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10/30/2014 07:37 AM
Carlton Draught hits slow mo
Australia’s alcohol advertising regulations are strict, as a result advertisers continually look for new ways to promote the brand – albeit without specifically promoting the product! Check out Cartlon Draught’s latest ad – the slow mo…and a few other old classics.....

10/30/2014 07:37 AM
A thought for the brewers and people of Christchurch
When I was a young lad of 18 years of age I packed my bags and travelled from the North Island of New Zealand to the city of Christchurch in the South to begin my university education. The move to Christchurch was a no brainer for me – I had lots of family who lived in the “Garden City” and I had been there many times before, always leaving with fond memories. Christchurch is a very special city with significant character – it is the New Zealand city that most closely resembles Melbourne with old stone buildings, a tram line and a beautiful river, the Avon. The city also has a number of other great gems including the Port Hills for excellent scenery and mountain biking, as well as the port suburb of Lyttleton, reached after travelling through one of New Zealand’s longest tunnels. If there is one word I would give to Christchurch it would be ‘beautiful’.....

10/30/2014 07:37 AM
Beer store update 5th May
So Sydney has had cracker beer drinking weather this week and it’s set to continue this weekend – sweet! Growlers Currently we have Moa Breakfast beer. A cracker of a lager with rich cherries, very easy drinking. Check out the review for it below: “The aroma is stunning with hints of dry wheat and cherry’s. The carbonation is lively, which works for a crisp summer beer. The taste has a serious hit of wheat and yeast, washing through with all those bubbles and a touch of cherry.” Joel Macfarlane – brewnation.co.nz $28 for a Growler fill Once this is gone we’ll be moving onto Mikkeller Citra Single Hop IPA probably early in the week Latest beers Murray’s No 6 2011 Anniversary Ale – the last available anywhere (limit 1 per person) Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Ale Barley wine Rich is in the shop today, Geoff is onto his 2nd table for the tasting room, while Will is in training for a 9km soft sand running event. Store hours 11am-3pm today, 8:30am-6pm Mon-Fri. 1300 808 254 Cheers!

10/30/2014 07:37 AM
Store update 19th May
So Sydney is on a roll with its awesome beer drinking weather this week and this weekend looks good to go. Growlers Currently we have Young Henry’s Hop Ale. This beer harks back to classic English style IPAs. Hefty malt backing meets every type of hop in our cool-room, added to all stages of the process. The all Australian hop flavour is not aggressive in its bitterness, but is evident in flavour and aroma and slowly asserts itself with a lengthy, lingering and thoroughly enjoyable palette. $28 for a Growler fill Once this is gone we’ll be moving onto Dr’s Orders Brewing Plasma. Plasma, a White IPA is yet another emerging trend that we’re happy to embrace and present a Doctor’s Orders Brewing twist on. Judicious hop use dominates Plasma’s aroma, backed up with a balanced mouthfeel defying its alcoholic payload before delivering an extremely long lingering bitterness. A deceivingly addictive prescription. The grist for Plasma is practically identical to our Zephyr (Double White Ale) which explains the appearance. However the lack of botanicals, a different yeast strain and excessive hop use deliver an ale that is Zephyr’s polar opposite. In other news Rich is in the shop today, Geoff is onto his 2nd table for the tasting room, while Will is in training for a 9km soft sand running event. Store hours 11am-3pm today, 8:30am-6pm Mon-Fri. 1300 808 254 Cheers!

10/30/2014 07:37 AM
April Beer Club Selection
Our Beer Club selection for April has now been sent out to all online customers. For those living in Sydney you can still pick these up from our store. The April Beer Club selection includes: Samuel Adams, Black Lager Bridge Road Brewers, Australian Ale William Bull, William’s Pale Ale Morland Brewing, Old Speckled Hen

10/30/2014 07:25 AM
Karl Strauss Peanut Butter Cup Porter

The post, Karl Strauss Peanut Butter Cup Porter, first appeared on The Barley Blog.

The peanut butter and chocolate combination has been a successful one throughout candy history. But how does it translate to beer? I’ve only encountered the combination one time before, with DuClaw’s Sweet Baby Jesus. I described that beer as gimmicky, but still tasty. Karl Strauss’ Peanut Butter Cup Porter also falls in the gimmick bin, […]

The post, Karl Strauss Peanut Butter Cup Porter, first appeared on The Barley Blog.

10/30/2014 07:00 AM
Horse Brass Pub’s 38th Anniversary on Saturday
Beer lovers of Portland are going to be able to kick off the month of November with a bang! We here at Brewpublic are still recovering from Killer Beer Week but beer events keep rolling in and still must be attended. On Saturday, November 1st, all one needs to do is set their sights on […]

10/30/2014 06:34 AM
Edinburgh Beer Weekly 27/10 – 02/11
The post Edinburgh Beer Weekly 27/10 – 02/11 appeared first on The BeerCast.

10/30/2014 06:00 AM
Oakshire’s 8th Anniversary & National Learn to Homebrew Day
Gearing up to celebrate their 8th Anniversary this weekend is Eugene’s Oakshire Brewing. On Saturday, November 1st, Oakshire will be celebrating their 8th year of brewing at their Public House with a special beer release, Oakshire 8. As with their past few anniversaries, Oakshire is releasing a rare bottle release to coincide with this milestone. […]

10/30/2014 05:10 AM
Siren’s blast
Back in August last year, after encountering Siren Craft Brew’s American IPA at the London Craft Beer Festival, I promised: “I shall definitely be drinking more Siren.” Since then I’ve drunk the brewery’s beers whenever I find them, and I’ve … Continue reading

10/30/2014 05:00 AM
The Commons Brewery Takes Over the Taps at Handsome Pizza
The taps have just been installed at Handsome Pizza in North Portland and the taps will be flowing for the first time with some beers from The Commons Brewery. Tonight, October 30th, The Commons will be the first beers to pour through the new draft system here at this popular pizza food cart on North […]

10/30/2014 05:00 AM
Entrepreneurs planning to open ‘farmhouse’ brewery
Washington Times Entrepreneurs planning to open 'farmhouse' brewery Washington Times ADVANCE FOR USE SUNDAY, OCT. 26 - In this recent photo, entrepreneurs Darren Vanden Berge, left, and Kevin Hall pose for a photo in Des Moines, Iowa. The pair have launched an Indiegogo fundraising campaign to get their brewery, Black ... more >.

10/30/2014 04:42 AM
Let There Be Beer 2.0

Boak & Bailey's Beer Blog - Writing about beer and pubs since 2007

Last year, big players in the beer industry banded together to run a campaign called Let There Be Beer. Its ostensible aim was to raise the profile of beer in general terms but, in practice, it ended up being a series of excruciatingly bald product placement opportunities for those who’d provided the funding, e.g. Carlsberg. As […]

Let There Be Beer 2.0

10/30/2014 04:00 AM
Full Sail Brewing Releases “27” Wheatwine Ale for their 27th Anniversary
Hood River, Oregon – Full Sail Brewing Company has released a special beer, “27 Wheatwine Ale,” brewed with 100% Wheat Malt to celebrate their 27th anniversary. “As a brewer that believes deeply in environmental responsibility, Full Sail made the decision several years ago to invest in a mash filter. This investment saves over a million […]

10/30/2014 03:32 AM
Avery Brewing Company Pump[KY]n
Hello beer lovers and welcome to another edition of the NorCal Beer Blog's brew review. Tonight’s featured beer is Avery Brewing Company Pump[KY]n - Porter brewed with Pumpkin & Spices - Aged in Bourbon Barrels - Batch No. 1 - Bottled Sept. 12, 2014. I picked this bottle up at The Willow’s Market (here). If you haven’t ye ...

10/30/2014 03:05 AM
German brewing in 1966 - malting
Now we've got barley out of the way we can turn to the business of turning it into malt.

First some general stuff:

"Many German breweries, particularly in the south, have their own maltings. The increasing demand is being filled by existing commercial maltings.

The five-day week has forced maltings to adjust to a 7-day germination period, and malting methods must be adjusted accordingly. A germination period of 8-9 days was normal some years ago and for dark malts it was even longer. However, as a day was usually lost after casting the steep before the barley began to grow, we really only had a 7-day germination period in an 8-day malting period."
Journal of the Institute of Brewing, Volume 72, Issue 1, January-February 1966, page 15.

Narziss keeps moaning about the trouble the introduction of a 5-day, 40-hour working week. As if it were the work of the devil.

I think it's much rarer now for German breweries to have their own maltings, as in the UK. Come to think of it, about the only place I can think of where this does still happen is the Czech Republic. In the 19th century all the famous Burton and Edinburgh brewers had their own maltings. This was understandable as they specialised in Pale Ales, beers where the quality and colour off the malt was paramount. But gradually they moved over to buying in all their malt during the first half of the 20th century. Presumably because it was of reliable quality.

Now steeping:

"Steeping.—As a result of a fundamental change in the concept of steeping, we have achieved a position whereby a well-modified, completely satisfactory malt can be produced in a 7-day germination period. A shorter steeping period is now possible by making use of methods such as warm-water steeping (14-18° C), frequent dry steeping, periodic removal of CO2 by suction, sprinkling of the steeped barley, and re-circulation of the barley two or three times during the steeping period. By means of these methods less damage is done to the barley and the steep is cast with the barley visibly germinating and even at times showing two or three rootlets. This results in increased utilization of the germination plant. With warm-water steeping, it is essential to main tain an even temperature throughout; the steep room has to be controlled accordingly and, when using higher temperatures, a punctual CO2 removal must be carried out, preferably controlled by a clock. If cold air is sucked into the steep this will result in delayed water absorption and uneven germination."
Journal of the Institute of Brewing, Volume 72, Issue 1, January-February 1966, page 15.

Steeping was a huge deal in Britain when malt was taxed. Because it was taxed on the volume when it came out of steeping. As this could be manipulated through the moisture content, there were strict rules about what, and for how long, maltsters were allowed to do.

I haven't the foggiest idea of steeping temperatures, so I looked it up in a modern British brewing manual. Here's what it says:

"The steep-water temperature should be controlled. At elevated temperatures water uptake is faster but microbial growth is accelerated and the grain may be damaged or killed. The best temperature for steeping immature (partly dormant) grain is low (about 12 ºC, 53.6 ºF). For less dormant grain a value of 16-18 ºC (60.8-64.4 ºF) is often used."
"Brewing: science and practice", by Dennis E. Briggs, Chris A. Boulton, Peter A. Brookes and Roger Stevens, 2004, pages 14 - 15.

That seems pretty much in line with what Narziss derscribes. Briggs also describes CO2 extraction:

"Air rests are used between steeps. After a steep has been drained air, which should be humid and at the correct temperature, is sucked down through the grain. Such downward ventilation, or `CO2 extraction', assists drainage, provides the grain with oxygen, removes the growth-inhibiting carbon dioxide and removes some of the heat generated by the metabolizing grain. In consequence, and in contrast to traditional practice, barley leaving the steep has usually started to germinate."
"Brewing: science and practice", by Dennis E. Briggs, Chris A. Boulton, Peter A. Brookes and Roger Stevens, 2004, page 15.

Now something about moisture content:

"A number of investigations have shown that a sufficient moisture content of the barley is absolutely essential. It is possible to reduce germination time even when a very high degree of steeping is used, provided steps are taken to avoid subsequent drying out of the barley. Formerly moisture contents of 45-46% were used only when steeping dark malts but now this level of moisture is not unusual even for pale malts. By improving the degree of steeping on the 1964 season barleys (which were of low extract and enzymically poor) results shown in Table I could be obtained."
Journal of the Institute of Brewing, Volume 72, Issue 1, January-February 1966, pages 15 - 16.

Why would you have a greater moisture content in dark malts?

Here's that table.

Effect of Steeping on Analysis

Degree of steeping

43% 46%
Moisture content 4.60% 4.80%
Extract (dry) 80.10% 80.80%
Coarse/fine grind difference 2.70% 1.70%
Protein content 11.90% 11.70%
Degree of protein modification 33.80% 35.40%
Colour (E.B.C.) 2.2 2
Conversion (min.) 10.15 10.15
Malting loss 9.50% 12.70%
Germination loss 4.70% 4.10%
Steeping time (hr.) 62 74

Want to know how British malt compares? Briggs reckons the dry extract of pale malt is 77-83%*. The German malt is smack in the middle of that range. For darker British malts the extract was lower, 75-78%**. Briggs states that malting losses account to 6.5% - 14%, but breaks them down differently to Narziss:

"Malting losses can be defined in several ways. If they are defined in terms of the losses in dry weight, which occur when cleaned barley entering the steep is recovered as kilned malt and has been de-culmed (dressed), then the losses sustained in making conventional malts are usually in the ranges: steeping losses, 0.5 - 1.5%; germination losses, 3.5 - 7.5%; rootlets, 2.5 - 5.0%. These divisions are artificial, since some respiration and growth occur in the steeping phase and in the initial stages of kilning."
"Brewing: science and practice", by Dennis E. Briggs, Chris A. Boulton, Peter A. Brookes and Roger Stevens, 2004, page 17.

That leaves the German losses right at the top end, or a little beyond, of the British range.

More about malting and malts next time.

10/30/2014 02:00 AM
Great news from Founders – Reintroducing Black Rye
Know what’s great?  That we’re actually getting Founders in East Tennessee. Not only that, but we’re getting their seasonals – Breakfast Stout anyone? Never thought I’d see the day. Check out this press release below on Black Rye and keep an eye out early 2016. Cheers! FOUNDERS BREWING CO. TO REINTRODUCE BEE ...

10/30/2014 01:44 AM
Bibendum Wine merges with drinks importer PLB Group
UK-based Bibendum Wine has merged with wine and beer importer PLB Group to form the Bibendum PLB Group.

10/30/2014 12:46 AM
Sixpoints of separation
Sixpoint founder Shane Welch spent some quality time in Australia this week and, as Pete Mitcham observes, made plenty of friends.

10/30/2014 12:32 AM
JDRF Ride for a Cure Type 1 Diabetes
Fellow beer connoisseurs: I am doing either the 47 or 107 mile JDRF Ride for a Cure in Tuscon at the end of November to help raise money and bring awareness for Type 1 diabetes. Type 1 used to be a disease that primarily affected young children but now anyone can become Type 1 diabetic […]

10/30/2014 12:28 AM
Rose & The Wayfaring Strangers at Andy’s Brew Pub
Rose & The Wayfaring Strangers at Andy's Brew Pub PenBayPilot.com LINCOLNVILLE — Rose & The Wayfaring Strangers will be playing at Andy's Brew Pub Sunday, Oct. 26 from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.. Their style of music ranges from Hank Williams, Alan Jackson to Merle Haggard, some old 60s rock, and a little bluegrass gospel .. ...

10/29/2014 08:31 PM
Icicle Brewing introduces a new beer to it regular lineup

Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog.

Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog. Winter will soon descend upon the lovely little town of Leavenworth, Washington. When it does, Icicle Brewing Company will be ready for it. The brewery announced today the return of it’s popular winter seasonal beer, Dark Persuasion German Chocolate Cake Ale. However, this time it’s returning for...

10/29/2014 07:02 PM
Harvest Lager Dry Hopping

Every year John plans a new brew to use up his homegrown hops. This year he chose to brew a lager beer to put some of his hops into. We’ve discussed the success he has had in competition brewing beer and using homegrown hops despite not knowing the exact alpha acid content of his hops. […]

Read the original article Harvest Lager Dry Hopping and other Brew Dudes posts.

10/29/2014 07:00 PM
Brewery News: WA: Seattle: Two Beers celebrates their 7th Anniversary, November 8th, with a limited edition sou and Imperial Porter
Press Release
image courtesy Two Beers Brewing

SEATTLE – On Saturday, November 8, Two Beers Brewing invites craft beer lovers everywhere to join them from 1-7pm at their SoDo tasting room to celebrate seven exhilarating years in business. Entering into its most exciting year yet, Two Beers Brewing Co. is celebrating with not only the release of two limited edition beers, but the signing of the lease on a brand new space, allowing the growing brewery to expand its production and tasting room size. 
“Every year, I’m both amazed and honored by the support we see from craft beer lovers all over the Pacific Northwest, especially our home market,” said Joel VandenBrink, founder of Two Beers Brewing Co. “We’re excited to bring them even more in 2015.” 
Two Beers Brewing’s brand new tasting room - being built out in the space right next door - will be double the size of the current tasting room, offering more than 24 taps, seating for nearly 100 people, an outdoor space, and games such as pool, skeeball and more. In turn, the current tasting room will be converted to additional production space. The new tasting room, to remain known as The Woods, is scheduled to open March 2015.  
To mark such an exciting expansion, Two Beers Brewing is releasing a limited release 7th Anniversary American Sour Ale. A golden sour aged in white wine barrels for 15 months, this rare and delicious beer features aromas of apricot, cherry and cranberry, alongside herbal notes of cedar and hay. Tart, funky and clean on the palate, a full-bodied oak expression underlines the whole experience. Offering a 10 percent ABV and 20 IBUs, the Two Beers Brewing Co. 7th Anniversary Sour Ale will be available in 375ml cork-and-caged bottles, with only 400 available for purchase at the tasting room for $10.
November 8 will also mark the release of the final beer in Two Beers Brewing’s coveted Alta Series. Overhang Bourbon Imperial Porter – available in 22-ounce wax-dipped, screen printed bottles ($14 each) – is a uniquely boozy beer perfect for fall, aged in bourbon barrels for six months with cocoa, cinnamon and a touch of cloves. The result is a roasted caramel and molasses nose with a rich brown head. Brewed with Cascade hops, this limited edition beer offers a 12.9 ABV and 60 IBUs. 
Attendees of the expanding brewery’s seventh anniversary party – taking place from 1-7pm on Saturday, November 8 – will enjoy $4-$5 pints of Two Beers Brewing’s year-round offerings, plus seasonal brews including bourbon barrel-aged Jive Espresso Stout, Nitro Jive Espresso Stout, the new Frontier American Strong Ale, IPA X5, Mango Peach Marigold-infused Evo IPA and bottle pours the past year’s Alta Series offerings. Offerings from Seattle Cider Company will also be on tap. Food will be available for purchase from popular food truck How Pickle Got Out of a Jam, accompanied by live music from &Yet and Pete Jordan of Cloud Person. Each attendee will receive a raffle ticket upon entry for a chance to win Two Beers Brewing swag, a mug club membership and more. New glassware, growlers, posters and Two Beers Brewing apparel will also be available for purchase. Please note this is a 21+ event.
For more information about the upcoming anniversary party, be sure to follow Two Beers Brewing on Facebook, Twitter (@twobeersbrewing) and Instagram (@twobeersbrewing). For more information about Two Beers Brewing, visit www.twobeersbrewery.com.
About Two Beers Brewing Co. Two Beers Brewing Co. – makers of Evolutionary IPA and a host of Northwest-inspired beers – began operations in a small Seattle basement in 2007. Today, Two Beers Brewing produces twelve unique beers including five year-round, seven seasonals, and a host of intricate infusions and limited releases in its 4,800-square-foot SoDo brewery. Two Beers Brewing can be found on tap in bars and restaurants throughout Washington, Oregon, Idaho and British Columbia, with tastings, kegs and growler fills available at The Woods tasting room Tuesday - Thursday from 3-9 pmFriday from 3-10pmSaturday from 1-10pm and Sunday from 1 - 6 pm. Select brews can also be found in 22-ounce bottles and 12-ounce cans through the tasting room, as well as local retailers in Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Idaho. With a strong belief in supporting the local economy, Two Beers Brewing takes pride in using Washington ingredients to create all of its handcrafted beers. For more information, visit www.twobeersbrewery.com. 

10/29/2014 06:45 PM
This Saturday is Learn to Homebrew Day!

This Saturday, November 1st, is National Learn-to-Homebrew Day! Find a Learn-to-Homebrew event near you! Established by the American Homebrewers Association (AHA) in 1999 to encourage homebrewers to introduce their non-brewer … Continue Reading →

The post This Saturday is Learn to Homebrew Day! appeared first on The Brew Review Crew.

10/29/2014 05:06 PM
Colorado Beer News 102914
Colorado Beer NewsToday is National Cat Day. Today's the day to honor our feline friends. There are always plenty of cats waiting to be adopted out there. If you love cats, consider visiting your local animal shelter and adopt a cat. Or, if you have a cat, do something nice for it today. While they probably won't show gratitude, they will at least know that you are someone worth keeping a closer eye on. Take time to spend some time with a cat today. If they stare at you while you drink a beer then they are simply pondering "I can haz beer?" - Here's what's happening around the Colorado beerosphere today Wednesday, October 29th, 2014. If you aren't reading this article on FermentedlyChallenged.com, you don't know what you're missing.

[CO Beer Festivals] -- [Beer Dinners] -- [CO Beer Releases]

Metro Denver

Chain Reaction Brewing Co (Denver) - Come on down to try their first ever Firkin release this Saturday, November 1st at 3pm! They took their tap room favorite Northern English Mild and tossed it into a firkin then added more than a few generous handfuls of Colorado grown Habanero peppers! This will be a wild combo that you don't want to miss out on. Firkins don't last long in this beer thirsty town so make sure you are at the brewery ready! Plus you'll get to watch them swing that big hammer and drive the tap into the firkin. Then on Sunday, November 2nd from 12:30pm to 5pm it's Customer Appreciation Day. They wanted to do a little something different this week to show you all just how much they appreciate you coming in and drinking their beers. During that time on Sunday, they will be serving up free hamburgers and hot dogs to who ever comes through the door to enjoy some beers. Yep, they are providing the food this Sunday! So come down let them treat you to lunch or dinner, drink some beers and watch the Denver Broncos take on the New England Patriots. [902 S Lipan St, Denver, CO]

Two22 Brew (Centennial) - Tonight get $1 off growler fills. Come in and grab one so you can watch Game 7 of the World Series with a craft beer. They'll also have some tasty cheese curds from Cream City Market for you to enjoy. [4550 S Reservoir Rd, Centennial, CO]

WOBtoberfest (Denver) - World of Beer is partnering up with ESPN to bring you WOBtoberfest, the most interactive beer festival connecting people through sports, and great craft beer! Join in Thursday, Oct. 30th from 5:30pm to midnight (yes Thursday) at the Mile High Station for sports, passion and beer. This is the only beer festival that combines live music, sports, and an endless flow of craft beer. A variety of interactive games will be spread throughout the venue that are both physically and mentally stimulating for all guests, you will have local craft beer celebrities, including celebrity athletes and cheerleaders participating in the games and festivities! VIP tickets are available and include early entrance, exclusive access to rare beers, celebrity guest speakers, gift bags, awesome food trucks and many more surprises. Tickets and info at: www.thebeerfest2014.com. [2027 Old West Colfax Ave, Denver, CO]

Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project (Denver) - On Friday, October 31st at 6pm Crooked Stave will be celebrating Halloween with a tapping of a special keg of Nightmare on Brett aged in Port Barrels. This is one beer you sour lovers won't want to miss. [3350 Brighton Blvd, Denver, CO]

Elk Mountain Brewing (Parker) - Don't miss their special firkin tapping tonight at 4pm. They combined their Kolsch with oranges and came up with "The Bro Mosa". Plus, Gusto's Kitchen will be there on site tonight for your food needs. [18921 Plaza Dr, Parker, CO]

Odyssey Beerwerks (Arvada) - ESB fans! Today Odyssey is tapping a small batch of their Brick Lane ESB at 5:00pm (4pm for Adventure Club members). This batch won't be back for a while so don't miss it this time around. Also, Duke's BBQ will be there today also. Taproom open 3pm to 9pm with Happy Hour til 5pm. [5535 W 56th Ave, Ste 107, Arvada, CO]

Black Shirt Brewing Co (Denver) - American Red Porter (Track # 2014-04) hits the aps when they open today at 5pm. Come enjoy a couple pints, carve some pumpkins, and bring your vinyl - they'll spin it! They have 12 pumpkins and all the knives and such needed to carve them up. The staff-selected best pumpkin will win prizes. [3719 Walnut St, Denver, CO]

Boulder County

Shine Brewing Co (Boulder) - Shine Restaurant and Brewery is gearing up for some good old spooky fun with Boulder's Best Halloween Dance Party this Friday Night starting at 8pm! Come get your booooooogie on! Costume Contest, Prizes, Flash Mobs, DJ's and a good time guaranteed by all. AND its FREE! Just cause they love ya. Eat.Drink. DANCE.Shine. [2027 13th St, Boulder, CO]

Asher Brewing Co (Boulder) - Everyone is invited to a special Halloween Party at Asher Brewing this Friday from 2pm to close. Along with all their great beer, they will be hosting a Costume Contest winners will be announced at 7:30pm. There will be awards for Best Costume, Best Interpretation of one of their Beers, Best Duo, Couples or Group Costume! [4699 Nautilus Ct, Ste 104, Boulder, CO]

The Very Nice Brewing Co (Nederland) - Tonight is Euchre Night at Very Nice Brewing. Come play some cards and drink some beer. Euchre night is held every other Thursday night. The cards will be in action from 6pm to 8pm tonight. While you're there - check out these premium beers: Fuggly Pumpkin, Porter de los Muertos, and Chiller Clogger Red IPA. [20 Lakeview Dr, Unit 112, Nederland, CO]

City Star Brewing - Berthoud CO
Sponsored ad from City Star Brewing - Berthoud, CO.

Northern Colorado

The Fort Collins Brewery (Ft. Collins) - There's a lot going on this week with FCB. Thursday (10/30) is their Cheese Pairing Dinner with the awesome folks at The Denver Bicycle Cafe at 7pm, get your tickets online. On Friday they'll be having their annual Halloween Party from 5-9 pm in the parking lot and giving out great prizes for the best costumes, and malt monster costume! Bring a non-perishable good to donate to the Food Bank for Larimer County! Saturday, November 1st they roll into two great festivals, Fall Back Beer Fest and All Colorado Beer Festival! Sunday, they unwind with their first Brewery Yoga session! Learn more about it: www.fortcollinsbrewery.com/yoga/. [1020 E Lincoln Ave, Ft. Collins, CO]

Zwei Brüder Brewing (Ft. Collins) - Join 1933, Black Bottle and Zwei Brüder on Thursday, October 30th for their combined Halloween celebration! Kids can trick or treat from 3pm - 5pm. Everyone over 21 is eligible to win a free beer if they visit all three breweries between the hours of 3pm - 8pm. And... if you can "find the brewer" between the hours of 3pm - 8pm at all three breweries you will be entered into a raffle and possibly win some sweet prizes. How do I play "find the brewer" you may be wondering? Find out more details at their website. Beers on tap now: Hell Munich-style Golden Lager, Pils, Dunkel, Weißbier, Weizenbockenspiel (strong wheat beer), Eins IPA, Wilhelm II IPA, Zwickle Lager, Keller Helles Lager, Amerika APA, and Braun (brown ale). Prost! [4612 S Mason St, Ste 120, Ft. Collins, CO]

Crabtree Brewing Co (Greeley) - Bring out the artist in you and have a couple beers while you're at it. Tonight in the taproom from 6:30pm to 8:30pm have fun painting pumpkins and drinking beer. For $30 you'll get all the art supplies you need to paint images of pumpkins (instruction included) and 2 beers. Plus you get to take your art piece home with you afterwards. Sign up and pay at the door. Drink a Chunkin' Pumpkin while you paint! Painters under 21 allowed, but they can't drink beer. Also for the rest of you - it's Double Punch Growler Day! Get two punches for each fill on your Growler card. [2961 W 29th St, Greeley, CO]

New Belgium Brewing (Ft. Collins) - This winter, IBUs will accumulate like Colorado snow with New Belgium's Accumulation White IPA, hitting shelves and taps now. Brewing a white IPA was not only a way to salute the white beauty falling from the sky, but a direct revolt to the longstanding tradition of brewing dark beers for winter. Their fans loved this beer so much last year they brought it back for another season. Get it before it melts away. [500 Linden St, Ft. Collins, CO]

Grimm Brothers Brewhouse (Loveland) - Get $2 off growler fills all day today 1pm to 9pm. And for todays special they'll be filling growlers of their California Common, Uncommon Sweetheart brewed in collaboration with Crow Hop Brewing Co for only $10. Also - Who wants to play Halloween Bingo? We're offering a chance to win a variety of prizes and teaming up with our neighbors at Loveland Laser Tag and Harrington Arts Academy. Stop by the taproom to pick up your playing card and start collecting stamps. Runs until Nov 2nd. [623 Denver Ave, Loveland, CO]

Horse & Dragon Brewing Co (Ft. Collins) - Here's what's happening at H&D! Tough Enough to Drink Pink? Stop in on Friday, October 31, 12-6pm for a new release in the taproom: Betakölsch, a Kölsch-style ale that is subtly flavored (and not-so-subtly colored!) with fresh beets from Native Hill Farms. This beer's aroma and flavor both definitely hint at good things from the earth but the beer is not a beet-sweet beverage; it remains true to its Kölsch-style roots. Horse & Dragon Brewing Company will be donating $1 to Touchstone Health Partners for every pint of Betakölsch sold in our taproom from Halloween through the month of November. SHAVIN’! Movember: October 31st at 5pm, TimCo (one of Horse & Dragon’s owners) will be shaving his beard in honor of Movember, an international effort to raise awareness of and research funds for men’s health issues (in particular, prostate and testicular cancer and mental health) by growing one's ’stache during the month of November. People of all facial-hair-preferences are invited to come raise a pint (hot pink or other) to toast a clean-shaven TimCo. Thanksgiving Thankful Notes: During the month of November, write a note about what you’re thankful for when you stop in the taproom and place it in the cornucopia on the bar. They’ll be posting one each day on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. [124 Racquette Dr, Ft. Collins, CO]

Snowbank Brewing Co (Ft. Collins) - Come by the brewery for a pint of thei new Smirking Lantern Pumpkin Ale to make the time go faster - Gentle notes of caramelized pumpkin on the nose, sweet caramel, burnt sugar and a hint of pumpkin pie spice flavors with a smooth finish. This brew clocks in at 6.5% ABV.
Umami Mobile Eatery is arriving at 2pm today to serve up their delicious Asian fusion cuisine. Purchase anything from the truck and get a dollar off a pint of Silent Snow WIPA to pair. The taproom is open until 8pm tonight. [225 N Lemay Ave Ste 1, Ft. Collins, CO]

Southern Front Range

Fieldhouse Brewing Co (Colorado Springs) - Today's Test Tap is a Caramel Apple Amber paired with sweet pork burritos and baked apple fries from Treehouse BBQ. It goes on tap at 5pm. This beer is the kickoff to their fall beers. The first two to release are their Cranberry Saison and Pumpkin Porter. Both of these beers have GF counterparts that will go on tap at the same time. Tapping will be Sunday, November 2nd starting at 12pm. Broncos game on the MEGA screen at 2:25pm and new beers to fill out their taps! [521 S Tejon St, Colo. Springs, CO]

All Colorado Beer Festival (Colorado Springs) - The ACBF is this Saturday November 1st! November's biggest beer festival is back for a 8th year. They expect to have from 60-70 Colorado-only breweries participate in the biggest ever event in Colorado Springs. There will be two sessions of tasting at 1pm and 6:30pm with options to get in early with VIP or Early Entry passes. Designated Drivers can attend for $10. There will be a special VIP zone where ticket holders can sample food and beer pairings and additional beers not available to the General audience. Tickets are still on sale. And for the first time, Oskar Blues will bring their famous Silent Disco to the All Colorado Beer Festival. More information and tickets at: www.allcoloradobeerfestival.com. Located at: Freedom Financial Services Expo Center [3650 N Nevada Ave, Colo, Springs, CO]

Mountains and West

Fall Back Beer Fest 2014 (Estes Park) - Held each year on the weekend we turn the clocks back, Fall-Back Beer Fest is not only a celebration of beer, but also the people who make it. With 100+ beers being poured by the brewers themselves from 30+ Colorado breweries, festival goers are sure to walk away having learned something new about their favorite beer from the people who created it. FBBF also coincides with the American Homebrewers Associations Annual Learn To Homebrew Day. To help celebrate, a number of AHA sanctioned homebrewing clubs will be present and brewing for everyone to watch. With seminars from beer glass experts, food pairings from certified cicerones, demonstrations from homebrewing equipment fabricators, samples from hop farms, giveaways from local homebrew supply shops, and much more, there is sure to be something for everyone. Also, FBBF is family-friendly! Helping with the celebration of brewing are Colorado craft soda breweries pouring samples for guests of all ages! Plus, for everyone's entertainment, live music throughout the day! Tickets and info: www.fallbackbeerfest.com. Located at: Estes Park Events Center & Pavilion [1125 Rooftop Way, Estes Park, CO]

Tommyknocker Brewery (Idaho Springs) - Coming back this Friday, October 31st just in time for Halloween - come grab a pint of their Cocoa Porter - on draft! Also, still time to enjoy a Small Patch Pumpkin Harvest Ale too. [1401 Miner St, Idaho Springs, CO]

Copper Club Brewing Co (Fruita) - There's going to be a Double Halloween Party in Fruita, Colorado on Halloween night. The fun starts over at The Hot Tomato Cafe & Pizzeria on Mulberry Street from 6-9pm and then follows up over at Copper Club Brewing from 9pm til the ghouls come home. There's also a two-part costume contest with prizes. Live it up in Fruita this Halloween! [233 E Aspen Ave, Fruita, CO]

Ska Brewing (Durango) - We all know beer and food go well together, but beer and comic books? Ska Brewing is releasing their very own comic book - "Tales of The Legion of Ska" and are putting it inside their Mixed 12 can packs. Check out their latest Press Release for all of the details. Also, look for their seasonal bomber release of "Dementia Aged & Confused", a bourbon bbl-aged Euphoria Pale Ale - coming soon to a store near you! [225 Girard St, Durango, CO]

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10/29/2014 05:00 PM
Festival News: OR: Portland: Holiday Ale Festival announces contributing brewers
Press Release

hey! I'm just borrowing this graphic from Beervana Buzz

PORTLAND, Ore. – Tickets are now on sale for the 19th annual Holiday Ale Festival, taking place Dec. 3 through Dec. 7 at Pioneer Courthouse Square in the heart of downtown Portland. The popular event will feature 53 big, bold ales in the main festival, plus another two dozen rare, vintage and specialty beers that will be tapped at various times throughout the event — including a vintage draft J. W. Lees 2009 Harvest Ale barleywine to be tapped at the start of the event.

This year’s participating breweries are 10 Barrel, 13 Virtues, 2 Towns, Alameda, Baerlic, Base Camp, Bear Republic, Burnside, Cascade, Coalition, Deluxe, Deschutes, Dick's, Dogfish Head, Drakes, Eel River, Elysian, Ex Novo, Fearless, Feckin, Finnriver, Fort George, Gigantic, Gilgamesh, Golden Valley, Hopworks, Kells, Lagunitas, Lompoc, Mazama, McMenamins Edgefield, Migration, Natian, Nectar Creek Honeywine, New Belgium, Ninkasi, No-Li, Oakshire, Old Town, Payette, Portland, Rock Bottom, Rogue, Rusty Truck, Santiam, Seven Brides, Sixpoint, Slanted Rock, Stickmen, Stone, Vertigo, Viking Braggot and Widmer. (For a complete list of beers, visit http://holidayale.com/the-beers-standard-release.php; a list is also pasted in below.)

What makes this festival standout from other similar events is the beer selection: the festival works with every brewery involved to make sure they send a beer that has either been made or blended specifically for the event, or is a rare or vintage beer that isn't commonly tapped in the state, underscoring the event's reputation as one of finest gathering of winter beers anywhere in the nation. These top tier breweries are supported by some of the nation’s most passionate beer appreciators who have the good fortune to be able to celebrate all their favorite breweries in one location.

A small sample of the lineup includes Cascade Brewing’s Gingersnaps, a NW style sour blend of red, spiced red and spiced quad ales aged in Bourbon and rum barrels for up to two years on spices; Eel River’s Gargantua II, an imperial strong ale aged on Bourbon vanilla beans and blended with a strong ale aged in Jack Daniels barrels for six months; Dogfish Head’s Rasion d’Etre, a Belgian-style brown ale brewed with beet sugar, raisins and Belgian-style yeast that is rarely seen in the Northwest; and Stone Brewing Liberty Station’s New Desecrator, a black barleywine with nearly the same profile as Stone Old Guardian, but surrounded by de-husked darkness.

Beer alternatives include two ciders: 2 Towns Bourbon Barrel Aged Nice & Naughty, a specialty cider fermented with dark meadowfoam honey and aged in Bourbon barrels with spices; and Finnriver Stone & Pome Cider, a Bourbon barrel aged plum and peach cider. There is also a Triple Brett barrel aged sour session mead from Nectar Creek Honeywine, and Aurora Amber Braggot from Viking Braggot Co, with juniper berries, spruce tips and local blackberry honey.

To enter and consume beer, the purchase of an entry package is required. Advance ticket packages are available now through 11:00am PST on Dec. 3 at http://holidayale.com/advance-tickets.php; advance general admission tickets cost $35 and include the tasting mug, 14 taster tickets and express entry all five days. Advance VIP tickets cost $80 and include the tasting mug, 30 taster tickets, bottled water, access to VIP lines (including special tappings), VIP only vintage bottles and/or draft, and express entry all five days. (Express re-entry requires a wristband and the 2014 mug, and is subject to the festival's capacity.) Door prices are the same, but do not allow for expedited entry.

A full mug of beer costs four taster tickets, and a taster costs one ticket. Certain limited release and special tappings may not be available in full mug pours, or may cost double tickets. Additional beer tickets can be purchased for $1 apiece. Previous years’ mugs will not be filled.

Designated drivers in a party of two or more may purchase a designated driver wristband for $10, which includes Crater Lake Root Beer or bottled water for the duration of the stay (DDs are not allowed to consume alcohol).

Holiday Festival hours are 11am to 10pm Wednesday through Saturday, and 11am to 5pm Sunday. To avoid the lengthy lines that often accompany beer festivals, the recommended days for attendance are WednesdayThursday and Sunday. The Holiday Ale Festival is for ages 21 and over.

Attendees stay warm and dry under clear-topped tents that cover the venue. Gas heaters create a cozy ambiance beneath the boughs of the region's largest decorated Christmas tree. In addition to beer tasting, the festival also features meet the brewer events, a root beer garden, food vendors, beer pairings with cheese, event merchandise and a coat and bag check that raises funds for the Children's Cancer Association. For more information, visit www.holidayale.com.


10 Barrel Brewing Co., TBA, Double Black Ale with Black Licorice
13 Virtues Brewing Co., Barrel-Aged MAX Stout, Imperial Stout
2 Towns Ciderhouse, Bourbon Barrel Nice & Naughty, Cider
Alameda Brewing Co., Admiration IPA, American IPA
Baerlic Brewing Company, The Great Bear, NW Red Ale aged on Beechwood
Base Camp Brewing Company, Dunkelrauch Weizenbock, Imperial Grätzer
Bear Republic Brewing, Do You Want to Build A Snowman?, Golden Barrel Aged Blend
Burnside Brewing, Jingleberry, Imperial Stout aged on Fresh Cranberries
Cascade Brewing, Gingersnaps, NW Style Sour Strong Ale
Coalition Brewing, Big Maple, Imperial Maple Porter
Deluxe Brewing Company, Dunkel the Halls...With Beer & Jolly, Dunkel Bock
Deschutes Brewery, Scarlet Flame IRA, India Red Ale
Dick's Brewing Company, Black Friday Stout, Imperial Stout
Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, Dogfish Head Raison d'Etre, Belgian-style Brown Ale
Drake's Brewing Co., Jolly Rodger 2014, Imperial Coffee Stout
Eel River Brewing, Gargantua II, Whiskey Barrel Vanilla Imperial Strong Ale Blend
Elysian Brewing Company, Knock on Nelson, IPA with Nelson Sauvin
Ex Novo Brewing Co., TBD, Mexican Chocolate Baltic Porter
Fearless Brewing Company, Ichabod, Pumpkin Ale, Spice/Herb/Vegetable
Feckin Brewery, Top O' The Feckin' Mornin', Imperial Espresso Milk Porter
Finnriver Farm & Cidery, Finnriver Stone & Pome Cider, Barrel Aged Plum and Peach Cider
Fort George Brewery and Public House, Santa's Dinner Jacket, Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Red Ale
Gigantic Brewing, Red Rider BB Gun, Saison with Cranberries
Gilgamesh Brewing, Eastside Bandit, Bourbon Barrel Aged Porter
Golden Valley Brewery, Pinot Noir Barrel-Aged Tannen Boom, Barrel-Aged Belgian-Style Strong Ale
Hopworks Urban Brewery, The Incredible Abominable of the Enchanted Barrel Forest, Barrel Aged Imperial Winter Ale
Kells Brew Pub, MIC Stout AKA Boom Roaster, Milk Imperial Coffee Stout
Lagunitas Brewing Company, Scare City, Wheatwine
Lompoc Brewing, Pinot Noir Barrel Aged Cheval de Trait Belge, Belgian Strong Ale
Mazama Brewing Co., Noel Rouge, Imperial Wit
McMenamins Edgefield Brewery, Lord of Misrule, Rum Barrel Aged Habanero
Migration Brewing, Frankie Claus, Belgian Imperial Stout
Natian Brewery, Irish Water, Imperial Golden Ale
Nectar Creek Mead, Triple Brett, Barrel Aged Sour Session Mead
New Belgium Brewing Company, La Folie, Sour Brown Ale
Ninkasi Brewing Co, Doppelbock, Doppelbock
No-Li Brewhouse, Whiskey Barrel Aged Winter Warmer, Winter Warmer
Oakshire Brewing, Prestidigitation, White Chocolate Milk Stout
Old Town Brewing Company, Bluth's Original Chocolate Banana Hefeweizen, Chocolate Bavarian-style Hefeweizen
Payette Brewing Company, Bandito, IPA with Agave and Tequila Soaked Oak Chips
Portland Brewing, 2014 Bourbon Barrel-aged Imperial Stout, Bourbon Barrel Aged Cherry Stout with Coffee
Rock Bottom, Yul Brynner, Santo Poco style Strong Ale
Rogue Ales, BIG ASS BARREL Maple Doppelbock, German Style Doppelbock
Rusty Truck Brewing Co, Santaweizen, Weizenbock
Santiam Brewing, Golden Sultan, Belgian Golden Strong
Seven Brides Brewing, The 503, Barleywine
Sixpoint Brewery, Lump of Coal Porter, Robust Porter
Slanted Rock Brewing Company, Cordial Tease, Spiced Winter Ale
Stickmen Brewery & Skewery, Big Chocolate Banana, Dunkelweizen
Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens – Liberty Station, New Desecrator, Black Barley Wine
Vertigo Brewery and Taproom, Busted Head Red, Imperial Red Ale
Viking Braggot Company, Aurora, NW Amber Braggot
Widmer Brothers Brewing, Frosty The Munchieman, Porter

10/29/2014 03:49 PM
Lake Tapps Brewing now open in Sumner

Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog.

Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog. Very quietly, while we were all enjoying one of the loveliest Washington summers on record, a new brewery opened in Sumner, Washington. In late August, Lake Tapps Brewing Company began pouring beer at its taproom. Today we’d like to officially welcome them to the Washington beer scene...

10/29/2014 03:44 PM
New Belgium and Wicked Weed Release Tributary
ASHEVILLE — On November 15th, Wicked Weed Brewing and New Belgium Brewing are releasing Tributary Imperial Brett Saison, a beer that pays homage to North Carolina, Colorado and clean water. Tributary, a collaboration beer brewed at the Wicked Weed brewpub in Asheville, NC includes malt from Colorado Malting and Riverbend Malt in Asheville. It is fermented with New Belgium house brettanomyces and Wicked Weed’s mixed strain of Saison yeast and brettanomyces. The beer also includes sugar beets, mosaic hops and an experimental, yet-to-be named hop. “We wanted to create an ale that truly represented both locations,” [...]

10/29/2014 03:41 PM
Harpoon Brewery Names New President
Harpoon Brewery today announced it will promote Charlie Story, the Boston-based company’s current vice president of marketing, to the position of president. Storey, who joined the company in 1996, will oversee marketing, retail and festival initiatives and also manage the brewery’s distribution arm.

10/29/2014 03:41 PM
Monks offer neomexicanus hops for sale
Monastery of Christ in the Desert in New Mexico will soon offer neomexicanus (almost native American) hops for sale. These will only be available in quantities suitable for brewing at home, as opposed to commercially (except at nano size), and as whole cones rather than pellets. Barring complications, orders may be placed at the Holy […]

10/29/2014 03:21 PM
Ska Brewing to release their own comic book
And now for something completely different - a brewery releasing their own comic book! This colorful publication tells the entire tale of how Ska Brewing came to be. And you can get it in special mixed can 12 packs! Here's the latest Press Release from Ska Brewing detailing this venture.

Ska Brewing to Release Comic After 20 Years in the Making

DURANGO, Colo., (October 28, 2014) — Twenty years after the story began, Ska Brewing is releasing the entire comic book chronicling their naïve yet epic struggle against Rotgutzen International Beverage Corporation and its quest for world domination.

The complete 34-page tome tells the tale of Ska’s humble beginnings, how they’ve overcome challenges such as increasing their selling to drinking ratio, and have ultimately come out on top as the largest and only brewery in Durango, Colorado’s Bodo Park. Tales of the Legion of Ska is part David vs. Goliath, part Archie and Veronica, and part influential business book.

“I think Volume 01 of The Tales of The Legion of Ska will find its place among the annals of our generation’s greatest business books, alongside such titles as Roberts’ Leadership Secrets of Attila The Hun, and Calagione’s Brewing Up a Business,” says Ska Co-founder Bill Graham.

More likely, the Legion of Ska comic will be given away in specially marked 12-packs of Mixed-Up cans, and included for free with select merchandise orders off of Ska’s web site.

The road to the release of the Ska comic has been a long and grinding one, with only bits and pieces of the story making their way onto Ska’s beer labels and packaging over the brewery’s 20-year history.

“It’s great to have validation for our work against Rotgutzen’s “beer-like” substance,” says Graham, “but it’s only by standing on the shoulders of Ben Grimm, Peter Parker, The Tick, and the other giants that have come before us, that Good has been allowed to prevail.”

The Ska Boys will be signing copies of the comic at the official release party on Halloween at the Ska Brewing World Headquarters from 4:00-7:00 pm. The Skalloween Happy Hour/Comic Release will also feature pint glass giveaways and beer specials.

About Ska Brewing

Based in Durango, Colorado, Ska Brewing was founded in 1995 and now produces over a dozen medal-winning beers including the Pinstripe Red Ale, True Blonde Ale and Steel Toe Stout. Ska was the second brewery in the U.S. to can its craft beers, and nine Ska beers are now widely available in cans: Modus Hoperandi IPA, ESB Special Ale, True Blonde Ale, four Seasonal Stouts and the summer and winter seasonals Mexican Logger and Euphoria Pale Ale. For more information, current offerings, music and a good time, visit www.skabrewing.com. Chat us up and get the latest news at facebook.com/skabrew and twitter.com/skabrewing.

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10/29/2014 03:03 PM
Press Clips: The Constitutionality of Florida’s Growler Ban Questioned
A Florida restaurant has filed a civil rights lawsuit in federal court claiming that the state’s ban on 64 oz. growlers is in violation of the U.S. Constitution. According to Sunshine State News, the suit aims to end the ban on half-gallon growlers, which has been a highly controversial issue in the state; currently, 32 oz. and 128 oz. growlers are legal, but the industry standard 64 oz. option is prohibited.

10/29/2014 02:45 PM
Peter Mondavi Sr., An Interview
Peter Mondavi Sr., patriarch of one of the most storied wine families in the world, has arguably witnessed and impacted more of California’s wine history ...

10/29/2014 02:25 PM
New menu brewin’ at Tap House Grill

Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog.

Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog. Last night I visited the Tap House Grill. In particular, I was at the downtown Seattle location, where I sampled several items from the new food menu along with a few tasty beers. For those of you who don’t know, there is also a Tap House Grill...

10/29/2014 02:23 PM
Nanoscience is making your wine better. Here’s how!
One sip of a perfectly poured glass of wine leads to an explosion of flavours in your mouth. Researchers at Aarhus University, Denmark, have now developed a nanosensor that can mimic what happens in your mouth when you drink wine. The sensor measures how you experience the sensation of dryness in the wine. When wine […]

10/29/2014 02:11 PM
There’s something for every beer geek during Portland Beer Week
I spent an hour looking over the events planned for Portland Beer Week, and it appears to me that they have teamed up with brewers from around the state to punch November straight in the face with craft beer. Portland Beer Week kicks off on Saturday, November 1, 2014 and runs through Friday, November 7, […]

10/29/2014 01:53 PM
Top 10% US Drinkers Make Up More Than Half Of Alcohol Sales
What Does It Take Be In In The Top 10? Who would you say is alcohol’s biggest customer? Based on glitzy commercial and magazine spreads, it would seem to be either the glamorous professional grabbing after dinner drinks or the carefree 20-something catching up with friends every weekend. According to a recent study, it seems […]

10/29/2014 01:15 PM
TOP 10 reason’s why you should attend BBC15
I’ve been thinking long and hard over the past month or so about what kind of post BBC14 blog I would write. I’ve read great pieces from so many bloggers that came back from BBC14 inspired about all things beer. I too am inspired each time I sit at a conference table, learning about some […]

10/29/2014 01:09 PM
Brew: Entrepreneurs planning to open 'farmhouse' brewery
DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — When you look through the glass into the actual brewery area of a brewpub or taproom, everything in there is all shiny stainless and whiteness and lab-like. That's beca…

10/29/2014 01:08 PM
New Glarus Brewing Releases Four Beers To Celebrate Fall

(New Glarus,WI) – Autumn in Wisconsin is amazing! The fall colors are beautiful, and the cool evenings are perfect to sit aro…

The post New Glarus Brewing Releases Four Beers To Celebrate Fall appeared first on thefullpint.com.

10/29/2014 01:00 PM
Event Reminder: OR: Portland: 10/31 Burnside Brewing's "Night of the Living Ales" & "Day of the Living Ales" are not to miss!
Press Release

Portland's premiere Halloween and Craft Beer extravaganza - Night of the Living Ales - comes together over two days this year kicking off with an adults-only fete on Halloween night October 31st and continuing with an all-ages friendly fall and pumpkin fest during the day November 1st

Night of the Living Ales
Friday October 31st 6pm - Midnight 21+
7th & E. Burnside, Portland, Oregon

Night of the Living Ales on Halloween features the amazing acrobatics of the Wanderlust Circus and music from DJ Pippen as well as costume contests and a Jim Beam hosted cocktail bar. Tickets are available now for $20 and include 2 drink tickets and also at the door starting at 6pm.


NOTLA will feature special rare beers and ciders like a special Pumpkin Stout with roasted peppers and smoked malts from Burnside Brewing and an award winning Belgian beer with Pears from Pelican Brewery as well as more approachable "Couch" light lager.

Day of the Living Ales
Saturday November 1st 11am - 6pm ALL-AGES
7th & E. Burnside, Portland, OR

The day of the living ales features more unique beers on tap both for fans of pumpkin ales and those not. We will be pouring extremely rare kegs like 10 Barrel Brewing's Jamaican Me Pumpkin and Neapolitan as well as exclusive like "Bloody Orange" from Hi-Wheel Wine & Mead. Meanwhile for the kids there will be a face painter from Noon to 4pm and a coloring contest. Also look for pumpkin pie and a full food menu in the Burnside Brewing Co. pub.
  1. Burnside: The Dapper Skeleton - pumpkin ale 
  2. Burnside: Dapper Skeleton Stout - a special stout version of our chili infused and smoky pumpkin ale
  3. Burnside Brewing: Couch - lager
  4. Pelican Brewery: Poire Du Pélican - Belgian-style with Pears
  5. Oakshire: Big Black Jack - chocolate pumpkin stout
  6. Hi-Wheel: Bloody Orange - a fizzy wine with flavors of Mandarin.
  7. 2 Towns Cider: Cidre Bouche
  8. Pelican: Bochabock - a doppelbock with 150lbs of roasted bocha squash
  9. 10 Barrel: Jamaican Me Pumpkin - Rum barrel-aged Pumpkin Strong Ale.
  10. 2 Towns Cider: Cidre Bouche
  11. 10 Barrel: Neapolitan - Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla.

10/29/2014 12:58 PM
Drink: Syrah Wine Adventure
I received a text from my brother a little while ago that went something along the lines as, "Dude... I just bought a ton of grapes. The logistics of me doing this myself isn't going to work". I offered my services. We got the flight figured out and before I knew it, I was in Seattle. 

Next challenge, how do we get these grapes? We didn't have a truck. How do we get, A TON, of grapes? Finally, Joe squared away a vehicle. This...

A 24 foot diesel box truck.

Good thing touring and moving has prepared me for that. So next up, the 3 hour drive to Yakima Valley to get the grapes! It was an amazing drive with great views most of the time so I didn't mind. We got to Red Mountain AVA and picked up our NOW 1.5 tons of Syrah and Petite Syrah grapes. 

We get back to Seattle and get stuff ready for the next day of wine making. In between all of this we went to some amazing restaurants, I got to drive a Porsche, and we drank copious amounts of beer. Fast-forward to the next day and we start! We started extremely early with the sanitizing with some good ol' Star San and PBW. If you don't have these things, get them. I think we cracked our first beer before 9AM. 

It was a blast and if we didn't have the equipment we had, I think it would've been the most miserable experience of my life. We definitely need to figure out some of the logistics next year to simplify carrying 1.5 tons of grapes. I also didn't have to worry to much about the science behind it because my brother and his wife had that covered. 

I was never a huge wine fan until this weekend. It opened my eyes (taste buds I guess) up to a whole new world. I wish I could help out with all of the other steps along the way, but my brother has that covered. He will be racking to French Oak barrels for about 9 months before bottling. The Syrah has fermented much faster than the Petite Syrah. I think he is shooting for a 16.5% ABV on the Syrah and about 14.5% on the Petite Syrah. It's supposed to yield around 140 gallons of wine. We'll see! I'm very excited to taste this once it is done. It's supposed to yield around 140 gallons of wine.

10/29/2014 12:40 PM
Harpoon Brewery Promotes Charlie Storey To President

Boston, MA – The Harpoon Brewery is pleased to announce the promotion of Charlie Storey to President. Since joining Harpoon …

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10/29/2014 12:20 PM
Bucking the trend, Fat Head’s Brewery opens Monday in Portland

Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog.

Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Fashion follows the same path: what’s trending on the streets of New York today will be in Chicago tomorrow, Seattle next week, and Portland six years from now. (Kidding. Take a joke.) Fashion, art, pop culture,...

10/29/2014 11:39 AM
Bourbon Barrel Drafty Kilt wins GABF Gold

Exciting news from Atlanta, via Denver. Our Bourbon Barrel Drafty Kilt Scotch Ale won a 2014 Great American Beer Festival Gold Medal in the Wood- and Barrel-aged Beer category. We’re humbled. Ecstatic. Scrumptrulescent. Want some more exciting news? Bourbon Barrel Drafty Kilt is making another appearance this year – look for it starting in early […]

The post Bourbon Barrel Drafty Kilt wins GABF Gold appeared first on Monday Night Brewing.

10/29/2014 11:09 AM
10/29/2014 Llywelyn’s Pub Presenting a Brew You Never Knew
While it’s fun to be on the hunt to try and find that special or fun beer, it can be pretty tiring. Well, you can stop running all around town and visit Llywelyn’s Pub in Webster Groves, Central West End, and St. Charles to see something cool on tap. Llywelyn’s is continuing their program that [...]

10/29/2014 11:00 AM
Brewery News: WA: Bothell: Foggy Noggin hosts "Shut Up About Barclay Perkins!" historian Ron Pattinson, November 15th
Press Release

A once in a lifetime event to sample 8 historical British beers, hosted by renowned British beer writer and historian Ron Pattinson. Ron will provide insight on the significance of each beer style and open dialogue about why these beers changed over-time. Was it new available ingredients? Was it the effects of wars? Was it taxation? Was it changes in beer drinkers preferences?

When – Saturday – November 15th 6-8pm

Cost - $30/person (21+ only) – must pre-pay in advance at The Foggy Noggin tasting room

Capacity – 20 (first come – first serve)

Foggy Noggin Brewing brewed up 8 beers, from recipes supplied from the British beer writer and historian Ron Pattinson. We chose to brew 2 beers from 4 distinct beer styles: Scotch Ale, Russian Stout, Porter and Mild Ale. Each style is represented with beers from different periods of time.

The Beers:

Scotch Ale

1) 1933 Younger No.3 Pale - 5.29% ABV and 32 IBU

2) 1879 Younger No.3 - 5.16% ABV and 115 IBU

Mild Ale

3) December 22nd 1950 Whitbread Best Ale - 2.91% ABV and 28 IBU

4) 1868 Tetley XX - 7.0% ABV and 74 IBU


5) 1886 Barclay Perkins Hhd - 5.29% ABV and 56 IBU

6) 1821 Barclay Perkins TT - 5.82%ABV and 72 IBU

Russian Stout

7) 1941 Barclay Perkins IBS - 4.76% ABV and 42 IBU

8) 1924 Barclay Perkins IBS Ex - 8.33% ABV and 159 IBU

Who is Ron Pattinson?

Ron Pattinson is a British beer writer and historian who lives in Amsterdam. He has spent the last 15 years researching and obsessing over many beer-related topics. His European Beer Guide has pointed countless beer lovers in the direction of good beer across Europe. While over on his Shut up About Barclay Perkins blog, he writes about beer history, mostly the history of British beer styles, but with excursions into German Austrian, Dutch and Scandinavian beer history. He is the author of many books about beer history, mostly significant for their single-word titles, such as "Porter!", "Mild!" and "Bitter!" Each month he writes a for BeerAdvocate magazine about beer history. He recently published on book on brewing historic beers called "The Home Brewer's Guide to Vintage Beer". He is married and the father of two teenage sons.

10/29/2014 10:16 AM
Starr Hill Releases Imperial Chocolate Cherry Stout
CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA— The holidays are rapidly approaching as Starr Hill Brewery introduces the sixth and final installment for 2014 of its limited release All Access series. This luscious Imperial Chocolate Cherry Stout is called “Shakedown,” and will surely be the perfect stocking stuffer for craft beer lovers. “This year, our brewing team really outdid themselves creatively with our All Access series, and we’ve had tremendous success with a broad array of limited release beers,” said Mark Thompson, Starr Hill’s Founder and Master Brewer. “Shakedown is a gift in a glass, and it is the ideal accompaniment [...]

10/29/2014 09:30 AM
Riesling Resurrected
A summer saunter northwest from Detroit to Traverse City needn’t have a purpose other than reveling in the tree-lined drive, the enchanting twists and turns ...

10/29/2014 08:43 AM
Full Sail Brewing Releases 27 Wheatwine Ale for Its 27th Anniversary
Hood River, Ore. – Full Sail Brewing Company has released a special beer, “27 Wheatwine Ale,” brewed with 100% Wheat Malt to celebrate their 27th anniversary. “As a brewer that believes deeply in environmental responsibility, Full Sail made the decision several years ago to invest in a mash filter. This investment saves over a million gallons of water a year and as a brewer there is nothing more sustainable than reducing our water use impact. Not only does it save lots of water but it also lets us brew some very tasty and unique beers,” [...]

10/29/2014 08:38 AM
Sierra Nevada Canfusion

The post, Sierra Nevada Canfusion, first appeared on The Barley Blog.

And the Sierra Nevada Beercamp Across America train keeps on chugging. Up next is Canfusion, a collaborative endeavor with the good folks at Oskar Blues Brewing. This 7.2% ABV and 45 IBU bock is packed to the rim with a solid amount of rye and citrusy hops. With the array of flavors that this beer […]

The post, Sierra Nevada Canfusion, first appeared on The Barley Blog.

10/29/2014 08:25 AM
Oktoberfest Beer Tally
Oktoberfest officially ended a few weeks ago, but that didn't stop our enjoyment of Oktoberfest-style beers. I decided this year I would concentrate on trying as many Oktoberfests as I could. I didn't drink them exclusively, but I did look for them when I was at a pub, and also picked up a selection to stock the beer fridge.
  • Paulaner Oktoberfest Märzen
  • Warsteiner Premium Oktoberfest (draft)
  • Legend Oktoberfest (draft)
  • Hacker-Pschorr Oktoberfest Märzen (draft)
  • Bell’s Octoberfest (draft)
  • Weihenstephaner Festbier (draft)
  • Sam Adams Octoberfest
  • Blue & Gray Baron von Stueben Oktoberfest (draft)
  • Great Lakes Oktoberfest
  • Sly Fox Oktoberfest
  • Harpoon Octoberfest
  • Shiner Oktoberfest
  • Schlafly Oktoberfest 
  • Wild Wolf Folktoberfest (draft)
  • Brooklyn Oktoberfest
  • Flying Dog Dogtoberfest
  • Dominion Octoberfest
The American brewers do a great job with the style, even when they apply their own interpretations. As much as I look forward to the Oktoberfest beers each year, and enjoy them very much, I admit now that I've grown tired of them. For a while anyway. It's time for some IPAs!

[ This content originated at Musings Over a Pint ]

10/29/2014 08:19 AM
Would it hurt?
Last night a customer at the Finborough asked whether we had a bottle of Peroni. I replied "well, you see, we only really do craft beer here" and offered the alternative of a big fat bottle of Augstiner Edelstoff. She had three so in the end we had a happy customer. I couldn't help feeling embarrassed about my initial reply, though, and it set me to thinking: would it hurt bars that specialise in

10/29/2014 07:00 AM
Block 15 Announces Figgy Pudding Bottle Release and New Brewery & Taproom
With word that Block 15 Restaurant & Brewery has broken ground on their new production brewery and taproom in south Corvallis with a tentative opening date of June 2015, the brewery also has set the date for their next highly coveted bottle releases. On November 22nd, Block 15 will release Figgy Pudding, Framboise Black, and […]

10/29/2014 06:08 AM
mike's HARDER launches new offering
mike's HARDER has introduced its newest seasonal flavor, mike's HARDER Apple Firebomb.

10/29/2014 04:32 AM
Corners of Europe
Borefts without a Thornbridge bar was strange -- I understand they're the first brewery in history to have turned down an invitation to the event -- but there were plenty of new English faces filling in. So much so that I barely troubled the Kernel at all, grabbing just a swift London Sour Cherry because Evin told me it was running out. Such a salesman, that guy. 3% ABV and a happy bright red topped with pink foam. It's not especially sour and not especially cherryish but definitely has elements of both, perfumed lightly with floral rosewater. It's one of those beers I could happily drink by the gallon.

I also only visited Gadd's once, but then they only really brought one beer: their Green Hop Ale and a half-strength radlerised version of the same. The full beer is 4.8% ABV, a bright gold colour and has a powerful perfume aroma. Crispness is the key feature here, a cleanness in both the grain and hop elements. The latter brings lots of the classic English marmalade flavours to the table. Definitely more interesting than I'd expect a session-strength East Kent Goldings beer to be, but whether that's down to the quantity or quality of the hops I couldn't say.

There was no question of only paying one visit to Magic Rock since they brought loads of beers. Top of my hitlist was Cannonball, having enjoyed one of its stronger iterations a couple of years ago. This one is no lightweight at 7.4% ABV, arriving a clear pale orange and quite headless. It's an exceedingly dry beer, the massive hop flavour being centred on a flinty mineral quality. The high alcohol is very apparent but that hop complexity balances it beautifully. A low level of residual sugar means the end product is still very drinkable and surprisingly thirst quenching. Limes and damp cut grass make for a beautiful final flourish to a majestic beer.

Their other IPA on my list was Villainous, a more modest 6.5% ABV and made with all Vienna malt. So, biscuits then. Lots of sweet, crunchy -- roasty, even -- biscuits, deftly balanced by mango fruit and lime citrus. Of the 45 beers I drank samples of at Borefts, this was the one that left me craving a pint.

I didn't drink these back-to-back, but I've just noticed from my notes that there's something of a lime theme with the Magic Rock beers. Their radler (every brewer was asked to bring one) was made with lemon and lime and was a bit strong for the style at 4.5% ABV. Appropriate, then, that they named it Pith Head. The base is a saison, providing an almost neutral base for huge fresh citrus flavours, bringing the same sort of intensity you get with very old-fashioned lemonade. Somewhat oily, in fact. Lip-smackingly tasty and I could feel my scurvy clearing right up.

And if this is too strong for you, there was also a Berlinerweisse: Circus of Sour, 3.5% ABV and aged in white wine casks. I wasn't a fan of this. It's unsubtly sharp, with a white vinegar kick followed by a buzz of stale cardboard.

A new English brewery for me was Burning Sky from Sussex. Their Plateau bitter was on cask: just 3.5% ABV and an odd bright shade of pale yellow. It packs a lot of pithy punch into that small package. I guess it's one your palate adjusts to when consumed in greater quantity, but I was quite taken aback by my sampler. Devil's Rest IPA was an altogether more rounded experience: just as stimulating in its bitterness, throwing extra resinousness into the mix, but at 7% ABV the hops were much better balanced by the malt counterweight.

Burning Sky Monolith was billed in the programme as a "sour black ale" at 7.4% ABV but was a bit of a mess, I thought. The roast flavour is the stale sweaty sort, like bad hotel coffee, with added cardboard, set on an unpleasantly watery texture. There is some nice floral complexity and a little bit of mild bretty funk, but not enough of either to rescue the beer.

That just leaves Saison L'Été to clean up. This is another one of those cloudy lemonade jobs, magically refreshing and quaffable too at just 4.2% ABV. The addition of elderflower and gooseberry adds a meadowy mellowness to the spicy base. A perfectly executed summer beer.

Just one Spanish brewery in the line-up this year, in the form of Laugur from the Basque country, bringing two very interesting twists on established styles. The IPA was called Hopzale and is 9.2% ABV but doesn't taste anything like it. In place of a malt base there's bags of spritzy citrus, building to the hot sharpness of accidentally tasted perfume which lingers long on the palate. Kiskale is just the antidote to all that acid, a 7.5% ABV chestnut-red brown ale mixing in warming sticky toffee and treacle with herbal, medicinal hops: menthol and wintergreen. Beautifully smooth and soothing.

Finally for this post, the usual Italians were present and correct. Toccalmatto's radler was a 9% ABV beast called Yellow Monster. Still extremely refreshing for all the alcohol, however. It has more of that fresh lemonade zest but is more sweet than bitter. There's a lovely herbal bath salts quality to it too, adding a dry alkaline touch for extra drinkability.

Next to them stood Brewfist and I made use of the opportunity to try a few of theirs that have been around for ages but I've never tasted. Like Spaceman: 7% ABV and, oh, more bath salts, on top of a dry lemony bitterness. If there weren't lots of dry citric beers at the festival already I'd have been impressed, but it ran the risk of being mistaken for another radler. That's not likely to happen with Spaghetti Western, Brewfist's coffee imperial stout. It pales a bit next to what De Molen were pouring, but it's a solid sweet and creamy stout at 8.7% ABV, throwing in a touch of dry roast for balance though not really showing off its coffee credentials.

There was one other Italian brewery, returning to Borefts after a year away, but I'll come to them next.

10/29/2014 03:26 AM
Doug & Dinsdale, Pub Preservationists

Boak & Bailey's Beer Blog - Writing about beer and pubs since 2007

Some friends recently moved into a house near a Victorian pub on a London back street. “Everyone thinks we’re lucky,” says our friend, “but I went once and wasn’t made welcome.” The rumour is that someone wanted to turn it into a gastropub like all the others in the area, but the family of gangsters who own it said […]

Doug & Dinsdale, Pub Preservationists

10/29/2014 03:05 AM
Brewing in WW II (part seven)
We're back in the middle of a WW II hop field.

And in the middle of the war. I wonder how thins are going?

"The 1942 crop was of uniform good quality and was considered to be the best for 10 years. The quantity picked, however, was still short of brewers' requirements, and they were only able to obtain 80 per cent, of what they had asked for. A new disease of the hop plant, which had made its appearance a few years previously in the Kent hop gardens, had become virulent that year. It was the virus disease, Verticillium Wilt, which attacked the plant, causing it to wither away, and was having an adverse influence on the yield in some gardens. Although investigations were then extensively being carried out at East Mailing into its cause, the only method of combating it was by grubbing. The hop crop in 1943 was of fair average quality, although it tailed off towards the end of the picking. The yield was higher than in the previous two years, although it was barely sufficient to supply the brewers' requirements. The yield: of the 1944 crop was again short, and brewers had to be content with a 20 per cent, reduction in their allocations, while the quality was rather below the average."
Journal of the Institute of Brewing Volume 52, Issue 3, May-June, 1946, page 123.

A new hop disease is the last thing anyone needed. Especially if the only cure was grubbing up the bines.

Why don't we take a look at hop usage during the war?

Hop usage in WW II
year hops prep-arations of hops hop substitutes bulk barrels qtrs. malt lbs hops per qtr lbs hops per barrel
1938 277,846 145 29 24,339,360 4,307,776 7.22 1.28
1939 285,715 113 13 25,691,217 4,536,400 7.05 1.25
1940 265,512 132 108 24,925,704 4,176,167 7.12 1.19
1941 251,354 186 166 28,170,582 4,447,843 6.33 1.00
1942 223,007 246 71 29,584,656 4,490,029 5.56 0.84
1943 231,589 250 96 29,811,321 4,555,652 5.69 0.87
1944 243,900 277 137 31,380,684 4,731,148 5.77 0.87
1945 244,822 714 139 31,990,334 4,896,364 5.60 0.86
1946 226,197 1,414 168 31,066,950 4,644,176 5.46 0.82
1947 217,759 1,423 191 30,103,180 4,187,780 5.82 0.81
Brewers' Almanack 1955, page 62.

Hopping rates did indeed fall. By 1945, the average amount of hops per barrel was 33% lower than in the last full year of peace, 1938. In terms of hops per quarter of malt, it was 22.5% lower. The latter figure is important as it takes beer gravity out of the equation.

"Before the war most brewers endeavoured to hold about 6 months' stock of hops above their year's requirements, but the disaster of 1940 practically wiped this out, and the principal difficulty ever since has been to maintain a sufficiently high hop rate with the reduced quantity of hops available, especially in those years when the quantity and quality was low. The agreed average price for the hops of the 1944 crop was £20 per cwt, a little more than double the price at the beginning of the war."
Journal of the Institute of Brewing Volume 52, Issue 3, May-June, 1946, page 123.

Here are the production and prices of hops during the war:

Hop production, imports and exports 1938 - 1947
Year ended 31st Dec. Acreage Estimated Produce Yield per acre Average Price of English Hops per Season, Sept. to Dec. Imports: Less Re-Exports Exports: British Hops Consumption Years ended 30th Sept. following shortfall / surplus
Cwts. Cwts. £ s. d. Cwts. Cwts. Cwts. Cwts.
1938 18,460 257,000 13.9 9 0 0 45,287 12,580 286,716 2,991
1939 18,812 288,000 15.3 9 10 0 7,840 16,050 265,512 14,278
1940 18,592 270,500 14.5 12 0 0 14,675 26,830 251,354 6,991
1941 18,158 262,800 14.5 15 0 0 31 17,209 223,007 22,615
1942 18,420 261,900 14.2 17 10 0 2,963 30,673 231,689 2,501
1943 19,131 285,200 14.9 18 0 0 198 24,941 243,900 16,557
1944 19,603 253,900 13 20 0 0 0 26,525 244,822 -17,447
1945 19,957 282,900 14.1 21 0 0 574 32,337 226,197 24,940
1946 21,163 257,451 13.4 22 10 0 29,243 35,056 217,759 33,879
1947 22,142 289,908 13.2 23 10 0 7,716 31,661 231,470 34,493
Brewers' Almanack 1955, page 63.

The price was indeed £20 per cwt. in 1944. You can see that the price of hops, in contrast to that of malt, rose every year of the war and continued to rise after its end. And you can see from the shortfall/surplus figure (production plus imports minus exports and usage) that there was no room to build stocks, with only tiny surplus or even, as in 1944, a deficit. It did indeed look serious in 1944. The shortfall wiped out the surplus of the previous two years.

Brewers must have been the only people disappointed by the USA's entry into the war:

"Naturally attempts were made to remedy the very serious position in 1941, but the entry of America into the war cut short any prospect of importing from that source, and Continental hops were out of the question. Lupulin, which was little more than kiln dust, was offered from America, but the quantity which reached this country was small, later quite a useful hop concentrate was imported from the United States, but the quantity available was limited. It had a preservative value equal to from five to seven times that of hops and was a slight help in improving the situation. It has a strong American flavour, however, and the proportion that could be used had in consequence to be limited."
Journal of the Institute of Brewing Volume 52, Issue 3, May-June, 1946, page 123.

Because it ended hopes of getting American hops. You can see from the first table that the quantity of preparations of hops - which is where I think Lupulin belongs - was indeed tiny.

Picking hops wea still causing problems, too:

"The difficulties the growers had experienced in getting their whole crop picked and the delay that often occurred before it could all be obtained before it was over ripe and turned brown, again brought the question of picking machines into prominence. Some of the growers have been experimenting with these machines and necessary improvements have been made so that with the prospective increased costs of labour in the future it is likely that picking machines will be used in larger numbers."
Journal of the Institute of Brewing Volume 52, Issue 3, May-June, 1946, page 123.
There was also something I skipped about the introduction of combine harvesters during the war because of labour shortages. Their use was one reason much of the wartime crops were damaged after harvesting. It seems the war gave the mechanisatoin of agriculture a big push.

It seems supply problems continued after thge war:

"The present position with regard to the supply of hops at the end of 6 years is causing considerable anxiety as stocks held at the outbreak of war disappeared after the destruction of so large a proportion of the 1940 crop, and although hop rates have been reduced to the lowest possible limit, not sufficient hops are now being grown to meet brewers' requirements, and the amount available this year represents a shortage of from 6 to 8 weeks in a full year, which will become more serious next year. Although the Ministry of Agriculture has given permission to plant up a further 2,500 acres of hops it has been impossible to convince the Hops Marketing Board of the seriousness of the position and of the certainty that a much larger quantity than is at present being grown would be readily absorbed, even should there be a drop in the output of beer in the near future. Unless something can be done to obtain alternative supplies, therefore, the serious prospect of restricting the output of beer may become a reality."
Journal of the Institute of Brewing Volume 52, Issue 3, May-June, 1946, page 123.

If you look at the table above you can see that it isn't true that insufficient hops were being grown to meet demand. Even after exporting 30,000 cwt there was still a surplus. Not a huge one, but it was there. Beer output did indeed fall after war's end. It didn't start increasing until 1959 and didn't get back to the 1945 level until the end of the 1960's*.

Next time we'll be looking at brewing itself.

* 1971 Brewers'Almanack, page 54

10/29/2014 03:00 AM
Industry News: Canada: British Columbia: Vancouver celebrates craft beer perfection, at this year's BC Beer Awards
The overall mandate of the BC Beer Awards is to celebrate excellent beer, judging each hand-produced, artisanal beverage on its own merits. Craft Brewers across the province are well-known for their innovation and creativity, something that the BCBA organizers are keen to help honour. -BC Beer Awards

image sourced from BC Beer Awards's website

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - This past weekend the coastal city of Vancouver hosted the annual BC Beer Awards. A unique award ceremony, the BC Beer Awards recognize craft-brewing achievement throughout the province of British Columbia. This year, like the previous years, applauded numerous styles while reminding those in the 'States that great beer can be had in Canada.

We are thrilled to come back from the BC Beer Awards with an award for our Schwarzbock. We have invested heavily in our specialty beer program at PWB and will continue to innovate and play our role in the craft beer movement. Bringing home hardware as recognition from the craft community is great motivation. -Paul Mulgrew (Product Development Manager), Pacific Western Brewing

Preceding this year's ceremony, the BC Beer Awards & Festival offers visitors a rare opportunity to enjoy many of the beers which will later medal in the closing ceremony. Located on Commercial Drive inside the Croatian Cultural Centre, the event showcases

image sourced from last year's 2013 BC Beer Awards

For those to lazy to read the complete results it can be reported that Yellow Dog Brewing Company, located in Port Moody, took home Best of Show for their Shake A Paw Smoked Brown Porter. Additional mult-medal winners include: 

We were very excited and surprised to bring home so many medals from this year's BC Beer Awards. We've just celebrated our 2nd anniversary last month and there have been so many new breweries open in the past year that we knew the competition would be stiff.

I was really, really stoked to win the Gold and Silver in the German Wheat category as that's our specialty at the brewery with the open fermentor and decoction brewhouse (Plus they're my favourite styles). Last year we won for our Weizenbock- which we didn't have any left to enter this year- so we'll be going for the clean sweep next year! -Owner & Brewmaster Clay Potter Moon Under Brewing
  • 4 Moon Under Water Brewing, Victoria
  • 4 Parallel 49 Brewing Company, Vancouver
  • 3 Brassneck Brewery, Vancouver
  • 3 Steamworks Brewing Company, Vancouver
  • 3 Four Winds Brewing Company, Delta
  • 3 Central City Brewing Co. Ltd., Surrey
  • 2 Persephone Brewing Company, Gibsons
  • 2 Phillips Brewing Company, Victoria
  • 2 Driftwood Brewing, Victoria
  • 2 Howe Sound Brewing Co, Squamish
For complete results and reactions (from various breweries) from the 2014's BC Beer Awards, please read below.

Best of Show

Yellow Dog Brewing Company - Shake A Paw Smoked Brown Porter

Light Lager - 22 Beers entered
  • Turning Point Brewing Company - Stanley Park Noble Pilsner
  • Okanagan Spring - 1516 Bavarian Lager
  • Hoyne Brewing Company - Helios-Dortmunder Golden Lager
Pilsner - 22 Beers

  • Steamworks Pilsner - Steamworks Brewing Company
 "...our winning beers have their origins in three of the world's great beer countries: Pilsner from the Czech Republic, Kölsch from Germany and our Blitzen Tripel from Belgium. That our team could come first three times with three completely different beers is a testament to the depth of talent and skill of everyone who works in the brewery". -Head Brewer Caolan Vaughan, Steamworks Brewing Company
  • Barley Station Brew Pub - Canoe Creek Pilsner
We are pleased to have our Canoe Creek Pilsner recognized as a truly great beer. -Stu Bradford and Damon Robson, Barley Station Brewpub
  • Russell Brewing Company - Lager
Special Lager - 17 Beers

  • Tree Brewing Company - Captivator Doppelbock
  • Pacific Western Brewing - Pacific Schwarzbock
  • Persephone Brewing Company - Black Lager
Hybrids - 37 Beers

  • Steamworks Brewing Company - Steamworks Brewpub Kolsch
  • Phillips Brewing Company - Slipstream Ale
  • R&B Brewing Company - Sun God Wheat Ale
German Wheat/Rye - 10 Beers

  • Moon Under Water Brewery - This Is Hefeweizen
  • Moon Under Water Brewery - Moon Berliner Style - Weisse
  • Big Ridge Brewing Company - Big Ridge Dunkleweizen
UK Ales - 40 Beers

  • Tin Whistle Brewing Company - Stag Apple Scotch Ale
Pleased and proud. The Stag is very personal to me, it's very much me from the powerful abv right down to my family tartan on the label, and I'm so proud to be able to do my clan, and my brewery, proud with this beer. The Tin Whistle is a tiny Okanagan Brrewery, and it just seems fitting that it's an 8% "fruit beer" that is making everyone take notice.- Jeff Todd, The Tin Whistle Brewery
  • Bowen Island Brewing - Snug Cove ESB
The formation of Bowen Island Brewing dates back to the mid 1980's, when craft beer was first being introduced to BC and much of the Pacific Northwest. We were recently blowing the dust off the old Bowen Island recipe book and came across the original ESB recipe from back in the mid-80's. We re-launched the brew as Snug Cove ESB and are really excited to think that a recipe as old as this one still has relevance and popular appeal in 2014! -President Bill Hsu, Bowen Island Brewing
  • Moon Under Water Brewery - Wee Woody
North American Ales - 48 Beers

  • Main Sreet Brewing Company - Main Street Sessional IPA
  • Phillips Brewing Company - Coulrophobia IRA
  • Rossland Beer Company - Paydirt Pale Ale
We would like to thank the BC beer awards for this great award and more importantly running this event that promotes and supports craft beer.
We only had a chance to submit one beer this year so for it to place we were obviously ecstatic. There are so many great beers and breweries at this event that we feel very privileged to be a part of such a excellent event.

Porter/Brown - 30 Beers

  • Yellow Dog Brewing Company - Shake A Paw Smoked Brown Porter
  • Powell Street Brewing Company - Dive Bomb Porter
  • Lighthouse Brewing Company - Road Trip Fresh Hopped Dark Ale
Belgian/French - 45 Beers

  • Driftwood Brewing Company - White Bark Witbier
  • Dageraad Brewing - De Witte
  • Four Winds Brewing Company - Juxtapose Brett IPA
Vegetable/Spice Beer - 27 Beers

  • Parallel 49 Brewing Company - Lost Souls
  • Howe Sound Brewing - Pumpkineater Imperial Pumpkin Ale
  • Fuggles & Warlock Craftwerks - Bean Me Up Espresso Milk Stout
Being our first year it was a pleasant surprise to place 3rd at the BCBA, we haven't been this surprised since we found out Samus was a girl in the Metroid game series. -Fuggles & Warlock

Stout - 24 Beers

  • Persephone Brewing Company - Dry Irish Stout
  • Dead Frog Brewing Company - Commander Imperial Stout (2013)
  • Dead Frog Brewing Company - Commander Imperial Stout (2014)
It's an honour to have our beer ranked amongst the best in BC. As examples of strong ales improving with age, we're delighted to have both of our Commander Imperial Stouts win these prestigious awards. -Marketing Coordinator Dylan Redekop Dead Frog Brewery

North American IPA - 44 Beers

  • High Mountian Brewing Company - 5 Rings IPA
  • Four Winds Brewing Company - Four Winds IPA
  • Central City Brewers and Distillers - Red Racer IPA
Imperial IPA - 14 Beers

  • Brassneck Brewery - One Trick Pony
  • Central City Brewers and Distillers - Red Racer Imperial IPA
  • Bomber Brewing Company - SuperPest
We were extremely proud to show so well against all the amazing beers in this province. We are especially excited that Superpest, one of our personal favourites, was able to medal in such a strong category.-Operations Manager Rachaal Steele, Bomber Brewing Company

Fruit/Sour - 24 Beers

  • Driftwood Brewing Company - Bird Of Prey- Flanders Red
  • Parallel 49 Brewing Company - Schwarzwald
  • Brassneck Brewery - Peach Changeling
Strong - 16 Beers

  • Steamworks Brewery - Steamworks Blitzen
  • Townsite Brewing Company - Biere D'Hiver

Townsite is particularly pleased with this win as Brewmaster, Cedric Dauchot considers this his best recipe to date and you know what they say; happy Brewmaster, happy Brewery. -Brewery Manager Chloe Smith, Townsite Brewing Company

  • Howe Sound Brewing - Wooly Bugger Barley Wine
Specialty - 29 Beers

  • Granville Island Brewing - Lost In The Barrels
It's always a thrill to bring home a medal, but it’s particularly exciting when it's for first place", said Vern Lambourne. "Lost In The Barrels was a particularly fun Small Batch Series for Granville Island Brewing, as it was our first attempt at brewing a beer with Brettanomyces. A special thanks to Chuck Hallett for the idea, and for lifting those heavy malt sacks. -Head Brewer Vern Lambourne
  • Moon Under Water Brewery - Year 2
  • Parallel 49 Brewing Company - Salty Scot
Smoke/Wood - 16 Beers

  • Central City Brewers and Distillers - Thor's Hammer Barrel Aged
  • Parallel 49 Brewing Company - Braggot
  • Brassneck Brewery - Inertia II
image of Four Winds Brewing, sourced from BC Beer Awards (2013)

CBC People's Choice Award

  1. Four Winds - Sovereign Super Saison
The Brewer's Challenge
Bridge Brewing - Purl

Dan Small Homebrew Award

  1. Matt Anderson - Anderson Estate IPA - Fresh Hopped
  2. Grayson Barke - Harvest Rye IPA
  3. Brad Johnson - Squashmonster

10/29/2014 01:25 AM
Beer In Ads #1357: No Wonder It’s …
Tuesday’s ad is for Schlitz, from 1950. This is from a series of billboard ads from around the same time I stumbled upon, though I’m sure the originals in color are more spectacular, though in case I’m a little glad it’s in black and white. In this ad for Schlitz,...

[[Click through to the Bulletin for full content]]

10/28/2014 07:04 PM
Full Sail Brewing Releases “27” Wheatwine Ale For Their 27th Anniversary

Hood River, OR – Full Sail Brewing Company has released a special beer, “27 Wheatwine Ale,” brewed with 100% Wheat Malt t…

The post Full Sail Brewing Releases “27” Wheatwine Ale For Their 27th Anniversary appeared first on thefullpint.com.

10/28/2014 06:58 PM
SawTown Tavern: the tentacles of Scoats expand their reach.
A post this evening on The Book of Face by a guy named Troy Everwine about who I know diddly-squat: Now that the public notice has been posted, I’m thrilled to announce that my good friend Scoats Mike Scotese (owner … Continue reading

10/28/2014 05:44 PM
This Saturday, Stoup Brewing celebrates its 1st anniversary

Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog.

Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog. This Saturday, November 1, Stoup Brewing celebrates its first anniversary with a party at the brewery in Ballard. The party starts at noon and ends at 10:00. New beers, live music, and good grub await you. New Beers: German-Style Pilsner and an Imperial Porter aged in whiskey...

10/28/2014 05:08 PM
Colorado Beer News 102814
Colorado Beer NewsToday is National Chocolate Day. A day that chocolate lovers relish every year (or make that every day). And since Halloween is around the corner, just about everyone has some chocolate in the house. It's OK to indulge in chocolate for just one day. And you know what pairs great with chocolate? How about a porter or a stout? The combo makes a great pairing. Try it and see. Here's what's happening around the Colorado beerosphere today Tuesday, October 28th, 2014. If you aren't reading this article on FermentedlyChallenged.com, you don't know what you're missing.

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Metro Denver

Arvada Beer Co (Arvada) - Seeing how the holidays are not too far off, Arvada Beer is busy brewing up this year's batch of Jolly Holiday today. This big beer will be ready around November 21st, just in time for the start of the holiday season. [5600 Olde Wadsworth Blvd, Arvada, CO]

TRVE Brewing (Denver) - This Thursday, October 30th from 6pm to 11pm - come help support the Keep A Breast Foundation, a rad organization dedicated to empowering and educating young people about breast health and early detection. They'll get $1 for every pint sold that night. Let's crush some beers for boobies! [227 Broadway, Denver, CO]

Odyssey Beerwerks (Arvada) - Halloween will bring lots of activities to Odyssey Beerwerks from 2pm to close including a Pumpkin Carving Contest, a Costume Contest, and an Art Reception & DJ Party. Drop off your entry for the pumpkin carving before Friday 10/31 to help them decorate the taproom. Judging will take place during the party. Wear your costume to Odyssey and get your photo taken for the costume contest. They'll review all entries over the weekend and announce best costume prizes on Monday, November 3rd. Scott Trask is their October Artist and will help DJ the party starting at 9:30pm. Plus, stay for the special Halloween beer tapping of their "Fluffy Pumpkin Porter". [5535 W 56th Ave, Ste 107, Arvada, CO]

Copper Kettle Brewing Co (Denver) - For their final October "Pumpkin" Cask tapping of the month, Copper Kettle will tap their Pumpkin Saison on Wednesday, October 29th. There's always something new on cask each Wednesday there at the brewery. [1338 S Valentia St, Unit 100, Denver, CO]

38 State Brewing Co (Littleton) - It's never too early (or too late) to start planning your Halloween Friday Night! - 38 State has a great evening planned including: A costume contest (complete w/ prizes), a live DJ, delicious eats from The Pasta Cart, and ghoulish games to keep the party rockin' all night long! Spread the word and trick or treat at Littleton's finest. [8071A S Broadway, Littleton, CO]

The Brew on Broadway (Englewood) - The release of their Orchard Place Caramel Apple Stout is now set to release on October 31st at 6pm. The brewer just blended and tasted it today and it turned out better than planned - you won't want to miss it! Wear your Halloween costumes that night for $1 off regular pints. [3445 S Broadway, Englewood, CO]

Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project (Denver) - Tonight at 6pm they're tapping a specialty keg of Raspberry Origins! This Burgundy sour ale aged in oak on fresh raspberries packs a tart punch to warm you on this chilly day. [3350 Brighton Blvd, Denver, CO]

Wynkoop Brewing Co (Denver) - The Wynkoop now has their C.andy Brown English Ale back on the nitro tap. Enjoy it in a pint or mixed in the Candied Bananas beer cocktail. [1634 18th St, Denver, CO]

Hops & Pie (Denver) - Here's the list of freshly tapped beers at Hops & Pie today: Russian River's Supplication, Barrel Aged ODB from Oskar Blues, Strange's 1000 Barrel, Odell's Gramps and Victory at Sea from Ballast Point. Have a couple of those along with their Tuesday Night 23 special - get a 2 topping 18" pie and 2 drafts for 23 bucks. Get some 5pm to close. [3920 Tennyson St, Denver, CO]

Big Choice Brewing (Broomfield) - Coming up this week: Tonight is Taco Tuesday and Buy One Get One Free Pint when you wear your Big Choice gear! Friday: Halloween - wear your costumes and get Happy H our pricing on pints. PLUS - they are going to offer Wagon Growlers. Get $5 off growler refills all night! Sunday November 2nd - Open at noon and will have $1 off 4-packs until 2pm and Happy Hour during the Broncos game. Trivia and Family Movie at 3pm. [7270 W 118th Pl, Broomfield, CO]

Our Mutual Friend Malt & Brew (Denver) - Today from 4-10pm is another in their long line of "Keep The Glass" days. Today lucky glass #13 debuts and was designed by Dylan Fowler. Also, Five Points Pizza will be on site selling pies and slices. Always plenty of beer to go round. [2810 Larimer St, Denver, CO]

Mu Brewery (Aurora) - Last night it was the Pumpkin Carving contest. Tonight they'll host "Pictionary Against Humanity" starting at 6:30pm. To keep up with the Halloween theme, they'll also have Zombie Target Practice Night. [9735 E Colfax Ave, Aurora, CO]

Jagged Mountain Craft Brewery (Denver) - Don't forget Jagged Mountain's One Year Anniversary party this Saturday, November 1st from Noon til 11pm. They'll tap 4 different rare beers, one each at 12pm, 3pm, 6pm and 9pm (2 barleywines, an imperial stout, and an Old Ale). Plus, Truck Yeah food truck will be there. Giveaways throughout the day. [1139 20th St, Denver, CO]

Cerebral Brewing (Denver) - At long last, the owners have finally found a location for their brewery. The new spot will be at: 1477 N Monroe Street in Denver, CO in the old Galaxie building just off Colfax. This is a 4,000 square foot area that they will transform into a brewery and taproom.

Blue Spruce Brewing Co (Centennial) - Firkin Tuesday is back! Today's $3 firkin pint is their Citrus Medly. [4151 E County Line Rd, Unit G, Centennial, CO]

Diebolt Brewing Co (Denver) - Come join in for their Day of the Dead celebration and raise a beer to honor those no longer with us on Saturday, November 1st starting a 7pm. Plus, get some extra mileage out of your Halloween costume and win some prizes while your at it. Undead beats by DJ P-Cuz rocking the brewhouse at 7pm. Food truck: Mobile Meltz truck. Serving 6-9ish. And the return of the dreaded Graveyard Ale, their signature beer blend. Don't be scared of Cerveza De Los Muertos! [3855 Mariposa St, Denver, CO]

Boulder County

BRU Handbuilt Ales & Eats (Boulder) - Stop by on Tuesdays for All Day Happy Hour at BRU. Get $3 ales, $4 wine and delicious eats. Also - Join BRU on Halloween night for Trick or Treating for the kids, a complimentary pint for parents, and $3 pints for those in costume. Plus, BRU is serving Sunday Brunch weekly from 9:30am to 3pm along with Brunch Happy Hour 9:30am - 11:30am. [5290 Arapahoe, Boulder, CO]

Großen Bart Brewery (Longmont) - Grossen Bart Brewery is getting into full swing! They plan on opening their doors to the public November 10th! Their scheduled ribbon cutting for with the Longmont Chamber of Commerce will be on Friday, November 14th. And their "official" Grand Opening party is set for Saturday December 13th! Each of their beers will be associated with a different style of facial hair. You can expect to see everything from their Balbo Berliner Weiss, Anchor Amber, Imperial Whiskey Stout, Chin Curtain IPA, Soul Patch Porter, Friendly Mutton Chop Marzen, Dali Dunkelweizen, Chevron Dry Irish Stout, Horseshoe Hefeweizen, Five 0'Clock Kolsch, Regent Whiskey Brown, Garibaldi Black IPA, Fu Manchu Cider, Chevron Coffee Cream Stout, and Strip-Teaser Pale Ale! [1025 Delaware Ave, Longmont, CO]

Bootstrap Brewing Co (Niwot) - Here's what's happening at Bootstrap this week: Trivia tonight starting at 6:30pm along with Enchiladas by Niwot Market. Wednesday 10/29: - Euchre tournament at 6:00pm. Friday 10/31: Halloween Party starting at 5pm. Happy Hour prices for all in costume, plus live music as well. And Saturday November 1st brings live music from Watersong at 5pm. [6778 N 79th St, Niwot, CO]

Wild Woods Brewery (Boulder) - It finally feels like Fall is in the air, and it's a great time of year to drink craft beer! Today two seasonal favorites are back - River Rock Brown (a smooth brown ale brewed with hot rocks) and Honey Nut Blonde (a blonde ale with honey and toasted almonds). It's also Happy Hour all night, every Tuesday! [5460 Conestoga Ct, Boulder, CO]

Crystal Springs Brewing Co (Louisville) - Today's the day! They will be celebrating their 1st year of business in Louisville and will be cracking open their new Imperial Red just for the occasion. They will also have some rare tasty Imperial Stouts too. Come on down, the fun starts at 4:00pm. [657 S Taylor Ave, Unit E, Louisville, CO]

The Post Brewing Co (Lafayette) - On November 6th at 6:30pm they are taking over the taps at The West End Tavern in Boulder, CO. Enjoy great conversation with Bryan Selders & Nick Tedeschi, good music by Flynn & Co and even better ‪‎craft beer‬. The first 48 people to buy a Post craft beer that night will get a free Post can glass! [The Post Brewing: 105 W Emma St, Lafayette, CO]

Avery Brewing Co (Boulder) - You asked for it and they're delivering. Tweak will be bottled and released on Sunday, November 16th at Avery Brewing. They aged this big 17.81% ABV stout in bourbon barrels and added heaps of Ozo Coffee Co's Organic Espresso Isabelle for the perfect combination of alcohol and caffeine. The bottle release happens at 1pm. More details coming soon. [5763 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder, CO]

Liquid Mechanics Brewing Co (Lafayette) - It's Tap Tuesday! Today's beer release is a Raspberry Rye. Rye grain imparts a grainy, bittersweet, subtle spiciness to beer. The added fresh raspberries adds just the right amount of fruitiness and sweetness, and gives the beer a reddish hue. This is a small batch. Happy Hour today is 4:30pm to 5:30pm with $1 off pours. [297 N US Hwy 287 #100, Lafayette, CO]

City Star Brewing - Berthoud CO
Sponsored ad from City Star Brewing - Berthoud, CO.

Northern Colorado

Broken Plow Brewery (Greeley) - Starting Saturday November 1st, Broken Plow will have new business hours for Fall & Winter. Mondays - Thursdays 2-9pm, Fridays & Saturdays 2-11pm, and Sundays 2-8pm. Stop in tomorrow (Wednesday) for Trick or Drinking at 7pm. Drink some spooky beer-tails and play trivia. [4731 W 10th St, Greeley, CO]

High Hops Brewery (Windsor) - For this spooky week, High Hops will be tapping a special Ales From The Crypt firkin on Wednesday at 5pm - it's a Pumpkin "EYE"PA. Then plan to attend Halloween @ High Hops on Friday. They'll have a special beer release of "Snick Or Treat Porter". Think of a candy bar with peanuts and caramel in a porter. They'll also host a costume contest with prizes for best costumes. Live music Friday and Saturday night too. [6461 Hwy 392, Windsor, CO]

City Star Brewing (Berthoud) - Don't forget! Tonight is their "Creepy Food"-themed Potluck Dinner tonight at 6:30pm - 8:30pm. Bring a dish to share. Cook with a City Star beer and receive a FREE beer! They'll supply paper plates, napkins and silverware. While you're there, be sure to give brewery owners Whitney and John Way a big CONGRATS on their expecting a baby in March! 10 beers on tap today including their newest - Fall Back IPA. [321 Mountain Ave, Berthoud, CO]

Grimm Brothers Brewhouse (Loveland) - What are you dressing up as for Halloween? Whatever your costume, wear it into Grimm Bros this Friday and get $1 off your beers all day. They will have a Mummy Wrap Competition at 7pm and a Costume Contest at 8pm for both group and individual. Also try the special Bloody Mary Little Red Cap firkin beer. Plus, plenty of Halloween beads and candy. [623 Denver Ave, Loveland, CO]

Black Bottle Brewery (Ft. Collins) - The beer gone viral is going to be tapped this Thursday! Come try their new beer "Cerealiously Count Chocula" - they cleared out two entire grocery stores of Count Chocula to make it. It taps at 5pm on Thursday. Rumor has it that Count Chocula himself will be on hand for the release. [1611 S College Ave, Unit 1609, Ft. Collins, CO]

1933 Brewing Co (Ft. Collins) - New brews are being released this week! They'll be tapping a Nut Brown Ale and a Gose (sour salted ale) later this week. More details soon. Open today from 3pm to 8pm. [4025 S Mason St, Ft. Collins, CO]

Southern Front Range

Dodgeton Creek Brewing Co (Trinidad) - Here's another brewery starting up their Christmas beer batches. Yesterday they brewed up a batch of their Christmas Lager. This beer will be ready by mid-December. Also, get your Halloween costume ready for their Halloween Party this Friday. Details on their party coming out later this week. [36730 Democracy Dr, Trinidad, CO]

Manitou Brewing Co (Manitou Springs) - They're bringing back Taco Tuesday today at 3pm til close. Get 3 tacos + a pint of MBC beer for $9. ALso, FREE 3 hour parking Monday through Thursday now through Spring, just remember to still use the parking kiosk and choose "3 hrs free" for the tickets. Then, Friday, HALLOWEEN NIGHT 6-9pm, they'll be giving away prizes {beer, gift certs, glassware, mugs, t-shirts, etc}, everyone has a chance to win, chances improved if you're dressed in a costume, and even better chance if it's a beer themed costume! [725 Manitou Ave, Manitou Springs, CO]

Smiling Toad Brewery (Colorado Springs) - Here's this week's Beer Menu: IPA, ESB, Amber, Lavender, Chili Lime, Wallonian Pale, and a Vanilla Porter. Plus more beer styles coming soon! Plus, every Tuesday they have Bite Me Gourmet Sausages on site serving up Rubens, Frankfurters, Green Chili Soup and more. [1757 S 8th St, Ste 100, Colo. Springs, CO]

Mountains and West

Dillon Dam Brewery (Dillon) - Wear your Halloween costume to the brewery on the 31st from 3pm on. They'll offer great drink deals from 3-6pm as well as giving away some prizes. Also - Heads up! Their upstairs seating area will be closed off all this week October 27 through November 2nd in order to repair the subfloor and install new carpeting. Then they will be completely closed on November 3rd & 4th to install carpet in the downstairs. They'll be fully back open on Wednesday, November 5th. Come check them out - the carpet is reportedly very unique! [100 Little Dam Rd, Dillon, CO]

Casey Brewing and Blending (Glenwood Springs) - New releases this weekend! Saturday, November 1st from 11am-5pm. The new blends of Saison, Peach Fruit Stand and Plum Fruit Stand are all tasting great. Come get some bottles! [3421 Grand Ave, Glenwood Springs, CO]

Hard Cider Festival (Paonia) - Just a little reminder Cider Fest is fast approaching this Sat Nov. 1st. It's free to attend and there are 3 great bands starting at 11am to 7pm. They will be hosting 7 different hard cider companies from the Rocky Mountain Cider Association. There are still some really good apples for picking, Haunted Orchard maze and great food. Weather forecast is calling to be in the 70's and should be an amazing day. It's all happening out at Delicious Orchards in Paonia. [39126 Hwy 133, Paonia, CO]

Revolution Brewing (Paonia) - There is now fresh "Stout Ol' Friend" 6-pack cans available. Look for them in a local liquor store near you. So shiny, so delicious. [325 Grand Ave, Paonia, CO]

Dolores River Brewery (Dolores) - What's happening at the brewery for Halloween? Beer. Plus Wayne "the Train" Hancock will be performing honky tonk. There will be a costume contest, & boot skootin' fun. Cover is $10. Show starts at 9pm. [100 South 4th, Dolores, CO]

Upcoming Colorado Brewery Openings

- Mockery Brewing - Denver - November 7, 2014.
- Großen Bart Brewery - Longmont - November 10, 2014.
- Locavore Beer Works - Littleton - November 15, 2014.
- FERMÆNTRA - Denver - November 15, 2014.
- Alpine Dog Brewing Co - Denver - November 15, 2014.

See a complete list of all known Colorado breweries in planning.

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10/28/2014 03:43 PM
Spooky Halloween Tap Takeover at Eclipse
[ October 31, 2014; 7:00 pm; ] 'Tis the season for delicious beer, it's also the season for delicious themes. In this case, Eclipse Restaurant in the Loop has put together quite a spook tap takeover for your Halloween fun. Eclipse has lined up six beers to make your Halloween a bit more ghoulish: Firestone Walker Agrestic Ale Founder's Dark Penance Double Black IPA Game of [...]

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48 Hours in Victoria, Canada
This is it,” I murmured under my breath as I walked into Hoyne Brewing Company’s tasting room. This was the first of many “this is ...

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In the Grip of a Cider Press
Head west from London, through suburbs lazily tapering off into farmland and forests, and you will find yourself in the West Country, the umbrella term ...

10/28/2014 01:50 PM
Beer: Hoppy Brown (Disaster) Ale
A while ago I tried a beer by Banner Beer Company called "Run to Equinox". What is it? A hoppy brown ale. It was pretty good. It didn't blow me away, but it was pretty good. So what did I do? Go on the search for some more hoppy brown ales. The search was, well, not that successful. The only other that I found in the area was Smuttynose's "Durty" which is now called "Mud Season". So what does a homebrewer do if they cannot find the beer they want to drink? Find or formulate a recipe and brew it.

After much research, everyone seemed to base their recipe off of Janet's Hoppy Brown Ale. Must be good then right? So I did the same thing. Tweaked a couple of things but overall kept it close to the same.

We called it the "Hoppy Brown Disaster" because pretty much every step of the way, something went wrong. When draining into the fermentation bucket, the hops blocked the drainage. When fermenting, the temperature somehow jumped to 82°F even thought it was cool out. When transferring from secondary to the bottling bucket, the hops clogged and broke the auto-siphon wand. You get where I'm going. It was a disaster. Other than the fruity esters from the high temps, it came out great! 

The only difference from this recipe and the final is that the OG was 1.069 and the FG was at about 1.009 after the yeast went insane cause of the high temperature. So the final ABV was around 7.9%. I was okay with that. I also decided to use whole cone dried hops last minute to try them out. Needless to say, I wasn't a huge fan because I didn't account for water consumption. You live and learn!





AmountFermentablePPG°LBill %
10 lbAmerican - Pale 2-Row371.864.5%
1 lbAmerican - Caramel / Crystal 40L34406.5%
1 lbAmerican - Chocolate293506.5%
1 lbAmerican - Wheat381.86.5%
1 lbGerman - Carapils351.36.5%
1 lbRice Hulls006.5%
0.5 lbAmerican - Smoked Malt3753.2%
15.5 lbTotal
1 ozNorthern BrewerPellet7.8Mash5.78
0.5 ozCentennialPellet10Boil60 min18.59
1 ozNorthern BrewerPellet7.8Boil60 min29
1 ozNorthern BrewerPellet7.8Boil15 min14.39
1.5 ozCascadePellet7Boil10 min14.15
1.5 ozCascadePellet7Boil0 min
1.5 ozCentennialPellet10Dry Hop7 days
Mash Guidelines
4.5 galBrings it to 150FSparge165 F60 min
3.5 galBrings it to 175FSparge212 F10 min
Starting Mash Thickness: 1.5 qt/lb
Other Ingredients
1 tspGypsumWater AgtBoil60 min
Danstar - Nottingham Ale Yeast
Attenuation (avg):
Optimum Temp:
57 - 70 °F
Fermentation Temp:
72 °F
Pitch Rate:
0.35 (M cells / ml / ° P)
110 B cells required

10/28/2014 01:42 PM
Coming Soon: City Acre Brewing in Houston
Well, soon  might be a relative term. City Acre Brewing won't be open until 2015. It will be at 3421 Folger Street, north of downtown off of U.S. Highway 59. They will serve their own beer, plus some other Texas craft beers, and serve food made from their garden.

Matt Schlabach and his wife Meredith Borders are the owners of City Acre Brewing. Mat has been brewing for over ten years, about as long as they've been dreaming of opening a brew pub.


10/28/2014 01:07 PM
Adelbert’s Brewery Releases Sundowner, First Texas Bière Brut

(AUSTIN,TX)  – Adelbert’s Brewery, a Belgian-style brewery based in Austin Texas, is proud to announce the release of its n…

The post Adelbert’s Brewery Releases Sundowner, First Texas Bière Brut appeared first on thefullpint.com.

10/28/2014 12:05 PM
Oskar Blues CAN'd Aid Foundation raises $1M in 1st year
Oskar Blues CAN'd Aid FoundationIn their first year alone, Oskar Blues' CAN'd Aid Foundation has raised over $1 milloon. Oskar Blues Brewery matches every dollar donated.

"Without this program and funding from CAN'd Aid, more than 200 children in our county would go without Christmas. The grant means those kids will be able to shop with our officers and pick out a gift for themselves." - Moody Noreda, Cops for Kids Program.

[PRESS RELEASE] Longmont, CO, & Brevard, NC--The Oskar Blues CAN'd Aid Foundation has developed national partnerships in a variety of focus areas, including outdoor recreation, arts and music, and environmental sustainability, although the Foundation's initial focus in the first year was maximizing fundraising efforts for the expedited distribution of monies to the communities of ColoRADo that experienced massive devastation because of severe flooding that struck the Front Range in September 2013.

Lyons, ColoRADo, is still home to the original Oskar Blues Grill & Brew. When Oskar Blues Soul Founder Dale Katechis learned of other local businesses that suffered damage, some so severely that they were in jeopardy of closing their doors permanently, he jumped into action. Starting with a personal donation of $150,000, Dale reached out to the craft brewing industry and fans of Oskar Blues, and issued a matching challenge through the end of 2013. In just three months, CAN'd Aid raised and distributed $515,000 for flood relief and recovery efforts, directly assisting 235 families, 65 businesses and five organizations.

While CAN'd Aid continues to work directly with the Town of Lyons to support flood-related projects, the Foundation's focus has expanded to include the original concepts that Dale had in mind pre-flood.

The Foundation focuses on "Grassroots Grants"--a concept that celebrates the little guy with a big idea. By incorporating specific program areas, Tunes (music, arts & culture); Towns (disaster relief); Treads & Trails (outdoor pursuits/health & wellness); Love Yer Mama (sustainability & recycling); and throwing in a wild card, Total CANarchy (anything goes). One year after its launch, CAN'd Aid Foundation has emerged as a funky, unique and utterly atypical nonprofit organization.

"As our official transportation sponsor, CAN'd Aid makes it possible every day for 160 kids and teens from all over our county to travel to our Club by bus. The funds enabled us to expand our bus fleet, allowing kids faster and safer access to our programs, including outdoor excursions focusing on healthy and fit lifestyles, community service opportunities, and arts & music instruction," says Jackie Witherspoon of the Cindy Platt Boys & Girls Club of Transylvania County.

"Love Yer Mama" offers recycling-specific grants to groups interested in starting sustainable recycling programs and incorporates education about the benefits of aluminum packaging over glass or plastic. A national recycling initiative, which the foundation kicked off in June with help from The Alcoa Foundation, Ball Foundation and Novelis, is gaining momentum and will soon incorporate OB-centric recycling hubs in both Longmont, CO, and Brevard, NC.

In addition to the $700,000 CAN'd Aid has given for ColoRADo flood recovery efforts, an additional $150,000 has gone toward grassroots community projects all over the U.S. Oskar Blues Brewery matches every dollar raised by CAN'd Aid, and people are starting to notice. ColoRADo Governor John Hickenlooper has repeatedly applauded the Foundation's work and recently cited CAN'd Aid as being instrumental in helping Lyons rebuild. Boulder-based eTown, a nationally syndicated radio program, recently awarded Dale and the Foundation their E-chievement award for giving back and having a tremendous impact in that community. (To hear Katechis' video interview with e-Town hosts Nick & Helen Forster, visit www.etown.org). The Colorado Rockies Baseball Club and Rockies Foundation have also supported CAN'd Aid generously, and Rockies outfielder Michael Cuddyer recently named CAN'd Aid as his charity of choice, resulting in a $7500 gift from Chevrolet through his Roberto Clemente Award nomination.

As CAN'd Aid enters year two, there is no sign of slowing down. Big focus areas will include partnering with nationally touring bands to fund "TUNES" programs and working with groups like Grassroots Outdoor Alliance and bike-centric companies to increase funding for "TREADS & TRAILS" programs.

For more information about the Oskar Blues CAN'd Aid Foundation, to make a donation or to get involved, visit www.foundation.oskarblues.com.

About CAN'd Aid Foundation
The Oskar Blues CAN'd Aid Foundation was formed as an immediate response to the massive flooding that devastated our hometowns of Lyons & Longmont, CO, in September 2013. To date, CAN'd Aid has donated $700,000 for flood recovery and an additional $150,000 to charitable causes focused on outdoor recreation, child and family advocacy, arts and culture, and sustainability initiatives. Shakin' things up in the world of non-profits, the public charity features funky, fractured, grassroots grants to fund worthy projects from coast to coast. By putting our own spin on what charitable giving looks like, we're able to stay nimble, respond quickly and stay true to our roots. Every dollar raised by the CAN'd Aid Foundation is matched by Oskar Blues Brewery-doubling the "do-goodery" and maximizing the reach.

About Oskar Blues Brewery
Founded as a brewpub by Dale Katechis in 1997, Oskar Blues Brewery launched the craft beer-in-a-can apocalypse in 2002 using a tabletop machine that sealed one can at a time. In 2008, the makers of the top-selling pale ale in ColoRADo, Dale's Pale Ale, moved into a 35,000-square-foot facility in Longmont, ColoRADo. The brewery has since experienced explosive growth-packaging 59,000 barrels of beer in 2011 and 86,750 barrels in 2012. In December of 2012, Oskar Blues opened the doors to an additional brewery in Brevard, North Carolina. Together, the breweries packaged 120,000 barrels of beer in 2013, distributing its trailblazing craft brews to 36 U.S. states.

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10/28/2014 11:59 AM
Food and Beer Pairing at Craft Beer Cellar
[ October 31, 2014; 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm. ] We'll see a lot of trick or treating this Friday, but it'll all treats at Craft Beer Cellar in Clayton as they're hosting a very special food and beer pairing on Halloween. Just like when you were a wee tot visiting your neighborhood looking for candy, this beer pairing will also involve neighbors. In this case [...]

10/28/2014 11:27 AM
Clueless Shooters Shorten Another Range Trip
Regular readers are aware I shoot at a semi-unsupervised range conservation organization. There are RO's that pop in regularly to enforced the latest iterations of the range rules, and I've been told numerous times the rules are to keep the "less safe" shooters under control. My response has always been, if they can't be safe and can't follow the rules, kick them out!

Sunday afternoon my friend Greg and I were at the range getting in some practice. We were having a fun time and enjoying the beautiful fall afternoon. At one point we turned back up range from pasting targets to see three new arrivals setting their gear on the bench, AND handling and setting out firearms while we were down range. I look at Greg and asked, "You done?" to which he replied in the affirmative. We proceeded to police our brass and pack the gear, but as we were loading our gear into our cars the new arrivals began shooting — without a warning. We were caught off guard when as we had taken off our ear protection.

After getting our ear protection on quickly, we watched them for a short time. I remarked to Greg that I was glad to find he was as anti-social as I was when it comes to shooting with people I don't know. I prefer unsupervised ranges, but only when it's just me and folks I know. We watched as they continually swept each other with firearms. I get really nervous when I see someone unholster a firearm while standing directly behind another person at the line. Apparently maintaining muzzle awareness is difficult with a cigarette in your hand.

Over the years, I've found that shooting enthusiasts are by far the most friendly, safety conscience, and courteous folks I've met. That's why incidents like this are so exasperating. There's been chatter lately about limiting or even ceasing the range use at the club. In fact the hours they are open have already been reduced. It's because of people like this. When I take new shooters to the range, I make sure they understand they have a dangerous weapon in their hands. Unfortunately even some long-time shooters seem to forget that when they head out to the range. Just because it's fun doesn't you can ignore the safety rules.

And unlike the time we were admonished for shooting at three targets instead of just two, there wasn't an RO to be seen.

[ This content originated at Musings Over a Pint ]

10/28/2014 10:46 AM
Jester King Colour Five Release This Friday

(Austin,TX) – We’re very excited to introduce Jester King Colour Five — a blend of barrel-aged, sour beer refermented w…

The post Jester King Colour Five Release This Friday appeared first on thefullpint.com.

10/28/2014 10:28 AM
Beer Fermentation with Chris Graham – BeerSmith Podcast #91
iTunesAudio200Chris Graham, the President of MoreBeer, joins me this week to discuss beer fermentation, fermenters, temperature control and how to get the most out of your fermentation. Chris provides some great advice on the equipment to use, methods, and control of your home brewed fermentation. Subscribe on iTunes to Audio version or Video version Download […]

10/28/2014 07:15 AM
Birrificio Italiano
Looking back over my photos from 2013, this one always makes me laugh. The quality isn't great (I'd had a bev, innit) but it looks like Giacomo - an ex-Gunmakers barman from Milan - is coming to start some aggro with me. I was in the bar of Birrificio Italiano's restaurant in Lurago Marinone, Lombardy. The brewing equipment used to sit in that exact spot 17 years ago when Agostino Arioli (

10/28/2014 06:00 AM
Beer Calendar: What To Do in November 2014
Seems like it's right around this point each year where I comment something to the effect of how difficult it is to believe that the holidays are just around the corner. Beer festivals are ebbing, Beer Weeks have come and gone, and you're either cheering or bemoaning the segue from pumpkin beers to "Christmas beers". By past monthly standards, this list feels just a bit light. As always, if I'm

10/28/2014 05:10 AM
Gretz Beer installs energy efficient lighting in distribution center in US
Independence LED Lighting, the award-winning U.S. manufacturer of LED high bay fixtures and LED tubes, announces today the completed delivery of its energy saving LED lighting for the Gretz Beer Company at 2801 Township Line Rd. in Hatfield, Pennsylvania.

10/28/2014 04:48 AM
Those Who Rate

Boak & Bailey's Beer Blog - Writing about beer and pubs since 2007

This Tweet triggered a conversation on which we eavesdropped with interest: is it me, or when you read a brewer saying that they don't care for ratings websites, oft means beers have been flamed on there? — Phil Lowry (@PhilLowry) October 20, 2014 Follow up responses seemed to suggest that Ratebeerians as know enough to […]

Those Who Rate

10/28/2014 03:05 AM
German Helles in 2014
Right, time to start making some use of all this information I've been wasting my evenings collecting. My only accompaniment the quiet sobbing of my negected wife and kids.

I suppose I should make this clear at the start. What I mean by Helles, isn't any old sort of pale Lager that isn't Pils. I should really use the full name of the style I'm discussing today: Helles Lagerbier or Lagerbier Hell. I'm using the shorthand of Helles because I can't be arsed to go and change the style on hundreds of table entries.

It's a very popular style amongst the breweries I'm looking at. No surprise, as most are from Bavaria. Where Helles is the most popular style. There were only more examples in my set of two styles: Pils and Hefeweizen. Those are, unsurprisingly, the three most popular styles in Germany.

Oh, I suppose I should tell you how I split apart Helles Lagerbier and Helles Export. Some of the latter were identified by the brewery as Export. With others it wasn't clear what, if anything, the brewery considered their style. So I used something mentioned in the Deutscher Brauer-Bund website style descriptions: that Export has a minimum gravity of 12 Platoº.

It seems like a good enough dividing line, so that's what I've used. Though it is pretty arbitrary. I'll classify a beer of 11.9º Helles and one of 12º Export. You have to draw the line somewhere, but I'm not claiming my classification is perfect.

I suppose I should show you the beers now:

German Helles in 2014
Brewer Town Beer OG FG OG Plato ABV App. Atten-uation bitterness (EBU)
Paulaner Munich Münchner Hell Leicht 1030.4 1005.8 7.7 3.20 80.93%
Göller Zeil am Main Hausbrauerbier 1044.9 1011.7 11.2 4.30 73.92%
Püls-bräu Stadtsteinach Weismainer Urhell 1046.1 1010.8 11.5 4.60 76.69%
Bürgerbräu Hersbruck Hersbruck Lagerbier 1045.3 1009.9 11.3 4.60 78.13%
Ammerndorfer Bier Dorn Bräu Ammerndorf Hell 1045.7 1010.3 11.4 4.60 77.46%
Privatbrauerei Kesselring Marktsteft Hell 1046.1 1010.0 11.5 4.70 78.31%
Zum Löwenbräu Flair Hotel Adelsdorf Vollbier Hell 1047.4 1011.2 11.8 4.70 76.36%
Brauerei Windsheimer Gutenstetten Vollbier 1047.8 1011.6 11.9 4.70 75.73%
Forschungsbrauerei Munich Münchener Vollbier Hell 1044.0 1007.9 11 4.70 82.05%
Arnsteiner Brauerei Seinsheim Ernte Hell 1044.4 1007.6 11.1 4.80 82.90%
Brauerei Gasthof Wiethaler Lauf an der Pegnitz Lagerbier Hell 4.80
Brauereigasthof Winkler Berching  Lagerbier Hell 1045.7 1008.8 11.4 4.80 80.74%
Klosterbrauerei Andechs Andechs Vollbier Hell 1046.1 1009.2 11.5 4.80 80.05%
Braugold Erfurt Braugold Hell 1046.1 1009.2 11.5 4.80 80.05%
Holsten Hamburg Altona Edel 1044.9 1007.3 11.2 4.90 83.73% 23
Kulmbacher Brauerei Kulmbach Kulmbacher Feinmild 1045.3 1007.7 11.3 4.90 82.99%
Kulmbacher Brauerei Kulmbach Mönchshof Bayerisch Hell 1045.3 1007.7 11.3 4.90 82.99%
Kulmbacher Brauerei Kulmbach EKU Hell 1045.7 1008.1 11.4 4.90 82.27%
Brauhaus Leikeim Altenkunstadt Hell 1045.7 1008.1 11.4 4.90 82.27%
Paulaner Munich Münchner Hell 1046.1 1008.5 11.5 4.90 81.57%
Kulmbacher Brauerei Kulmbach Kulmbacher Lager Hell  1046.1 1008.5 11.5 4.90 81.57%
Kulmbacher Brauerei Kulmbach Mönchshof Lager 1046.1 1008.5 11.5 4.90 81.57%
Gasthof Gundel Kammerstein Urhell 1046.1 1008.5 11.5 4.90 81.57%
Brauerei Weller  Erlangen 3x11 1044.0 1006.5 11 4.90 85.35%
Kitzmann-Bräu Erlangen Helles 1046.5 1008.9 11.6 4.90 80.87%
Kitzmann-Bräu Erlangen Kitzzz 1046.5 1008.9 11.6 4.90 80.87%
Brauerei Hermann Sigwart Weißenburg Hell 1046.5 1008.9 11.6 4.90 80.87%
Schübel Bräu Stadtsteinach a fränkisch 1047.4 1009.7 11.8 4.90 79.52%
Strauß Karl Brauerei Treuchtlingen Wettelsheimer Helles 1047.4 1009.7 11.8 4.90 79.52%
Göller Zeil am Main Hell 1047.4 1009.0 11.8 5.00 81.00%
Hacker-Pschorr Munich Münchner Hell 1046.1 1007.8 11.5 5.00 83.19%
Schwechater Vienna Schwechater Bier 1046.1 1007.8 11.5 5.00 83.19%
Kulmbacher Brauerei Kulmbach Original 1046.5 1007.5 11.6 5.10 83.99% 21
Weihenstephan Freising Original 1046.5 1007.4 11.6 5.10 84.10% 21
Spaten Munich Münchner Hell 1047.0 1007.1 11.7 5.20 84.88%
Löwenbräu  Munich Original 1047.4 1007.5 11.8 5.20 84.17%
Average 1045.6 1008.7 11.4 4.8 81.01% 21.7
Brewery websites.

As you can see, there's not a huge amount of variation. And the average does look like the spec of a tyopical Helles: 11.5º Plato, 4.8% ABV, 80% apparent attenuation. The biggest varition is in the degree of attenuation, which ranges from 74% to 85%.

Though by limiting the gravity to 11.9 º Plato, I did, of course, dictate that the beers would be generally similar.

Pils next time.

10/28/2014 01:51 AM
Beer In Ads #1356: Pointing The Way To Pleasure
Monday’s ad is for Drewrys, from 1950. This is from a series of billboard ads from around the same time I stumbled upon, though I’m sure the originals in color are more spectacular. In this ad for Drewrys Beer and Ale, they’re advertising their Canadian association using a...

[[Click through to the Bulletin for full content]]

10/28/2014 12:17 AM
This happened. A GoPro was strapped to a liquor bottle at a wedding
For anyone who has been to a wedding – the coming together of two people deeply in love, on their special day, is actually all about sharing alcohol with friends and family. As this very accurate GoPro footage will attest. If this isn’t the right way to use a GoPro – you know, outside of […]

10/27/2014 10:18 PM
King of Ohio IPA — Northwest Ohio Winners

Before I write anything else, I need to thank our readers for their votes and feedback.  Polls like this only work with a good voter turn out, and even though … Continue Reading →

The post King of Ohio IPA — Northwest Ohio Winners appeared first on The Brew Review Crew.

10/27/2014 10:01 PM
Mead Wedding Favor

If you are looking to give away a great favor at your wedding, consider mead. You could buy a large number of bottles from a commercial meadery, which is a option I support. Another choice is to make or have someone make a mead for you – a unique gift for you special day. I […]

Read the original article Mead Wedding Favor and other Brew Dudes posts.

10/27/2014 09:21 PM
Convert a Sanke Keg to Ball Lock

Want to convert sanke keg to ball lock? Doing so allows you to use your ball lock quick disconnects with both commercial sanke kegs and homebrew cornelius kegs.

10/27/2014 08:56 PM
Beer Review – Stroker Ace
Featured Contributor: Adam McIntosh @The1MacAttack I picked up the new Short’s variety pack a couple days ago at my local grocery store, knowing that it would be worth it. Shorts, in their ever growing impressive list of IPA’s has one called the ‘Stroker Ace‘, before I had actually tried to beer, I assumed that it was going to be strong and hoppy, beefed up like a pure American muscle car. When I hear the word ‘Stroker’, they think of a car or a motorcyle roarin’ down…

10/27/2014 07:37 PM
Geaghan Brothers Brewing beer dinner with Maine Girls Pint Out
At my house I am not the only fan of craft beer, my lovely wife Jessica shares my love of beer. Jessica is the Maine chapter Chair of Girls Pint Out, a National organization whose goal is to empower and educate women in the ways of craft beer, because it’s not a boys club it’s a […]

10/27/2014 05:20 PM
How to Brew All Grain Beer DVD with John Palmer – Coming 1 November!
AllGrainWebLooking to Master All Grain Brewing? Want to make the leap from extract to All-Grain brewing? Would you rather watch it done than read a book? How to Brew All-Grain teaches you how to brew with malted grains, and covers everything from selecting your equipment to brewing, bottling, and kegging. Featuring many hundreds of shots […]

10/27/2014 05:12 PM
Colorado Beer News 102714
Colorado Beer NewsToday is American Beer Day. It's a celebration of America's most popular alcoholic drink - beer! Unfortunately, this "holiday" falls on a Monday this year, but once your workday is over it's time to grab a cold one and toast to this day with your friends. While this may not be an officially government recognized holiday (yet), it is certainly one that beer drinkers will want to mark on their calendars. Please remember to celebrate responsibly. Here's what's happening around the Colorado beerosphere today Monday, October 27th, 2014. If you aren't reading this article on FermentedlyChallenged.com, you don't know what you're missing.

[CO Beer Festivals] -- [Beer Dinners] -- [CO Beer Releases]

January and February 2015 Colorado Beer Fest Calendars are now up!

Metro Denver

Kokopelli Beer Co (Westminster) - This week is going to be a fun one! Monday: Brews and Board Games starts at 6pm. Tuesday: Irish Music starts at 6:30pm. Wednesday: Ladies Night featuring AdvoCare and Silpada starting at 6pm, ladies buy one get one half off all drinks! Friday: Halloween Party! Costume contest with multiple categories, games and great beer starting at 6pm and going all night. [8931 Harlan St, Westminster, CO]

Dad & Dude's Breweria (Aurora) - Join in today for Pajama Party day. And tonight they will be hosting a Broncos jersey giveaway during Monday Night Football. Check out their full craft beer list on their Taphunter link. [6730 S Cornerstar Way, Ste D, Aurora, CO]

Chain Reaction Brewing Co (Denver) - Come on down for their 1st Annual Chili Cook off on Sunday, November 16th from 12pm to 10pm! It's free to enter and free to attend! They will have 3 categories of chili up for judging; Red, Green and vegetarian. You are welcome to enter in just 1 or all 3 if you think you've got the best of the best of each. Judging will be done by all the attendees who partake in chili eating. Prizes will be given to the top 2 chilis of each category then grand prizes will be given to the top 2 overall. If this fun chili cook off wasn't enough they will also be releasing the first ever Chain Reaction Brewing Company barrel aged beer! This extremely special brew will be a smoked hatch chili amber ale aged in a tequila barrel! That's right a beautiful amber ale that uses over 70 fresh roasted hatch chilis per barrel that are then smoked over pecan wood then put into the beer! Then they put all that goodness into a fresh tequila barrel! THey hope to see you there! Sign up sheets for the chili cook off will be available at the brewery so come on down and sign up to reserve your spot. [902 S Lipan St, Denver, CO]

Big Choice Brewing (Broomfield) - The coming of November brings Big Choice's "MO"vember Awareness Contest. Awe Nuts! Yes, that's right guys - it's that time again - time to raise awareness for Prostate and Testicular Cancer. You don't want anything happening to those things would ya? Gentlemen, enter their contest and see if you have the best mustache / beard in Broomfield. It's $5 to enter and it goes to us.movember.com. Contest open to men only (sorry ladies). You must be clean shaven to start and growing either a "mo"stache or beard counts. You must come into the Tasting Room and get your picture taken from October 27th to October 31st. Your pic will be posted in the Tasting Room for all to see. Take a picture of you and your "Mo"stache and email it to andrea[at]bigchoicebrewing.com each week following so they can see your progress and us it to help promote your fabulousness. If you come into the Big Choice Tasting Room once a week to get your photo taken then your 1st pint is FREE! Final judging will be in the Tasting Room on Saturday, December 6th. Must be present to win. Brewers from different breweries will be the judges. Actual judging takes place at 1:30pm. 2 winners will be announced. Judges Choice wins "Beer For A Year" (1 growler fill a month). People's CHoice wins 6 free pints. [7270 W 118th Pl, Unit A, Broomfield, CO]

CAUTION: Brewing Co (Lakewood & Denver) - This is going to be one helluva week at CAUTION! They start with Trivia on Tuesday, karaoke on Wednesday, then it's Halloween time! If you know them, then you get how they throw down. Don't miss Thursday night's party at East, or Saturday's party at West! Prizes galore, music, fun, and beers. Oh, and welcome the return of Toaster Bat Black and TIM! [EAST: 12445 E 39th Ave, Denver, CO - WEST: 1057 S Wadsworth Blvd, Lakewood, CO]

Jagged Mountain Craft Brewery (Denver) - Today is their Pumpkin Carving Contest. BYO pumpkin and the winner gets to name their first pumpkin beer! Then stop back this Saturday, November 1st for their One-Year Anniversary party. There will be 4 beer releases, giveaways, and more all day long. Then on Sunday, November 2nd is Non-Profit Day supporting Reading Partners. $1 from every beer sold that day will be donated. [1139 20th St, Denver, CO]

Dry Dock Brewing Co (Aurora) - Today they release the newest beer at their South Dock location. Stop in to try their "Hop Eye the Sailor Man", a pale ale that weighs in at 7.1% ABV and 51 IBUs. It's described as a smooth, easy drinker. Available today! [15120 E Hampden Ave, Aurora, CO]

Two22 Brew (Centennial) - Here's what lies ahead this week. Monday: Open tonight from 3-9pm, Tuesday 10/28: Tacos and Trivia Night 6-8pm, Wednesday 10/29: $1 off Growler Fills, Thursday 10/30: Lena B BBQ at 5pm, Friday 10/31 Halloween Party - Brews & Boos. Boo!22 will be back on tap. Saturday 11/1: Walk or Bike in and get $1 off your 1st pint, and Sunday 11/2: Comfortable Food at 2pm and the Broncos game at 2:25pm. [4550 S Reservoir Rd, Centennial, CO]

Fiction Beer Co (Denver) - Coming up this Thursday, October 30th is a new beer tapping at 6:00pm - "Feely Effects", a green tea chocolate stout. Then on Friday, October 31st, wear your Halloween costume into to tap room. Every adult wearing a costume gets $1 off all beers (samples excluded). [7101 E Colfax Ave, Denver, Co]

Cannonball Creek Brewing Co (Golden) - This Friday October 31st is their 2nd Annual Halloween Throwdown starting at 12pm and lasting til close. At 12pm they will release their Chocolate Pumpkin Porter. Then at 7pm it's the "Jack O' Lantern Light-Off". BYO carved pumpkin. Winning Jack O' Lantern receives a $25 gift certificate to CCBC. Then from 8pm to 9pm it's the Costume Contest. Prizes for 1st ($100), 2nd ($50), and 3rd ($25) - all in gift certificate format. Must be present to win and 21+ only. [393 N Washington Ave, Golden, CO]

Mu Brewery (Aurora) - It's Halloween Week and Mu Brewery is going to help you relive all the joys of your childhood that have been sucked away from years of being a responsible adult. If you're having a hard time finding that inner child, they have 7 delicious beers on tap to help wake him or her up. All week they'll be doing fun Halloween things leading up to Halloween Night where they'll have a Costume Contest, Haunted Cellar, and Free Small Batch Brew for all of you. Tonight, Monday Night at 6:30pm they'll be carving up pumpkins. Come down, have a couple beers, and get your hands dirty. Feel free to let them know if you're coming down. That way they'll know how many pumpkins to grab. [9735 E Colfax Ave, Aurora, CO]

Westminster Brewing Co (Westminster) - Bring your best to the party this Friday night! Stop by the Frightmare Compound and tour the haunted facilities. Then head over to the Tasting Lab at Westminster Brewing Co for a fiendishly good time with music by Big Paddy Irish Groove Band (8pm - midnight), food by 5280 and prizes for the best costumes. No cover but plenty of fun and good beer! [7655 W 108th Ave, Unit 600, Westminster, CO]

The Brew on Broadway (Englewood) - This week at The BoB - Monday 10/27 - Happy Day 4pm to close with $1 off all beers, Tuesday 10/28 - Americana Open Mic Night 7-9pm, Wednesday 10/29 - live music 7-9pm with happy hour, Thursday 10/30 - Celtic Session Group 7-9pm, Friday 10/31 - Halloween Party 7pm to 10pm - wear a costume and get $1 off regular pints and contest for best and worst outfit. Try their seasonal release of Orchard Place Caramel Apple Stout! Several seasonal beers on tap, a coffee milk stout on nitro and an ESB on cask. [3445 S Broadway, Englewood, CO]

Station 26 Brewing Co (Denver) - Today they are tapping a Honey Blonde. Pair that with food from Chuey Fu's tonight from 4-9pm. Plus, they just brewed a batch of a Plum Dubbel today and will tap that later in November. [7045 E 38th Ave, Denver, CO]

Boulder County

The Industrial Revolution Brewing Co (Erie) - On Wednesday, October 29th, they will unveil their brand new brew - New Zealand Pale Ale. This brew uses hops from New Zealand and is gluten reduced. Also, don't forget to attend their Halloween Party this Friday, October 31st from 6pm to 10pm. Costume contest with prizes too! They're dying to see you there. [285 Cheesman St, Erie, CO]

West Flanders Brewing Co (Boulder) - Halloween "boos" are more fun with brews! Stop in this Friday, for Halloween from 6pm to close. There will be a Costume Contest, food, beer, and live music for your Halloween pleasure. [1125 Pearl St, Boulder, CO]

Front Range Brewing Co (Lafayette) - Tonight is Geeks who Drink Trivia at 7pm. Tuesday 10/28 is Open Mic night starting at 6pm. Wednesday's small batch release is a Hibiscus Saison. Thursday 10/30 brings Bluegrass music starting at 7pm. And Friday 10/31 they'll have a growler special and happy hour prices for anyone wearing a costume (21+ only). [400 W South Boulder Rd, Ste 1650, Lafayette, CO]

City Star Brewing - Berthoud CO
Sponsored ad from City Star Brewing - Berthoud, CO.

Northern Colorado

1933 Brewing Co (Ft. Collins) - Starting today, October 27th, 1933 Brewing Company has new business hours. Mondays: CLOSED, Tuesdays-Fridays: 3pm - 8pm, Saturdays: 1pm - 8pm, Sundays: 11am-6pm. [4025 S Mason, Ft. Collins, CO]

Patrick's Irish Pub (Greeley) - Great news Patrick's fans! They are extending business hours and will now open daily at 3:00pm and stay open til 2:00am! Stop in between 3pm and 4pm any day this week and get one FREE 6oz sample of any beer they have on draft! Always 31 craft beers on tap and a huge craft beer bottle cellar. Tonight is Keep the Glass night featuring beer from Hofbrau. Then come folk-out with The Stubby Shillelaghs playing an Irish sing-along this Tuesday night starting at 9pm. Plus, now on Sundays from 7pm to 9pm stop in for Geeks Who Drink Trivia. [907 8th Ave, Greeley, CO]

City Star Brewing (Berthoud) - Today they've unleashed a new beer in the taproom - Fall Back IPA. This beer was brewed with several new and experimental hops from Germany - German Polaris, German Perle, German Mandarina and German Hull Melon hops. These hops impart subtle flavors of tangerine, strawberry and melon. Growlers welcome. Also - make your Halloween plans now and join City Star Brewing for a good ol' fashioned "Monster Mash" with DJ Mr. ShackOlove this Friday on Halloween 6pm - 11pm! Party will be "poppin" and great beer will be flowin'. [321 Mountain Ave, Berthoud, CO]

Odell Brewing Co (Ft. Collins) - The tap room will be CLOSED today for their quarterly staff meeting. They will be back open for regular tap room hours on Tuesday. [800 E Lincoln Ave, Ft. Collins,CO]

Coopersmith's Pub & Brewing (Ft. Collins) - Next week marks the 25th anniversary for Coopersmith's Pub & Brewing. And to celebrate, they are planning to host a week-long celebration from November 3rd through November 7th. Check out their latest press release to see what they have in store to mark this Silver Anniversary - hint - a chance to win FREE beer for a year! [5 Old Town Sq, Ft. Collins, CO]

The Fort Collins Brewery (Ft. Collins) - [PRESS RELEASE] Fort Collins Brewery (FCB) is excited to announce the distribution expansion into its 23rd state, Arizona by partnering with Young’s Market Company of Arizona and FCB’s Brand Builder, David Lamberti. FCB’s full time brews, including newly released 1020 Pale Ale and select seasonals will be available in 4-packs, 6-packs, 22 oz. bombers and on draft, along with the Brewer’s Lunch Box, a variety 12-pack. The first beers will be available in select locations of Young’s Market of Arizona’s statewide distribution starting early November. "Arizona’s thriving craft beer culture made for FCB’s expansion into the state a great opportunity,” said FCB’s General Manager, Tina Peters. “With the right relationships in place we’re excited to get the FCB brand into the hands of our neighboring state.” Along with Young’s Market of Arizona, the FCB brands will also be supported by the addition of their new Brand Builder, David Lamberti. Lamberti, Owner of Bev-Ind Brokerage Services, LLC, will cover FCB’s Arizona and Nevada territory. “With respect to the entry of Fort Collins Brewery, it has created a buzz to the craft beer enthusiasts in Arizona. We are excited to offer this brewery on a consistent basis throughout the market,” said Lamberti. Consumers in the Arizona market looking for specific establishments that will carry FCB products are encouraged to use the Beer Finder tool on www.fortcollinsbrewery.com/brews/beer-finder. [1020 E Lincoln Ave, Ft. Collins, CO]

Broken Plow Brewery (Greeley) - It's Medical Monday! All Medical Personnel get $1 off pints. Show them your medical work ID and get $4 pints all day Monday. [4731 W 10th St, Greeley, CO]

Southern Front Range

Bristol Brewing Co (Colorado Springs) - Winter Warlock is Coming! Stop in this Thursday, October 30th at 5:30am for the annual release of their Winter Warlock oatmeal stout. Embrace the changing of the seasons! [1604 S Cascade Ave, Colo. Springs, CO]

Red Leg Brewing Co (Colorado Springs) - It's the start of another amazing week at Red Leg! Monday night is Sgt. Pilsner night, so come down and enjoy pints of their refreshing pilsner for $1 off all night. Treehouse BBQ will be set up out front cooking up some of their delicious BBQ classics and creations! Check out these spooky events we have going on for Halloween: Wednesday 10/29 - The Red Leg COSTUME 5K! Since Halloween is only a few days away be sure to wear your costume! Run begins at 6:30pm at the brewery. This 5k will now be a weekly event every Wednesday night! Friday 10/31 - Halloween costume contest and pumpkin beer release! Judging for the scariest and best overall costumes at 8pm, prizes for the winners! [4630 Forge Rd Ste B, Colo. Springs, CO]

Mountains and West

St. Vrain Brewing Co (Estes Park) - A new brewery is in development up in Estes Park. St. Vrain Brewing Company is being built by Nick Smith and is targeting a January 2015 opening. They plan to be brewing on a 15bbl system. They will feature a tasting room and an outdoor patio. They hope to have 6 beers on tap for the opening. Located at: [531 S. St. Vrain Ave, Estes Park, CO]

Ska Brewing (Durango) - Their tasting room will be closed today in order for them to perform some fixin' and cleaning - aka annual maintenance. Happy Hour Yoga will return next week. They apologize for the inconvenience. They will be back open for business as usual on Tuesday. Also, don't forget about their upcoming Skalloween Hop Hour this Friday, October 31st from 4-7pm. Get $4 pints and keep the Skalloween Glass. Also $2 pinstripes. Plus the release of their "Tales of The Legion of Ska" comic book! [225 Girard St, Durango, CO]

Eddyline Restaurant and Brewing Co (Buena Vista) - Temperatures are starting to creep down. Thank goodness. That means it's Red Chili Porter season! Come swing by the brewery for a tasty brew that will warm you up! Also try their recently released Pine Creek Porter. [102 Linderman Ave, Buena Vista, CO]

Breckenridge Brew Pub (Breckenridge) - Announcing their November "Drink with the Brewer" event featuring Brewer Greg, one week from today. Join in November 3rd from 4-6pm for free beer samples and fun. ‪#‎craftbeer‬ ‪#‎drinkwiththebrewer [600 S Main St, Breckenridge, CO]

Kannah Creek Brewing Co (Grand Junction) - It's Firkin Monday! They'll be tapping an Earl Grey Amber firkin tonight at 5pm. This specialty beer will only be available for tonight only, so get in there and try a pint before it's killed. Make it so! [19160 N 12th St, Grand Junction, CO]

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10/27/2014 05:08 PM
GALLERY: Belcher in the Public Bar

Boak & Bailey's Beer Blog - Writing about beer and pubs since 2007

It is George Belcher’s reputation that he never uses professional models. For 40 of his 63 years he has haunted the bar parlors of second-rate London pubs in his search for the frowsy charladies, convivial rumpots, and pompus harpies whom he cajoles, wheedles and bribes into posing for the long series of charcoal and soft […]

GALLERY: Belcher in the Public Bar

10/27/2014 04:37 PM
Beer Birthday: Richard Brewer-Hay
Today is the 39th birthday of Richard Brewer-Hay, co-founder (with his wife Allie) and brewer of San Francisco’s smallest almost brewery: the Elizabeth Street Brewery. Despite its size (it’s really more of a nanobrewery or even a picobrewery) and intermittent schedule, it was named two...

[[Click through to the Bulletin for full content]]

10/27/2014 12:58 PM
QUOTE: Craft Brothers, 1967

Boak & Bailey's Beer Blog - Writing about beer and pubs since 2007

A cheerful band of drinkers, together we all stand, Maybe a bit unsteady, with tankards in the hand. ’Prentices or Craft Brothers, we have our little joke, We are always drinking, but the Publicans go broke! The final stanza of ‘The Ballad of Boozeldon’ which opens the 1967 home brewing manual Brewing Better Beers by Ken Shales.

QUOTE: Craft Brothers, 1967

10/27/2014 11:24 AM
Beer: Northern Pale Ale

Last year my friends and I were at the brew store. I don't quite remember how it happened but Phil got a whiff of a specific hop called Northern Brewer and his face lit up like a little kid in a candy store. "We must brew a beer with this hop" he says. So, I came up with an extract recipe and we brewed, transferred, and bottled. It was a very drinkable pale ale that was almost an IPA. People that didn't like IPA's seemed to like it because of how light it was.

I entered it into a competition and got some great feedback on it's flaws and weaknesses. Surprisingly it got a 27 out of a 50 which I thought was very modest.

With these improvements, which included adding more hops to balance the overall malt heaviness, I tweaked the recipe. This time it was an all-grain recipe. We were very excited to rebrew this one. 

The new one definitely had way more flavor and was more well rounded than the extract recipe. Success! It is a really good mild West Coast IPA. There is a great grapefruit taste and overall citrusy. But for some reason, I just wasn't satisfied. We're not on the West Coast. I feel like being over here, I wanted to brew the what I call it "New England IPA". This great wave of IPA's coming through here is incredible. 3 notable mentions include: Tree House Brewing Co. - Julius, Hill Farmstead Brewery - Abner, and The Alchemist - Heady Topper. Recipe and brew day coming soon for that one!

So, overall... GREAT IPA. Below will be the recipe so you can give it a shot! It's a solid 6% as well. Cheers, and good luck! 





AmountFermentablePPG°LBill %
11 lbAmerican - Pale 2-Row371.880%
1 lbAmerican - Vienna3547.3%
0.5 lbGerman - Carapils351.33.6%
1 lbAmerican - Caramel / Crystal 20L35207.3%
4 ozAmerican - Smoked Malt3751.8%
13.75 lbTotal
1 ozNorthern BrewerPellet7.8Boil60 min29.55
0.5 ozCascadePellet7Boil30 min10.19
1 ozNorthern BrewerPellet7.8Boil30 min22.71
0.5 ozCascadePellet7Boil5 min2.64
0.5 ozNorthern BrewerPellet7.8Boil5 min2.95
0.5 ozNorthern BrewerPellet7.8Dry Hop7 days
Mash Guidelines
5.2 galTo bring up to 152FSparge165 F60 min
3.6 galTo bring up to 175FSparge212 F10 min
Starting Mash Thickness: 1.5 qt/lb
Other Ingredients
1 tspGypsumWater AgtBoil60 min
1 eachWhirflocWater AgtBoil15 min
Fermentis / Safale - American Ale Yeast US-05
Attenuation (avg):
Optimum Temp:
59 - 75 °F
Fermentation Temp:
68 °F
Pitch Rate:
0.35 (M cells / ml / ° P)
105 B cells required

Bring first mashing in to 175F and let sit in tun to warm it up. Wait 10 minutes or so until it is at 165F and dough in.

Once cooled down, whirlpool wort to seperate hop particles and trub. Let sit for at least an hour COVERED. Let cold break.

10/27/2014 11:15 AM
95 Pts: Yards Brewing Company Saison
Yards Brewing Company Saison. Philadelphia, PA 6.5%. Saison is a broad style and Yards painted it Philly all the way. Bold sweet orange and clove ...

10/27/2014 10:50 AM
Sierra Nevada Yonder Bock

The post, Sierra Nevada Yonder Bock, first appeared on The Barley Blog.

Yonder Bock is the fourth brew from Sierra Nevada’s Beer Camp Across America collaboration variety pack. This 7.7% ABV (45 IBU) Maibock was created in a joint effort with Cigar City Brewing. If you are at all familiar with the Florida company’s products then the “Tropical Miabock” on the can’s artwork will come at no […]

The post, Sierra Nevada Yonder Bock, first appeared on The Barley Blog.

10/27/2014 09:47 AM
Fannin Brewing Company

Fannin Brewing is a hometown brewery in a real place beautiful Blue Ridge, GA. We combine our love for German beer, our experience making wine and our passion for the mountains to create world-class beer with a local focus. Local


10/27/2014 08:32 AM
Flying Dog Hoppy American Wheat
A few weeks ago we received a couple sample bottles from Flying Dog, which were promptly stuck in the beer fridge, and life went on. This weekend I remembered getting that package, but couldn't recall what beers were included. I dug around and pulled out this bottle of Brewhouse Rarities: Hoppy American Wheat Ale.

The small batch American Wheat Ale pours a very cloudy deep gold color. The quickly building white head is think and creamy, though it pretty quickly drops to quarter inch thick and persistent layer. The aroma is that of tropical fruit like pineapple and mango. I might get a hint of bready wheat, but the tropical fruit dominates.

The flavor of this beer is an interesting blend of a bitter IPA and a wheat beer. The "hoppy" side definitely predominates the flavor profile though. The tropical fruit and citrus is topped with bitter rind and hint of grassiness. The "wheat" background comes through in the medium bodied mouthfeel and tingling carbonation. The finish is a lingering zesty bitterness.

Flying Dog Hoppy American Wheat Ale is a refreshing late Summer release, that might be better described as a low ABV "session" IPA than a wheat beer. But that's just fine with me.

Coincidently, or perhaps by design, the other bottle in the sample package was Galaxy Single Hop Imperial IPA. Since Galaxy is also the dominant hop in the Hoppy American Wheat Ale, I'll try to get to the IPA real soon, while the flavor of this one is still fresh in my mind.

The beer reviewed here was a promotional sample from the brewery. My impressions are provided of my own free will.

[ This content originated at Musings Over a Pint ]

10/27/2014 06:25 AM
Big Rock Brewery launches Anthea Wet Hop Ale
Big Rock Brewery announces Anthea Wet Hop Ale, our newest Alchemist Edition release.

10/27/2014 05:53 AM
Is there a craft beer/music on vinyl connection?
MONDAY BEER LINKS, MUSING 10.27.14 Just to mix it up, I thought about making all the links this week to Twitter. I changed my mind, but it certainly was curious on Friday to see this combination on my feed. Just be clear, Ed Wray’s came first and 47Hops surely didn’t see it before an almost […]

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