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07/28/2014 03:35 AM
Carlton Draught hits slow mo
Australia’s alcohol advertising regulations are strict, as a result advertisers continually look for new ways to promote the brand – albeit without specifically promoting the product! Check out Cartlon Draught’s latest ad – the slow mo…and a few other old classics.....

07/28/2014 03:35 AM
A thought for the brewers and people of Christchurch
When I was a young lad of 18 years of age I packed my bags and travelled from the North Island of New Zealand to the city of Christchurch in the South to begin my university education. The move to Christchurch was a no brainer for me – I had lots of family who lived in the “Garden City” and I had been there many times before, always leaving with fond memories. Christchurch is a very special city with significant character – it is the New Zealand city that most closely resembles Melbourne with old stone buildings, a tram line and a beautiful river, the Avon. The city also has a number of other great gems including the Port Hills for excellent scenery and mountain biking, as well as the port suburb of Lyttleton, reached after travelling through one of New Zealand’s longest tunnels. If there is one word I would give to Christchurch it would be ‘beautiful’.....

07/28/2014 03:35 AM
April Beer Club Selection
Our Beer Club selection for April has now been sent out to all online customers. For those living in Sydney you can still pick these up from our store. The April Beer Club selection includes: Samuel Adams, Black Lager Bridge Road Brewers, Australian Ale William Bull, William’s Pale Ale Morland Brewing, Old Speckled Hen

07/28/2014 03:35 AM
Store update 19th May
So Sydney is on a roll with its awesome beer drinking weather this week and this weekend looks good to go. Growlers Currently we have Young Henry’s Hop Ale. This beer harks back to classic English style IPAs. Hefty malt backing meets every type of hop in our cool-room, added to all stages of the process. The all Australian hop flavour is not aggressive in its bitterness, but is evident in flavour and aroma and slowly asserts itself with a lengthy, lingering and thoroughly enjoyable palette. $28 for a Growler fill Once this is gone we’ll be moving onto Dr’s Orders Brewing Plasma. Plasma, a White IPA is yet another emerging trend that we’re happy to embrace and present a Doctor’s Orders Brewing twist on. Judicious hop use dominates Plasma’s aroma, backed up with a balanced mouthfeel defying its alcoholic payload before delivering an extremely long lingering bitterness. A deceivingly addictive prescription. The grist for Plasma is practically identical to our Zephyr (Double White Ale) which explains the appearance. However the lack of botanicals, a different yeast strain and excessive hop use deliver an ale that is Zephyr’s polar opposite. In other news Rich is in the shop today, Geoff is onto his 2nd table for the tasting room, while Will is in training for a 9km soft sand running event. Store hours 11am-3pm today, 8:30am-6pm Mon-Fri. 1300 808 254 Cheers!

07/28/2014 03:35 AM
Beer store update 5th May
So Sydney has had cracker beer drinking weather this week and it’s set to continue this weekend – sweet! Growlers Currently we have Moa Breakfast beer. A cracker of a lager with rich cherries, very easy drinking. Check out the review for it below: “The aroma is stunning with hints of dry wheat and cherry’s. The carbonation is lively, which works for a crisp summer beer. The taste has a serious hit of wheat and yeast, washing through with all those bubbles and a touch of cherry.” Joel Macfarlane – brewnation.co.nz $28 for a Growler fill Once this is gone we’ll be moving onto Mikkeller Citra Single Hop IPA probably early in the week Latest beers Murray’s No 6 2011 Anniversary Ale – the last available anywhere (limit 1 per person) Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Ale Barley wine Rich is in the shop today, Geoff is onto his 2nd table for the tasting room, while Will is in training for a 9km soft sand running event. Store hours 11am-3pm today, 8:30am-6pm Mon-Fri. 1300 808 254 Cheers!

07/28/2014 03:33 AM
Brewing jobs: Brewer, Bright Brewery
Bright Brewery in Victoria is seeking a brewer to join their team. If you’re an experienced or qualified brewer with a passion for quality and creativity, read on to discover this exciting job opportunity…

07/28/2014 03:32 AM
Tinkering sans frontières
The newest pair of beers from Dublin-based Brown Paper Bag Project arrived a couple of weeks ago, heralded by a barbecue and garden party out the back of L. Mulligan Grocer where projecteers Colin and Brian introduced the débutantes.

Look at that lovely head
Vlad the Baker is a lager, lagered the proper way in Vyškov, in central Moravia. American hops have been used extensively, leading its creators to badge it as an "India Pale Lager", immediately drawing a comparison with Williams Brothers Caesar Augustus. Vlad is the better of the two: the hops don't just provide a whiff of citrus on a clean lager base, they're the main act, as you would expect in an IPA. There's an almost sticky orange pith quality, aided by a generously heavy US-IPA-style toffee malt base. The aroma melds the West Coast grapefruit sharpness with a classic Czech fresh-cut-grass character: there's Columbus, Simcoe, and Summit in here, but not so much that they bury the Saaz. I'm amazed that such a weighty beer is a mere 4.8% ABV, and the bonus good news is that it comes in half litre bottles, the first Brown Paper Bag beer to do so.

The companion piece is a similar strength but couldn't be more different. Shmoake is a grätzer created at regular Brown Paper Bag haunt Hofbrouwerijke. I'd say that this smoky wheat beer is a difficult style to get right: the iodine intensity of the one Jopen brewed a few years back, which I'm sure was totally authentic, was just a bit too much for me, and it's probably very easy to go the other way and lose the whole point of the style: a refreshing summer quencher given an extra dimension by the assertive smoke. This one is lightly textured for easy drinking, and pleasantly dry, with the smoke flavours right at the centre where they should be, striking the palate immediately and lingering all the way through. But... there's something else. Something I've never encountered in my admittedly limited grätzer experience. It's a sweet fruit juiciness, like honeydew melon, utterly out of place but absolutely beautiful. Sadly, it almost disappears when the beer's lees are added to the glass, but on a clean first pour it adds a wonderful refreshing new dimension to the flavour.

An American twist on real světlý ležák and a hop-driven grätzer: that sounds like what the 'Project would be up to all right.

07/28/2014 03:05 AM
Courage Porter quality 1922 - 1923
I'm continuing my kerb crawl through some of the dingier streets of 1920's London draught beer.

So far, the beers have been almost universally crap. Just a single half-decent example. Will Courage do any better?

Courage was one of the breweries on the up between the wars. A series of acquisitions helped boost their tied estate: Camden Brewery in 1923, Farnham United Breweries in 1927, Noakes in 1930, Kidd in 1937 and Hodgson's Kingston Brewery in 1943. Hang on. Why are there no Farnham brewing records at the London Metropolitan Archives? There are ones from all the other breweries in that list.

Lets look back at Courage's performance so far. Their Mild was midddle of the table, eighth of seventeen with an average score of 0.38. They did very well with their Burton Ale, which finished joint second of fourteen, averaging 1.2. The Pale Ale did almost as well, coming fourth from fourteen and averaging 1.25. That's pretty good overall, with every single beer getting a positive score.

There's not much I can say about the beer itself. No, that's not right. Having Courage's brewing records of the period, there's plenty I can tell you. For one, that a significant amount of the gravity came from the primings added at racking time. As brewed, it had a gravity of 1032.7. It was a ton of sugar they added. In one particular example from 1922, about 19.5 quarters of malt and sugar were used in the brewing, but 4 quarters of various sugars were added at racking time. Or about 20% of all the fermentable material.

Time to look at the scores.

Courage Porter quality 1922 - 1923
Year Beer FG OG ABV App. Atten-uation Flavour score Price
1922 Porter 1008 1037 3.77 78.38% fair 1 6d
1922 Porter 1010.2 1037.7 3.56 72.94% poor -1 6d
1922 Porter 1008.4 1035.9 3.57 76.60% v fair 2 6d
1922 Porter 1010.6 1036.6 3.37 71.04% v fair almost good 2 6d
1923 Porter 1013.2 1043.2 3.89 69.44% fair 1 6d
1923 Porter 1012 1039.5 3.56 69.62% fair 1 6d
1923 Porter 1012.2 1036.7 3.17 66.76% nasty flavour -3 5d
1923 Porter 1011.2 1036.2 3.24 69.06% only moderate 0 6d
1923 Porter 1012.6 1035.1 2.91 64.10% poor -1 6d
Average  1010.9 1037.5 3.45 70.88%
Whitbread Gravity book held at the London Metropolitan Archives, document number LMA/4453/D/02/001

Now that's a bit of an improvement. There's a positive average score for a start. Not hugely positive, but still far better than we've seen so far. Only three negative scores and four positive ones.

Courage's pubs are looking a good bet when you're on a long weekend in 1920's London.

07/28/2014 02:44 AM
Drizly Comes to Denver
Drizly, a smartphone app that’s been in use in Boston, New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles since 2013, makes its debut today in Denver. Drizly has teamed up with Argonaut Wine & Liquor and will offer an alcohol delivery service. For a delivery fee of just $5, Drizly brings your order to your door in approximately 20-40 minute ...

07/28/2014 02:28 AM
Beer In Ads #1264: Ski Lesson
Sunday’s ad is yet another one for Schlitz, this one from 1964. Wow, just look at that head. But it’s the actual ski lesson that sets the ad apart. “Point tips downhill. Bend knees. Go! Where? Straight to the nearest glass of Schlitz.” The post Beer In Ads #1264: Ski Lesson...

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07/28/2014 01:16 AM
Indiana Microbrewers Festival Review
Arguably the biggest event on the annual Indiana beer festival calendar, the 19th annual Indiana Microbrewers Festival was one to remember. Well, at least we found a few staff members who claim to remember. Here are some pictures, observations, and beer picks from the big day. From Dave….. Saturday July 19th, the Optimists ...

07/27/2014 11:40 PM
Latitude 42 Island Fever Coconut Stout (Nitro)
4.5% ABV, Draft Appearance: Jet black, tall pale head Aroma: Strong coconut muddled with a little malt — reminiscent of almond joy Taste: Very sweet and, well, “coconutty” Mouthfeel: Light and silky smooth If ever there was a summer stout, this is it. You can still taste the maltiness, but the dominant coconut taste, an ...

07/27/2014 10:06 PM
Twenty-odd Years at the Oregon Brewers Festival
I have been attending the Oregon Brewers Festival every year since somewhere in the 1990-1992 range.  (I have a spectacular inability to remember the years things happened.)  Just to put that in perspective, we're talking about the Bush administration--the first Bush administration.  Not only were there no real cell phones (and c ...

07/27/2014 08:36 PM
Dog & Bone’s secret out as CAMRA name it Lincolnshire’s pub of the year
Lincolnshire Echo Dog & Bone's secret out as CAMRA name it Lincolnshire's pub of the year Lincolnshire Echo Batemans' pub The Dog & Bone, in John Street, won the Lincoln title back in March for licensees Chris and Sarah Sorrell. Now they have been presented with the Lincolnshire award in their pub garden at a ceremony attended ...

07/27/2014 07:30 PM
Beer jobs: Venue Manager, Little Creatures Geelong
Little Creatures Geelong is looking for a dedicated, dynamic and reliable Venue Manager to take a leadership role in the development of their expanding Geelong venue.

07/27/2014 06:21 PM
120 new beers from Sierra Nevada, Bell’s, Ballast Point, Alaskan and more
Fell behind on label updates again but doing some catch-up today. Here are the 120 beers added from over the last month… Labels: Almanac Cerise Sour Blond Ballast Point Dead Ringer Oktoberfest Alaskan Gold Creek Ale Bell’s Jupiter, The Bringer […]

07/27/2014 02:31 PM
Flying Dog temporarily cut distribution to 26 states due to Old Bay beer’s local popularity
For about five weeks, Flying Dog shifted 65 percent of its total production capacity to focus solely on meeting Maryland’s demand for the beer. "We’re selling more Dead Rise just in the state of Maryland than we are with all […]

07/27/2014 02:11 PM
Beer Birthday: John Mallett
Today is John Mallett’s 50th birthday, John is the production manager at Bell’s Brewery in Kalamazoo, Michigan, a post he’s held since 2001. John has a great sense of humor and I recall a particularly side-splitting kvetching evening-long conversation with him and Fal Allen at CBC...

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07/27/2014 12:32 PM
Watch City Brewing Co. closes for good, equipment auction set for Wednesday
Quincy-based E.F. Smith & Son Restaurant Equipment has posted a notice on its website announcing a public auction for Watch City Brewing equipment. The iconic brewery, at 254 Moody St., shut its doors last month, saying it needed to repair […]

07/27/2014 10:16 AM
Colorado Beer Releases July 14-27, 2014
Colorado Beer Releases
Long Live Summer! Colorado craft beer makes Summer even better. Here are some of the known Colorado craft beers released during this past 2 weeks. While this list isn't complete by any means, it does represents a big chunk of the 240+ breweries here in Colorado. Summertime beer fests are in full swing and it's time for lighter, more refreshing seasonal beers to enjoy. Summer seasonals are now being released and some Fall seasonals are almost ready - seek one out at a craft brewery near you. Please note that some of these releases are firkins or specialty kegs and may already be gone.

Colorado Beer Releases - July 14-27, 2014

12 Degree Brewing - Cerberus, golden strong ale w/tart cherries - returns July 26th.

1933 Brewing - Saison - July 24th.

38 State Brewing - Bike It Off Bitter - July 23rd.

Arvada Beer Co - Strong German Dunkel (8.5% ABV) - Bbl-aged Brewer's Reserve - July 24th.

Avery Brewing - Teeeepache - Mexican-inspired pineapple ale - July 25th 5pm.
Avery Brewing - Grapeless Ape - bbl-aged red sour ale - July 27th.
Avery Brewing - 5 Monks - barrel-aged belgian-style quintupel ale - July 27th.

Baere Brewing - French Saison - July 19th initial opening.
Baere Brewing - Farmhouse Saison - July 19th initial opening.
Baere Brewing - IPA - July 19th initial opening.
Baere Brewing - Big Hoppy Brown - July 19th initial opening.
Baere Brewing - Summer Stout - July 19th initial opening.
Baere Brewing - Baere-liner Weisse - July 19th initial opening.

Barrels and Bottles Brewery - Juniperus Imperial IPA - July 23rd.

Berthoud Brewing - Farmer Aid Session Ale - mid-July.
Berthoud Brewing - Summertime Ale - July 18th.
Berthoud Brewing - Carter Cove Strawberry Cucumber Ale - firkin - July 25th 5pm.

Beryl's Beer Co - Afternoon Delight - summer session wheat - July 25th.

Big Choice Brewing - Passion of the Weiss - passion fruit hefe - July 21st.
Big Choice Brewing - Steamed Porter - test batch - July 24th.

Black Bottle Brewery/Terry Farrell Firefighters Fund - Rescue Me - Irish Blonde - July 26th.

Black Sky Brewery - Denver Black Sky Kolsch - July 24th.

Brew on Broadway - New Australian Brown Bitter - batch 2 - July 25th.

Bristol Brewing - Imperial IPA - cask - July 20th 12pm.

Broken Plow Brewery - Amber Waves of Grain - Amber Ale - returns July 19th.
Broken Plow Brewery - Honeybanero - honey/habenero ale - July 25th.

Cannonball Creek - Trippel Danny - Belgian-style Trippel - July 14th 3pm.
Cannonball Creek/Call to Arms - Peace & Assist #1 - hibiscus/peppercorn kettle-sour - July 26th.

Carbondale Beer Works - Razz-Berry Cream Ale - July 25th.
Carbondale Beer Works - Imperial Red - July 25th.

City Star Brewing - Rail RYEder - Belgian Rye Pale Ale - July 21st.
City Star Brewing - Grapefruit Barnhouse Beast Saison - July 23rd.

Coda Brewing - Belgian Style Wit 10 - week of July 21st.
Coda Brewing - Dogcatcher Saison - July 22nd.

Copper Kettle Brewing - Lime Agave Pale Ale - cask - July 16th.
Copper Kettle Brewing - Espresso Cream Ale - cask - July 23rd.

Crabtree Brewing - Boxcar Brown - returns July 22nd.
Crabtree Brewing - Peach Habanero - firkin - July 25th 6pm.

Crazy Mountain Brewing - Old Soul Belgian Style Ale - can release - July 14th.
Crazy Mountain Brewing - Lawyer, Guns & Money Barleywine - can release - July 24th.
Crazy Mountain Brewing - Old Soul Strong Belgian Golden Ale - can release - July 24th.
Crazy Mountain Brewing - Aged Bridge Street Holiday Ale - July 24th.

Crooked Stave - Nightmare on Brett Batch #2 - small batch - July 15th 6pm.
Crooked Stave - Blåbær of Love - Blueberry Sour Ale - July 22nd 6pm.
Crooked Stave - Double-Dry Hopped Vieille - artisanal saison - July 22nd 6:30pm.

Crow Hop Brewing - Big Water Brown - returns July 24th.

Denver Pearl Brewing - Honey Bomb Wheat - July 26th.

Diebolt Brewing - Biere de Triumph - biere de garde - July 18th 4pm.
Diebolt Brewing - Ex-Pat French Martinique - Bottled Lightning club brew - July 24th.
Diebolt Brewing - Saison Voila - new batch - July 24th.
Diebolt Brewing - Biere Thyme - experimental ale - July 25th.

Dillon Dam Brewery - Hopweizen White IPA - July 15th.

Dry Dock Brewing/Firefighter's Local 1290 - Big John Ale - sweet tea IPA - July 27th 12pm.

Elk Mountain Brewing - Strawberry Pale - firkin - July 16th.

Equinox Brewing/Mayor of Old Town/You Me & Apollo - Moonhead IPA - July 15th.

Finkel & Garf Brewing - Cream Ale - July 14th opening day.
Finkel & Garf Brewing - IPA - July 14th opening day.
Finkel & Garf Brewing - Pale Ale - July 14th opening day.
Finkel & Garf Brewing - Dark Cream Ale - July 14th opening day.
Finkel & Garf Brewing - Wheat Ale - July 14th opening day.

Former Future Brewing - India Pale Lager on nitro - July 22nd.
Former Future Brewing - Golden Feather - barrel-aged sour blonde - July 26th.

Fort Collins Brewery - Benard - Belgian-style Dubbel - Malt Monsters - July 18th.
Fort Collins Brewery - Belgian Dark Strong Ale - draft only - July 18th.
Fort Collins Brewery - For the Love of Peach - amber w/peaches - July 25th.

Front Range Brewing - Lemon Basil Witte - small batch - July 16th.
Front Range Brewing/Lafayette Homebrew Supply - Jasmine Rice IPA - small batch - July 23rd.
Front Range Brewing - Trapper Lake Tripel - bottle release - July 26th.

Gravity Brewing - Framboise - raspberry Belgian dubbel - small batch - July 22nd.

Grimm Brothers - Randolf - Gose w/coriander & pink sea salt - week of July 16th.
Grimm Brothers - Hickory - firkin - July 18th.
Grimm Brothers - Maple Bacon Snow Drop - firkin - July 25th.

Hideaway Park Brewery - Island Fever Summer Ale - mid-July initial opening.
Hideaway Park Brewery - Rye Not Try It Stout - mid-July initial opening.
Hideaway Park Brewery - Remy Dog Red Ale - mid-July initial opening.
Hideaway Park Brewery - Pocket Rocket Red - July 23rd.
Hideaway Park Brewery - BruBrew IPA - July 24th.

High Hops Brewery - Raspberry Wheat - firkin - July 16th 5pm.
High Hops Brewery - Habanero Honey - firkin - returns July 23rd 5pm.

Horse & Dragon Brewing - Whistle Blast Honey Brown Ale - w/bacon - firkin - July 20th.
Horse & Dragon Brewing - Passionate Aardvark - Imperial IPA w/passionfruit - firkin - July 23rd.
Horse & Dragon Brewing - Fire Captain Irish Red Ale - July 27th 3pm.

Industrial Revolution Brewing - Dunkelweisen - July 24th.

J Wells Brewery - Honey Biscuit Amber Ale - returns July 26th.

Jagged Mountain - Voodoo Goat Barleywine - July 22nd.
Jagged Mountain - The Wilkinson Exit - tequila bbl-aged imperial porter - July 27th.

Joyride Brewing - Ice Cutter Kolsch - July 18th initial opening.
Joyride Brewing - Summer Wit - July 18th initial opening.
Joyride Brewing - Cougar Pale Ale - July 18th initial opening.
Joyride Brewing - Lil' Edge Pale Ale - July 18th initial opening.
Joyride Brewing - Antelope Amber - July 18th initial opening.

Kannah Creek Brewing - Simultaneous Saison - July 24th.

Kokopelli Beer - Blarney Stone Irish Red - July 23rd.
Kokopelli Beer - OTOGOB Dry Stout - July 23rd.
Kokopelli Beer - The Scotsman Scotch Ale (10% ABV) - July 23rd.
Kokopelli Beer - Copper Road ESB - July 23rd.

Left Hand Brewing - Sour Ale - limited batch taproom only - July 19th 12pm.

Living the Dream Brewing - Double IPA (10% ABV 140 IBU) - July 25th 3pm.

Lone Tree Brewing - Suburbia Amber Ale on nitro tap - July 22nd.
Lone Tree Brewing - Kitchen Sink Wheat - July 25th.

Loveland Aleworks - Cherry Saison - returns July 26th.

Mu Brewery - Chili Beer - small batch - July 25th 5pm.

Odd13 Brewing - Lafayette Brett - returns July 24th.

Odyssey Beerwerks - Biere De Mars - Discovery Beer - July 23rd 5pm.

Oskar Blues - REEB Rye'd Rye IPA - draft only Tasty Weasel - July 14th.

Our Mutual Friend/Jax Fish House - Hibiscus & Tangerine Red Ale (Big Red) - July 17th 6:30pm.

Pateros Creek Brewing - Howe's It Hangin' IPA - July 23rd 5pm.
Pateros Creek Brewing - All Bark, No Bite - birch vanilla red ale - Outlaw tap - July 24th.

Phantom Canyon Brewing - Police and Thieves - India Pale Lager (IPL) - July 25th.

River North Brewery - Session Farmhouse Ale - Batch 2 - Wayward Wed - July 23rd.
River North Brewery - Grand Unified Theory - barrel aged imperial witbier - July 26th 1pm.

Rockyard Brewing - TripAdvisor - Belgian IPA (7.5% ABV) - deviation keg - July 18th 4pm.

Smiling Toad Brewery - Mole' Ole' - imperial stout w/cocoa nibs & chili - July 25th.

Storm Peak Brewing - Flare - Orange Wheat - mid-July.
Storm Peak Brewing - daBooty - Golden Ale - mid-July.
Storm Peak Brewing - I Like The Way She Moos - Milk Stout - July 23rd 2pm.
Storm Peak Brewing - Belgian-style Pale Ale - July 24th 12pm.

Trinity Brewing - Gose (5.2% ABV) - July 18th 5pm.

Twisted Pine Brewing - Audacity - Belgian Golden Strong Ale - July 19th - anniversary beer.

Upslope Brewing - Barrel Aged Brown Ale - cans - Lee Hill Series Vol 1 - July 17th 5pm.

Verboten Brewing - Love With Summer - strawberry/rhubarb wheat - returns July 26th.

Very Nice Brewing - Gruit - w/rose petals, lemon balm, yarrow, honey - around July 24th.

Wild Woods Brewery - Blackberry Midnight Wheat - seasonal - July 17th.

Wiley Roots Brewing - F**ked in the Poudre Imperial Brown - Mug Club only - July 15th 6:30pm.
Wiley Roots Brewing - Rocky Mt Hideout - bourbon-bbl aged chocolate porter - July 19th.
Wiley Roots Brewing - Coconut Chocolate Porter - July 19th.
Wiley Roots Brewing - Mango-Lime Pale Ale - July 19th.

Wit's End - David Hasselhop - imperial hefeweizen - July 25th 2pm.

Yak & Yeti - Blueberry Wheat - single keg - July 16th 4pm.
Yak & Yeti - Ginger Wheat - single keg - July 23rd 4pm.

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07/27/2014 03:05 AM
An Oatmeal Stout poisoning
Old murder cases are weirdly fascinating for me. Especially when there's some sort of beer connection.

As there is in this case. More than just a vague, oblique connection, as the poison was administered via a bottle of Oatmeal Stout.
A mysterious tragedy occurred 32, Churchill Road, South Croydon, in the early hours of Sunday morning. The house is occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Beck, each aged about and their two daughters, Daisy, aged 21, and Hilda, aged 19.

32, Churchill Road, South Croydon

At supper on Saturday night they had some stout which had been fetched for them by a lodger in the house. Shortly afterwards the father and mother complained of severe pains, and the girl Daisy also felt unwell. Mr. Beck, shortly after one o'clock, made an attempt to get out of the house, apparently with the object of obtaining medical assistance, but found himself unable to so. The younger daughter, Hilda, teetotaler, who had not touched any of the stout, ran out and called in some neighbours.

Two doctors, Dr. Dempster and Dr. Baker, were summoned, but, despite all their efforts, Mr. and Mrs. Beck expired soon afterwards. The girl Daisy, however, they succeeded in bringing round, and she was conveyed Croydon Hospital, where she is stated to be progressing satisfactorily. The whole affair is shrouded in mystery, but there is no doubt that the parents' deaths and the daughter's illness were caused by poison which had by some means got into the stout.

A remarkable turn in connection with the mysterious poisoning tragedy at South Croydon took place Monday with the arrest of a labouring man named Richard Brinkley, of Maxwell Road, Fulham. He is charged with the murder of Richard and Annie Elizabeth Beck, and with attempting to kill their daughter, Daisy Kathleen, and a lodger named Reginald Clifford Parker.

Brinkley, who is a man about fifty-three years of age, was brought before the magistrates later in the day. A lodger in the house, named Parker, has given the following account of the occurrence: "I feel sure Brinkley had no intention or desire to kill either Mr. or Mrs. Beck. I knew he was coming down to see on Saturday about a dog. I was in my room at Churchill Road — where the tragedy happened — when Mr. Beck came in with some ale, and we both had a little. Presently there was knock at the door, and Brindley came in. He took a bottle of stout from his pocket, opened it, and drank some. I thought this strange, I have known him for some years, and always believed him to be a teetotaler. He then poured some into our glasses and asked for some water, which I got for him, leaving the room for a minute. Then we went out, leaving Mr. Beck behind. The reason he went out was because he had bought a dog, and he gave me instructions about taking it over his house on the Sunday. I went back to Churchill Road afterwards to get my coat, and found Mr. Beck sitting his room. We had some ale, and then Mrs. Beck came in. I asked her what she would have to drink, and she replied, 'There isn't anything.' She asked what time I should be in to dinner the next and said I did not quite know. I left before midnight. The next I heard of the affair was when a police officer woke me up. This was about three o'clock on Sunday morning. I dressed and went to the police station, where I gave my version of the matter. I have been separated from my wife for the last several months. She lives with her mother in Water Lane, Brixton, and Brinkley knows her. mid I had some words over it. believe he came into some money a little while ago."

Dr. W. Dempster said was called to Churchill Road on Saturday, and found Mr. and Mrs. Beck lying on the floor unconscious and dying. This was one o'clock on Sunday morning, and they died a few minutes after his arrival. As far as he could judge at the time they were suffering from the effects of poison.

The girl Daisy was on the couch as if in a faint. He believed the poison was cyanide of potassium. He had examined the stout bottle, and found traces of the same poison.

John Holder, a lad of thirteen, said that on Saturdays he worked for a Mrs. Hardstone, who had an off-license house at Brighton Road. Last Saturday evening about half-past seven a man came in and asked for a bottle of oatmeal stout. Mrs. Hardstone stamped it, and the man said "it was going round the corner." She said he must leave 2d on the bottle, and he left the shop without taking it.

He came in again half-an-hour later, and asked for a bottle of stout. This time he took it and paid the 2d. That morning witness had picked Brinkley out from about ten more as the man in question.

Detective-Inspector Fowler said that, in company with Sergeant Easter, he investigated the case, and eventually went to Maxwell Road, Fulham,  on Sunday midnight, where he met Brinkley. In reply to a question, he admitted that he was Richard Brinkley. Witness told him he would be  arrested on a charge administering a poison to Parker with intent to murder him. He replied. "Well, I'm sugared." Witness then cautioned him, and he said, "I was not Croydon last night." Witness said, "You will also probably be clanged with the murder of Mr. and Mrs. Beck, who have died as a result of the drug or poison administered to them." then he said again, "Well, I'm sugared." and added, " This is very awkward, isn't it?" On the way to the station he said, "I have not seen Parker for three weeks. I have just left his wife and her mother, and come from Water Lane. We have been enjoying ourselves."

Brinkley asked if was going detained all night, and being answered in the affirmative he said, "This is Parker playing a trick on me. He is a dirty tyke."

On the way to Croydon in the morning Brinkley asked if Parker said he had done it, and then repeated "Parker is spiteful to everyone if they speak to his wife." He continued, "his wife and her mother are beautiful people; they Won't have him there. I've a good character, and am a teetotaler. If anyone says I bought beer, they have got to prove it." Brinkley made no reply when the charge was read over to him. On this evidence Brinkley was remanded to await instructions from the Treasury."
Lichfield Mercury - Friday 26 April 1907, page 2.

All very odd, don't you think? What was Brinkley's relationship with Mrs. Parker? Had he really been trying to kill Parker. If he had something going on with Parker's wife, that would seem a pretty good motive.

It's a bit rich not wanting tp pay the deposit on a bottle of beer you knew you wouldn't be returning: his plan was clearly to leave the bottle behind in the expectation Parker would drink it. While we're talking of the beer, this tale also tells me something about the Oatmeal Stout story. The very first mention of Oatmeal Stout, then the exclusive domain of a couple of small breweries, wasn't much more than a decade before this. Yet it had clearly already become a common commodity.

Never heard of the phrase "I'm sugared." before. I can't help thinkib Brinkley might have in fact said something that sounds very similar.

The moral of this tale? Never trust a teetotaler.

07/27/2014 02:15 AM
Beer In Ads #1263: Set Up The Fun
Saturday’s ad is yet another one for Schlitz, this one from 1957. It’s yet another bowling scene, back from when bowling was really popular, asking us to “set up the fun with light refreshment.” Mary or Joan (ca’t tell which) is giving some liquid courage to Dave or...

[[Click through to the Bulletin for full content]]

07/26/2014 10:15 PM
Captain Lawrence to expand sour program: more oak barrels and another bottling line
The expansion should be completed early in ’15, and will enable the Captain to produce more beer—and its beloved sour beers in particular. The space will allow for storage of as many as 500 oak barrels and a second bottling […]

07/26/2014 09:59 PM
Saint Arnold Bishop’s Barrel 7 Bourbon Barrel Russian Imperial Stout due out 7/28
(Houston, TX) – Saint Arnold Brewing Co. has announced the next release in its Bishop’s Barrel series. More below via email newsletter… f — The seventh release in our Bishop’s Barrel series will be available beginning Monday, July 28. BB7 […]

07/26/2014 04:03 PM
Beer Geeks Season Two Indiegogo Fundraiser
The folks at Beer Geeks tried to raise money on Kickstarter for a second season, but didn't meet their goal. They've launched a new campaign on Indiegogo.

C'mon, people. If a guy can get thousands of dollars for making potato salad, surely we can get a second season of Beer Geeks!

07/26/2014 02:15 PM
Remember that nice young couple who went off to create a beer bar or something like that a while back? Whatever became of them?
From Philadelphia Magazine’s “Best of Philly 2014″ in the issue that hits the newsstands this coming week: Best Scene Makers: Brendan Hartranft, 35, and Leigh Maida, 38 Hartranft and his wife Leigh currently own four drinking establishments across the city … Continue reading

07/26/2014 01:25 PM
Sorry, Carolinas, no Stone for you.
Stone Brewing Co. has made a decision–well, I guess it’s more accurately a “no decision”–about where its East Coast brewery will be built… Stone Brewing won’t be coming to South Carolina and instead has shifted its focus to Ohio and … Continue reading

07/26/2014 12:50 PM
Genetically Modified Yeast on the Way
Kevin Verstrepen, a leading yeast geneticist at the Flanders Institute for Biotechnology and the University of Leuven, Belgium, was interviewed recently in Popular Mechanics about genetically engineered yeast. Apparently, the university has several modified yeast strains in their freezers that eliminate undesirable yeast produced factors. However, public sentiment against GMOs is keeping those yeasts out of breweries.

Verstrepen said that since yeast aren't normally consumed by humans, the argument that the modification could be dangerous is a non-issue. However, some beers, hefeweizen springs to mind, does have yeast in it. And many beers are bottle conditioned, so I think the risk is higher than Verstrepen lets on.

It's the effect of the yeast on the wild population should it get out of the brewery that is the biggest concern. Verstrepen said that was the modified yeast out competing wild yeast in that even is unlikely, but something to watch out for.

I have visions of rabbits and cane toads in Australia in my head right now.

07/26/2014 12:03 PM
Beer Birthday: Mark Ruedrich
Today is the 63rd birthday of Mark Ruedrich, co-owner, and original brewer, of North Coast Brewing in Fort Bragg. Mark was a marine biologist who discovered good beer while living in England. Looking for a spot to build a brewery in Northern California, he was drawn to the tidal pools around Fort...

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07/26/2014 09:00 AM
A Well-Stocked Beer Fridge
After our trip to the range the other day, it was time to enjoy some good beer while a delicious dinner was prepared by Colleen. Our beer fridge is kept well-stocked with a variety of beers, which doesn't make the decision any easier. It's a long-running joke here that goes something like this:
"What do you want to drink?"
"What do you have?"
"We have everything."
The "we have everything" line is a reference to hearing a waitress make the claim despite having only a full "factory beer" menu, which set up the challenge for me to prove her wrong.

"Checkered Flag" is a Hefeweizen fan, so I offered him a Gordon Biersch Hefeweizen that I knew I had in the fridge. I got Colleen's order, Heavy Seas Red Sky at Night, and headed for the basement. After the folks upstairs heard me digging through bottles for a long time, they asked "What can't you find?" "The Gordon Biersch," I replied. As I climbed the stairs, I was ribbed that apparently I didn't have everything. True, I didn't have the Gordon Biersch Hefeweizen, but I went one better, and brought up Ayinger Bräu-Weisse, an authentic German Hefeweizen. I countered the retorts with "No, but I can still fill your style request."

Yes, I know that's not the "proper" glass.

This bottle of Ayinger Bräu-Weisse from Brauerei Aying in Germany was a gift from a non-beer drinking friend. I'd actually been saving it to share with "Checkered Flag" since I knew he'd enjoy it. And enjoy it he did. Colleen and I both stole a small portion of the bottle as well. Pouring with a thick head over a cloudy body, the beer has the aroma of spice and wheat. A "thick" wheat and yeast base is suffused with banana, clove, and mild peppery spice. This is an excellent Hefeweizen. In fact, Colleen subsequently declared that we should keep this one on hand all the time. I guess I'll go beer shopping this weekend.

[ This content originated at Musings Over a Pint ]

07/26/2014 06:53 AM
Pic(k) of the Week: "Hello, hello .... hello?"
It wasn't a call to the bullpen. Was it a call to the beer truck? "Send ... more ... beer!"
"Hello, hello .... hello?"

As seen at the Northern Virginia Summer Brewfest, at Morven Park, in Leesburg, Virginia, on 22 June 2014.

  • More photos from the festival: here.
  • Pic(k) of the Week: one in a weekly series of personal photos, often posted on Saturdays, and often, but not always, with a good fermentable as a subject.
  • Commercial reproduction requires explicit permission, as per Creative Commons.

07/26/2014 05:27 AM
Birmingham today
In a few minutes I'll be heading off to the Birmingham Beer Bash. At 13:30 I'll give a talk on Brettanomyces in British brewing. And the drinking some of the historic beers brewed to recipes from my book, The Home Brewer's Guide to Vintage Beer. Which you'll also have the chance to buy or get signed.

07/26/2014 05:02 AM
Thornbridge Twin Peaks 5% ABV 
Oh heavens! Yet another style of Pale Ale, this one an 'Anglo American Pale Ale', a collaboration between Thornbridge and Sierra Nevada Brewing. Hold on a second. Thornbridge and Sierra Nevada? Bring it on!

07/26/2014 04:00 AM
News, Nuggets & Longreads 26/07/2014

Boak & Bailey's Beer Blog - Writing about beer and pubs since 2007

By the time you read this, we will be in Birmingham preparing for our turn at the Beer Bash (3 pm). Let’s hope some people turn up to see us. At any rate, through the magic of post scheduling, here’s everything of interest we’d spotted by Thursday evening, for your enjoyment this Saturday morning. → We’ve […]

News, Nuggets & Longreads 26/07/2014

07/26/2014 03:05 AM
City of London Porter quality 1922 - 1923
We're back in the cesspit of 1920's Porter. And ignoring the stench, it's proving very informative.

One significant point I had mentiooned yet. Whitbread continued making analyses of draught beers with comments on their flavour until 1925, but the last for Porter was in 1923. It seems to me that, realising Porter was a niche product in decline, they didn't think itwas worth keeping an eye. Either that or the pubs where they obtained their samples didn't sell it. Given the way Whitbread's Porter output had fallen, the latter is a distinct possibility.

City of London Brewery from the air in 1928

City of London Brewery, in the guise of Calvert Co., had been one of the large Porter brewers in the 18th century. Though the business was much, much older, having its origins in the 15th century. At the time of its closure in 1922, it was one of the oldest enterprises in London.

Let's take a look back at how City of London is doing so far. Their Mild Ale was a distinctly uimpressive last of seventeen with a rubbish average score of -1.25. They were last by quite a way, the next worst score being 0.70. They fared slightly better with Burton Ale, placing twefth of fourteen with at least a positive score - even if it was just 0.09. Surprisingly, their Pale Ale did quite weel, coming 5th of fifteen with an average of 1.

That's quite strange. Why was their Pale Ale so much better than their other beers? It amkes you wonder whether they brewed it themselves.

You'll notice that, in terms of basic specs, all these Porters are very similar. An OG in the mid-1030's, 3.5% ABV, 75% apparent attenuation. Now I think of it, they look much like modern Milds.

Let's take a look at the scores:

City of London Porter quality 1922 - 1923
Year Beer FG OG ABV App. Atten-uation Flavour score Price
1922 Porter 1008.8 1037.3 3.70 76.41% poor -1 6d
1922 Porter 1009.6 1035.1 3.30 72.65% quite sour -2 6d
1922 Porter 1007 1035.3 3.68 80.17% sour -3 6d
1922 Porter 1007 1034.5 3.57 79.71% sour -3 6d
1923 Porter 1012.4 1038.4 3.36 67.71% moderate 1 6d
1923 Porter 1009.6 1037.6 3.63 74.47% poor -1 6d
1923 Porter 1009.6 1037.6 3.63 74.47% poor -1 6d
1923 Porter 1009.4 1035.4 3.37 73.45% sour -3 5d
1923 Porter 1006.8 1034.8 3.64 80.46% sour -3 6d
1923 Porter 1007.8 1035.8 3.64 78.21% sour -3 6d
1923 Porter 1009.4 1035.4 3.37 73.45% sour -3 5d
Average  1008.9 1036.1 3.54 75.56% -2
Whitbread Gravity book held at the London Metropolitan Archives, document number LMA/4453/D/02/001

Not quite as dreadful as Cannon's Porter is about the nicest thing I can say. Seven of eleven sour is still pretty awful. It definitely sounds as if  their Porter was sitting around in the cellar too long with no-one drinking it. At least this time not all the scores are negative. There is a single positive one. But also six with the maximum negative score. The resulting average of -2 is very disappointing, as a teacher might say on a report card.

Stay away from Porter is likely to be very prominent in my pub guide to 1920's London.

07/26/2014 01:19 AM
Beer In Ads #1262: Move Up To Quality …
Friday’s ad is another one for Schlitz, this one from 1959. It’s a fall scene, but despite all the changing leaves outside that probably need raking, they’re inside and cozy. Instead the man is reading the newspaper while his wife is pouring him a Schlitz. Despite the scene,...

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07/26/2014 12:12 AM
Episode 244: Alley Time & FOCOllaboration

07/25/2014 07:45 PM
Details on Cigar City Brewing’s El Catador Club Second Edition

(Tampa,FL) – The Second Edition of El Catador Club is almost ready to start! Let’s go over the nitty gritty of this edition o…

The post Details on Cigar City Brewing’s El Catador Club Second Edition appeared first on thefullpint.com.

07/25/2014 05:20 PM
Colorado Beer News 072514
Colorado Beer NewsToday is Culinarians Day. It's a day known for celebrating all those people who work hard to make some of the best food in town. If you see a chef today - go out and thank them for all they do, then spend some time enjoying some of the food they prepare. And pair some of that food with a great craft beer. You can also celebrate Hot Fudge Sundae Day today as well. Here's what's happening around the Colorado beerosphere today Friday, July 25th, 2014. If you aren't reading this article on FermentedlyChallenged.com, you don't know what you're missing.

[CO Beer Festivals] -- [Beer Dinners] -- [CO Beer Releases]

This weekend's Beer Festivals:
- Beer Camp Across America - Denver, CO - TONIGHT.
- Denver Summer Beer Fest - Tonight and tomorrow - Denver, CO.
- Tour de BoulDurango Beer Fest - tonight - Durango, CO.
- Arapahoe County Fair Craft Brew Fest - Tonight - Aurora, CO.
- Breckenridge Summer Beer Festival - Sat. - Breckenridge, CO.

Metro Denver

Big Choice Brewing (Broomfield) - Last night there was a new beer tapping - "Matt's Steamed Porter", a test batch you're gonna love. Check it out and always choose wisely. Also find Big Choice at Beer Camp tonight and at the Summer Brew Fest on Saturday. Sunday brings Trivia to the taproom and a Family Movie. [7270 W 118th Pl, Broomfield, CO]

Wit's End Brewing Co (Denver) - The brewery is excited to announce a new beer today - "David Hasselhop", an 8.3% ABV imperial hefeweizen that was dry-hopped with Tettnang hops. Pair that with some food from Pride of Philly Cheesesteaks. Open from 2pm to 8pm today. [2505 W 2nd Ave, Unit 13, Denver, CO]

City Star Brewing - Berthoud CO
Sponsored ad from City Star Brewing - Berthoud, CO.

Westminster Brewing Co (Westminster) - Westminster Brewing is planning to host their 1st Annual Car Show at the brewery parking lot on Sunday, August 10th from 12pm to 4pm. If you have a car you'd like to show please register at the brewery or call Dianne Taylor (303) 517-6396 or email pdt[at]westminsterbrewingco.com. Registration is FREE and you'll get 2 free beers per car entry. There will be plenty of food, music, prizes and craft beer and plenty of awesome cars. Meanwhile, stop in for some tasty CASK ales today: 1066 ESB, Moses Chocolate Porter, WBC Irish Ale, and Cain (Black IPA). [7655 W 108th Ave, Westminster, CO]

Beryl's Beer Co (Denver) - "Afternoon Delight" is the perfect summer session wheat beer and is now available for a very limited time at Beryl's Beer Co. Incidentally, it reportedly goes perfectly with BuckCreek BBQ, who will be there tonight as well. [3120-C Blake St, Denver, CO]

Black Sky Brewery (Denver) - Happy Friday! Join in for Happy Hour 2pm to 5:30pm today where you'll get $1 off house pints. [490 Santa Fe Dr, Denver, CO]

Hops & Pie (Denver) - New beer tappings today: Equinox Hipster from Black Bottle Brewery, Death By Coconut from Oskar Blues/Shamrock, and Lilikoi Kepolo from Avery Brewing. This is how your weekend starts at Hops & Pie! [3920 Tennyson St, Denver, CO]

Diebolt Brewing Co (Denver) - Look for Diebolt Brewing at the Denver Summer Brewfest this weekend. Plus, back at the brewery, they will be tapping an experimental ale - Biere Thyme. [3855 Mariposa St, Denver, CO]

Boulder County

Großen Bart Brewery (Longmont) - Progress continues in bringing this new brewery into being. They've recently painted their building's facade and installed their new glass garage door and this week they plan to break ground on their floor drains, electrical and plumbing. Also, after months of searching and interviewing many different candidates they have hired a new Head Brewer Walter Bourque. This self proclaimed "Hop Head" comes with over 5 years of experience in commercial brewing. He helped open and was the head brewer at Bull Ridge brewery in Baker City, Oregon and has since been a brewer at Fort Collins Brewery. He is a nationally ranked BJCP judge (Beer Judge Certification Program). His recipes have landed him several accolades, including his most recent Bronze medal for his Wee Heavy at the US Open Beer Championship. Walter comes from a microbiology background and delivers a plethora of knowledge in fermentation science. He specializes in sours and barrel aged beers, and also has experience in making gluten free beers! Stay tuned for more news as their Fall opening nears. [935 Venice St, Longmont, CO]

Odd13 Brewing (Lafayette) - Love funky brews? Then you'll be glad to know that their "Lafayette Brett", a beer fermented with Brettanomyces is now back on tap. Their particular strain of Brett produces huge tropical fruit flavors paired with the right amount of funkiness and is great on a hot day. Enjoy one this weekend. [301 E Simpson St, Lafayette, CO]

12 Degree Brewing (Louisville) - 12 Degree is gearing up for another Friday Night Louisville Street Faire tonight featuring music from The Iguanas. Cerberus, a golden strong ale aged on tart cherries, will be back on tap in the brewery tomorrow, Saturday, July 26th. Get it while you can! Beers currently on tap: Soleil Saison - Farmhouse Ale, Walter’s White - Belgian White, Brabant Tripel - Strong Golden Abbey Ale, Foxx Rougge - Dark Strong Ale, Treachery - Golden Strong Ale, Legal Nelson - Belgian Golden Ale, MFBPA - Belgian Pale Ale, Utepils - Hibiscus Saison, Pink Peppercorn Saison - Farmhouse Ale, Velour Fog - Quadrupel, Midnight Fog - Quadrupel and a Prost Kolsch on the guest tap. [820 Main St, Louisville, CO]

Avery Brewing Co (Boulder) - The Tasting Room will tap a special brew at 5pm - Teeeepache! - This is a melting pot of nationalities in a glass. It's named after a traditional Mexican drink made with pineapple and featuring an estery Belgian yeast from a Québécois brewery. Plus - they've got an exciting last-minute addition to the specialty draft list for the 5 Monks Release this Sunday! Grapeless Ape was made from the wort from Récolte Sauvage, before the grapes were added. It's a red sour ale that was 100% barrel fermented and aged 2+ years in a neutral Cab Sauv barrel. [5763 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder, CO]

Northern Colorado

Berthoud Brewing Co (Berthoud) - Their tradition of Friday firkin tappings continue today at 5pm with the tapping of "Carter Cove Strawberry Cucumber". The packed in a mix of strawberry, cucumber, mint, basil and lime into this one. Cool off on their new misted patio. [450 8th St, Suite B, Berthoud, CO]

Black Bottle Brewery (Ft. Collins) - This Saturday, July 26th starting at 11am, Black Bottle Brewery along with Terry Farrell Firefighters Fund (Colorado Chapter) will be pouring their Irish Blonde beer called "Rescue Me". $1 from every Rescue Me sold will be donated to their cause. Come drink a beer and help firefighter families in need. [1611 S College Ave, Unit 1609, Ft. Collins, CO]

Broken Plow Brewery (Greeley) - Today, Broken Plow is tapping their new "Honeybanero" brew. Get your spice on with this brew. Plus, live music from Ethan Stephenson tonight at 7pm with Elements food truck serving pizza. And on Saturday, Wing Shack makes their debut at The Plow. Spend some of your weekend at Broken Plow and relax on their patio. [4731 W 10th St, Greeley, CO]

Hardihood Brewing (Ft. Collins) - An announcement was made today that owners Kevin & Cathy have decided NOT to open a brewery in Fort Collins after all. Reasons include the high cost of leasing in the area. They have no plans to open a brewery elsewhere at this time. Sad to hear of this news.

Funkwerks (Ft. Collins) - What can Funkwerks do with a Randall? Well two things come to mind today, 1) Infuse lemon, basil and pink peppercorn into their Saison. And 2) Infuse cranberry and squash blossoms into their Tropic King. If Randall infusions like these sound great, stop in and ask for one. You'll be pleasantly surprised! [1900 E Lincoln Ave, Ft. Collins, CO]

Crabtree Brewing Co (Greeley) - TGIF! And with the coming of Friday brings another Friday Firkin. This week's firkin is a Peach Habanero Red. This one will tap around 6:00pm tonight. Plus a full tap wall full of tasty Crabtree brews. [2961 W 29th St, Greeley, CO]

Grimm Brothers Brewhouse (Loveland) - I smell BACON! This week's firkin will be a bacon lover's delight. Travis has tapped a Maple Bacon Snow Drop. If you're lucky, they may even have some leftover bacon from earlier today. Grimm Bros also now has new globe and hefeweizen logo glasses for sale for $8 each. There regular logo pint glasses are just $5. [623 Denver Ave, Loveland, CO]

Southern Front Range

Smiling Toad Brewery (Colorado Springs) - Stop in today for a special release of their new "Mole' Ole'", an imperial stout with chocolate (cocoa nibs) and chilies (ancho and habanero). A bit of sweet n heat! [3668 E Bijou, Colo. Springs, CO]

Phantom Canyon Brewing Co (Colorado Springs) - New beer alert! Now on tap - "Police and Thieves" India Pale Lager. This brew weighs in at 5.2% ABV and 47 IBUs and is an unfiltered lager with classic noble hops. Flavors are light maltiness, fruit-like hops and ends with a drying bitterness. Try one to start your weekend off right. [2 E Pikes Peak Ave, Colo. Springs, CO]

Trinity Brewing (Colorado Springs) - After a full year of planning, their six 6th anniversary beers begin to release today (and for the following 5 Fridays)! Limit 6 bottles per customer! Come help them celebrate. REd Swingline IPA Primitif, Swing Se Pilser Sour IPA, Easy Swinger Wild IPA, Session Swing American Session IPA, Passion Swing American Fruited IPA and Double Swing DIPA Primitif. [1466 Garden of the Gods Rd, Colo. Springs, CO]

Mountains and West

Kannah Creek Brewing Co (Grand Junction) - Last night Kannah Creek tapped their version of the "Colorado Simultaneous Saison". They brewed this recipe at the same time on the same day as 5 other Colorado breweries! Including Strange Craft Beer Company, The Very Nice Brewing Company, Echo Brewing Company, Butcherknife Brewing Company, Pikes Peak Brewing. You don't want to miss out on this Collaboration beer! [1960 N 12th St, Grand Junction, CO]

Hideaway Park Brewery (Winter Park) - Two new brews over the last few days are now available. Stop in and try their Pocket Rocket Red, a dry red ale with toffee hints, or try their brand new BreBrewIPA, a hoppy brew with huge citrus notes. [78927 US Hwy 40, Winter Park, CO]

Carbondale Beer Works (Carbondale) - It's Mountain Fair weekend at the Beer Works. They have a full lineup of music this weekend. Friday 4-6pm Williams andn Morris Acoustic on the patio, Friday 9pm The Mile Markers. Saturday 4-6pm Jesse Steere on the patio, and Saturday 9pm The Guilty Pleasure. They will be tapping their new Razz-Berry Cream Ale and an Imperial Red this weekend as well! They'll also be smoking ribs all weekend. Stop in! [647 Main St, Carbondale, CO]

Storm Peak Brewing Co (Steamboat Springs) - There's a new Belgian-style Pale Ale that was just tapped today in their tasting room. They are looking for suggestions on what to name it, but you've got to try one first to see what it's all about. This one weighs in at 6.2% ABV and 45 IBUs. [1744 Lincoln Ave, Steamboat Springs, CO]

Catch up on Colorado Beer News from earlier this week:
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07/25/2014 05:18 PM
NTX Beer Week Returns Oct 31 – Nov 9

ntx-2014North Texas Beer Week Announces Partnerships with The Dallas Morning News and SportsRadio 1310 AM, 96.7 FM The Ticket  (DALLAS) – North Texas (NTX) Beer Week returns this year on Friday, Oct. 31 and will run through Sunday, Nov. 9. NTX Beer Week is a 10 day celebration of craft beer in North Texas, featuring hundreds […]

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07/25/2014 05:01 PM
Green Flash Co-Founder Elaborates on St-Feuillien Partnership
Earlier this week, Green Flash Brewing announced a “handshake agreement” with St-Feuillien whereby the Belgium-based brewery would produce, bottle and ship West Coast IPA for broader distribution throughout Europe. In an interview with Brewbound, Green Flash co-founder Mike Hinkley said he wasn’t sure how to exactly define the new partnership.

07/25/2014 04:23 PM
There Gose The Neighborhood (AtG, Aviary, & Fountainhead collab)

label art by Robby DavisLook for one of  Against The Grain’s latest collaboration projects with Chicago IL’s finest.  World renowned cocktail kitchen, The Aviary and Chicago hot spot Fountainhead, sent their finest artisans down to join us in crafting this unique take on a classic style Gose.  Resulting was a roasted red pepper, cilantro, and calamansi lime infused Gose […]

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07/25/2014 04:13 PM
Highlights From the 27th Annual Oregon Brewers Fest
  Yesterday was a great day at the 27th Annual Oregon Brewers Fest as we were able to sample a nice array of fine brews. I thought I’d report on some of the highlights from yesterday so f you’re heading there some time this weekend I recommend giving the following beers a try:   Citrafonix […]

07/25/2014 04:12 PM
Firestone Walker Easy Jack

From Firestone Walker - Brewmaster Matt Brynildson went to the mountain and returned with a vision for a different kind of Sessio…

The post Firestone Walker Easy Jack appeared first on thefullpint.com.

07/25/2014 02:57 PM
Cambridge Brewing Co. Bass & Beer Fest Tomorrow

Cambridge, MA – That’s right! Tomorrow is Cambridge Brewing Co.‘s 13th Annual Bass and Beer Festival. Each …

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07/25/2014 02:45 PM
New York Governor Creates Craft Brewer Workgroup
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced yesterday the formation of the New York Craft Brewer Workgroup, a collection of brewers and industry representatives close assembled to expand the state’s burgeoning craft beer sector.

07/25/2014 02:44 PM
Road Trip!
Sierra Nevada’s Beer Camp Across America tour is in Denver today, Chicago tomorrow, New England a week from today and right here in Philly at Penn Treaty Park next Saturday, the penultimate stop before the grand finale at the new … Continue reading

07/25/2014 02:16 PM
Left hand Brewing Company sponsors bike team to help fight MS
It has long been a tenet of the craft beer industry that its members are a particularly philanthropic bunch. Maybe it is because the community is so tight-knit and more established breweries pitch in to help new breweries get up and started. Maybe it is because of the grassroots nature of the business. Or, maybe […]

07/25/2014 02:09 PM
2014 St. Louis Craft Beer Week – Saturday and Sunday Events
Good afternoon, all. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you all know that tomorrow begins the 6th annual St. Louis Craft Beer Week. We have over 100 events taking place this year making this the biggest STLCBW so far. What do we need from you? We need you to go out and make these [...]

07/25/2014 01:42 PM
Green Flash Treasure Chest Fest 2014

San Diego, CA – Green Flash Brewing‘s largest and most anticipated rare beer event of the year! For the 4th year in a r…

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07/25/2014 01:08 PM
Video: Lost Abbey Partner Sounds Off on Industry Issues
During the final stop of last week’s Brew Talks West Coast Tour, Brewbound had the opportunity to examine a variety of beer industry trends with Lost Abbey partner Tomme Arthur. Among other top-of-mind issues, Arthur tackled quality concerns, rotating tap handles, and franchise laws.

07/25/2014 01:00 PM
Rooster Fish Brewing named Official Brewery of the Grand Prix Festival

rooster-fish-brewing-logoRooster Fish Brewing is Honored to be designated the “Official Brewery of the Grand Prix Festival”, of Watkins Glen. We celebrate another historical year of racing in Watkins Glen, the home of America Road racing!  This year featuring the great MG sports car and the MG vintage racers. A historical milestone event for the MG. […]

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07/25/2014 12:57 PM
Boundary Bay Brewery: 2014 Outstanding Philanthropic Small Business for Washington State

Boundary Bay Brewery & Bistro to be Recognized at National Philanthropy Day Ceremony Bellingham business will receive 2014 Outstanding Philanthropic Small Business Award BELLINGHAM, Wash., July 23, 2014—Recreation Northwest is pleased to announce that Boundary Bay Brewery & Bistro has been named the 2014 Outstanding Philanthropic Small Business for Washington State. Owner Ed Bennett and General Manager […]

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07/25/2014 12:00 PM
How modern. Quebecers can now bring back booze from the rest of Canada
It’s not quite signing the Constitution, but Quebec is joining the rest of the country in an area many people will find just as important. Quebecers will now be legally allowed to bring back alcohol from the rest of Canada for their personal consumption. Finance Minister Carlos Leitao said Thursday that Quebec was the last […]

07/25/2014 11:56 AM
The Beer Guy Beer School; Lesson 2 — I can see clearly now! Checking beer appearance
Note to readers: This is the second in a weekly four-part series about how to get the most out of your craft beer experience. If you missed the first article in this series, click this link to get caught up. Lesson 2 — I can see clearly now! Checking beer appearance Our second lesson in […]

07/25/2014 11:54 AM
Week of 07/25/14 Beer Tastings
Today, from 4PM to 6PM the Wine and Cheese Place in Clayton will hold its weekly Friday beer tasting in which they’ll be pouring: Morgan Street Oktoberfest, Morgan Street Helles Freezes Over, Morgan Street Virgin Territory IPA, Morgan Street Black Bear Stout, and Morgan Street Pilsner. Additional information can be found at their blog. Today, from 4PM to [...]

07/25/2014 11:45 AM
Awwww! No booze at Rob Ford Fest after liquor licence denied
There will be no booze at Ford Fest this week after the province turned down the organizers’ application for a liquor licence, but Toronto’s mayor insists those who come to his annual barbecue will still have a good time. A spokesman for the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario said Wednesday the event didn’t qualify […]

07/25/2014 11:43 AM
If it ain't raining...
After a month away from the practice range, I finally made it back this week. Adding to the fun, I was joined by Colleen and "Checkered Flag." I realized it had been two months since we'd all been to the range together. We had made plans to go after work a week ago, but when the time arrived, so had the rain. In fact at times the rain was best described as a "deluge." We loaded up the car anyway and headed over, "We'll see what happens when we get there." We're seldom dissuaded by weather, although this winter the range began closing when it snowed, much to our disappointment.

Since it was raining, I grabbed some well-used USPSA cardboard targets. I figured they'd get trashed and we'd just throw them away afterwards, though not in the range trash cans. Sure enough, the targets we're soon drooping over from the water. At one point, the tops of the targets fell over so far I was making head shots into the back of the target. I also had some Shoot-N-C Targets in my range gear box, a Christmas gift from my son, and we made use of those to help see our hits.

Since my usual range and match gun was in the shop it was a good time to get in some good practice with my carry gun. I shoot it occasionally at the range, but not a lot. On this day I got 150 rounds through it. I worked on shooting on the move, shooting strong hand and weak hand only, also on the move, in the 5-7 yard range.

I even got in some "bad breath distance" practice, getting fast, point shooting hits while transitioning to a two hand grip and moving "off the X." This is something I think most folks, myself included, fail to practice regularly. Yet, it is probably the most likely scenario in a self-defense situation. Also, if you've never shot your weapon at a point blank target, you will be shocked at the difference in what you hear and feel from the percussion off the target. I suspect many folks will also be surprised that getting a rapid draw, and good hits, while moving requires practice — practice that's best done before your life depends on it.

It was a very rewarding practice session. The rain, combined with my aching muscles from taking a tumble down the stairs the day before, helped keep it "real." On top of that, it was simply fun to get back out with Colleen and a friend for some range time. I also remembered how much I enjoy shooting that SIG Sauer P239. Often when I write these range journal posts, they conclude with my leaving the range just as the foul weather is moving in. This time it was different; as we finished and began cleaning up to leave, the rain stopped and the sun began peeking through. However, in keeping with tradition, we arrived at home to relax with some craft beer before dinner.

[ This content originated at Musings Over a Pint ]

07/25/2014 11:41 AM
Ska to Release Session IPA at Denver Sesh Fest

rudie DURANGO, Colo., (July 24, 2014) — Rudie, the newest addition to Ska Brewing Co.’s arsenal is set to be unveiled at the Colorado Brewers Guild’s inaugural Sesh Fest on August 2nd. The Guild loosely defines a session beer as anything under five percent alcohol by volume that is well balanced, crisp, and refreshing. “It’s a […]

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07/25/2014 11:30 AM
Need a job, Bartender? Craft cocktails are on the rise in Dubai
Cocktails and Muslim culture don’t exactly go hand in hand. On a recent trip to Dubai, however, I was shocked to find a flourishing cocktail scene. Some of the newest bars are focusing on fresh juices, homemade syrups, tinctures and tonics, serving up modern craft cocktails. If you head to Dubai, be informed before you […]

07/25/2014 11:13 AM
Seattle Cider is Heading to Chicago

Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog.

Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog. Carl Sandburg described Chicago as “”Hog Butcher for the World, Tool Maker, Stacker of Wheat, Player with Railroads and the Nation’s Freight Handler; Stormy, husky, brawling, City of the Big Shoulders…” Frank Sinatra said it in simpler terms: “My kind of town, Chicago is…” However you choose...

07/25/2014 11:03 AM
Saint Arnold Bishop’s Barrel No. 7 Release July 28, 2014

(Houston,TX) – The seventh release in our Bishop’s Barrel series will be available beginning Monday, July 28. BB7 is …

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07/25/2014 10:44 AM
The Koelschip behind Allagash Coolship beers
A few weeks ago I made my first visit to Oxbow Brewing Company for samples and a quick brewhouse tour, on the way inside the brewery I spied a Koelschip sitting out front and realized I haven’t done a blog post about them yet. Koelschip or Coolship is a large, shallow vessel in which hot […]

07/25/2014 10:30 AM
Random Beer Roundup: The Death Metal Edition

Hoosier Beer Calendar

Events are subject to change

***Volunteer opportunity for all you beer lovers!***
CANvitational Needs You!
Do you like beer?
Do you like to help others have a good time?
Come volunteer with Hoosier Beer Geek at this year's CANvitational. More details here!

The Brewers

Chilly Water Brewing
Chilly Water Brewing Co. has 5 beers flowing:
Built To Last Pilsner and Sweet Revenge Pale Ale will always be on tap along with rotating seasonals.
Current offerings are our 5 String ESB, Harmonika Hefeweizen and Space Circus IPA. A Nitro English Mild, Belgian Pale and Hoppy American Wheat are on the horizon.

We also offer a menu of Panini Sandwiches, hummus and dips, and finally a delicious dessert called “Skip’s Balls”. Check out our menu!

 Daredevil Brewing
If you find yourself out at IMS this weekend for the Brickyard 400 and other activities we are there in full force. You will find Lift Off IPA on draft at the craft beer stations at the track and at many locations in Speedway. On Main Street you will find Lift Off IPA at Lino's, Barbecue and Bourbon and Dawson's. They also are pouring Vacation Kolsch at Lino's. Check out the weekendschedule at the track.

Tickets are now on sale for the Hops & Flip Flops Craft Beer Festival to be held on Friday, August 22nd in Speedway. Information at http://hopsfest.eventbrite.com . Tickets are going quickly so do not wait too long to pick them up.

Looking to find our beers? We try to keep draft locations up to date on website and post frequently to our Twitter and Facebook pages on can and draft locations across the state. If you are having trouble finding Lift Off IPA on draft or cans it could just be because the place you are at ran out. Always feel free to drop us an email, post or tweet and we will try and help.

Upcoming events
* Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Across America, Rocky Mountain Edition, Denver, Friday, July 25th
* Brew Haven, New Haven, Saturday, August 2nd
* Hops & Flip Flops Craft Beer Festival and Street Fair, Speedway, Friday, August 22nd
* Festiv-ALE, Victory Field, Saturday, August 23rd
* Taste of Montgomery County, Crawfordsville, Saturday, August 23rd

Daredevil Brewing Co. | Current beers available

Lift Off IPA: Our flagship beer available year round in cans and on draft.
A bounty of American Hops delivers the signature clean and crisp finish of a perfectly balanced West Coast style IPA.

Vacation Kölsch: A summer special release beer available on draft.
A delicately balanced, authentic Kölsch style ale brewed with the finest German malts, hops and yeast to provide a crisp, clean and refreshing match for summer relaxation.

 Triton Brewing in Lawrence:
Fieldhouse Wheat, Sin Bin Belgian Pale Ale, Four Barrel Brown, Magnificent Amber Ale, Deadeye Stout, Railsplitter India Pale Ale, Wit or Witout You, French Toast Saison, Beer Hammock Shandy, Grand Citra Station, Double Deadeye Imperial Stout, 500 Sour Monks and Nutty Professor Peanut Butter Brown (7/24)
Jolly Pumpkin La Roja, New Day Meadery South Cider, New Holland Oak Aged Hatter, Two Brother’s Irritated Koala, Vanberg & DeWulf Lambick X, Widmer’s Omission Lager and Widmer’s Omission Pale Ale & Wood Boat Pale Ale

Sunday, July 27
12-5pm Sierra Nevada Brewery Beer Camp Across America Midwest Edition at Navy Pier (Chicago, IL). Join Triton, Sierra Nevada and more than 700 additional breweries for a seven city traveling beer festival! For additional info: http://beercamp.sierranevada.com/
Saturday, August 2
6-10p (Central Standard Time) Triton will be at the The BrewFest & BBQ enjoying a fun-filled evening of food, drinks and entertainment at historic Bosse Field (1701 N. Main St., Evansville, IN 47711). Be prepared for a jam-packed evening of Brews and BBQ! This event goes to benefit SWIRCA, a non-profit that provides service to the elderly community in the tri-state area around Evansville. SWIRCA beer fest info:http://www.swirca.org/index.php/special-events/brew-barbeque-fest
Friday, August 1 through Sunday, August 17
Triton will be part of history as we join a number of breweries pouring beer at the Indiana State Fair for the first time since 1945! Our Shandy and Railsplitter IPA will be poured at The Fair this year.
Tuesday, August 5 & Saturday, August 9
You can find us sampling our beer at the Indiana State Fair on Tuesday, August 5 and Saturday, August 9! Come out for your taste!
Friday, August 22
Hops & Flip Flops Craft Beer Festival 2014, from 5:30-8:30pm, in Speedway. This event benefits the Speedway Lions Club. For more information:https://www.eventbrite.com/e/hops-flip-flops-craft-beer-festival-tickets-11485085199
Saturday, August 23
Join us for Festiv-Ale at Victory Field, 4-8pm! This amazing event benefits the Cystic Fybrosis Foundation. For more information:http://www.cff.org/Chapters/indiana/index.cfm?id=27013&event=27013
SAVE THE DATE! Triton Brewing Company's 3rd Anniversary Party, Saturday, September 20 at Triton Brewing Company!

Taxman Brewing Co. in Bargersville

  • July 30 - Tap Takeover @ Fat Dan's 6:30pm. 4 beers and a special pin.
  • August 2 - BrewHaven Beer Festival 12pm-6pm
  • August 5 - Trivia Night @ Rockstone Pizza Pub 8pm
  • August 11 - Ex. Ex. Midwest Launch Party @ Pizzology 6:30pm (Must have tickets in advance and could already be sold out.)
  • August 13 - Beer + Chef Dinner @ Bistro 226 in Bargersville, IN 6:45pm
  • August 16 - WAMMfest in Greenwood, IN 11am-8pm
  • August 17 - DigIN 11am-5pm
  • August 22 - Beer & Bluegrass Festival in Franklin, IN 6pm-10pm
  • August 23 - Beers Across the Wabash 2pm-3pm

Tow Yard Brewing
Currently On Tap

House Beers:
Goldie Hops- American Golden Ale​ brewed with Marris Otter, wheat, and some crystal malt. Lightly bittered with Magnum and Czech Saaz. With this combination, the beer is crisp, refreshing, and approachable to all kinds of beer drinkers. 5.2% ABV 26 IBU
Hook Up- A hybrid between a Radler and a Shandy. We call it a Shandler. It's our golden ale blended with a locally made, citrus forward soda. A delicious and refreshing beverage for a hot summer day. 4% ABV 7 IBU​
Emerald Circle- Made by Northwest Hopheads, for Midwest Hopheads. This aggressive IPA is brewed with Maris Otter base malt along with Light Crystal, Aromatic and Vienna malts to add complexity to the malt bill. From here we get a bit heavy handed with our hop additions, which are early and often. The laundry list of hops includes: Cascade, Chinook, Columbus and Centennial. Which are added throughout the boil and then later dry hopped.  6.5% ABV 83 IBU​
Horse Power - ​This house beer is a Double Pale Ale which lives up to its name. Maris Otter starts out our grist, followed by some Munich, Aromatic, and Light Crystal malts. For this beer we bittered with Magnum and Centennial, followed by late kettle additions of Cascade, Crystal and Styrian Golding hops which adds a depth of flavor and complexity to this beer.
​ 7.3% ABV 63 IBU​
Randy SMaSH- Single malt, Single hop beer with Maris Otter malt and Rakau hops from New Zealand. The Rakau impart slightly tropical and lemon characteristics to the taste.
​ 4.9% ABV 45 IBU​
Working Title Wheat- Citrus dominates the front end of the nose, followed by tropical fruit in the finish. Working Title is bittered with Chinook, followed by late kettle additions of Motueka and Rakau hops from New Zealand. The mouthfeel of this beer is achieved through generous amounts of White Wheat, along with European specialty malts. 5.3% ABV 50 IBU
All house beers are available for $5 growler fills on Mondays all summer long.

​Guest Taps
Goose Island Sofie Saison
Founder's Curmudgeon Old Ale
Founder's Rubaeus
North Coast Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout (Nitro)

We will be at Gnawbrew Beer, Arts, and Music Festival in Brown county. Come join us and many other local breweries at this one of a kind festival. Gates open at 2 PM and you're welcome to stay overnight at a campsite on the festival grounds. More information can be found at http://gnawbrew.net/

Join us at Fat Dan's Deli in Broad Ripple on Thursday, July 31st for the first brewer's burger battle. This event will have four breweries participating to come up with the most delicious burger they can think of. The breweries construct the burgers and you vote which you like the best simply by purchasing them. Most burgers purchased will win. Breweries Participating are Tow Yard Brewing Company, Scarlet Lane Brewing Company, Daredevil Brewing Company, and another brewery to be named.
Great American Beer Festival in Denver, CO. Make sure your calendar is marked for the greatest beer festival in all the land. We hope to see some of you there.

Scarlet Lane  in McCordsville
August 1st1st Friday art show at The Elbow Room
We will be exclusive beer vendor for the event. 4-9pm
August 6th
Ralston’s Draft Tap Takeover
6pm - 9pm

August 9th
Hops for Hope
Hancock County 4H grounds
4pm - 9pm

August 11th
Simeri’s Italian Dinner
Tickets only - more info coming
4pm until Aric Simeri will drive you home

August 16th
HopCat Broad Ripple Grand Opening
Dorian Stout and Humble Peach Pouring

Join us for the Gen Con "Froth of Khan" tapping party – Wednesday, August 13th on Georgia Street 6PM – 11PM. Five Year Mission will be providing entertainment, along with the 20 Sided Dice Game, and other fun things! KHAAAAAAAAAAN!

The 2nd Annual Sun King CANvitational will take place in the heart of Midwest – Indianapolis, IN. Located on Georgia Street, known for Super Bowl XLVI festivities and Pan Am Plaza, the CANvitational is set to showcase 40+ craft breweries from all over America who CAN. On Saturday, September 20th, 2014, the 2nd Annual CANvitational will enlighten patrons to sampling craft beer from award winning breweries from across the USA, enjoy local eats provided by local food trucks and music that will be sure to get you dancing in the streets, in an urban downtown atmosphere.
Get your tickets now, this is sure to sell out! And click here to volunteer!

New Albanian in New Albany

July 25 & August 1, 8, 15, 22: The Bicentennial Park Summer Concert Series takes place in downtown New Albany at Bicentennial Park, on the corner of Spring and Pearl – less than two blocks from Bank Street Brewhouse. On Friday from May 30 through August 22 (except July 4) there’ll be free musical performances from 6 p.m. – 9 p.m. Production Simple books the music, and NABC coordinates the bar. We serve the craft beer (Houndmouth, Black & Blue Grass, Naughty Girl, Community Dark and occasional surprises); River City Winery handles the wine; and Irish Exit and JR’s Pub will alternate serving mass-market beer.

The Ram 

Barefoot Wit is Back and on Tap Now at The RAM Restaurant and Brewery!
With the lazy days of summer finally here, The RAM Restaurant and Brewery has tapped their Barefoot Wit Belgian Style White Ale and is ready throw on the shades and soak up the sun.
The Barefoot Wit is the perfect summer complement, presenting a relaxing mix of barley, wheat, and oats and spiced with orange peel, coriander, and unique Belgian yeast. A 2013 bronze medal winner at the North American Beer Awards, the Barefoot Wit is the best companion on a warm summer day! Enjoy it now and for a limited time…If you’re not Barefoot, You’re overdressed.
Mug Club Monday (8/4/14)
Don't forget that the first Monday of every month is Mug Club Monday. All Mug Club Members get 50% off all food for parties of 8 or less.
The RAM Teams Up With The American Cancer Society for Relay for Life!

INDIANA – The RAM Restaurant and Brewery and The American Cancer Society have partnered up for Relay For Life! Now through August 3rd, $1 from each of The RAM’s Purple Drinks - Grape Lemonade, Purple Tea or Purple Hooter Martini - will be donated to the American Cancer Society to help finish the fight against cancer!

Hurry in to your local RAM to enjoy a delicious Purple Drink and support a great cause!
Fishers: 12750 Parkside Drive (317) 596-0079
Indianapolis: 140 South Illinois Street (317) 955-9900

Flat 12 Bierwerks in Indianapolis
Thursday’s Beer:30 Release
Nitro Pinko 23
Comedy Nights in the Taproom
On Friday, July 25th at 8:30pm, we welcome formerly local comic turned LA resident, DJ Dangler to our house for another night of hilarity. DJ is a nationally touring comic known for his unexpected and edgy brand of comedy. No matter what the subject, DJ has a knack for finding the humor in a variety of wildly inappropriate and awkward situations. Don’t feel bad-you can laugh. But we can’t promise you won’t feel bad about it later… Tickets are $10 at the door.
Click here for more details

Beehive Beauty School Reel-to-Reel is all the buzz!
Ever needed a retro look but weren’t quite sure how to achieve it? Flat 12 Bierwerks presents this month’s edition of Reel-to-Reel film night – an evening of retro and beehive hairstyling demonstrations at the brewery, July 31st at 7:30pm.

We’re firing up the vintage filmstrip projector for some archival beauty tutorial viewing, as teams of hairstylists and models learn how to recreate the most popular styles of the 1950s and 60s from vintage found filmstrips. We will also have Indy’s own rockabilly band Midtown Mad Men playing and a honey beer tapped exclusively for attendees. Trust us, this is one class you won’t want to skip! Click here for more info.

BlueMile/Flat 12 Thursday Run
Thursdays at 5:45. Some of the Flat 12 family has been joining up with BlueMile fans + neighbors + friends of friends – all with the desire to knock out a few miles (we usually go three) and then knock off with a pint of the BlueMile Extra Pale after. This Thursday, July 24th, we’ll have a special guest: a Rep from On Cloud Running will join us. See the shoes, try em on perhaps. You could win a prize, yo.  Their site: https://www.on-running.com/en-us.
Upcoming Events: 
Fiddler's Hearth: South Bend F12 visit 07/23/2014
Daxapalooza 07/26/2014 10:30 am - 1:30 pm
Broadway Art Show 07/26/2014 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Pints for Parks 07/30/2014 12:00 am - 8:30 pm

In The Taproom

    Bloomington Brewing Co. in Bloomington
    Bloomington Brewing Company is releasing their acclaimed, seasonal 10-Speed Hoppy Wheat in 22 ounce bottles, beginning July 28th statewide. Awarded Hoosier Beer Geek’s 2013 Beer of the Year, 10-Speed Hoppy Wheat is golden and hazy with earthy pine and tropical fruit notes rippling throughout each sip. Mosaic hops bring their unique aromas of crisp citrus and juicy pineapple creating a finish full of single-hopped bliss.
    “Whenever I see an adult on a bicycle, I have hope for the human race.” H.G. Wells

    Thr3e Wise Men Brewing Co.

    Thr3e Wise Men Current Beers:
    · Snow Bunny Blonde
    · Two Lucys Blackberry Wheat
    · Bulldog Brown
    · Hubbard & Cravens Porter
    · Rocky Ripple Pale Ale
    · Golden Zoe IPA
    · Centennial Martyr Double IPA
    · Cobra Kai Japanese Rice Lager

    · Are you a VIP Member? It is FREE to join! Become a member and after every 9 Growler Fills of Thr3e Wise Men Beer we will add $10 to your VIP Card.

    Upcoming Beers:
    · August: German Pilsner - Tuesday August 5th

    Upland Brewery

    Oktoberfest will be available in all markets starting August 1 and on tap at Upland retail locations September 19. No season is as synonymous with beer as autumn, when the most storied beer festival of them all, Oktoberfest, takes place in Munich, Germany. Since 1810, this celebration of good food, good company, and, most importantly, good beer, has most prominently featured Marzen-style lager-so much so that many refer to the beer simply as Oktoberfest. Oktoberfest was awarded Silver at the World Beer Cup in 2010.

    We are also excited to announce it's newest Side Trail series beer: Loner IPA . This brew is a special release IPA featuring a single fresh hop - Chinook. The key to this beer is simplicity; Loner IPA lets the drinker appreciate each ingredient for what it is. We are excited about single hop beers so be on the lookout for more Loners as a part of our Side Trail series. Loner IPA featuring Chinook will be available for wholesale on August 1 and on tap at Upland retail locations August 8.

    Bars, Restaurants, Carryout, & Distributors

    Patio is fully open, weather permitting! We rolled out our new summer menu, stop in and check it out.
    July 29th, 7:00pm - Trivia Night 
    We enjoyed hosting the Hoosier Beer Geeks 'Favorite Things' event for #HBGWeek!

    Sahm's Place
    We are doing a beer dinner July 31st, from 6:30-8:30 with our friends at Starlight.
    We will be featuring 5 courses with 4 rare Anchorage Brewing beers. It includes collaborations with Crooked Stave and Jolly Pumpkin. $40 per ticket. 

    Ruth's Chris Downtown and North location
    Featuring Storm and Anchor beer at both  locations! 
    We have 15 cases of this beer with more on a boat headed this way right now. This is one of the most highly acclaimed new breweries in all of Europe! This is the first time this beer will be available in the US and it will be exclusive to Ruth’s Chris Steak Houses only in Indiana and St. Louis! The different brews we have are:
    Hoppy Brown:
    Dry Hopped double Brown with a long lasting and very aromatic fruity hoppy finish with hints of tea and coffee.
    Alcohol: 6.3

    Citra Saison:
    French Saison with Citra Hops, dry, sparkling, citrus hoppy.
    Alcohol: 6.6

    IBA Imperial Red:
    Beer with a long aromatic fruity hoppy finish, fresh and mainly grapefruity; very dry and lightly earthy.
    Alcohol: 8.1

    Black IPA:
    Roasted and smoked malts aroma with notes of citrus and grapefruit.
    Alcohol: 7.1

    Classic west coast IPA, with citrus notes and a malty backbone.
    Alcohol: 6.9

    Goose the Market
    New on the Goose shelves...the celestial edition.
    Astronomically good: Super Nova IPA from France's full moon brewery La Pleine Lune
    Dark side of the moon: six different hops balance Challenger and Saaz hops in De Ranke's Belgian strong Noir De Dottignies

    Archangel, archangel...will you be mine? North Peak's seasonal summer wheat brewed with Michigan cherries

    Sky high in Colorado (ahem!): Epic Brewing's Escape in cans 

    Lino's in Speedway
    Saturday, July 26 @ 4:30 pm
    Indy Cars and Indy Brews (viewing party for Indiana 250)
    Half off domestics and imports

    Friday, August 1 @ 6:00 pm
    Tow Yard Tap Takeover

    Papa's in Culver
    Newest to our selection of 30 draft beers: Bell's Hopsolution, 3 Floyd's Apocalypse Cow, 3 Floyd's Dreadnaught, Boulevard Ginger-Lemon Radler, Flat 12 Hinchtown Hammer Down, Smuttynose Noonan Black IPA

    On Deck: 3 Floyd's Zombie Dust!!!!, Schlafly American IPA, Schlafly Oatmeal Stout, Shoreline Stella Blue Kolsch, Upland Coastbuster, plus much more.

    Always check out our current lineup here: www.indianasbestpizza.com/beer

    Yogi's in Bloomington
    Beer school is every Tuesday!

    Patrick's Kitchen in Zionsville
    Now on tap:
    • Stone Ruin Ten DIPA 10+% abv $6.50 12oz
    • Taxman Belgian Style Wit $5.75 Pint
    • Bier's DFG DIPA $7.25 12 oz
    • KY Bourbon Barrel Ale 8.2% $6.00 8oz
    • New Belgium La Folie $6.25 8oz
    • Daredevil's Vacation Kolsch $5.75 Pint
    • Taxman Belgian Black Ale $6.00 Pint
    • LaTrappe Quad $9.00 25 cl
    • Schafly's AIPA $5.50 Pint
    • SK Grapefruit Jungle $6.00 Pint
    *Subject to Change

    Starlight Distribution, LLC 

    From Josh:
    The first release of the new Grizzly Peak Series from North Peak Brewing Company is now in stock. Hellion is a "Midwest India Pale Ale" this beast weighs in at 9.99% ABV and is a whopping 99 IBU's. This will be a limited release so don't pass it up when you see it!
    July 31st - Anchorage Brewing Beer dinner at Sahm's Place (6:30-8:30pm. Tickets Available at Sahm's Place, $40 and 4 super limited release beers)

    Beer & Fundraising Events

    Pint Night with Indiana On Tap
    Thursday, July 31st
    6:30 pm
    Three Pints Brewpub (Plainfield)
    Join Girls Pint Out with the gentlemen of Indiana On Tap at Three Pints Brewpub on Thursday, July 31st at 6:30 pm. Three Pints is in Plainfield - an easy 20 minute drive from downtown.

    We'll be sipping $3.50 pints on the patio. Food specials will be available. The brewer will be mingling with guests. The opportunity to go on a tour is also available. We'll also be celebrating that Three Pints will be opening a Martinsville location this summer!  This is a co-ed event!


    Cards Against Humanity at New Day Craft
    Thursday, August 7th
    6 - 8 pm
    Drink some delicious mead and ciders. Play a little game called Cards Against Humanity. Laugh a lot. This is a great event if you've never been to a Girls Pint Out event before - you will make new friends while playing CAH!
    Warning: If you are easily offended Cards Against Humanity might not be the game for you. If you haven't already played, check out their site -www.cardsagainsthumanity.com We also have added our own beer-related evil cards to the deck!

    This is a ladies only event and space is limited. A ticket reserves your seat at a table to play Cards Against Humanity.

    Just want to drink and socialize or you didn't get a ticket in time? No big deal. Come hang out with us in the tasting room.

    Tickets will be available on Thursday, July 10th at 9 am at:

    Beer MBA Classes - More Than Just a Tasting
    This is a unique opportunity for people at all knowledge levels to learn more about the World's Classic Beer Styles. As we sample each beer, we'll briefly discuss its origin, history and what makes it unique. This is a fun experience. Don't miss it!
    • Designed for Everyone (must be 21 years of age)
    • Flexible Schedule - Take Any Class in Any Order (after attending a Class 1)
    • Take All 3 Classes and Get Your "MBA Certificate"
    Only $50 per 3-hr Class (includes free samples of all beers)
    Discounts available: Sign up for all 3 classes for $135 total! Call for group discounts
    More info on Facebookgive us a like!
    Class 1 – Sat, May 31
    Class 2 – Sat, June 21
    Class 3 – Sat, August 9
    Class 1 – Sat, August 23
    Class 2 – Sat, September 13
    Class 3 – Sat, October 4
    Beer Vacations Follow the link to learn more.
    Guided Beer Vacations to Belgium and Germany
    Take a Dream Trip to Germany where nearly everything is planned and coordinated for you. Visit the Famous Breweries and the Best Beer Bars in the World, all led and guided by Ron Smith, a recognized Beer Expert that will help explain even more about the legendary beer styles, history and cultures.  Learn more now:  Germany 2015 - Munich, Bavaria and Bamberg! 
    Be sure to sign-up for our email list so we can notify you of our upcoming trips and classes. For any additional information, don't hesitate to contact us atBeerMBA@MarketWiseSolutions.com or call 317-564-4898 and ask for Ron Smith.
    Whiskey MBA (Master of Barrel-Whiskey Appreciation) Classes Coming This Fall...

    07/25/2014 10:27 AM
    Deadline for NBWA “Share Your Story” Submissions Set for August 1
    ALEXANDRIA, VA – The National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA) is accepting entries until August 1 for the Second Annual Share Your Story Contest for beer distribution employees who have never attended the NBWA Annual Convention. The contest is intended to highlight many of the 130,000 men and women who make up the beer distribution industry, from truck drivers, inventory specialists and graphic artists to sales representatives, warehouse workers and receptionists. “The American beer distribution industry is strong because of the amazing people who work in it and the passion they have for the work they [...]

    07/25/2014 10:00 AM
    Flying Dog Gonzo Imperial Porter and CAO Brazilia Pairing

    When I first received the promotional package from Flying Dog Brewing and CAO Cigars that contained their suggested beer and cigar pairings, there was one combination to which I was most looking forward. The first three setups were all pretty good in their own right — one, two and three — but the prospect of […]

    The post Flying Dog Gonzo Imperial Porter and CAO Brazilia Pairing appeared first on The Barley Blog.

    07/25/2014 06:37 AM
    Friday beer: Peach Pie Heffy
    Peach Pie Heffy from Laht Neppur Brewing was not the best beer I sampled Wednesday at the Oregon Brewers Festival, but it was worth thinking about and a perfectly pleasant three-ounce experience. In fact, it does taste like peach pie, with a bit of crust — reminiscent of Key Lime Pie from Short’s Brewing. Jeff […]

    07/25/2014 06:00 AM

    Cardinal Pine Farm is a proud to be a member of the North Carolina Craft Brewers Guild (NCCBG), a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to promote and advance the interest of craft breweries and beer of North Carolina.

    The post Members appeared first on Cardinal Pine Farm.

    07/25/2014 03:30 AM
    Siren White IPA

    Boak & Bailey's Beer Blog - Writing about beer and pubs since 2007

    We weren’t sure what to expect from a beer with this name, but extreme pallor was, we thought, a given. After a firm zip and hiss, it actually emerged from the bottle somewhere near amber, haze-free, with an immoveable, whipped-cream head. Puzzled, we read the label again: it’s their ‘expression of a wit bier’ with IPA hopping, […]

    Siren White IPA

    07/25/2014 03:05 AM
    On the trail of Rose's Oatmeal Stout
    Rose's Oatmeal Stout, based on current evidence, was the first of its type. But tracking down more information on its brewer, Rose & Wilson, is proving trickier than anticipated.

    But "A Century of British Brewers" lists no brewery of that name. Neither does "Hull and East Yorkshire Breweries", nor "The Brewing Industry: a Guide to Historical Records".

    The trademark case mentioned that they had breweries in Hull and Grimsby. I'm pretty sure this is the Grimsby branch:
    "The ordinary operations on Monday were supplemented by Messrs. Thomas, Peyer, and Miles' offer of a couple of breweries, together with a large parcel of Shares in such industries. The total realisations of the day, nearly £70,000, were mainly the result of this firm's success herein. The properties were the Wellow Brewery, Great Grimsby, with modern 15-quarter plant, and 19 freehold and leasehold hotels, public and beer houses, which changed hands at £23,000 ; the goodwill of the trade is represented by the beer duty payments last year, which amounted to nearly £3000, and the sole right to manufacture Rose and Co.'s oatmeal stout;"
    London Standard - Monday 14 May 1900, page 2.
    Which gets a small entry:

    "Lewis & Barker, Wellow Brewery, 24 Wellowgate, founded 1802. Acquired by the Nottingham Brewery Ltd. 1900 with 19 tied houses. Closed 1944."
    "A Century of British Brewers Plus" by Norman Barber, 2005, page 75.
    It wasn't a very big brewery. 15-quarters equates to about 60 barrels of standard-strength beer. So an annual capacity of maybe 18,000 barrels.

    This shows how exclusive that right to Oatmeal Stout was:

    "Messrs J. and T. Usher, Ltd., the New City Brewery, River Street, Bristol, have an inviting stall, and thereat samples are given of their speciality—oatmeal stout. This is brewed by J. and T. Usher, Ltd.. from oatmeal, specially suitable for those requiring light nourishing stout. It possesses all the nutritive, strengthening, and stimulating properties of oatmeal. Sufferers from indigestion, neuralgia, anaemia, sleeplessness, brain fag, and general debility experience great benefit by regular use it. liquid food, and forms an agreeable and refreshing beverage"

     See how they pushed the health aspect of Oatmeal Stout? I'm sure it's totally true. A newspaper wouldn't lie, would it?

    07/25/2014 02:53 AM
    Beer jobs — Merc’s Bier Cafe, Mornington VIC
    Merc's Bier Cafe are looking for a head chef and a sous chef to work with us in opening our venue in August.

    07/25/2014 01:59 AM
    World class judging panel assembled for Australian Cider Awards
    An international expert will headline the judging panel for Cider Australia's national awards program.

    07/25/2014 01:54 AM
    Be the first to experience Nomad Beers
    The wait is over, the Nomad Brewing Company's first beer hits the taps in the coming week.

    07/24/2014 10:04 PM
    False Start Session IPA – A Beer for the 12th Man

    Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog.

    Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog. Seahawks training camp officially starts today, which means our thoughts will soon be turning to another amazing season of screaming and hollering like crazed lunatics. The 12th Man needs something to soothe the vocal chords, so Redhook says, “You bring the noise and we’ll bring the beer.”...

    07/24/2014 08:59 PM
    The First Fresh Hop Ale of the Season – Releasing on August 9th

    Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog.

    Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog. Seriously? I am not at all ready for summer to be over. But, then again, I’m always happy when the fresh hop ales start to show up, a sure sign that the final days of summer are upon us. And that’s what happens on August 9th in...

    07/24/2014 07:26 PM
    Big Al Brewering Releases Time Capsule Brett IPA

    Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog.

    Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog. Whenever I think of a time capsule, I think of a cartoon frog singing, “Hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my ragtime doll…” It’s an indelible memory etched deep into my psyche from an old Warner Bros Loony Tunes cartoon. A classic. But, this is about...

    07/24/2014 05:19 PM
    NBWA: New Gallup Poll Shows Beer as Americans’ Adult Beverage of Choice
    ALEXANDRIA, VA – The National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA) – which represents the interests of America’s 3,300 licensed, independent beer distributors – is celebrating a new Gallup poll showing that Americans who drink alcohol choose beer over wine and liquor as the type of alcohol they consume most often. The poll found that 41 percent of U.S. drinkers report they typically drink beer; 31 percent name wine and 23 percent name liquor. “Today’s marketplace offers an unparalleled number of styles, varieties and flavors of beer to consumers from coast to coast,” said NBWA President and [...]

    07/24/2014 05:14 PM
    Craft Beer and Brewing 20% Magazine Discount for the BeerSmith Community
    CBB3-C1-Cover.inddI’ve enjoyed reading the new Craft Beer and Brewing Magazine, just launched this Spring, which is packed with great articles for home brewers and craft beer enthusiasts. They were kind enough the offer the BeerSmith community a 20% discount on new subscriptions. To get the discount go to the subscription page and use the coupon […]

    07/24/2014 05:11 PM
    Colorado Beer News 072414
    Colorado Beer NewsToday is National Tell an Old Joke Day. In honor of this day, here is a joke that has a local twist to it. A bum walked into a very chic pub and ordered a beer. Discreetly, the bartender informed him, "We do not serve riff raff here." To which the bum responded, "Then what brands do you serve here?" - Dig up an old joke that you once told years ago and tell it again. Who knows, there might just be someone who hasn't heard that one yet. Here's what's happening around the Colorado beerosphere today Thursday, July 24th, 2014. If you aren't reading this article on FermentedlyChallenged.com, you don't know what you're missing.

    [CO Beer Festivals] -- [Beer Dinners] -- [CO Beer Releases]

    Metro Denver

    Living The Dream Brewing Co (Littleton) - There's a big hoppy brew set to tap tomorrow on Friday, July 25th at 3pm. Stop in for a taste of their new Double IPA. It's nearly 10% ABV and upwards of 140 IBUs. Hop lovers need only apply. [12305 Dumont Way, Unit A, Littleton, CO]

    Mockery Brewing Co (Denver) - Mockery Brewing just made another big move in their effort towards opening in Denver. They just announced that Justin Burnsed will be joining the Mockery Brewing team as their Head Brewer. Justin’s background includes the Master Brewer’s Program at UC Davis, internships at Stone and BrewDog, and most recently Brewmaster for Prospectors Brewing in Mariposa, California. Justin is also a blogger and feature writer for Brew Your Own magazine. Look for this brewery to open late August/early September this year. [3501 Delgany St, Denver, CO]

    City Star Brewing - Berthoud CO
    Sponsored ad from City Star Brewing - Berthoud, CO.

    Former Future Brewing Co (Denver) - Shhhh! Mums the word, but Former Future is planning to release a barrel-aged sour blonde ale this Saturday, July 26th. Federation members can get an early pour on Friday. Just ask for a "Golden Feather". If you want this to stick around then don't tell anyone m'kay? [1290 S Broadway, Denver, CO]

    Station 26 Brewing Co (Denver) - Not all firkins turn out as planned. Station 26 had to cancel their firkin tapping today as the addition of blackberries and pluots to their West Coast IPA caused some massive over carbonation and a big mess on the brewery floor. Alas! But fear not, they'll do another firkin next week.

    CAUTION: Brewing Co (Lakewood/Denver) - Don't forget their 1st Beer & Cheese Mixer at CAUTION: West tonight from 7pm to 9pm. For $25, you get some amazing pairings with exotic cheeses and as a bonus, they have a brand new Thursday ExBeeriment - a Sorachi Ace Saison. This beer will be available at both tap rooms. [West: 1057 S Wadsworth Blvd #60, Lakewood - East: 12445 E 39th Ave, Unit 314, Denver, CO]

    Diebolt Brewing Co (Denver) - July's Bottled Lighting Club release is "Ex-Pat French Martinique", a French ale made with hefeweizen yeast and pineapple concentrate. Members can pick up their bottles today. They also kegged up and filled a barrel with a new batch of Saison Voila. [3855 Mariposa St, Denver, CO]

    Hops & Pie (Denver) - What's new on tap at Hops & Pie today? How about a glass of Hottenroth from The Bruery, or Double Chin Wag from Hogshead Brewery, or Racer 5 from Bear Republic! Pair that with their slice of the day: Korean BBQ Pulled Pork, Pineapple and Goat Cheese. [3920 Tennyson St, Denver, CO]

    Denver Summer Brew Fest (Denver) - Another big festival is happening this weekend across 2 days (July 25-26) - the annual Denver Summer Brew Fest! Tickets are still available for this event located at Mile High Station. More info and ticket links on the Beer Fest Calendar.

    Yak & Yeti Restaurant & Brewpub (Arvada) - There's two new beers just tapped today and now available - 1) Fenugreek Belgian Special (5.3% ABV, 23 IBU), and 2) Ginger Wheat (4.6% ABV 26 IBU). Yak & Yeti will also be pouring at Beer Camp on Friday and serving their Chai and Apple brews. [7803 Ralston Rd, Arvada, CO]

    Black Sky Brewery (Denver) - Today the brewery has tapped a brand spanking new beer. It's their "Denver Black Sky Kolsch" coming in at 4.4% ABV and 22 IBU. They brewed this beer in honor of the most brutal metal festival in the land coming to the Gothic Theatre August 2nd and 3rd. Black Sky Brewery still has tickets to the show available at the brewery with no service fees! 2-day regular pass is $50 and 2-day VIP is $75. Only a few VIP left! [490 Santa Fe Dr, Denver, CO]

    Mu Brewery (Aurora) - Tomorrow, July 25th at 5pm, Mu Brewery will be tapping its first small batch brew. Stop in and try some of their new Chili Beer. And stay tuned for more small batches. Next week on August 1st they'll tap a Raspberry Stout and a Black IPA. [9735 E Colfax Ave, Aurora, CO]

    Beer Camp Across America (Denver) - Don't forget to go to camp tomorrow - Sierra Nevada's Beer Camp Across America that is at Civic Center Park - Friday, July 25th 5-10pm.

    Arvada Beer Co (Arvada) - Today's Brewer's Limited Reserve is a Strong German Dunkel, 8.5% abv that has been aged in a Syrah wine barrel for the last 6 months. One of the best barrel aged beers they reportedly have ever made. Get down there and let them know what you think of it! [5600 Olde Wadsworth Blvd, Arvada, CO]

    Epic Brewing (Denver) - Coming up next Wednesday, July 30th is a special Beer & Chocolate Pairing event at Epic Brewing in Denver. For just $10 you can sample a variety of beers & chocolates. Sign up at Epic Brewing or email jennie[at]epicbrewing.com to reserve your spot. RSVP required. In the meantime, stop in this Friday for a special tapping of "Wild Peaches", a peachy sour ale - starting at noon. [3001 Walnut St, Denver, CO]

    38 State Brewing Co (Littleton) - Their Littleton Kölsch is back on tap today! It's a great beer for a hot day. They also have an American Wheat, S. Broadway IPA, Bike It Off Bitter, Chocolate Stout and ESB also pouring in the taproom. The Rolling Italian food truck will be there from 4pm to close. Beer, dinner and a relaxing Thursday with friends. Also, come out this Saturday from 1-4pm as 38 State will be hosting an event for the South Platte Valley Humane Society. Furry friends will be in attendance, so feel free to bring your own by for an afternoon of sun, suds, and helping out a great cause! [8071 S Broadway, Suite A, Littleton, CO]

    Boulder County

    Avery Brewing Co (Boulder) - Progress is being made on their new, greatly expanded facility in Boulder. Four of their brand spanking new fermenters are being shipped from Bürgstadt, Germany at this very moment. These vessels can store up to 714,240 pints of beer! That should help keep their beer in stock once they open the new facility sometime next year. Don't forget about the Five Monks Quintupel release this Sunday at 11am! And also their 21st Anniversary Party on Sunday, August 3rd! [5763 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder, CO]

    Sanitas Fest 2014 (Boulder) - This Saturday marks the inaugural Sanitas Fest at Sanitas Brewing in Boulder. This is a one day, Boulder-style celebration of craft beer and music. Enjoy music from 6 different bands from 2pm to 10pm. Tickets start at $8 and go up to $45 for a VIP experience. Tickets available on Eventbrite. [3550 Frontier Ave, Unit A, Boulder, CO]

    Northern Colorado

    1933 Brewing Co (Ft. Collins) - Beer lovers will want to stop in today for Taster Tray Thursday. Order a taster tray and get $2 off all day. Be sure to get their new Saison as that is getting tapped today! Stats: 6.6% ABV and 33 IBU. First you are attracted to its copper color and sophisticated marriage between hops, barley, and French Saison yeast. Then you're greeted by a wonderful aroma of lemon, orange peel and black pepper. Hope you like to dance because flavors of goji berries and currants will be dancing in your mouth. This date might seem slightly bitter at the end, that's from the Pacific Jade hops, but visions of a nice stroll in grassy fields hand and hand will keep you wanting more. Open today from noon to 9pm. [4025 S Mason, Ft. Collins, CO]

    Verboten Brewing (Loveland) - Thursday's special is $1 pints of their "5 Second Frencher" Lemongrass Wit. The taproom opened at 1pm and the pizza will arrive at 6pm. Grab some 'za while it lasts. Heads up for Friday - Bottlecap BBQ will be on hand tomorrow. [1550 Taurus Ct, Loveland, CO]

    Pateros Creek Brewing Co (Ft. Collins) - For this week's Thursday Outlaw tapping, Pateros Creek has come up with "All Bark, No Bite", a birch vanilla red ale. It's described as like drinking soda on a summer day. Stop in and try one. [242 N College Ave, Unit B, Ft. Collins, CO]

    Crow Hop Brewing Co (Loveland) - An old friend is back on tap today - "Big Water Brown" is now available once again. For those of you who have missed it you can once again enjoy a pint. [271 E 3rd St, Loveland, CO]

    Freedom's Edge Brewing (Ft. Collins) - Stop in today for $1 off all pints today. Get to know Freedom's Edge and cool off on a hot summer day. [224 Linden St, Ft. Collins, CO]

    Berthoud Brewing Co (Berthoud) - For Throwback Thursday, anyone who stops in wearing tie dye clothing will get $1 off beers all night! Come on, you still have one of those shirts somewhere right? [450 8th St, Suite B, Berthoud, CO]

    Big Thompson Brewery (Loveland) - Construction is well underway at this upcoming new brewery in Loveland, CO. Trenching for the floor drains has begun. In addition to the brewhouse, they will house a 12' x 27' walk-in cooler, and a tasting room with seats for up to 52 people Look for this brewery to open sometime this Fall. [114 E 15th, Loveland, CO]

    Southern Front Range

    Red Leg Brewing Co (Colorado Springs) - Starting this Monday, July 28th, Red Leg Brewing will be open 7 days a week. Your Mondays and Tuesdays just got way better in the Springs! Stop in tonight for a beer and some food from Bite Me Gourmet Sausage. [4630 Forge Rd, Suite B, Colo. Springs, CO]

    Mountains and West

    Bonfire Brewing (Eagle) - Once again, the brewery is excited to partner with the "Man of the Cliff" competition event. This year's edition of the Wood Splitter Pilsner is coming at ya in 22 ounce form sometime around early/mid-September. They are also tripling the number of kegs to keep everyone's beard well oiled September 27-28. [127 Second St, Eagle, CO]

    Crazy Mountain Brewing Co (Edwards) - [PRESS RELEASE] Crazy Mountain Brewing Company announces the release of “Lawyers, Guns & Money Barleywine”, a 10% ABV barleywine available in a four-pack of 12 ounce cans. To date, there have only been 4 barleywines released in cans, each for a one-time or extremely limited run. Lawyers, Guns & Money Barleywine cans will be packaged year-round to satisfy your hoppy cravings and is the first barleywine in a can produced in Colorado. For this special barleywine, Crazy Mountain uses an assortment of crystal malts and throws a little Belgian candi sugar into the Brew Kettle to give a hearty maltiness. Dry hopping with American hops gives this English style a refreshing American twist. Following their release of Lawyers, Guns & Money Barleywine, Crazy Mountain is also announcing the debut of Old Soul Strong Belgian Golden Ale in canned 6-packs. This light bodied Belgian beauty packs a punch at 7.6% ABV, but is very easy drinking and pleasant in warm weather. A robust amount of wheat gives this ale a very smooth mouth feel that is accompanied by a fruity yeast character. Belgian candi contributes to this brew’s light body and complex flavor. European hops team up with Juniper berries to offer a soft, subtle spiciness. Old Soul is the first canned Strong Belgian Golden Ale in the state of Colorado and the third in the country. [439 Edwards Access Rd, B-102, Edwards, CO]

    National News

    #IPAday (Nationwide) - It's back! Coming up this Thursday, August 7th is the return of IPA Day. Celebrate one of America's most asked for craft beers! Each year since 2011, #IPAday has been celebrated at bars, breweries, tap houses and restaurants for a wonderful 24 hours of super hoppy beers! When you celebrate #IPAday, be sure to use the hashtag #IPAday whenever you post on social media. Embrace the Hop and dive deep into IPAs that day. Brought to you by @TheBeerWench. Also visit IPADay.org.

    Catch up on Colorado Beer News from earlier this week:
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    07/24/2014 03:36 PM
    Every family has one… the kid that ran away to travel the world and find better things, only to come back on his own, this time more well-rounded and full of appreciation for his roots. In the Single Malt Scotch World, this phenomenon often results in an eagerly anticipated (and debated!) new expression. In the Winner of VIP Tickets to the iTAP CWE Strange Invasion
    You may be saying, “Whoa, wait, I don’t remember seeing a iTAP/Strange Donuts contest!” If you didn’t, that’s because you may not be part of our STL Hops Insider Email. We’ll be doing special contests like this in the future, so make sure to sign up using the form on the right side of this [...]

    07/24/2014 12:32 PM
    Amateur rocketeers to launch beer into ‘space’ – drink it on return to Earth
    Team Numb from Portland, Oregon will launch a keg of beer this September The group of amateur rocket enthusiasts has done two launches before Their small rocket will launch to a height of 20,000 feet above the ground Admittedly that’s quite a long way from ‘space’, which is 330,000 feet high The cargo the rocket […]

    07/24/2014 12:18 PM
    Winner of Two Tickets to the 2014 Midwest Belgian Beer Festival
    Sorry for the delay in getting this up, things have been slightly hectic. I’m happy to not only announce the winner of the two tickets to the Midwest Belgian Beer Festival, but also to share some exciting news. I’m happy to report that we’ve now reached over 100 events for STLCBW. This is a big milestone [...]

    07/24/2014 12:02 PM
    Where to Get Free Beer in Austin
    Thrillist put out a list of where you can get free beer in Austin.  I'm not going to tell you where. You get to play the clicking game!

    07/24/2014 09:31 AM
    Innocuous Fluid, 1856

    Boak & Bailey's Beer Blog - Writing about beer and pubs since 2007

    “The respectable man of the lower order is a clerk undoubtedly… He lives in a small, eight-roomed house, in a terrace with a high-sounding name, ‘Adeliza’ or ‘Navarino’, in Camden-town or Dalston. He lets the drawing-room floor to a single gentleman… Pewter pots are never seen hanging on the area rails; for, in his respectability, […]

    Innocuous Fluid, 1856

    07/24/2014 09:02 AM
    What’s Wrong with Beer Marketing? –> A Beer Duet – @Sommbeer & @HopsCanary
    I want to thank @hopscanary for contributing to this post.  I value her opinions even (especially) when they fail to agree with mine.  Please visit her website: Beer and Travel Adventures What do you think about the current marketing of beer? Sommbeer: The marketing for craft beer is almost non-existent.  Even the local brew pubs seem inept in this regard.  As for the big brewers, I think they are a mess too.  I have to turn the channel if my kids are in the room.…

    07/24/2014 09:02 AM
    The NeverEnding CaskAle Lesson
    Cask-conditioned ale is a process that starts at the brewery and continues at the pub. Bad practices at either end yield poor cask ales. For example:

    How NOT to cellar and tap cask ale:

    Were the casks improperly conditioned (or grossly over-conditioned at the brewery)? Sure looks like it. You have to feel sorry for the guy, but, still, hilarious.

    In contrast,

    How TO tap cask ale:

    Paul Pendyck —star of the second video— is the owner of UK Brewing Supplies. Based in Pennsylvania, U.S.A., he sell casks, cask equipment, and traditional British pub supplies. He dispenses (pun intended) excellent advice on cask ale, and has a few more cask how-to videos online.

    Fobbing at the Tut: a series on cellarmanship.
    Fobbing at the Tut:
    A series of occasional posts on good cask cellarmanship.

    • CAMRA (the Campaign for Real Ale, based in the U.K.) defines cask-conditioned ale 'real ale'as:
      Draught (or bottled) beer brewed from traditional ingredients, matured by secondary fermentation in the container from which it is dispensed, and served without the use of extraneous carbon dioxide. Usually served cool, but not ice-cold, to allow greater expression of subtle flavors: 50-54 °F.

    • What does poorly served cask ale look/taste like? Here.
    • View another, longer, instructional cask-ale video from New York cellarman (by way of the U.K.) Alex Hall: here.
    • More on cask-conditioned beer at Cask Ale USA.

    07/24/2014 06:53 AM
    Off Color Brewing Scurry

    Looking around the Web, Off Color Brewing’s Scurry is usually classified as an altbier, but according to the company it’s based on a Kottbusser. This German style of beer is normally brewed with oats, honey and molasses — which goes against Reinheitsgebot, the German purity law. That may be more detail that necessary, but essentially […]

    The post Off Color Brewing Scurry appeared first on The Barley Blog.

    07/24/2014 03:19 AM
    Lotta bottle
    Some recent bottled additions to the Irish craft beer scene today, starting with two from Mayo brewery Mescan. I'd had their blonde previously but so far missed its companion beer until now. It's a red tripel. In fact, it's probably the Red Tripel as I don't think I've seen the style designation before, in Belgium or beyond. It's a bit of a misnomer, though, pouring more of a garnet-amber than the bright red I was half-expecting. Lots of very typical Belgian fruity esters in the nose, plummy like a dubbel rather than spicy like a tripel. All of the 8% ABV can be tasted: it's hot and fruity, in a sherryish kind of way. The darker malt really does bend its flavour profile more towards the darker Belgian monastic styles and there's none of the spice or honey of tripel to redress the balance. I like it; it's warming and very flavourful, but I'm not sure I'd put the T-word on the label.

    The previous two Mescan beers are unmistakably Belgian-influenced in their taste and style. So I was highly curious when it came to Westporter Stout: a more Irish than Belgian 5% ABV. There's a slight yeast whiff, and lots of foam, which add to its Belgian credentials, but underneath it's all Irish. The texture is light and very sessionable and the flavour is dry, with the little sparks of gunpowder spice you sometimes get from roasted barley or black malt. Some lovely coffee and caramel finishes it off, and I'm reminded of both Dungarvan's Black Rock and Carlow's Leann Folláin, which is to say a thumbs-up from me. Those Belgian beehive bottles are very pretty and all, but I'd appreciate a pint of this.

    Dungarvan's summer seasonal for 2014 is Mine Head, a 5.5% ABV American-style pale ale. It has been dry hopped with Cascade and there's loads of lovely juicy peach and passionfruit in the flavours, complemented by a sweet, but not sugary, nectarine aroma and finishing on a sharper bite of lime zest and orange pith. Where I think it falls down, however, is in the bottle-conditioning.  For one thing it's very fizzy, and the carbonic bite is one element interfering with those delicate hops. The yeast is another: I poured as carefully as I could and left a couple of fingers in the bottle but still got a hazy glassful and a definite earthy cheese-rind tang right in the middle of the taste. It's a good effort, but you'd need to be a sucker for natural conditioning to rank it above most of the other beers of its style sold in Ireland.

    To Kerry next, and the spring and summer specials from Beoir Chorca Duibhne, which I drank in reverse chronological order. Riasc Gold is very much a rose-gold colour rather than yellow, deriving its colour, I'm guessing, from the addition of rosehips. There's an earthy, yeasty aroma plus an underlying promise of fruity bubblegum malt. The first hit on tasting, however, is a lovely peppery spice, like fresh rocket. This is followed by mild floral notes and a crisp, wholesome grain husk character. It's very much not the wan, insipid golden summer quaffer I was expecting. At 5.5% it's an ale to take a bit of time over. There's maybe a hint of oxidation, but not enough to spoil the experience.

    If the Gold is nearly red, Riasc Red is almost brown. This spring seasonal is also 5.5% ABV and has yet more rosehips in the mix. A comforting waft of milk chocolate and Turkish delight comes from the aroma. Despite busy fizz at the beginning, it settles down into a smooth weighty red with lots of cuddly caramel, more milk chocolate, and a more assertive herbal bitterness. While technically an Irish red I suppose, if a little strong for the style, there are lovely elements of porter and brown ale in the flavour profile. All-in-all a class act from the guys in Dingle.

    I've just noticed that all of this week's bottles have been bottle-conditioned. While I appreciate the wholesome, down home qualities it imparts, I think all that fizz and that yeast does have a tendency to cover the more subtle elements of the flavour. Your mileage, of course, may vary.

    07/23/2014 10:54 PM
    Mixed Berry Mead Tasting

    We take mead to the next level with this mixed berry mead. Making mead is fairly straightforward and easy once the basic techniques are mastered. Despite the simplicity in process, the flavor profiles achievable can be tremendous and complex. John’s mixed berry mead is is just that. Rivaling some of the better red wines I […]

    Read the original article Mixed Berry Mead Tasting and other Brew Dudes posts.

    07/23/2014 10:16 PM
    List of Breweries and Beer for Brewshed Beer Fest

    Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog.

    Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog. Last week we told you about the upcoming Brewshed Beer Fest, which benefits Washington Brewshed Alliance. The event takes place on Thursday, July 31 (next Thursday) at the Hale’s Palladium from 5:30 – 9:30. If you’re going out on a Thursday evening to have a couple beers,...

    07/23/2014 08:53 PM
    Topping Off

    When you need to fit every last drop.

    Topping Off

    07/23/2014 06:50 PM
    Coaster Critique: Oak Pond White Fox Ale
    Name: White Fox Ale Brewed By: Oak Pond Brewery Style: IPA ABV: ? (Not listed on label)   White Fox Ale pours a bright copper color with golden highlights, vigorous pour produced a short white had that fell to a thin layer that lasted the remainder of the glass. Aroma is malt heavy, reminds me […]

    07/23/2014 06:40 PM
    Volunteers: Sun King Brewing's CANvitational Needs You!
    Hello Indiana beer fans! Hoosier Beer Geek has a pretty sweet volunteer opportunity for you: Sun King CANvitational 2014!

    When: Saturday, September 20
    Time Commitment: 10am-6pm 
    Where: Pan Am Plaza and Georgia Street

    -Shirts, a box meal, and beverages will be provided
    -All volunteers must be 21+ 
    -Volunteers must check in at the start of the festival and check out at the end of the festival. We're not asking much here, folks! 

    If you do not have a valid Indiana server's permit, we would greatly appreciate it if you would fill out an application for a temporary permit. 

    2. Read everything over; ensure you meet the requirements.
    3. If you're good to go, fill out the application and hit print!
    4. Sun King will pick up the $5.00 fee, so don't worry about that. 
    5. Get the application sent in! You can drop it off at Sun King, scan and email the application to hoosierbeergeek@gmail.com, or mail it: HBG, 266 S. Audubon Rd, Indy, 46219.
    6. Please have your application submitted by 8/23. 

    Also important!
    There will be no beer going home with any volunteers after the festival. All beer that is leftover will be provided at the Volunteer Party on Wednesday, September 24 at Sun King. Yay! If you're found packing up and taking beer with you at the end of the festival, you will be banned from future events. No exceptions. Got it? And the more beer we have for the Volunteer Party, the better! 

    We may eventually need volunteers to help with setup and teardown of the festival. We'll let you know if these opportunities arise, but right now we're just looking for volunteers for the day of the festival. 

    Please keep it mind that our volunteers work, and they work hard! If you're up for making CANvitational one of the top beer festivals in Indiana, we're the volunteer opportunity for you! If you just want to enjoy the free beer, keep on movin' on. 

    We highly recommend that you sign-up to volunteer soon! As soon as we hit our magic number, volunteer registration will close. And, please feel free to email us at hoosierbeergeek@gmail.com with any questions you may have. 

    We look forward to making CANvitational 2014 the best beer festival yet, and we hope you'll be a part of it.

    Thank you, and cheers!


    07/23/2014 04:45 PM
    Colorado Beer News 072314
    Colorado Beer NewsToday is Mosquito Day. It's a day to pay respect to this winged pest and to remind everyone that here in Colorado the mosquito is known to carry the West Nile virus. Don't forget to put on some insect repellent before you head outdoors in areas that mosquitos are in abundance. Some studies have shown that drinking a beer increases your chances of getting bit by mosquitoes. There's something in the chemistry of beer that attracts them. Also, did you know that the mosquito is considered by many to be the real state "bird" of Minnesota? if you don't wish to celebrate Mosquito Day, you can always geek out for Batman Day. Here's what's happening around the Colorado beerosphere today Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014. If you aren't reading this article on FermentedlyChallenged.com, you don't know what you're missing.

    [CO Beer Festivals] -- [Beer Dinners] -- [CO Beer Releases]

    Metro Denver

    Hops & Pie (Denver) - This Sunday, July 27th from 2pm til close brings another edition of Hops & Pie's famous "Littlest Big Beer Fest". This month, they are bringing in the beers of Louisville, Kentucky's "Against The Grain Brewery". Expect to see a full line-up of Against The Grain beers including: Citra Ass Down, Cutty Can't Hang, Kentucky Ryed Chicken, The Brown Note, Killewitte and 35K. Bringing these beers into Colorado was made possible through Crooked Stave Artisans. Flights and full pours will be available. [3920 Tennyson St, Denver, CO]

    Odyssey Beerwerks (Arvada) - Today marks another Discovery Beer tapping. This week, they have a Biere De Mars that will tap at 5:00pm. They brewed this on their pilot system and will be available today only. Food truck tonight is Corner of Gourmet. Coming up next week on tap: The Super Ghost Drifter. Also in other news, effective immediately, Tivoli Distributing will handle all sales and distribution of Odyssey Beerwerks products in all Colorado markets west of the Front Range and also includes the Golden and Boulder markets. As a result of this partnership, Odyssey Beerwerks brands will immediately be more broadly available in more Colorado markets and retailers will experience great product availability, timely delivery, and overall customer service. [5535 W 56th Ave, Suite 107, Arvada, CO]

    City Star Brewing - Berthoud CO
    Sponsored ad from City Star Brewing - Berthoud, CO.

    Westminster Brewing Co (Westminster) - Join in today, Wednesday (July 23rd) for their first ever Irish Music pub practice session from 6:30-close! Local Irish Folk musicians from around the Metro area will be gathering at the Tasting Lab to play their style of music. If you are a fan or an avid performer of the style, come on in for a great time and play with old friends, make some new ones and enjoy the sounds of the Emerald Isle AND delicious WBC beer! [7655 W 108th Ave, Unit 600, Westminster, CO]

    Coda Brewing Co (Aurora) - Coda has put Dogcatcher Saison on tap as of last night. This is a small batch hop forward red saison that won't be around for long. Stats: 5.5% ABV and 48 IBU. Made with Orange Blossom Honey. [2101 N Ursula Ct, Aurora, CO]

    Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project (Denver) - Last night, not only did they host a bottle release of Blåbær of Love, but they also released their new seasonal - a double dry-hopped Vieille Artisanal Saison. Bottles of this saison are available to take home for $8 each (while they last). [3350 Brighton Blvd, Denver, CO]

    The Brew on Broadway (Englewood) - Yesterday, The BoB just kegged up their New Australian Brown Bitter batch 2, and it is reportedly absolutely delicious. They will launch that brew this weekend. Also, a test batch of Oatmeal Rye Brown was just brewed for the impending autumn season. Get jazzed up for all the new BoB beers coming soon! [3445 S Broadway, Englewood, CO]

    Arvada Beer Co (Arvada) - Today's Hump Day Helper beer special is their Water Tower Wheat. You can get pints of it all day for just $3 each. [5600 Olde Wadsworth Blvd, Arvada, CO]

    38 State Brewing Co (Littleton) - Today they've just tapped their "Bike It Off Bitter", a nice Ordinary Bitter with slight fruit flavors and a touch of malty sweetness. Stick around for Trivia, and a gourmet dog or brat from sand Bear Shack. [8071 S Broadway, Suite A, Littleton, CO]

    Sandlot Brewery (Denver) - Spotify and Blue Moon Brewing Co. are hosting The Follow the Moon Tour, a 5-city nationwide music tour, coming to The Sandlot in Denver on Friday August 8th with Australian band, The Temper Trap. The free event will bring together fans and our artist across music, food and visual art for an artfully crafted evening under a full moon sky. Blue Moon brewmasters Keith Villa and John Legnard will be there to meet guests. Food from Big Kiwi's Gourmet Eats and art by Patrick Beery will also be featured. Tickets are now open, but space is limited. Fans should visit FollowTheMoonTour.com for more information and to RSVP to the festival. Must be 21+. [2161 Blake St, Denver, CO]

    Kokopelli Beer Co (Westminster) - Kokopelli now has 4 new beers on tap starting today. They are: Blarney Stone Irish Red, OTOGOB Dry Stout, The Scotsman Scotch Ale (10% ABV), and Copper Road ESB. Tonight they also have Ladies Night from 6-9pm. Ladies buy one drink get one half off (includes wine too!), and their local businesses are The Cookie Brewer and Barley's Angels. This Saturday they are hosting a fundraiser for Almost Home Adoptions, a cat shelter nearby the brewpub. There's also a new 2014 Growler Club offer. For $100, you get a 1-year membership with a free logo glass, 1 free 64oz Kokopelli growler, 1 free 64oz growler fill of your choice every month (beers below 7.5% ABV), and invites to special tappings and events. It's a $193 value. Ask at the brewpub. [8931 Harlan St, Westminster, CO]

    Barrels and Bottles Brewery (Golden) - Today the brewery is introducing their Juniperus Imperial IPA. It's dry-hopped with Glacier hops and infused with juniper berries giving a piney, citrus character with a smooth hop resin finish. Try one! [600 12th St, Golden, CO]

    Boulder County

    Industrial Revolution Brewing Co (Erie) - The brewery is now introducing Happy Hour! Get $3.00 Pints on Wednesday's, Thursday's, and Friday's from 4pm to 6pm. The IRBC will also be tapping a new beer tomorrow, a Dunkelweisen, so be sure to stop in when you can! [285 Cheesman St, Erie, CO]

    Gravity Brewing (Louisville) - Better hurry. They've got a limited quantity of their Framboise Raspberry Belgian Dubbel on tap in the beer parlor. It won't last long! [1150 Pine St, Unit B, Louisville, CO]

    Oskar Blues / Tasty Weasel Taproom (Longmont) - There are tons of specialties and collaboration beers available over at The Tasty Weasel Taproom in Longmont. Come get some ‪‎Tickled Pink‬, ‪‎REEB Ryed Rye IPA‬, ‪‎Freedom Tickler‬, the BrewDog collab ‪‎Shipwrecker Circus‬ Barley Wine, the Fremont Brewing Company collab ‎Simultaneous Release‬, the Halden Wofford & the Hi*Beams collab ‎Honky Tonk Ale‬ & their Two Brothers Brewing Company collab ‪‎Foxy Knuckles‬. Get these cans before they're gone! ‪#‎CraftCANs‬ [1800 Pike Rd, Longmont, CO]

    Grossen Bart Brewery (Longmont) - Before they have even opened, there's a concern about the location of this soon to open brewery in Longmont being in close proximity to the Saint Vrain Community Montessori school. School leaders were complaining to a city council meeting that students would have to walk by the brewery's driveway during business hours. The brewery plans to open by 3:00pm on weekdays and the school lets out daily at 3:30pm. Concerned parents want Grossen Bart to delay their opening until about 4:00pm each day to help avoid exposing children to brewery activities. While Grossen Bart intends to comply with their wishes Monday through Thursday, but plan to open even earlier on Fridays to offset lost business. The brewery plans to open sometime this fall.

    Front Range Brewing Co (Lafayette) - On Saturday, July 26th - The Lafayette Marketplace is coming together to bring you Beer, Bacon, and BBQ. Lunada, Bistro 503, and The Gourmet Cheese and Pantry Shoppe will be making a variety of bacon themed dishes including bacon wrapped shrimp, bacon wrapped jalapenos, BLT tacos and more. There will be fun activities for the whole family, raffles, and live music from Many Mountains. Front Range Brewing Company is tying this event in with a bottle release of the new Tripel. This beer will be available in 22oz bomber bottles in a very limited supply. Get them while you can and age them for a while. Then on Sunday, July 27th - come for Beer, Bingo and Relay! Front Range Brewing Company is hosting a bingo night as an homage to the old Bingo Mine, whose space they now occupy. 25% of all proceeds will be donated to East Boulder County Relay for Life. Grab your favorite dobber, set up your lucky charms, and may the drum drop ever in your favor. [400 W South Boulder Rd, Suite 1650, Lafayette, CO]

    Avery Brewing Co (Boulder) - For those planning to attend Avery's 21st Anniversary event, they will be pouring 5 different versions of their Eremita sour ales: I, II, IV, V & VI. Tickets are still available for this big party set for August 3rd from 12pm to 5pm. [5763 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder, CO]

    Northern Colorado

    Grimm Brothers Brewhouse (Loveland) - Today get $2 off growler fills all day long. Also, stop in this Saturday morning, July 26th at 11am as they celebrate Grimm Brothers' 4th Year anniversary. They will be tapping two new beers including a Gose and Hoppeweizen. Burgers and Brats from local butcher Bull and Boar, Putt Putt Golf, live music, and the chance to win beer for a year. All to support the local Kiwanis club and children everywhere. Be sure to get your limited edition glass 4th anniversary stein. Due to lack of entries, they will NOT be hosting a BBQ competition. [623 Denver Ave, Loveland, CO]

    Fall Harvest Brewfest (Ft. Collins) - Early bird pricing has been extended through Sunday, July 27th for this year's Fall Harvest Brewfest set for Friday, September 5th at the Lincoln Center in Old Town Ft Collins. Get $5.00 off both GA & VIP tickets. Buy them in person at Animal House, Wilbur's Total Beverage or the Lincoln Center and avoid those pesky online fees. More info at: www.fallharvestbrewfest.com.

    Crabtree Brewing Co (Greeley) - Good news! Their Boxcar Brown is now back on tap! Also makes a good growler fill. Stock up! Don't forget that tonight is Trivia Night at 7pm. They'll also have your favorite pizza truck parked outside to fee the masses. In addition, they have just bottled their Dearfield Ale in the new returnable bottles. Plus, new logo shirts are now in! [2961 W 29th St, Greeley, CO]

    Horse & Dragon Brewing Co (Ft. Collins) - If you've been waiting for a delicious Irish red ale with a great big heart: launching Sunday, July 27th at 3pm in the taproom with Rick "Vandy" Vander Velde of the Poudre Fire Authority on deck to tell us about the cause, here's a beer with a big backstory - "Fire Captain Irish Red Ale". $1 of every pint sold in the taproom will go to the Firefighter Community Compassion Fund. Today, they are tapping a firkin called "Passionate Aardvark" to honor the 1 year habitation of their brewery building. [124 Racquette Dr, Ft. Collins, CO]

    City Star Brewing (Berthoud) - Just because they have a tap open TODAY, City Star will be serving their Grapefruit Barnhouse Beast Saison, a Belgian Saison brewed with rye and infused with grapefruit peel, lending this beer just a hint of citrus and bitterness. City Star brews Barnhouse Beast exclusively for Beast + Bottle in Denver's Uptown neighborhood. This farm to fork restaurant is a foodie must! [321 Mountain Ave, Berthoud, CO]

    1933 Brewing Co (Ft. Collins) - It's Growler Wednesday! Today's special is $2 off growler fills so come and grab yours today. The Belgian's Maibock and the Barrel Runner IPA have been kicked BUT frown not! The Belgian's Maibock will be back on tap next week!THey used a different type of honey this time, still from their local friends at Copoco's, that is just simply delightful!They should be tapping their Saison tomorrow! Tomorrow, July 24th, they will be brewing the salt & lime pilsner! Open today from 3pm-8:30pm. [4025 S Mason, Ft. Collins, CO]

    Southern Front Range

    Paradox Beer Co (Woodland Park) - It took over 41 years and 3 different beers, but they pulled it off. "Maduro Robusto", a dark smoky Spanish Cedar Sour went into bottles today. It will be available the 1st Friday, Tuesday and Wednesday in August, depending on location. [106 E Village Terrace, Suite 100, Woodland Park, CO]

    Bristol Brewing Co (Colorado Springs) - Today you can get a growler fill of your favorite Bristol beer for $1 off all day today. Never too early to stock up for your weekend. [1604 S Cascade Ave, Colo. Springs, CO]

    Mountains and West

    Storm Peak Brewing Co (Steamboat Springs) - Their new milk stout "I Like The Way She Moos" is now available on tap! Stop in and give one a try. Open today from 2pm to 10pm. [1744 Lincoln Ave, Steamboat Springs, CO]

    Ska Brewing (Durango) - Tonight's new TV episode of "Brew Dogs" on the Esquire Network will feature Ska Brewing and the Durango area. Ska will host a Viewing Party tonight starting at 6pm. The episode will air at 9pm. They'll also have some delicious appetizers and beer specials during the showing. [225 Girard St, Durango, CO]

    Crazy Mountain Brewing Co (Edwards) - This next Thursday, July 31st from 4pm to 8pm, Crazy Mountain Brewing will be hosting an Ice Cream Beer Float Party. They'll offer up beer floats and beer float flights as well as just plain ol' ice cream for the kiddos. A float flight cost $10 and a 16oz beer float is $5. Beer floats include: Neomexicanus Native Pale Ale with Guava Sorbet, Scenic Route Kolsch with Blueberry Lemon Swirl Sorbet, Emotional Rescue Double IPA with Double IPA Ice Cream, Cara de Luna Black Ale with Mexican Chocolate Ice Cream, and Hookiebobb IPA with Peach Gelato. [439 Edwards Access Rd, B-102, Edwards, CO]

    Catch up on Colorado Beer News from earlier this week:
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    07/23/2014 03:40 PM
    Best High Gravity Brews for the Summer

    Just because it’s the dead of summer doesn’t mean that you have to be drinking Hefeweizen and Kolsch. There are some great high gravity brews you can enjoy during the summer without feeling overwhelmed or too heavy. Here are my suggestions. Old Chub – Oskar Blues This Scotch Ale clocks in at 8% (ABV) and... Read more »

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    07/23/2014 01:23 PM
    Kentucky bourbon distillers filled 1.2 million barrels in 2013
    Kentucky’s bourbon renaissance shows no sign of slowing down: The state’s distilleries filled 1.2 million barrels in 2013, according to the Kentucky Distillers’ Association. That tops 2012′s production of slightly more than 1 million barrels. The 2013 production is the highest since 1970, according to the KDA. At the end of 2013, there were almost […]

    07/23/2014 12:24 PM
    Get beer delivered to your home Denver
    DrizlyThere's an app for just about everything these days. From the latest BJCP Beer Styles, to the latest beers on tap at your favorite tap house and now an app to get your favorite beer, wine and liquor delivered right to your door in about 30 minutes. The Denver area now has access to a new "lifestyle" app called "Drizly" and locals in the Denver area can now get booze delivered to their door (provided you prove you are at least 21 and have a valid drivers license). Here's a press release that details out this new app and service. Read the following release and chime in on how successful you think this new service will be.

    [PRESS RELEASE] Drizly, the premier smartphone app for fast, convenient alcohol delivery, today announced expansion to its fifth major American city, as it unveiled service in Denver, Colo.

    The Mile High City joins Boston, New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles as the cities experiencing the magic of Drizly alcohol delivery. Beginning today, Denverites can get their favorite beer, wine and liquor delivered in just 20-40 minutes, for the same price that they pay for products in the store.

    Neighborhoods where Drizly is available at launch include Downtown Denver, East Highlands, Lodo, Five Points, City Park, Congress Park, Cherry Creek, Washington Park, South Park Hill, Capitol Hill, RiNo, and Lincoln Park. Additional areas will be added and announced in the near future.

    Powered by a partnership with Denver-area retail store Argonaut Liquor, Drizly offers consumers a choice of more than 3,000 wine, beer and spirits products right from their smartphone, all delivered within 20-40 minutes. Whether it’s watching the Broncos with friends, hosting a dinner party, or office happy hour, Drizly always makes having a good time more convenient.

    "Consumers are demanding convenience in every area of their life, and the smartphones we carry have become the tool of choice to deliver that convenience," said Nick Rellas, Drizly co-founder and CEO. "Denverites can spend more time having fun with family, friends and co-workers when they let Drizly take care of securing the beer, wine and liquor.”

    Drizly is available for download on iPhone and Android. As a special welcome to Denver drinkers, new Drizly members can enter WELCOMEDENVER at checkout for free delivery (normally $5) on their first order made before July 31. They can also follow @DrizlyDenver on Twitter for the latest local updates, events and promotions.

    “We are thrilled to partner with Drizly to offer unparalleled convenience to our customers,” said Ron Vaughn, Argonaut Liquor co-owner and COO. “By bringing Argonaut’s inventory of more than 3,000 products to Drizly’s beautifully designed app, we’re not only delivering product, but the also the Argonaut shopping experience in a new and innovative way.”

    The Drizly apps can be downloaded here:
    • iPhone: http://driz.ly/ios
    • Android: http://driz.ly/android

    1. Download Drizly to your iPhone or Android phone.
    2. Sign up and add your favorite beer, wine and liquor to your cart.
    3. Check out, enter discount codes, pay (same prices as in the store) and tip your driver, all right from the Drizly app.
    4. In less than one hour, you'll have your alcohol.

    Drizly is a mobile lifestyle app that is the most convenient way for smartphone users to get beer, wine and liquor. Consumers of legal drinking age simply download the app to their smartphone and with a few taps of the finger, the consumer's favorite beer, wine or liquor is on its way, in just 20-40 minutes. Delivery drivers then authenticate and validate IDs using proprietary Drizly technology. Backed by a world-class group of angel and institutional investors, the company has raised $4.8 million to become the premier alcohol delivery service in Boston, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, New York City (Manhattan and Brooklyn), the Hamptons and other cities across the United States.


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    Iron Hill Celebrates IPA Day with Special Releases
    Some PR from the folks at Iron Hill: GET HOPPED UP: CELEBRATE NATIONAL IPA DAY WITH SPECIAL SELECTIONS AND SAMPLERSFROM ALL 10 IRON HILL LOCATIONS On National IPA Day, Saturday, August 9, all 10 Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant locations invite guests to sample creative and delicious IPAs from each of their head brewers, with […]

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    07/23/2014 Llywelyn’s Pub Presenting a Brew You Never Knew
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