob's Brown Ale to RMHC. In 2014, the beer made over $100,000 for the House and we are so grateful for Georgetown Brewing’s support.
More on the event.
On July 8th at 4:00PM the Westin Bellevue's Cypress Patio & Lounge with our friends from Georgetown Brewing Company will hold “Bob’s Brown Ale BBQ” to support RMHC. Georgetown will be bringing their special craft beer, Bob's Brown Ale, that's big, hoppy and not to be missed. There's no better way to enjoy the sun, have a beer, eat some BBQ, and hang out with friends all while supporting a great cause. If that is not enough, we will have awesome raffle prizes as well, including brewery tours, apparel and SPG points! The Westin Bellevue donates 100% of all the proceeds from this limited release of Bob's Brown Ale to RMHC, which provides housing to families of children with serious illnesses.
To attend this event of learn more about the Ronald McDonald House, visit them at www.rmhcseattle.org.
About RMHC:
We support seriously ill children and their families who are far from home for their child's treatment. By providing a place to live, full of support, community, and hope, the Seattle Ronald McDonald House® becomes a "home-away-from-home" for families so they can stay close to their child during treatment at little or no cost. We operate on the simple idea that nothing else should matter when a family is focused on healing their child. We also provide a van service for families staying in Anchorage while their children receive medical care.

07/01/2015 09:00 AM
Brewery News: OR: Portland: Progress made at Coin Toss Brewing. Brewery scheduled to receive 10-barrel brewhouse next week.
Press Release

OREGON CITY, Ore. – ... Following months of anticipation, Coin Toss Brewing Co. will take delivery of its brand new 10-barrel brewing system in Oregon City on Tuesday, July 7

Nine vessels, including the brewhouse, fermenters and brite tank, are scheduled to arrive at 10 a.m. via flatbed tractor-trailer at the Coin Toss Brewery & Taproom location, 14214 Fir Street, Suite H.

Each vessel will be offloaded by forklift for placement inside the building. Offloading is expected to take approximately two hours. 

“This will be a momentous day for us,” said Coin Toss founder Tim Hohl. “It’s a huge step toward making our vision of locally brewed craft beer in Oregon City a reality.”


For more information, visit www.cointossbrewing.com, www.facebook.com/cointossbrewing or www.twitter.com/cointossbrewing.

About Coin Toss Brewing Co.
Coin Toss Brewing Company was founded with a nod to the region’s rich history, its pioneering spirit, and for the legendary toss of the penny that gave Portland its name (sorry, Boston). The brewery and tasting room at 14214 Fir Street, Suite H in Oregon City are scheduled to open this summer.

Coin Toss beer can be found on tap at the following locations:

Oregon City
Trails End Saloon
The Growler Run
Arch Bridge Tap House
Oregon City Brewing Company

Belmont Station
Muddy Rudder Public House
Horse Brass Pub
The Green Dragon
Lucky Labrador Beer Hall
Brannon’s Pub & Brewery

07/01/2015 07:40 AM
BrewDog to open first U.S. brewery
Life could not be better for James Watt and Martin Dickie the outrageous co-owners of Scotland’s BrewDog Brewery. The duo has a popular program on the Esquire television network, are known for making enormously alcoholic brews (their Nuclear Tactical Penguin once held the title for beer with the highest ABV) and are insanely likeable as […]

07/01/2015 07:19 AM
What Does An Airlock Look Like?
Question: This might seem like a stupid question but wot does an Airlock look like,I have got various types of equipment like a hydrometer, etc. I don’t know if I have one or not as I don’t know wot it looks like. Sorry, I’m new to the home-brewing game… Answer: It’s a bit difficult to […]

07/01/2015 07:00 AM
Festival News: OR: Portland: Tickets still available for the "Oregon Brewers Brunch & Parade" during the Oregon Brewers Festival
Press Release

PORTLAND, Ore. – The 9th annual Oregon Brewers Brunch & Parade is just three weeks away and only a handful of tickets remain. The event, which always takes place on the morning of the festival opening, will occur on Wednesday, July 22 from 9 to 11:30am. Tickets may be purchased through this Friday, July 3 at 5pm at www.oregonbrewfest.com/brunch.php.

This year’s brunch is being hosted by Lompoc Brewing; Lompoc has four locations, but none of them are close to the festival grounds, so the longtime Portland brewery has rented out Metalcraft Fabrication, located at 723 N Tillamook St for the party of 500 craft beer enthusiasts.

Tickets cost $45 which includes brunch, two beers, a T shirt, live music, the OBF tasting glass and four tokens for the festival. This year’s brunch menu includes:

  • Fresh seasonal fruit platters
  • Variety of sweet and savory breads and baked treats
  • Vegetarian breakfast potatoes with Walla Walla onions, red peppers, garlic, grilled zucchini, more
  • Fresh scrambled eggs
  • Carlton Farms thick cut bacon
  • Zenners breakfast sausage braised in New Old Lompoc Seasonal Lager
  • Baked salmon with Lompoc Saison hollandaise
  • **Vegan Morningstar sausage patties (MUST BE REQUESTED IN ADVANCE)
  • Coffee, water and tea

Lompoc will be serving SaazAll Pilsner, Pamplemousse IPA, Proletariat Red, a Sour Fruit Beer, Saison de l’Evolution, Jitterbrew Stout and a Bloody Mary Beer. In the recent Portland Monthly Magazine, Saison de L’Evolution was named as a top 25 beer, and Pamplemousse IPA was named the #1 grapefruit IPA!

Following the brunch, everyone will march from Metalcraft across the Steel Bridge to the festival grounds for the opening ceremonies (1.8 mile route). The parade will be led by Kurt and Rob Widmer, founders of Widmer Brothers Brewing and this year’s honorary Grand Marshals; and accompanied by the Transcendental Brass Band. 

Brunch and parade participants with a wristband will flow through the Pine Street entrance and head for the stage for the opening ceremonies. Everyone at the opening ceremonies with a glass gets a glass of the ceremonial keg (no tokens required).

The Oregon Brewers Brunch is for ages 21 and over. All ages are welcome to walk in the parade. For more information, visit www.oregonbrewfest.com.

07/01/2015 06:00 AM
Belching Beaver Meet The Brewer at Green Dragon
Belching Beaver is a craft brewery out of Vista, California that was founded in 2012. On Thursday, July 2nd, brewer Thomas Peter, “The Beaver King” will be present at the Green Dragon to introduce some unique and flavorful brews. Beer begin pouring at 5:00pm and Peter speaks to those assembled at 6:00pm. Here’s the draft […]

07/01/2015 05:00 AM
New Belgium Brewing Latest Hop Kitchen Beer: Hop Tart
Currently hitting the taps at local beer bars is Hop Tart, the latest offering from New Belgium Brewing’s Hop Kitchen series. Hop Tart is a sessionable, fruity spin on the typical American sour. It comes together from blending Belgian Pale Malt from the Colorado Malting Company, with tart lactobacillus and fruity hops. The result is […]

07/01/2015 03:51 AM
The Month That Was: June 2015

Here’s everything we posted in the last month — not a bad run, considering we spent a week on holiday in the middle. → Proposed Public House — As ‘new towns’ and Corbusier-inspired estates were built in the rubble and green field of post-War Britain, pubs were a focus of debate. → Notable Pubs #2: The Crooked House … Continue reading The Month That Was: June 2015

The Month That Was: June 2015 from Boak & Bailey's Beer Blog - Over-thinking beer, pubs and the meaning of craft since 2007

07/01/2015 03:36 AM
Double Scotch
Scotch ales (by which I mean nothing more than beers designated as such by their brewers) are rare in Ireland. I guess the standard Irish red already covers a lot of what Scotch ale is meant to do. It just so happens that two Irish breweries have recently launched beers they're calling Scotch ales so I think a bit of side-by-side is in order. Though since both are confined to their breweries' tied houses it'll have to be a virtual one.

JW Sweetman Scotch Ale is the younger of the two having been out only a few weeks and receiving its official launch last Thursday. It's 5.6% ABV -- strong enough for the brewery to describe it as a "wee heavy" -- and appropriately dark red. It's very sweet: laying on the toffee in a big way, to the exclusion of almost everything else. Probing my palate for a second sentence to write about the flavour, I found maybe a hint of ripe strawberry and a lightly acidic finish, but that's your lot. I thought it was going to be a hard one to finish but a second freebie pint at the launch event disappeared much faster than the first, so maybe it's the sort of beer one can settle into.

The second one has been available for several months now: Galway Bay's Respect Yer Elders. A cask version does the rounds occasionally but it was on keg when I found it at The Beer Market. It's a similar red-brown to the Sweetman one, though rather lighter in alcohol at 4.5%. And while still very much malt-forward it's nowhere near as sweet, showing lots of quite dry grain husk and then chocolatey bourbon biscuit at the centre. The best feature is a subtle metallic hop tang right on the finish, adding hugely to its drinkability. I'm still not sure it's one I'd drink a lot of, but cold from the keg it proved a lot more approachable than I expected. I can imagine it being a bit much on cask, though.

Neither of these has turned me into an avowed Scotch ale fanatic, but a bit of variety is always nice.

07/01/2015 03:05 AM
Let’s Brew Wednesday – 1952 Strong Golden Ale
I long ago learned that there’s nothing new under the sun when it comes to brewing. No matter what today’s “innovators” might claim, pretty much everything has already been done.

So you shouldn’t be surprised to discover that Golden Ale dates back much further than the 1980’s. And not just as far back as the 1950’s. A quick search in the newspaper archive popped up a beer called Golden Ale from almost a century earlier than that.

Bristol Times and Mirror - Thursday 07 May 1868, page 4.

A quick look at the colour confirms that it wasn’t just a fancy name for a bottled Pale Ale, but a significantly paler beer. It’s about the same colour as Pilsner Urquell. Though my guess is that if you’d asked for a Light Ale in a Strong’s pub, this is what you would have been served.

It’s another very simple recipe: pale malt and sugar. That’s it. Oh, and a tiny dash of malt extract. I’ve picked Goldings as the hops because it contained Kent and Farnham hops, according to the brewing record. And it’s pretty hop-accented, so you’d expect good quality hops to have been used. For its gravity, it has the heaviest hopping of any of Strong’s beers.

What else can I tell you? How much it cost down the pub. That’s always handy to know. This was Strong’s range of bottled beers:

Strong bottled beer prices 1955
beer style OG price per half pint price per pint
Golden Ale Light Ale 1033.5 10d 19d
Brown Ale Brown Ale 1033.5 10d 19d
Black Bess Stout Stout 1036.6 10d 19d
SPA Pale Ale 1045.4 12d
SSB Strong Ale 1045.4 12d
Strong brewing record, document number 79A01-A3-3-27
A Strong & Co, price list dated 4th July 1955.

As you can see, they kept the pricing structure simple.

Not sure I’ve much else to tell you. I think I’ll leave it there.

Over to me for the recipe . . . .

1952 Strong Golden Ale
PA malt 5.50 lb 78.57%
no. 1 sugar 0.75 lb 10.71%
glucose 0.375 lb 5.36%
candy sugar 0.125 lb 1.79%
malt extract 0.25 lb 3.57%
Goldings 90 min 0.75 oz
Goldings 60 min 0.75 oz
Goldings 30 min 0.75 oz
OG 1033.5
FG 1007.5
ABV 3.44
Apparent attenuation 77.61%
IBU 37
Mash at 153º F
Sparge at 160º F
Boil time 90 minutes
pitching temp 60º F
Yeast WLP007 Dry English Ale

07/01/2015 02:14 AM
Beer In Ads #1602: It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This!
Sunday’s ad is for Old Milwaukee, from 1981. This was an advertising poster that Old Milwaukee put out in the early eighties. I’m not sure if the seductive model is somebody I’m supposed to know, or was famous in that time. Either way, I think it could definitely get better than...

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07/01/2015 01:22 AM
Patent No. 5772000A: Hop Vine Transfer System
Today in 1998, US Patent 5772000 A was issued, an invention of Paul J. Serres, for his “Hop Vine Transfer System.” Here’s the Abstract: A hop vine transfer system (10) includes a plurality of magazines (14a, 14b, 14c) each fed by an associated unloader mechanism (12). Once a magazine...

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07/01/2015 12:52 AM
New Peroni has ‘unisex appeal’
Female drinkers have been proven to baulk at beers that are overtly targeted to them, according to Carlton & United Breweries (CUB).

06/30/2015 10:44 PM
Big brewers changing tack: IBISWorld
Lion and CUB have had mixed success at capitalising on the growing craft beer segment, according to IBISWorld.

06/30/2015 10:24 PM
Why Is My Beer Is Turning Out Sour?
Question: I’ve started home brewing recently and my 2 first batches have turned out very sour and foamy, which to me smells/tastes very much like contamination. While making the beer I’ve sanitized everything! I’ve washed everything very well, used bleach etc. The 2nd batch I’ve even double washed everything because I knew my beer is getting contaminated […]

06/30/2015 09:25 PM
Coming to a farmers market near you: craft beer tastings
If you’ve ever braved the crowds at the Hillcrest or La Jolla Open Aire farmers markets, you might have come away wishing you’d pre-partied to make the throngs more palatable. One stroke of...
Sampling craft beer

06/30/2015 08:00 PM
Anchor Brewing Co. announces distribution management transition strategy for BrewDog
As BrewDog commences plans to build a brewery in Ohio, Anchor will continue to import and sell BrewDog to its wholesaler partners. Continue reading

06/30/2015 07:56 PM
BrewDog announces details of $30 million brewery opening in Columbus, Ohio, in 2016
BrewDog announces plans to open North American headquarters and first production facility outside the UK in Canal Winchester, located in the Columbus, Ohio. Continue reading

06/30/2015 06:04 PM
Kudos to this Chicago brewery! Ethics Trump & Trump Dumped
Very cool! 5 Rabbit Cerveceria dumped Trump over recent comments about Mexican immigrants even though it meant losing business. The brewery was making a house beer for Trump Tower’s Rebar but wouldn’t think of continuing to do business with the ignoramus under the circumstances. The owners of the brewery are Latin American and had been […]

06/30/2015 05:56 PM
Starr Hill Northern Lights IPA re-born with new recipe, packaging
While the soul of the original Northern Lights remains, a new recipe creates a more hop-forward IPA that will be enjoyed by both long-time fans and newcomers. Continue reading

06/30/2015 05:16 PM
Oskar Blues Burning Can returns to Western North Carolina on July 17-18
Oskar Blues BURNING CAN will celebrate CANned craft beer in all its glory for the second year in a row in North Carolina. Continue reading

06/30/2015 04:37 PM
Remember this beer drinking neon cowboy?
This was one of the best brewpub signs ever, but when Rio Bravo Brewing in Albuquerque closed1 in 1997 apparently nobody saved the neon. Now a new Rio Bravo Brewing is ready to open, although not in the original spot (appropriately, considering the neon, on old Route 66). And not with the same sign. ***** […]

06/30/2015 03:30 PM
The Sir Garnet
The Sir Garnet is adjacent to Norwich Market, just a stones throw away from the City Hall and alongside Gentleman’s Walk. The building itself can be dated back to medieval times and first opened its doors as a public house in 1861.

06/30/2015 03:00 PM
Brewery Release: NW: Coming Soon … Stone RuinTen Triple IPA

Press Release
ESCONDIDO, CA (June 29, 2015) – It’s the time of year again when the mercury in thermometers rises in tandem with the hop faithful’s thirst for piney, botanical bitterness. The close of June marks the start of Stone RuinTen Triple IPA season forStone Brewing Co. An amped-up IPA building off its famous progenitor, Stone Ruination IPA, this once-a-year offering explodes with citrus and stone fruit aromas that give way to an onslaught of pungent, resinous, tropical fruit flavors. This immensely hopped IPA is available now in 22-ounce bottles and on draft at restaurants, bars and retail shelves where Stone beer is sold, nationwide.
Originally released to commemorate the tenth anniversary of Stone Ruination IPA, this splendorous, hop-heavy gem debuted in June 2012 as Stone Ruination Tenth Anniversary IPA and instantly became a hit among hoppy-beer lovers. Rather than limit the beer to one-hit wonder status, the recipe was revisited and added to Stone’s lineup of annual special releases. In 2013, it came back with the name Stone RuinTen IPA, the nickname given to it by the Stone Brewing Team. This year, it’s returning as 2015 Stone RuinTen Triple IPA and, though the word “triple” has been added to the name, that’s the only difference. The recipe remains the same: full-bodied, flavorful and hoppy as all get out…just the way we (and our fans) like it!
“Stone RuinTen Triple IPA has become one of our brewing team’s favorite IPAs, so we’re always thrilled to brew it come June,” says Stone Brewmaster Mitch Steele. “Dry-hopping with five pounds of Citra and Centennial hops per barrel results in a magical blend of fruity, floral notes.”
Adds Stone CEO and Co-founder Greg Koch, “If Stone Ruination Double IPA 2.0 is a ‘Liquid Poem to the Glory of the Hop,’ then Stone RuinTen Triple IPA is ‘A Stage Dive into a Mosh Pit of Hops!’”
Built to sate the appetites of the highest order of hop fanatics, Stone RuinTen Triple IPA’s elevated malt presence provides a strong, full-bodied mouthfeel to help balance its intense, lingering hop bitterness while lending a slightly caramelized accent to hop-borne tropical fruit flavors. These delicious nuances are at their prime when the beer is consumed fresh, making Stone RuinTen Triple IPA an annual offering to be hunted down and enjoyed as soon as humanly possible.
As if the beer itself weren't enough (it is), for the first time ever, the arrival of Stone RuinTen Triple IPA brings with it a celebration of both the beer and its recently updated, year-round counterpart, Stone Ruination Double IPA 2.0. This comes via Stone Ruination Nation. Hop-hungry craft beer enthusiasts will be able to soak in the lupulin love at stores, bars and restaurants across the country via a bevy of special events—some of which will include oaked and double-dry-hopped iterations of Stone Ruination Double IPA 2.0—and share what are sure to be bold experiences on social media using the hashtag #RuinationNation. Fans are invited to visit RuinationNation.com for more information on this celebration of the almighty hop and a pair of IPAs that pay fitting homage to beer’s boldest element.
You’re welcome…again.
About Stone Brewing Co.
Founded by Greg Koch and Steve Wagner in 1996, San Diego-based Stone Brewing Co. is the 9th largest craft brewer in the United States. Stone has been listed on the Inc.500 | 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies list 10 times, and has been called the “All-time Top Brewery on Planet Earth” by Beer Advocate magazine twice. The multifaceted company will be the first American craft brewer to own and operate its own brewery in Europe, and is also building a production brewery and destination restaurant in Richmond, Virginia. Brewing at both locations is anticipated to begin in early 2016. Known for its bold, flavorful and largely hop-centric beers, Stone has earned a reputation for brewing outstanding, unique beers while maintaining an unwavering commitment to sustainability, business ethics, philanthropy and the art of brewing. For more information on Stone Brewing Co., please visit stonebrewing.com or the company’s social media sites: Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and The Stone Blog

06/30/2015 01:59 PM
Two Decades of Jose Cuervo Reserva Bottles & The Artists Who Designed Them!
Over the past two decades a spirit legend has graced our palates, a yearly ritual to many who seek to add modern art to their ...

06/30/2015 12:32 PM
Sierra Nevada collaborates with Germany's Brauhaus Riegele for new Oktoberfest
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. (Chico, California) has something special planned for craft beer fans this fall with the release of their Oktoberfest brewed in collaboration with Brauhaus Riegele (Augsburg, Germany).Beginning this fall, Sierra Nevada...
Promo image for Oktoberfest collaboration between Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. and Brauhaus Riegele

06/30/2015 11:50 AM
Growler wars end in Florida, 64-ounce growlers legal beginning July 1
In case you were wondering what that odd cheering noise was a few weeks ago, it was the collective voices of Florida craft beer lovers and producers shouting in joy that Governor Rick Scott signed the bill that made half-gallon growlers legal in the state. That’s right, until just recently, craft beer could not legally […]

06/30/2015 11:50 AM
Are we reaching peak IPA?
Quick, name the last three beers you’ve had that couldn’t be described as “hoppy.” Were you able to? The odds (and the market data) would say you couldn’t.

06/30/2015 11:38 AM
Getting Antsy For Some Anty Gin
  The natural world possesses unimaginable untapped potential for brewers and distillers. Unlikely sources produce unique and sought after results. As we see it now, ...

06/30/2015 10:51 AM
Spotlight on New York State Wines: The 2015 Finger Lakes Wine Festival

The Finger Lakes Wine Festival is the single largest showcase of wines made in New York State, and it’s just around the corner. The popular annual event takes place in Watkins Glen, NY from Friday, July 10 through Sunday, July 12, 2015. <h2>Who’ll Be There?</h2> The highlight of the Finger Lakes Wine Festival is the […]

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06/30/2015 10:47 AM
How Creative Beer & Wine Labels Influence Our Purchasing Decisions

How many times have you walked into a store and purchased beer or wine based solely on the fun, creative label design that quickly grabbed your attention? However, there’s more to beer and wine labels than meets the eye. In 2011, Seattle graphic designer, Harvey Shepard, created Oh Beautiful Beer, a blog that “celebrates remarkable […]

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06/30/2015 10:40 AM
Growlers Go Mainstream: Fill Stations Emerge in Retail Locations Across the U.S.

For craft beer drinkers, growlers won’t be going away anytime soon. A growler is a refillable “to go” container that is used to transport craft beer and sold to consumers at a retail price. Growlers come in the standard 64-ounce size or smaller 32-ounce growlets. Growlers allow consumers to sample a wide variety of draft […]

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06/30/2015 10:37 AM
Firestone Walker Pale 31

The post, Firestone Walker Pale 31, first appeared on The Barley Blog.

I was on a bit of a Firestone Walker kick the past couple of reviews. Their Easy Jack was a tasty, sessional, if lighter than necessary IPA. Pale 31 — an awarding winning beer I just crossed paths with this year even though it’s been around since 2003 — is just as tasty and fuller […]

The post, Firestone Walker Pale 31, first appeared on The Barley Blog.

06/30/2015 08:00 AM
Sierra Nevada collaborates with German brewery on Oktobefest
Ken Grossman, the mastermind behind Sierra Nevada Brewing Company is known to be fiercely loyal to his family, his brand and those who enjoy his products. As one of the pioneers in the craft beer industry, he is also keenly aware of the importance of keeping his product offerings fresh and exciting. With his newest […]

06/30/2015 08:00 AM
Inaugural Portland Craft Beer Festival Takes Place Over 4th of July Weekend
Taking place over the 4th of July Weekend will be the inaugural Portland Craft Beer Festival (PCBF) at The Fields Neighborhood Park in Portland’s Pearl District. Yes, its only Tuesday but we have our mind set on the weekend but why wouldn’t we with this first year festival that will feature beers from breweries that […]

06/30/2015 06:14 AM
“Earth, Wind and Beer” Trader Session IPA – Beer Review
Featured Contributor: Craft Brew Gal @CraftBr3wGal Uinta Brewing Co. Is located on 1722 Fremont Drive in Salt Lake City Utah. Uinta started off brewing in a renovated mechanic’s garage, in 1993.  After they started bottling the demand became so outrageous they relocated to their current location… A 26,000 square foot facility. They have VASTLY expanded their distribution!! Here we go… They now distribute to: ME, RI, NY, NJ, DE, MD, VA, OH, KY, NC, SC, GA, FL, IL, MO, MN, KS, TX, NM, CO, WY, UT, ID,…

06/30/2015 06:05 AM
Stone introduces new Stone RuinTen Triple IPA
It’s the time of year again when the mercury in thermometers rises in tandem with the hop faithful’s thirst for piney, botanical bitterness.

06/30/2015 03:40 AM
Beer Clarity, Ornamental Glass & Mirrors in the 1890s

In her essay ‘Presenting the Perfect Pint: Drink and Visual Pleasure in Late Nineteenth-Century London’ Fiona Fisher argues that judging beer by its appearance was a product of a period when public houses were smartened up and glasses replaced tankards. It is a fairly short essay which first appeared in Visual References: An International Journal of Documentation … Continue reading Beer Clarity, Ornamental Glass & Mirrors in the 1890s

Beer Clarity, Ornamental Glass & Mirrors in the 1890s from Boak & Bailey's Beer Blog - Over-thinking beer, pubs and the meaning of craft since 2007

06/30/2015 03:05 AM
California Mild
I’ve given up being surprised by life’s odd twists and turns. Ride the rollercoaster and hope the brakes work.

Those beers at Mikkeller have, against all expectations, livened me up a bit. Or was it that Laphroaig stiffener in my room?

I’ve a long taxi ride ahead of me. All the way to Oakland. On the unfashionable side of the bay. Affordable side of the bay might be a better description. Those fucking yuppie bastards* are fucking up all the world’s great cities.

A California Mild tasting is not so much down my street as off down the motorway, around the ring road, heading for Folkestone and the Chunnel. Talking about the history of Mild? My family haven’t managed to stop me doing that yet. Despite making very clear statements about the fate of certain of my body parts should I persist.

It’s an effing long bridge to Oakland. And a much less sexy one than the Golden Gate. I watch anxiously as the dollars tick up on the meter. I’d take a photo. If I weren’t so hypnotised by the meter. And calculating how many of my rucksack of books I’ll need to sell to afford the return fare.

What do I expect of Hog's Apothecary? Not sure. I could easily have perused the exterior on the internet. Now, why didn’t I do that? Because you’re a lazy arse, Ronald. Oh yes, I remember now.

Square box of a windowy thing, the pub. With a big open skylight. Look it up yourselves if you’re so interested. I’ve Mild to drink, Mild to discuss and . . . Mild to tap? Er, no thanks . . . not while it’s frothing crazily through the soft spile. Had a beer shower before. Way less fun than it sounds.

Only two cask Dark Milds**, instead of the promised three. Still two more than I would have expected to find in California. And the missing Mild has an Ordinary Bitter substitute.

Today’s talk is informal. Or me talking loudly about whatever comes into my head. Bit like an evening down the pub. Where I cling onto the talking stick all night. Maybe that’s why I find it less scary than I should.

A year is a long time. In Brooklyn I was close to pebbledashing my trollies when given 5 minutes’ warning of “an informal chat” of 30 minutes. Like much we fear, it’s not that scary when you look it in the eyes.

We’re all a knotted skein of neuroses. Attracting the attention of the wait staff wracks me with angst. Chatting with a single stranger, too. But standing in front of 20, 50 or 100 strangers, talking beer, doesn’t.

I linger a little, trying to flog some books. But when I’m offered a lift back to San Francisco, even the prospect of free beer can’t hold me. My eyes are still watering from the taxi fare out here.

I don’t go directly to my hotel. Instead getting dropped at my second porcine-themed pub of the day, Hogwash. I spot an old friend on the menu:

Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA
The cask version of this in Portland left me an albino Dalmatian. One of my top beers of 2014. The keg version is full of juicy loveliness. But not as good as the cask. How could it be? One of the things I loved about it were its suicidal tendencies with regard to my throat.

I’m lucky to have got a seat. Probably the most unfashionable in the joint. But at least I’m seated. I forgot to eat at Hog's Apothecary. What’s on the menu here? Nothing I feel like eating, sadly. Unusually for me, I just have the one, and head up Sutter Street in search of food.

At least finding my way back to my hotel will be easy. It’s on the same street as Hogwash.

I get some food on the way back. In a Chinese restaurant. Hunan cuisine, it claims outside. I’m the only customer. It’s 8 PM on Saturday. Not the greatest of signs. When I order a spicy dish, the waiter recommends something similar. An indication they’ve not quite everything that’s on the menu.

Falling asleep is even less of a problem than usual.

06/30/2015 02:19 AM
Hank the Beer Tank – The Ultimate Portable Kegerator for Draft Beer Anywhere.

As a proud alumni of THE Ohio State University, some of my fondest memories were of Saturday mornings in the Fall, or, as it is better-known; Buckeye season! Early morning … Continue Reading →

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06/30/2015 12:58 AM
XXXX Island to finish
Lion has announced that XXXX Island will return to its former self, Pumpkin Island, in December 2015.

06/29/2015 10:39 PM
Kicking off Summer with some Spice! – Beer Review
Featured Contributor: Craft Brew Gal @CraftBr3wGal Summer Swelter Ale is a seasonal Herb/Spiced beer brewed by Baxter Brewing Co. ABV: 4.70% EST Calories: 141 Baxter is located on 130 Mill Street, Lewiston, Maine. Starting out in 2011 Baxter is fairly new to the game, but they already have six solid brews under their belt. If you haven’t had the chance to grab the Baxter Backpack just do it. At the end of that variety pack I felt like I had a good understanding and appreciation for…

06/29/2015 10:07 PM
Is Liquid Yeast Better Than Dry Yeast?
Question: How do I determine which of these yeasts to use for what application? Will I produce the same quality/flavor as a smack-pack/vial of yeast? A $6.00 a smack-pack or vial can get costly, but these dried yeast seem like an inexpensive alternative. But, when I compare them to the long lists of specialty flavor […]

06/29/2015 07:00 PM
BrewDog to build first overseas brewery in Ohio, US
Scottish craft brewery BrewDog will build its first production facility outside the UK in Canal Winchester in Columbus, US.

06/29/2015 06:02 PM
Summer alcohol consumption peaks near Independence Day
It is no secret that hot summer weather can lead a few brews to cool off. There are even terms like “lawn mower beer,” and “back porch sipper” point to the popularity of reaching for a cold one after a hot day. But, over indulging can lead to serious circumstances and, because we feel passionately […]

06/29/2015 05:47 PM
Cavalier IDPA Match
After a Saturday of torrential rain, Sunday dawned sunny and unseasonably cool as I headed out for the monthly IDPA match at Cavalier. I did have to make a detour along the way after encountering a road closure due to high water. Fortunately my GPS found an alternate route and I arrived at the range without too much delay.

The match consisted of four extremely fun stages, requiring about 50 rounds total. On Stage 1, we started with the loaded gun and a spare magazine on a barrel, with hands on a popper. At the signal, we pushed the steel target forward, activating a swinging target, and retrieved the gun and magazine. After engaging the swinger, we moved up range to deal with 5 more targets from two shooting positions. I was 5 points down on the stage; I think 4 of those were on the fast moving swinger.

The next stage started seated at a table, and required the first three targets to be engaged while seated. Then the shooter moved left to engage a close, then a far target, before moving downrange to find the final two targets around the end of the wall. Again, 5 points down on the stage.

Stage 3 was a "speed stage" with three stationary targets, and two disappearing targets activated by falling steel. The moving targets were quick, requiring fast followup shots after hitting the steel. On the first mover, I got the shots off quickly and was just down 1. On the second mover I hesitated waiting for the target to move, and ended down 6, finishing 9 down for the stage. This was a stage I would have liked to shot a few more times just for practice, or at least the two moving targets. I posted a short video showing the targets in action here.

The final stage was another interesting challenge. Starting with the loaded gun on a barrel, and all spare magazines placed inside an open cooler. At the start, we grabbed the gun and moved forward to engage two targets behind some barrels. After stepping back to pick up the cooler, the rest of the stage was shot while moving uprange. We were required to carry the cooler with us; most shooters engaging the next two targets strong hand only, around the left side of a wall. It made for a bit of body contortion, especially as I hugged the wall too closely. Continuing uprange the cooler was left on another barrel. Since all reloads had to come from the cooler, and any non-empty mags retained in the cooler as well, a quick reload was made at the drop off point, before moving further uprange to the final three targets. There was lots of fun to be had on this run and I was just 1 point down for the stage.

I felt good about my shooting at this match. There were a few things I might have done differently in retrospect, but overall I was pleased. I finished 12th of 33 overall, and 7th of 19 in my division. The stages were all very interesting, each offering unique challenges. There was a group of fun folks on our squad, and the match moved along quickly. Fun stages, the sun shining, and the temperature moderate, I really couldn't have asked for a more enjoyable morning of shooting.

[ This content originated at Musings Over a Pint ]

06/29/2015 04:48 PM
Stone releases hop bomb Ruin Ten
Stone Brewing Company is renowned for their penchant for hopped up brews. That is why it comes as no surprise that they have released a monster triple IPA that boasts 110 International Bittering Units (IBUs) that is sure to delight hop heads far an wide. A derivative brew, Stone’s Ruin Ten Triple IPA owes its […]

06/29/2015 02:38 PM
Eel River Brewing: Say Hello To The First Certified Organic Brewery In The USA!
  For all of you eco-conscious beer drinkers out there, if you haven’t tried Eel River Brewing you have done your palate a great injustice. But ...

06/29/2015 01:08 PM
Hoptical Illusion – Sneak Peak at an IPA coming to Ohio!


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06/29/2015 01:04 PM
More aroma hops on the way in 2015

Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog.

Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog. For seriously afflicted beer geeks, one of the most interesting beer-related semiannual reports is the hop acreage report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (USDA-NASS). Casual beer aficionados are content to hear a simple synopsis of the news, like, “farmers planted more hops...

The post More aroma hops on the way in 2015 appeared first on Beer News.

06/29/2015 12:41 PM
Queen Latest Rockers In Beer Business. Launch ‘Bohemian Lager’
Queen are now the latest rockers to get involved in the beer business. The group has just announced that, in honor of the 40th anniversary of “Bohemian Rhapsody,” it’s launching a new brew. Billboard reports that Queen Bohemian Lager is described as a “golden hoppy” beer, with an ABV of 4.7 percent. Keeping with its theme, […]

06/29/2015 12:27 PM
Hungry? Take A Look At 4 Of The Best Michelin Star Dishes in Las Vegas
Las Vegas is known for many things…gambling… copious amounts of alcohol… and err… a couple of other thing we won’t talk about here. But, one ...

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