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10/25/2014 04:42 AM
April Beer Club Selection
Our Beer Club selection for April has now been sent out to all online customers. For those living in Sydney you can still pick these up from our store. The April Beer Club selection includes: Samuel Adams, Black Lager Bridge Road Brewers, Australian Ale William Bull, William’s Pale Ale Morland Brewing, Old Speckled Hen

10/25/2014 04:42 AM
Store update 19th May
So Sydney is on a roll with its awesome beer drinking weather this week and this weekend looks good to go. Growlers Currently we have Young Henry’s Hop Ale. This beer harks back to classic English style IPAs. Hefty malt backing meets every type of hop in our cool-room, added to all stages of the process. The all Australian hop flavour is not aggressive in its bitterness, but is evident in flavour and aroma and slowly asserts itself with a lengthy, lingering and thoroughly enjoyable palette. $28 for a Growler fill Once this is gone we’ll be moving onto Dr’s Orders Brewing Plasma. Plasma, a White IPA is yet another emerging trend that we’re happy to embrace and present a Doctor’s Orders Brewing twist on. Judicious hop use dominates Plasma’s aroma, backed up with a balanced mouthfeel defying its alcoholic payload before delivering an extremely long lingering bitterness. A deceivingly addictive prescription. The grist for Plasma is practically identical to our Zephyr (Double White Ale) which explains the appearance. However the lack of botanicals, a different yeast strain and excessive hop use deliver an ale that is Zephyr’s polar opposite. In other news Rich is in the shop today, Geoff is onto his 2nd table for the tasting room, while Will is in training for a 9km soft sand running event. Store hours 11am-3pm today, 8:30am-6pm Mon-Fri. 1300 808 254 Cheers!

10/25/2014 04:42 AM
Beer store update 5th May
So Sydney has had cracker beer drinking weather this week and it’s set to continue this weekend – sweet! Growlers Currently we have Moa Breakfast beer. A cracker of a lager with rich cherries, very easy drinking. Check out the review for it below: “The aroma is stunning with hints of dry wheat and cherry’s. The carbonation is lively, which works for a crisp summer beer. The taste has a serious hit of wheat and yeast, washing through with all those bubbles and a touch of cherry.” Joel Macfarlane – brewnation.co.nz $28 for a Growler fill Once this is gone we’ll be moving onto Mikkeller Citra Single Hop IPA probably early in the week Latest beers Murray’s No 6 2011 Anniversary Ale – the last available anywhere (limit 1 per person) Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Ale Barley wine Rich is in the shop today, Geoff is onto his 2nd table for the tasting room, while Will is in training for a 9km soft sand running event. Store hours 11am-3pm today, 8:30am-6pm Mon-Fri. 1300 808 254 Cheers!

10/25/2014 04:42 AM
Carlton Draught hits slow mo
Australia’s alcohol advertising regulations are strict, as a result advertisers continually look for new ways to promote the brand – albeit without specifically promoting the product! Check out Cartlon Draught’s latest ad – the slow mo…and a few other old classics.....

10/25/2014 04:42 AM
A thought for the brewers and people of Christchurch
When I was a young lad of 18 years of age I packed my bags and travelled from the North Island of New Zealand to the city of Christchurch in the South to begin my university education. The move to Christchurch was a no brainer for me – I had lots of family who lived in the “Garden City” and I had been there many times before, always leaving with fond memories. Christchurch is a very special city with significant character – it is the New Zealand city that most closely resembles Melbourne with old stone buildings, a tram line and a beautiful river, the Avon. The city also has a number of other great gems including the Port Hills for excellent scenery and mountain biking, as well as the port suburb of Lyttleton, reached after travelling through one of New Zealand’s longest tunnels. If there is one word I would give to Christchurch it would be ‘beautiful’.....

10/25/2014 04:30 AM
Toppling Goliath X-hops Red to be released as Sol Hunter
Toppling Goliath is re-releasing their X-hops Red again but it will be under a new name: Sol Hunter Pale now has the label ready and now just to get the brew! Filed under: Beer Tagged: iabeerbaron, iowa beer baron, iowa craft beer, Sol Hunter Pale Ale, Toppling Goliath, Xhops

10/25/2014 04:06 AM
Eric Dunham Passes
Eric Dunham, Founding Winemaker of Dunham Cellars, died unexpectedly on Thursday October 23, 2014. Eric Dunham was known for gentle, creative spirit who loved dogs and big reds. Eric focuses on gentle treatment of the fruit through out the wine making process, showing respect for the essence versus the manipulation of the grape into wine. […]

10/25/2014 03:08 AM
No News or Nuggets

Boak & Bailey's Beer Blog - Writing about beer and pubs since 2007

We’re both on our travels so this is a little scheduled post to break the sad news that there’ll be no round-up of links to go with your breakfast today. Elsewhere, however, there is Stan Hieronymus’s Monday round-up — particularly spiky this week! — and this long article on third wave coffee, flagged by regular […]

No News or Nuggets

10/25/2014 03:05 AM
Brewing in WW II (part five)
We're still on grains. But I promise we'll get onto a more excting topic soon. Like hops. You young people love you your hops. Not like us boring old twats.

This is great. The article discusses the increased use of unmalted grains during the war. Why is that brilliant? Because I have some great numbers on brewing materials. Ones I've been saving until now.

"The use of flaked barley became general quite early in the war as a malt adjunct, and as no restriction was placed on its use it helped to increase output. It was found to be readily converted in the mash tun and, as time has proved, when not used in excess, has had no directly deleterious effect on the beers, although it was not used at first without some misgivings on the part of the brewer. It increases the bulk of the mash, however, and when output was of so much moment some brewers replaced it by finely ground barley without any noticeable difference (cf. J. L. Baker, ibid., 1942, 109). Although a small proportion of the nitrogen constituents of flaked barley are rendered soluble in the mash tun it contributes but little yeast feeding material to the wort and therefore acts as a diluent to that contributed by the malt. This was a drawback in those breweries whose average gravity was low, although it certainly helped to correct and reduce the difficulties consequent on the use of poor quality malts."
Journal of the Institute of Brewing Volume 52, Issue 3, May-June, 1946, page 121.

There were two reasons why the government was keen on using unmalted barley: it saved on both fuel and labour. You can see how the usage of adjucts increased during the war years:

Brewing materials (cwt)
year malt unmalted corn rice, maize, etc sugar total malt & adjuncts
1938 9,378,888 78.31% 14,194 0.12% 688,086 5.75% 1,894,773 15.82% 11,975,941
1939 9,884,803 78.35% 9,910 0.08% 734,771 5.82% 1,986,478 15.75% 12,615,962
1940 9,857,838 83.81% 7,912 0.07% 363,588 3.09% 1,532,776 13.03% 11,762,114
1941 10,988,413 86.90% 11,897 0.09% 246,757 1.95% 1,397,642 11.05% 12,644,709
1942 10,918,102 85.54% 52,646 0.41% 382,207 2.99% 1,411,422 11.06% 12,764,377
1943 10,287,322 79.34% 40,592 0.31% 1,238,183 9.55% 1,400,573 10.80% 12,966,670
1944 10,621,168 78.88% 143,183 1.06% 1,241,121 9.22% 1,458,647 10.83% 13,464,119
1945 10,435,212 75.63% 245,751 1.78% 1,332,032 9.65% 1,784,064 12.93% 13,797,059
1946 9,976,998 76.53% 137,750 1.06% 1,132,748 8.69% 1,790,021 13.73% 13,037,517
1947 9,454,253 80.37% 92,974 0.79% 614,335 5.22% 1,601,186 13.61% 11,762,748
Brewers' Almanack 1955, page 62.

By the 1944 and 1945, the proportion of unmalted adjunts was around 10% of the total - about double what it had been in 1938. While sugar fell from around 15% of the total pre-war to 10%. While the amount of malt itself increased in the middle war years. By the look of iyt to compensate for a reduction in the amount of sugar available.

But brewers were later forced to use an even less popular ingredient: flaked oats

"Early in 1943, when the shipping position became difficult owing to the intensified U boat activity, barley was required for use in bread, and brewers were asked to replace flaked barley by flaked oats, but there were some misgivings about its use on account of its high fat content. A series of investigations was carried out to prove its suitability in order to satisfy brewers that they could be used with safety; 10 per cent, was considered a safe maximum. Owing to its huskiness flaked oats had the advantage of improving drainage in the mash tun, although, owing to its bulkiness, those brewers working with a full mash tun found it to be a disadvantage. A bad oat harvest in the following year, however, caused its use in brewing to be discontinued. The Ministry of Food then suggested that flaked oats might be replaced by dried potatoes, the drying plants in beet sugar factories used for drying the exhausted beet slices being utilized for this purpose. Investigations carried out with potatoes dried in this manner, however, proved them to be quite unsuitable for use in brewing owing to the unpleasant flavour imparted to the beer, and as the anticipated surplus of potatoes did not materialize, flaked barley was again used to replace flaked oats, and has continued up to the present time."
Journal of the Institute of Brewing Volume 52, Issue 3, May-June, 1946, page 121.

Potatoes have been used in brewing. I've published a 19th-century recipe for potato Broyhan. So it is possible. I wonder if the Broyhan also suffered from a nasty flavour?

It's easiest to see the move to unmalted grains at Whitbread, because before the war they used no adjuncts, only malt and sugar. The first sighting of flaked barley is on 10th October 1941 in a brew of XX Mild Ale*. Significantly, IPA and PA brewed a few days later contained none. On 28th May 1942, in addition to flaked barley, barley meal and flaked rye is in the grists**. By now the adjuncts are in all Whitbread's beers.

In April 1943 flaked oats replaces all the other adjuncts***. The in February 1944 Whitbread switched back to using flaked barley****. You can see that Whitbread had little control over their grists but had adjuct them according to government policy and which raw materials were available.

Whitbread also occasionally used wheat malt. These tables should give a good impreession of the decisions Whitbread had forced on them during the war years:

Whitbread Mild Ale 1938 - 1947
Date Year Beer OG FG ABV App. Atten-uation lbs hops/ qtr hops lb/brl boil time (hours) boil time (hours) Pitch temp
25th Feb 1938 X 1035.3 1010.0 3.35 71.67% 7.44 1.11 1.25 1.25 65º
26th Sep 1939 X 1033.9 1010.5 3.10 69.03% 8.27 1.11 1.25 1 65º
25th Apr 1940 X 1033.5 1008.5 3.31 74.63% 8.12 1.12 1.25 1 65º
20th Nov 1940 XX 1031.1 1010.0 2.79 67.85% 8.42 1.07 1.17 0.75 66º
10th Oct 1941 XX 1031.2 1009.0 2.94 71.15% 6.38 0.76 1.25 1.25 65º
30th Jan 1942 XX 1029.1 1007.5 2.86 74.23% 5.84 0.75 1 1 65º
30th May 1942 XX 1028.4 1007.0 2.83 75.35% 6.19 0.75 1 1 65º
5th Apr 1943 XX 1027.8 1008.0 2.62 71.22% 6.07 0.76 1 1.25 65º
22nd Feb 1944 XX 1028.5 1009.0 2.58 68.42% 5.79 0.69 1 0.75 65º
4th Apr 1945 XX 1028.2 1009.0 2.54 68.09% 5.63 0.70 1 0.75 65º
12th Sep 1946 XX 1027.3 1008.0 2.55 70.70% 6.02 0.71 1 1 65º
3rd Jan 1947 XX 1027.5 1005.5 2.91 80.00% 6.02 0.68 1 0.75 65º
Whitbread brewing records held at the London Metropolitan Archives, document numbers LMA/4453/D/01/105, LMA/4453/D/01/107, LMA/4453/D/01/108, LMA/4453/D/01/109, LMA/4453/D/01/110, LMA/4453/D/01/111, LMA/4453/D/01/112, LMA/4453/D/01/114.

Whitbread Mild Ale grists 1938 - 1947
Date Year Beer OG pale malt crystal malt MA malt PA malt no. 3 sugar other sugar wheat malt flaked barley barley meal flaked rye flaked oat
25th Feb 1938 X 1035.3 72.97% 12.46% 13.05% 1.52%
26th Sep 1939 X 1033.9 75.73% 13.59% 9.06% 1.62%
25th Apr 1940 X 1033.5 24.30% 13.08% 54.21% 4.98% 1.56% 1.87%
20th Nov 1940 XX 1031.1 81.42% 11.63% 6.95%
10th Oct 1941 XX 1031.2 65.39% 11.98% 4.99% 4.99% 5.66% 2.00% 4.99%
30th Jan 1942 XX 1029.1 12.02% 68.11% 4.01% 1.84% 2.00% 12.02%
30th May 1942 XX 1028.4 46.32% 12.63% 16.84% 5.61% 1.75% 2.11% 8.42% 1.05% 5.26%
5th Apr 1943 XX 1027.8 9.28% 10.31% 55.67% 5.50% 1.72% 17.53%
22nd Feb 1944 XX 1028.5 10.45% 71.08% 4.18% 1.74% 12.54%
4th Apr 1945 XX 1028.2 7.38% 62.21% 9.84% 3.70% 16.87%
12th Sep 1946 XX 1027.3 7.85% 75.14% 10.47% 2.06% 4.49%
3rd Jan 1947 XX 1027.5 7.79% 81.26% 8.91% 2.04%
Whitbread brewing records held at the London Metropolitan Archives, document numbers LMA/4453/D/01/105, LMA/4453/D/01/107, LMA/4453/D/01/108, LMA/4453/D/01/109, LMA/4453/D/01/110, LMA/4453/D/01/111, LMA/4453/D/01/112, LMA/4453/D/01/114.

There's only one constant in the grist: crystal malt. Not evem mild malt and No. 3 invert sugar, staples of Dark Mild brewing, appear in every beer. When things were starting to get back to normal in 1947, Whitbread reverted to a grist of base malt, crystal malt and sugar.

Next time the excitement begins. We'll be looking at hops.

* Whitbread brewing record held at the London Metropolitan Archives, document number LMA/4453/D/01/108.
** Whitbread brewing record held at the London Metropolitan Archives, document number LMA/4453/D/01/109.
*** Whitbread brewing record held at the London Metropolitan Archives, document number LMA/4453/D/01/110.
**** Whitbread brewing record held at the London Metropolitan Archives, document number LMA/4453/D/01/111.

10/25/2014 03:00 AM
Harvest Montana Brewfest in Great Falls
A new brewfest is appearing in Montana, and Great Falls is the host city. Presented by and in conjunction with the Harvest Montana Grain Conference*, the Montana-only Harvest Montana Brewfest will take place on Friday November 21, 2014 at the Best Western Plus Heritage Inn from 6:00 to 11:00 p.m. Only 400 tickets are available for this premiere ...

10/25/2014 01:26 AM
Beer Notes: The quiet time is upon us
Put away those sample glasses. Don’t worry about what’s being served. Festival season for 2014 is over (well, save for one event, see below) and as such, the beer news is grinding (almost) to a halt. It’s the quiet period, which usually lasts from now through the holidays, and it can be maddening for a group of beer writers to ...

10/24/2014 11:56 PM
Talking a growing craft: Ryan Burk of Virtue Cider
MittenBrew sat down with Virtue Cider head cider maker Ryan Burk at the Downtown Market for a nice fall afternoon discussion. While on the upstairs patio, Burk discussed cider, his background growing up in upstate New York and how he ended up at Virtue Cider and the future of the company. Listen here: The post Talking a growing craft: Ryan Bur ...

10/24/2014 11:50 PM
Crush 2014 at Efeste
Crush at EFESTE Winery As the leaves start to change color and the days rapidly shorten, grape growers across Washington State are harvesting this years grapes for, what promises, to provide a spectacular vintage.  EFESTE Winery put out a call for volunteers to help with their crush, or to be more specific, help sort out the stems […]

10/24/2014 10:20 PM
Cromer brewery listed in new Beer Revolution book by Campaign for Real Ale
Cromer brewery listed in new Beer Revolution book by Campaign for Real Ale Norfolk Eastern Daily Press Britain's Beer Revolution, published by the Campaign for Real Ale, includes the Poppyland brewery at Cromer. The venture, in a former garage building in West Street, was launched in the summer of 2012 by former geologist and museum cur ...

10/24/2014 08:59 PM
#beertography #beerporn #belgian #quad #bottleshare #boulevard #smokestack #njcb #quadruple #craftbeer #newbeerfriday #hops #yum
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10/24/2014 05:19 PM
Sydney brewery produces Australia’s best craft beer
Last night the Australian Craft Beer Industry Association presented its inaugural craft beer awards...

10/24/2014 05:00 PM
Distribution Roundup: Knee Deep Realigns Network; Back Forty Taps Tennessee
As part of its continued effort to realign its California distribution network, Knee Deep Brewing will now be sold by DBI Beverage of Sacramento throughout the region. “This is the final step in the reorganization of our distribution network in Northern California,” said Jerry Moore, Knee Deep CEO, in a news release.

10/24/2014 05:00 PM
Five O'Clock Friday: Beer On the Brain
Thought for a Friday...

H/T to The Feral Irishman (Possibly NSFW).

[ This content originated at Musings Over a Pint ]

10/24/2014 04:59 PM
Another milestone: 245 breweries, but what does that mean?

Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog.

Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog. It was probably two or three years ago that people started asking me the question and I’ve heard several different versions of it. When will this madness stop? How many more breweries can we stand? At what point will we reach saturation? My answer today is the...

10/24/2014 04:39 PM
Video: Deep Eddy Founder Shares Entrepreneurial Advice at Brew Talks Austin
What’s the best way to propel your brand forward without making mistakes that would otherwise sink a new company? If you’re Clayton Christopher, you hire knowledgeable talent. Christopher, the Austin-based founder of Sweet Leaf Tea and Deep Eddy Vodka, said he believes that’s what today’s most successful entrepreneurs are doing right, and he swears by it.

10/24/2014 04:15 PM
Elizabeth Peña and the Truth About Alcoholic Women
Alcoholism and abuse is on the rise among women. Why they drink, and why the traditional treatment methods like A.A. don’t work for them. When Elizabeth Peña died last week, her family said she died after a brief illness. We now know that the Cuban-American actress’s untimely demise was the result of cirrhosis of the […]

10/24/2014 04:09 PM
Georgia Craft Brewer’s Guild Launches GaBeerJobs.com
ATLANTA, GA – The Georgia Craft Brewer’s Guild is announcing GaBeerJobs.com, a website with a petition to sign in support of modernizing beer laws and creating new jobs in the Georgia craft beer industry. With $14.3 billion in sales on a national level in 2013, the craft beer industry could create jobs across the state of Georgia. But as other states support their local craft brewers and build on the success of their booming craft beer industries, Georgia continues to lag behind because our state laws are out-of-date and inhospitable to craft beer entrepreneurs. There [...]

10/24/2014 04:02 PM
Colorado Beer News 102414
Colorado Beer NewsToday is Sour Day. Sour Day let's you celebrate everything sour. Whether it be sour food, sour drink, but definitely not people who are acting sour. Find yourself some sour candy or enjoy a glass of sour ale and get ready to pucker up! Explore the world of sour cuisine today and you might just be pleasantly surprised. Sauerkraut anyone? Personally, I'll seek out a good sour beer - something that's tart and powerful. If sour is not your thing, then you can always celebrate United Nations Day today. Here's what's happening around the Colorado beerosphere today Friday, October 24th, 2014. If you aren't reading this article on FermentedlyChallenged.com, you don't know what you're missing.

[CO Beer Festivals] -- [Beer Dinners] -- [CO Beer Releases]

Metro Denver

Hall Brewing Co (Parker) - Hall Brewing is getting ready to release a limited edition Farmhouse Pumpkin Belgian Dubbel and should be ready just in time for Halloween next week. They used locally sourced pumpkins and obtained spices from the local Savory Spice Shop for the gourmet pumpkin pie spices in this brew. [10970 S Parker Rd, Parker, CO]

Odyssey Beerwerks (Arvada) - Love Odyssey beer and live around Littleton, CO? Stop in to High Plains Tap House in Littleton [8176 S Wadsworth Blvd] tonight from 6pm to 8pm for an Odyssey Beerwerks mini tap takeover and pint night. Odyssey's rep Joel will be on hand to talk about the beer. Say hello and grab a pint glass. [5535 W 56th Ave, Ste 107, Arvada, CO]

Jagged Mountain Craft Brewery (Denver) - Their 1-Year Anniversary Party is next Saturday, November 1st from 12pm to 11pm. They will be tapping some rare beer releases and doing giveaways throughout the day. At 12pm: Whiskey Barrel-Aged Voodoo Goat Barleywine. At 3pm: Lunar Eclipse Imperial Stout (17.5% ABV). At 6pm: Cognac Barrel-Aged Voodoo Goat Barleywine. And at 9pm: Barrel-Aged First Descent Old Ale (15.5% ABV). Plus Truck Yeah food truck will be on site as well. [1138 20th St, Denver, CO]

Breckenridge Brewery (Denver) - [PRESS RELEASE] As leaves turn and begin to fall, and the inevitable arrival of snow commences, excitement and anticipation for Opening Day of the winter sports season emerges across Colorado. For the second year, Breckenridge Brewery and Never Summer Industries have teamed up for the month of November to celebrate this special time of year. The two Colorado companies have collaborated to create another limited edition, Artist Series snowboard, which will be distributed to bars throughout the United States and given away at unique Opening Day parties. Last year was the inaugural partnership between the original mountain town brewery and the well-established, independent snowboard company. The program gained attention from craft beer and snowboard enthusiasts across the country. Because of its success, Breckenridge Brewery is expanding the footprint of the program significantly, throwing several Opening Day parties in 17 of the states they distribute beer to. It’s safe to say that this premier Colorado collaboration will be an annual tradition. “We’re the original mountain town brewery of Colorado,” explains Todd Usry, Breckenridge Brewery Brewmaster and Director of Brewery Operations. “This program and the relationship we've built with Never Summer couldn't be more fitting. It allows us to maintain our ski and snowboard culture that stems back to our roots at the original brewpub in Breckenridge, CO.” The art for the 2014 collaboration snowboard was chosen amongst six different designs that were submitted by Colorado artists. Live showcases and online voting exhibitions were held, at which point the artwork of collaborators, Josh Viola and Aaron Lovett, was chosen as this year’s Artist Series snowboard. Inspiration for the design originated from Breckenridge Brewery’s very popular Agave Wheat, which has a Dia de los Muertos themed skull chewing on wheat for the beer label. On November 7th, Breckenridge Brewery and Never Summer Industries will debut the snowboard at their second annual Opening Day kick-off party at Punch Bowl Social in Denver, CO. This free parking lot party will feature the premier of Never Summer’s movie, “Dang Bud,” free ski and snowboard edgings and waxings from 7Twenty Boardshop, snowboard giveaways, and much more. Over 300 Opening Day parties and snowboard giveaways will take place during the month of November. Dates and locations for all of these parties can be found at BreckBrew.com/OpeningDay. [471 Kalamath St, Denver, CO]

Dry Dock Brewing North Dock (Aurora) - Meet the next two beers in Dry Dock's Signature Series! On Friday, October 24 at 12pm (TODAY), they'll release the Whiskey Barrel-Aged Double Brown Ale and Double Hazelnut Brown Ale. These brand new beers will only be available at Canoe Room at North Dock for their first weekend out. These beers will be available at South Dock and on liquor store shelves beginning next week. [2801 Tower Rd, Aurora, CO]

Dry Dock Brewing South Dock (Aurora) - Meanwhile down in the South Dock, Dry Dock will be tapping their weekly firkin at 3pm. This week they have a Spicy Apricot Blonde. Great for these record breaking warm October afternoons. [15120 E Hampden Ave, Aurora, CO]

Lost Highway Brewing (Denver) - While this new brewery opened in late September, just before the GABF, they are now planning to host their official Grand Opening Party tomorrow, Saturday, October 25th from 12pm to 6pm. There will be seven of their own beers on tap including: 520 Copper Lager, Wickedest Wit, District 6 Pils, Golden Ghost Blond, Grave Robber Fraud Quad, Pumpkin Ale, and Belghost IPA. There will also be live music, a chile roasting, food and more. Also, coming up on October 31st, Lost Highway will host their Grave Robber Halloween Party from 7pm to close including a costume contest, beer pairings, ghost stories and more. [520 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO]

Blue Spruce Brewing (Centennial) - The brewing staff has been busy brewing for 3 days straight there at Blue Spruce making beer. Their Dopplebock will be back on tap in December. Their Golden Strong is in the fermenters and will be ready to tap at their Halloween Party on Friday Oct 31st. Be sure to drop in for a bite and a beer! [4151 E County Line Rd, Unit G, Centennial, CO]

Colorado Craft Beer Show (AM 760 Denver) - Listen in tomorrow from 12pm to 2pm on AM 760 for this week's Colorado Craft Beer Show with host John Turk and Company. They will be doing a live remote from Arvada Beer Company where a new Barleywine and Doppelbock will be released that day for ABC's 3rd Anniversary. Guests include the Dude from Dude's Brews (Aurora). [AM 760 Denver, CO]

Black Shirt Brewing Co (Denver) - Just in time for the weekend! American Red Porter #2014-04 hitting local store shelves later today. Be on the lookout as these won't last long - this is reportedly their best batch yet! Tonight at the brewery (open 2pm - 10pm) brewery tours at 3pm and 6pm and Street Frites will be on site tonight. Listen to The Inablers live in the Beer Garden at 8pm. [3719 Walnut St, Denver, CO]

Copper Kettle Brewing Co (Denver) - "Well Bred" tap and bomber release is this Saturday, October 25th. It's BACK! Starting @ noon this Saturday they'll be tapping "Well Bred", a smooth and malty English Barleywine, aged in Breckenridge Distillery bourbon barrels. Available on draft and in bombers, each bottle is hand waxed dipped and part of their Fall barrel aged series. It's ideal for cellar aging with lavish hints of vanilla, caramel and mild coconut flavors, this 10.7% ABV brew has been aged and is ready to be rolled out in the tap room! [1338 S Valentia St, Unit 100, Denver, CO]

Yak & Yeti Restaurant & Brewpub (Arvada) - Now on tap in Arvada: Thin Air ESB (5.4% ABV & 25 IBU), an English-style Extra Special Bitter. Also on tap, Disgruntled Pumpkin (6.0% ABV & 27 IBU), the return of the pumpkin ale just in time for Halloween. Also, some good press lately from MensJournal.com stating that Yak & Yeti's Chai Milk Stout was on of the "Experimental beer styles worth trying". In other news, the opening of their 9755 E Hampden location is delayed until Monday, October 27th as the fire inspection required them to change all their extinguishers and hoods from dry to wet media. They'll be pouring the Chai Milk Stout, Namaste Pilsner and GF Apple Ale at the All Colorado Beer Fest on Saturday Nov. 1st. [7803 Ralston Rd, Arvada, CO]

Alpine Dog Brewing Co (Denver) - This soon to open brewery gave a short teaser update today. They've been busy brewing beer non-stop for 4 days and now have 4 batches of beer fermenting away. Look for word on opening day coming soon. [1505 Ogden St, Denver, CO]

Lone Tree Brewing Co (Lone Tree) - The day has nearly arrived for their Hop Zombie Red IPA release - this Saturday, October 25th starting at 11am. The first 10 people who buy a beer will get a free t-shirt too. There will be a Zombie costume contest, free giveaways and live music at 6pm. [8200 Park Meadows Dr, Ste 8222, Lone Tree, CO]

Parry's Pizza (Greenwood Village) - Don't forget that tomorrow, October 25th from 11am til close is Parry's "Liberate Yourself From Crappy Beer" event. This tapping event will feature loads of rarities from Avery Brewing Company including beers like: Tweak, Samaels, Pumpkin, The Beast Grand Cru, Gored, Pump(KY)n, Wet Hop, Uberschwein, Out of Sight and more! This event is only at their Greenwood Village location. [5970 S Holly St, Greenwood Village, CO]

Hops & Pie (Denver) - Can't get enough pumpkin beer? You're in luck, tomorrow (Sat. October 25th) from 12pm til their gone, Hops & Pie will host their Pumpkin Beer Fest featuring pumpkin beers from all over the country. Try pumpkin beers from Avery Brewing, The Bruery, South Hampton, Dogfish Head, Strange Craft, Sam Adams, Hopping Frog, Denver Beer Co, Southern Tier, St. Ambroise, Epic Brewing, Almanac, Fate Brewing and Upslope Brewing. Flights and singles will be available. No tickets needed - just show up and order! if you can't wait til tomorrow, they just tapped "Bol Ol' Pumpkin from 10 Barrel today. [3920 Tennyson St, Denver, CO]

Elk Mountain Brewing (Parker) - Something new has been added to their tap list for this weekend. Stop in and try the Dunkelweizen. It tapped at noon today. Also on tap: Oak-aged Kolsch, Cherry Wheat, Non-fiction Noir (IPA), and Pumpkin Drublic. North of the Border Grill will be there serving up food starting at 4pm. Then stop back for their Halloween Party tomorrow, Oct 25th. Costume Contest with prizes starting at 7pm. Awards for Scariest, Funniest, Most Original, Best Couple, & Best Kids Costume. Candy for the kids and a special Halloween Firkin for the adults. [18921 Plaza Dr, Parker, CO]

Westminster Brewing Co (Westminster) - Weekend happenings: Friday - Good beer and Pacific Bonsai food truck on site. Saturday - Live blues/rock from Smoothdaddy and the Blue Boyz 6-9pm, plus Taste of Texas BBQ. Sunday - Happy Hour prices all day - $1 off 20oz proper pints and $10 growler fills. Plus, return next week for their Halloween Party on the 31st 8pm to midnight. Prizes for costumes and great food and live music. [7655 W 108th Ave, Unit 600, Westminster, CO]

Mu Brewery (Aurora) - Today at 5pm Mu Brewery will be tapping their Football Red Ale. If you miss it today they'll be making another batch to pour only during Bronco Game Days. [9735 E Colfax Ave, Aurora, CO]

Grist Brewing Co (Highlands Ranch) - On October 30th they're releasing a Belgian Single with Juniper Berries (ABV: 6.0 SRM: 5 IBU: 24). On November 1st they're celebrating Halloween in the taproom and will have a firkin of Pumpkin Brown. On November 8th they're celebrating their 1st Birthday party! Grist will be releasing their first barrel aged beer, a Russian Imperial Stout aged in whiskey barrels and an American Barley Wine. Also they'll be re-releasing some of their older beers. [9150 Commerce Center Cir, Ste 300, Highlands Ranch, CO]

Boulder County

The Very Nice Brewing Co (Nederland) - Don't forget - their 2-year anniversary party is tomorrow, Saturday, October 25th! In addition to new tappings, door prizes and live music, 20-oz bombers of their 1st Year Anniversary Beer will be available - Phunkin' Monster, a barleywine aged since Oct 2013 coming in at 12% ABV. There's just a limited quantity of bottles so get one for yourself or make it a great gift! [20 Lakeview Dr, Unit 112, Nederland, CO]

Avery Brewing Co (Boulder) - Today's 5pm special beer tapping was brewed with whole leaf peppermint, chocolate extract, and cacao nibs. Stop in to try their Mint Chocolate Stout after work today. Yum! [5763 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder, CO]

City Star Brewing - Berthoud CO
Sponsored ad from City Star Brewing - Berthoud, CO.

Northern Colorado

Grimm Brothers Brewhouse (Loveland) - Today is Firkin Friday at Grimm Bros. Today's special firkin is a Beet Fearless Youth, a Dunkel Lager made with plenty of red beets. Don't be a Down Beet, be an Up Beet! Try a pint tonight. Also, their Pumpkin Griffin Hefeweizen Ale has also arrived. Tis the season for pumpkin brew! [623 Denver Ave, Loveland, CO]

City Star Brewing (Berthoud) - Looking for some good beer and Blues this weekend? Stop by City Star for a weekend of Blues music. Hotfoot will be playing Blues tonight at 7pm and Johnny Johnston & The Po' Boys will be playing tomorrow (Saturday) at 7pm. Plenty of good beer on tap. Open today 2pm to 10pm, Saturday 12pm to 10pm and Sunday 12pm to 9pm. [321 Mountain Ave, Berthoud, CO]

Verboten Brewing (Loveland) - Just tapped today - their Get Busy Living - Belgian Wit w/pears. Also, Bottlecap BBQ will be in the house starting at 5pm. Start off your weekend here. [1550 Taurus Ct, Loveland, CO]

Zwei Brüder Brewing (Ft. Collins) - Today they've released their Weizenbock beer just in time for your weekend. Stop on by and try a pint. Then plan to come back on Thursday, October 30th for "Tricks, Treats & Brews" from 3pm to 8pm. Join 1933 Brewing, Black Bottle Brewery and Zwei Bruder for their Halloween celebration! Kids can trick or treat from 3pm- 5pm. Everyone over 21 is eligible to win a free beer if they visit all three breweries between the hours of 3pm- 8pm. And... if you can "find the brewer" between the hours of 3PM- 8PM at all three breweries you will be entered into a raffle and possibly win some sweet prizes. How do you play "find the brewer"? Find a picture of the brewer at each Brewery. Once you have found the picture tell the bartender at each Brewery the location of the picture. The bartender will give you a portion of a phrase (the portion of the phrase will consist of a unique word) at each Brewery. Once you have "found the brewer" at the last and third Brewery and told the bartender the entire phrase you will be entered into a raffle and have the possibility of winning some prizes. [4612 S Mason St, Ft. Collins, CO]

Pateros Creek Brewing Co (Ft. Collins) - There are a lot of Halloween Costume Parties happening this year! You'll need a kickass costume. PCBC is throwing a "Get Ready for Halloween" party there with their friends over at Eco-Thrift Wednesday, October 29th from 4-8pm out in the parking lot. It's a big Costume Party Yard Sale and Jockey Box Beer Fest! Beers that will be flowing include: Rattlesnake Jack (sour), Peanut Brittle Red, Wood City Lager, SchwarzSaber black lager, Sleeping Elephant '12 and Lindenmeier Wheat! [242 N College Ave, Ft. Collins, CO]

Loveland Aleworks (Loveland) - It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood! Come quaff a pint of their recently tapped Double Birds Imperial IPA and indulge in some mouth-watering treats from Stout Market Loveland! Soak up this gorgeous patio weather while you can. [118 W 4th St, Loveland, CO]

Snowbank Brewing Co (Ft. Collins) - Yesterday the beanies rolled in, today they have zip up hoodies! Both mens and womens styles are available in the taproom today! Chaulkboard Gourmet Express is joining them today from 3:30pm until close serving up spicy tacos and piping hot cheesesteaks. Purchase anything from the cart and get a dollar off a pint of Pawnee Porter. And finally, tonight at 5pm they'll be tapping the latest of their collaboration brews - Cocoa Coffee Porter featuring cacao husks and nibs from Nuance Chocolate and freshly roasted coffee beans from Cranknstein. Get on over there and stock up for winter with a new hoodie and beanie, then stick around for a pint and a bite! Come hungry. Come thirsty. [225 N Lemay Ave, Ste 1, Ft. Collins, CO]

Compass Cider (Ft. Collins) - Compass will be a featured location for the Old Town Zombie Crawl tomorrow, Saturday, October 25th! The crawl begins at 5pm in Old Town Square, and tickets can be purchased in advance online for $16 (http://oldtownzombie.com/tickets-contact/) or day of in the Square for $20. A ticket will buy you a wristband and the wristband will entitle you to 5 crawl stops. Be sure to make Compass one of your stops: they'll be pouring 3oz tasters of their Divide - a 100% apple cider with hints of oak and summer fruit. [216 N College Ave, Ft. Collins, CO]

Southern Front Range

Walter Brewing Co (Pueblo) - Tonight from 6pm to close - Walter Brewing Company will be booked for a Private Party. They will be open to the public from 3pm to 6pm with Happy Hour during that time. They will be open for regular business on Saturday from 3pm to 10pm. [126 Oneida St, Pueblo, CO]

Fossil Brewing Co (Colorado Springs) - Don't forget! Today is the Grand Opening of the Springs' newest community-centric microbrewery from 2pm to 10pm. There will be at least 7 new beers to try plus a food truck. Beers include: Megalodon Blonde Ale, Evolution Amber Ale, Mammoth IPA, Buried Brown Ale, Hair of the Hound Saison, Sabertooth IIPA, and Steggy Stout. They will even have a brewery made non-alcoholic Ginger Ale. This brewery is the brainchild of 5 founders: Josh & Colleen Bye, Katrina & Rich Benson and Graham Clark. Initial hours will be: Wednesdays through Saturdays 2pm to 10pm. Come check out Colorado's 53rd brewery to open this year! [2845 Ore Mill Rd #1, Colo. Springs, CO]

Red Leg Brewing Co (Colorado Springs) - It's Friday and as usual Red Leg is the place to be. They are releasing a very exciting new brew, Brett Noire, a Dark Brett Saison. They will be tapping this new creation at 4pm for Commanders Club and at 5pm for all their other Red Leg friends and fans! Gypsy-Pizzeria will be there all evening crafting up some delicious pizza to pair with your beer! Tomorrow 10/25 - Brewery Tours at 3PM, 5PM and 7PM! [4630 Forge Rd Ste B, Colo. Springs, CO]

Shamrock Brewing Co (Pueblo) - Now on tap: Pumpkin Drublic (6.3% ABV). This brew was made with over sixty pounds of pumpkin that were roasted and spiced then added to an amber ale brewed with a high percentage of honey malt to create this fall offering. Pairs very well with Uggs and Yoga Pants. [108 W 3rd St, Pueblo, CO]

Mountains and West

Breckenridge Brew Pub (Breckenridge) - Psst! Want to know a secret. As for their special edition Belgium Web-hopped Double IPA, aged with wild foraged raspberries. It's on the secret tap so you have to ask for it. This brew was originally made by the Beers Made By Walking event for GABF. [600 Main St, Breckenridge, CO]

Roaring Fork Beer Co (Carbondale) - Get ready for "Night of the Living Brews" on Friday, October 31st from 2pm to 10pm. Halloween Happy Hour all night with $4 beers. Plus there will be a special Halloween infusion beer on tap. Listen to music from D.J. Benny from 6:30pm to 9:30pm. Costume Contest with big prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place if you come as a vintage Halloween movie character. Plus, next week their popular Hoppa Road Imperial IPA will be released in 22oz bomber bottles! [1941 Dolores Way, Carbondale, CO]

Ska Brewing (Durango) - Do you have some mad carving skills? Ska is kicking off Skalloween tonight with their Pumpkin Carving Contest. Come show them what you can do and win prizes. The fun starts at 6pm. [225 Girard St, Durango, CO]

Storm Peak Brewing Co (Steamboat Springs) - The words for the day are: Nitro TIPA. It's there and now on tap. [1744 N Lincoln Ave, Steamboat Springs, CO]

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10/24/2014 03:17 PM
Episode 249: Penrose Brewing P2 & Southern Tier 2XONE

10/24/2014 03:04 PM
Boulder Beer to Release Scourge of the Dude
Boulder, CO – Boulder Beer Company, Colorado’s First Craft Brewery, will release Scourge of the Dude on Saturday, November 8th. The Dude strikes again!  A sequel to The Dude’s Bane, Scourge of the Dude is the second release in Boulder Beer’s barrel-aged Dude Series.  This barleywine was born on their pilot system, using a blend of caramel malts, toasted rye and a hint of smoked malt, then aged for eight months in first-use bourbon barrels.  Although strong bourbon and oak characters from the barrel dominate up front, the Scourge opens up with subtle raison-like notes [...]

10/24/2014 03:02 PM
Avery to Release Antonius’ Carmen
Boulder, CO – Antonius’ Carmen is a sour ale aged in Madeira barrels, a type of barrel Avery has never before explored. “I love Madeira,” says Founder and CEO Adam Avery, “because it’s sweet and interesting and old. But it’s hard to find Madeira barrels, so as soon as they became available, we snatched them up because we wanted to give this a shot.” Rather than make a sweet beer and then add more sweetness from the Madeira, Avery’s brewers wanted to make a sour beer to contrast the flavors from the barrels. “We wanted [...]

10/24/2014 02:56 PM
Friday 5ive – Five Bands That Blew Me Away Immediately
This week it’s time to roll out a Friday 5ive featuring bands that have managed to blow me away upon first listen. I caught each and every one of these bands live at one point or another. When I arrived at the show I didn’t have the foggiest idea as to what any of the ...

10/24/2014 02:06 PM
Week of 10/24/14 Beer Tastings
Today, from 4PM to 6PM the Wine and Cheese Place in Clayton will hold its weekly Friday beer tasting in which Scott Snyder will be pouring: Jolly Pumpkin La Parcella Pumpkin Ale, Deschutes Chasin’ Freshies, Founders Dark Penance Black IPA, and Free State Iron Man Imperial Stout. Additional information can be found at their blog. Today, from 4PM [...]

10/24/2014 01:45 PM
We Are Living Beer

Are you?

We Are Living Beer

10/24/2014 01:30 PM
Hotel Zetta, San Francisco, CA
This place is at the nexus of business and party. Like a mullet. But a hell of a lot sexier.  Aside from their contemporary-meets-nature-inspired guest ...

10/24/2014 01:00 PM
KillerBeerFest at Bailey’s Taproom on Saturday
Each and every year during Killer Beer Week we look to our favorite downtown taproom to host our all out anniversary bash, KillerBeerFest. And for the sixth consecutive year, Brewpublic has paired up with our friends at Bailey’s Taproom on Saturday, October 25th, to rock the KillerBeerFest. For twelve straight hours from Noon to Midnight, […]

10/24/2014 01:00 PM
Beer News You Can Use, 10/24/2014
For your consumption, here's a mashup of what I've read, what I've heard, and what I've tasted in the past week. As I mentioned last week as I began to revitalize this feature, the primary focus will be on the greater Philadelphia region first, extending outward as it seems interesting or necessary. Beer "of the week" Sierra Nevada Tumbler. I don't recall how many years it's been now that

10/24/2014 11:55 AM
Harviestoun Ola Dubh, 16yr Highland Park Casks
Harviestoun Ola Dubh, 16yr Highland Park casks Ale. Clackmannshire, Scotland. 8%. To drink this ale, please don a kilt. Why did someone not think of ...

10/24/2014 11:51 AM
SweetWater Brewery Fall Beer News

The post, SweetWater Brewery Fall Beer News, first appeared on The Barley Blog.

Press Release ATLANTA (October 24, 2014) – SweetWater Brewery is reeling in a few fresh catches on the fly rod this fall. The Georgia-based brewery announces the return of Festive Ale this October, followed by a brand-spankin’ new haul – Spinnerbait, a Belgian red ale – hookin’ folks later this winter. To continue spicing things […]

The post, SweetWater Brewery Fall Beer News, first appeared on The Barley Blog.

10/24/2014 11:01 AM
2014 Perennial Abraxas Day
[ November 8, 2014; 12:00 pm; ] It's the most wonderful time of the year! No, I'm not talking about the upcoming holidays (though Thanksgiving is a close second) I'm talking about Perennial Artisan Ales Abraxas Day. The time of the year where we all get to enjoy some of that highly sought after spicy chocolaty velvety stout produced right here in St. [...]

10/24/2014 10:09 AM
Beer: Belgian Quad Bottling Disaster...

Last night I decided to bottle the Quadrupel that had been sitting in my basement since oh, February maybe? I have been afraid to bottle this because of the yeast and sugar I am adding at bottling, I was afraid of bottle bombs. My buddy Ryan bought bottles for us which was amazing! A while back I went to Strange Brew in Marlborough because I was in the area to look for some corks, a corker, bottle ties, and yeast. I needed some advice because I had never done this before. I asked a million times if this small red corker would do the trick on some Belgian bottles. I was assured over and over that it would...

Fast forward to last night and, well it did not do the trick.

Of course I didn't check to see if it worked before I sanitized EVERYTHING and transferred EVERYTHING to the bottling bucket. I tried my hardest to jam that guy in there and no go. My hands actually have blisters on them today. Well, to be fair I also assembled most of the chairs for our brand new 11 foot dining room table so that may have something to do with it as well. So here I am, freaking out because I don't want my precious beer that had been aging for over 6 months to spoil. Then my wife calmly just says, "Text Pat. He definitely has one". Genius. He also works at Homebrew Emporium over in West Boylston where I get all of my ingredients. The place is amazing. 

I text Pat and get the BEST response ever. 

I drive over to his homestead, pick up the beast and get back to bottling. And when I say beast, I mean beast.

All bottled, corked, and caged. Ready to rock. I can't wait to drink this one.

So moral of the story? Definitely check everything before you get too far ahead. I usually do because I am super OCD when it comes to this type stuff. I wasn't thinking and was very excited to finally get this bottled. Oh well! Crisis averted thanks to Pat! Cheers.

10/24/2014 09:00 AM
Jester King Brewery and Live Oak Brewing company have joined forces to create Kollaborationsbiermittschechischemhopfenundwilderbakterienhefekombination, or Kollaborationsbier, for short.

Kollaborationsbiermittschechischemhopfenundwilderbakterienhefekombination literally means “collaboration beer with Czech hops, wild yeast, and bacteria” in German, according to the press
release. I will take their word for it and I'm sure there will be a pronunciation contest at some point.

The wort was produced at Live Oak Brewery in East Austin, and then trucked to the West Austin Jester King brewery, where that special Jester King blend of wild yeast and bacteria was added. It clocks in at 4.2% alcohol.

The beer will be available tonight at the tasting room, but not for long. There will only be 1000 bottles available.

Could I get someone to bring me one back to Paradise?  I have to work today and tomorrow.

10/24/2014 08:56 AM
Sierra Nevada Yvon the Great

The post, Sierra Nevada Yvon the Great, first appeared on The Barley Blog.

Yvon the Great is the third beer that I opened up from Sierra Nevada’s Beer Camp Across America mixed pack. It is a 6.3% ABV (50 IBU) Belgian-style blonde ale that was brewed in conjunction with Russian River. Knowing what these two breweries — and all of the other parties involved in this release — […]

The post, Sierra Nevada Yvon the Great, first appeared on The Barley Blog.

10/24/2014 08:42 AM
Has VCDL Gone PC?
A recent email from the Virginia Citizens Defense League contained an essay entitled "Firearm vs weapon, CHP vs CCW - words mean things." Within that post, VCDL President Philip Van Cleave made this comment,
Avoid the use of the word “weapon” when referring to your firearm.  Weapon has a negative connotation, referring more to something used in an aggressive or offensive manner.  The military carries weapons.  You and I carry for defensive reasons only.  Instead use the words firearm, sidearm, handgun, or the firearm type, such as Glock, Sig, etc.

I was taken aback. What is this PC nonsense? Van Cleave claims that "weapon" has a negative connotation. He posits it is because the military carries "weapons." Does that mean the military has a negative connotation, or is deployed only for offensive purposes? A weapon can certainly be used defensively, as one was just this week in Canada, and also 100's of times each year, by civilians in the United States. I carry a defensive weapon. In fact, I carry a dangerous defensive weapon. If it wasn't so, I wouldn't stake my life on it.

I agree with the VCDL in that "words mean things." That is why we should not cede the language to the hoplophobes. The enemies of freedom have already usurped words like "tolerance" and "liberal." We see it everyday in the news when mass killers are described as "shooters" or "assault weapon" is used to refer to just about any semi-automatic gun that's black.

Do I say "weapon" every time I refer to my gun? Of course not. Will I avoid the use of the term for political correctness? Certainly not.

On the other hand, maybe VCDL is on to something.

 I suppose my "pistol" would be allowed wherever this is posted.

[ This content originated at Musings Over a Pint ]

10/24/2014 07:49 AM
O’Fallon Brewery Introduces King Louie Toffee Stout and Imperial Pumpkin Ale

The post, O’Fallon Brewery Introduces King Louie Toffee Stout and Imperial Pumpkin Ale, first appeared on The Barley Blog.

Press Release King Louie Toffee Stout was created in collaboration with Bissinger’s Handcrafted Chocolatier of St. Louis. The velvety stout is full-bodied and was developed using a proprietary toffee blend that’s ideal for the brewing process and has hints of caramelized sugar and vanilla. It is brewed with Magnum hops and a variety of malts […]

The post, O’Fallon Brewery Introduces King Louie Toffee Stout and Imperial Pumpkin Ale, first appeared on The Barley Blog.

10/24/2014 07:40 AM
Karl Strauss Peanut Butter Cup Porter Now In Bottles

The post, Karl Strauss Peanut Butter Cup Porter Now In Bottles, first appeared on The Barley Blog.

Press Release San Diego, CA – October 22, 2014– Just in time for Halloween, Karl Strauss Brewing Company is bringing back its cult-favorite, Peanut Butter Cup Porter. The company is pleased to announce that for the first time, a ridiculously limited amount of the beer will be available in 22oz bottles, in addition to draft […]

The post, Karl Strauss Peanut Butter Cup Porter Now In Bottles, first appeared on The Barley Blog.

10/24/2014 07:01 AM
Brewpublic’s 6th Brewniversary Party at Saraveza on Friday
We now are reaching the second and final weekend of this year’s Killer Beer Week and what a week its been. With eight Killer events behind us, we now celebrate Brewpublic’s 6th Brewniversary Party at Saraveza from 5:00pm to midnight on Friday night. This past Saturday Saraveza celebrated their 6th Anniversary to a packed house […]

10/24/2014 07:00 AM
Roscoe’s Halloween Summit on October 31st
Join Roscoe’s in celebrating Halloween with some great pumpkin and Halloween themed beers on tap. The Halloween Summit will kick-off on Friday, October 31st at 2:00pm. The Halloween themed beers will be pouring all weekend long. Costumes are optional, but can be a lot of fun on this night of revelry. Some of the breweries […]

10/24/2014 05:44 AM
An eye opening visit to Sea Dog Brewing Bangor
I realized recently while jotting down some notes for blog posts that I haven’t been in to the Sea Dog Brewpub in quite a while, about two years to be exact, not since I did a presentation for Social Media Breakfast Bangor. Admittedly Sea Dog isn’t a favorite of mine, and while the food at […]

10/24/2014 05:00 AM
Kells Brew Pub Hires New Chef & Wins Brewing Awards
PORTLAND, Ore. – Oct. 23, 2014 – Kells Brew Pub on NW 21st Ave is pleased to announce the addition of Travis Stark as its new head chef. Stark’s first order of business was to refresh the existing menu, adding a variety of new appetizers, salads and entrees. Stark, a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, […]

10/24/2014 04:38 AM
Just north of Pegnitz and south of Bayreuth in Franconia, Germany, there's a cluster of villages blessed with three brewery taverns. There used to be four, but sadly even the Franconian thirst for beer doesn't prevent small businesses going to the wall. They're linked by a waymarked hiking route called the Bierquellenwanderweg (beer source trail, translated literally). Those waymarks are

10/24/2014 04:05 AM
20% off my Lulu print books
until the end of Monday (27th October) with this code:


You've no excuse for not buying my wonderful, if odd, latest book, Draught!

Barclay Perkins Bookstore

This code may only work in the US Lulu bookstore.

10/24/2014 03:52 AM
One lonely ex-pat
OK, one last beer from the Germany trip and then we're done. I'm giving it its own post as it was the only foreign beer I drank the whole time.

Hop Back is from Tröeg's in Pennsylvania so is sort-of German-ish. It's a 6% ABV amber ale and was on draught in Tap House in Munich along with a couple of others from the brewery. I thought it was an excellent example of the style, with rich and heavy marzipan sweetness plus dark chocolate flavours and then sandalwood spices and fruit chews from the hops. The aroma is a full-on pine explosion, suggesting a bitterness that is never actually delivered, but isn't really missed either.

Yes, the Germans are making beers in this sort of style at this sort of quality, but it's nice to have an American example on hand for direct comparisons.

10/24/2014 03:35 AM
Back to the Future with Ciders & Mead
Everyone knows about the micro-brewery and micro-distillery phenomenon, but now there are two new oldie additions to this heady mix. The new kids in town ...

10/24/2014 03:33 AM
Guinness adds new amber ale to product portfolio
Guinness, a brand owned by British alcoholic beverage producer Diageo, has introduced new Guinness The 1759 to its existing product range.

10/24/2014 03:05 AM
Modern German beer styles
You might have noticed that Lager, especially German Lager has been very much on my mind recently. I have these occasional bouts of obsession. I'm sure I'll get over it eventually.

In the background I've been collecting as much data about German beer as I can. As much as I can collect within a reasonable time frame. The set has about 350 beers, mostly from Bavaria. Assigning styles to them has been fun. And by definition, to a certain extent arbitrary. I thought to myself "Why not check up the official German style definitions?" So I have done. No, it's not the BJCP deinitions. I've opted for those of the Deutscher Brauer-Bund, the German brewers' trade organisation. They should know what they're talking about, shouldn't they?

I'll admit that it's a pretty slimmed down set. They've lumped together plenty of things I would have split apart - the different colours of Hefeweizen, for example, and Lager Hell and Export Hell. And it's odd they've not bothered with a separate entry for Doppelbock, which is defined in German law.

What I'll be doing is to compare the specs I've harvested with the definitions of the Deutscher Brauer-Bund. I doubt there will be any huge disconnect because of the restrictions on gravity for certain types of beer. For example, any beer in a Vollbier style cannot have a gravity below 11º Plato, while a Bock must be above 16º Plato.

Here's the Deutscher Brauer-Bund's schema:

Modern German beer styles
Style category OG Plato ABV Comment
Alt Vollbier  11.5 4.8
Berliner Weisse Schankbier 7 to 8 2.8
Bockbier Starkbier min 16 7
Kölsch Vollbier 11.3 4.8
Lager dunkel Voll- or Schankbier 10 to 12 4.6-5.1 min 50% dark malt
Export dunkel Vollbier 12 to 14 5.1-5.6 min 50% dark malt
Lager hell Voll- or Schankbier 10 to 12 4.6-5.1
Export hell Vollbier 12 to 14 5.1-5.6
Pils Vollbier min 11 4.8
Schwarzbier Vollbier min 11 4.8-5
Weizenbier Vollbier 11 to 14 5.4
Leichtbier Voll- or Schankbier 7 to 12 2-3.2
Malztrunk Vollbier 11.7 0.5 top-fermenting
Kellerbier/ Kräusenbier/Zwickelbier/Zoigl Vollbier 11 to 14 4.5-5.5
Märzen Vollbier min 13 4.8-5.6
Oktoberfestbier Vollbier min 13.5 4.8-5.6
Rauchbier Vollbier 11 to 14 4.5-5.5
Roggenbier Vollbier min 11 5
Dinkelbier Vollbier min 11 5
Deutscher Brauer-Bund

The distinction between Lagerbier Hell and Export Hell seems to have been pretty much eroded. Many are just called Helles by the brewery no matterwhat their gravity. Overall, I've not too many arguments with their definitions.

Their list of styles I've identified in my 350 smaple beers is a little bit longer:

Bock Rauch
Bock, Bernstein
Bock, Dunkel
Bock, Hell
Doppelbock Rauchweizen
Export, Bernstein
Festbier, Bernstein
Hefeweizen Dunkel
Kellerbier DunkelKellerbier, Bernstein
Lagerbier, Bernstein
Pale Ale
Spelt Beer
Vienna Lager

Though many of my extra entries are due to splitting a style like Bock into substyles and including foreign styles like Pale Ale and IPA.

This is all going to be handy background information for my slow trawl through the style numbers. I won't claim it'll be great fun, but it will be educational.

First under the microscope will be Helles. Or Lager Hell as I should really call it. Lager Hell - sounds like being in a pub that only sells Carling and Tennents

10/24/2014 01:00 AM
Brewery Release: NW: Coming Soon … He’brew Hanukkah, Chanukah: Pass The Beer®, Jewbelation 18®, and the 5th Annual He'brew Gift Pack® 2014

Press Release

image courtesy Shmaltz Brewery

Now brewing exclusively in Clifton Park, NY -- Break out the latkes, gelt, Chanukah candles, and He'brew Beer®, it's time to start prepping for the holidays! This November, Shmaltz Brewing Company rolls out three limited-edition releases straight from their newly expanded brewery in Clifton Park, NY. First up is the debut of Shmaltz's long awaited homage to the 8 crazy nights: Hanukkah, Chanukah: Pass The Beer®, a Dark Ale brewed with 8 malts, 8 hops, and 8% ABV. Next in line is the Anniversary beer, Jewbelation 18® (18 malts, 18 hops, and a highly sessionable 12.4% ABV), which marks the birth of an entirely new take on the Award-Winning Jewbelation® series. Last, but certainly not least, the 5th Annual He'brew Gift Pack® hitting stores this Thanksgiving. Candles Won't Be The Only Thing Getting Lit this holiday season!

Please see the information below for specific details on each of this year's He'brew® holiday releases:

Hanukkah, Chanukah: Pass The Beer®
After only 18 years in business, America's largest, most award-winning and still only Jewish themed Craft Brewery, Shmaltz Brewing Company is proud to debut Hanukkah, Chanukah: Pass The Beer®. Destined to become the official chosen beer of the holiday season, Hanukkah, Chanukah: Pass The Beer® is a luscious Dark Ale brewed with 8 malts, 8 hops, and heats up at 8% ABV. 8 is a miraculous number in Jewish life. Its cultural/religious significance runs the gamut with several holidays spanning 8 days (Chanukah, Passover, Sukkot), a bris (circumcision) taking place on the newborn's 8th day, and Seinfeld running for 8 years (for more deep shtick, see the 4-pack label). As latkes are frying and the battle royale of dreidels are spinning, Shmaltz lends some much needed light to the impending winter darkness with Hanukkah, Chanukah: Pass The Beer® launching nationally in 12 oz bottles in 4-packs starting on November 1, 2014, as well as in the He'brew Gift Pack® 2014.

Jewbelation 18®
Over the last decade, Shmaltz Brewing has boldly elevated each year's Jewbelation® with increased amounts of malts, hops, and ABV -- in 2004, they debuted Miraculous Jewbelation® with 8 malts, 8 hops, 8% ABV and continued through last year's Jewbelation Reborn® (17 malts, 17 hops, 17% ABV). Jewbelation 18® features a brand spankin' new craft beer category, Black Session Barleywine.
When asked about this year's Jewbelation®, Shmaltz founder Jeremy Cowan says, "So many friends have inquired about when will we stop upping the ante with the level of malts, hops, ABV, and my response has been 'Never... well, um, I mean now!' Witness our newborn Black Session Barleywine. 18 malts, 18 hops, and now available in a sessionable 12.4% ABV so we can ship to allll our states again. Jewbelation is now in session. L'Chaim!"

Jewbelation 18® will hit the national market just before Thanksgiving in 22 oz bottles, on draft at select bars, and included in the soon to be released 5th Annual He'brew Gift Pack®.

5th Annual He'brew Gift Pack® 2014
Shmaltz's 5th Annual He'brew Gift Pack®, a showcase of 8 of He'brew's most sought after beers, is sure to add cheer this holiday season and will light up any cold winter night. The eight pack of 12 oz. bottles includes the 18th Anniversary Jewbelation 18® Black Session Barleywine, and the brand new Hanukkah, Chanukah: Pass The Beer® Dark Ale (8 malts, 8 hops, 8% ABV). It also includes the rare, barrel-aged sour beer, 2014's Funky Jewbelation®, the Gold Medal winner Rejewvenator®, plus the unique collaboration beers with Terrapin Brewing (Reunion Ale '14 - A Beer For Hope®) and Cathedral Square Brewery (St. Lenny's -- The Immaculate Collaboration®). The only Chanukah themed Beer Gift Pack on any shelf this season is rounded off with year-round favorites Death of a Contract Brewer® Black IPA (7 malts, 7 hops, 7% ABV) and World Beer Championship Silver Medal winning Messiah Nut Brown Ale®.

The Gift Pack® features a custom glass, Chanukah candles and a beautifully hand-painted "Build Your Own" Beer Menorah portrait by local Ballston Spa, NY painter Jennifer Maher (www.yourtoyportrait.com; please see the attached portrait below). Transform each of the 8 iconic bottles, plus one Shamash bottle (0 malts, 0 hops, 0% ABV), into your very own beer menorah. Snap a photo and enter your masterpiece in the 5th Annual "Build Your Own Beer Menorah" Facebook competition for a chance to win a chosen prize!
Detailed information regarding Shmaltz's set of national events taking place at 18 Chosen Bars will be announced in the coming weeks.

About Shmaltz Brewing Company
Ranked in 2013 as one of the "Top 100 Brewers in the World" by RateBeer.com, Shmaltz won 9 Gold and 5 Silver Medals in the World Beer Championships in 2012. A recipient of the "Distinguished Business Award" by the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, Shmaltz was also included in the "Top 50 Fastest Growing Bay Area Companies" by San Francisco Business Times.

Founder and owner Jeremy Cowan established the company in San Francisco in 1996 with the first 100 cases of He'brew Beer® hand bottled and delivered throughout the Bay Area in his Grandmother's Volvo. He'brew® now sells across 37 states, through 40 wholesalers and nearly 5,000 retailers. In 2007, Shmaltz released a new line of craft brewed lagers under the Coney Island® banner. The Coney Island brand was recently acquired by Alchemy and Science, a craft beer incubator, owned by Boston Beer (Sam Adams).

After 17 years of being an outspoken cheerleader for contract brewing, Shmaltz recently broke with tradition and opened its own New York State production brewery in Clifton Park, NY, 10 minutes north of Albany's capital district. Shmaltz's new home boasts a 50-barrel brewhouse with 20,000 barrels of annual capacity. The new brewery packages 12 and 22 ounce bottles and kegs of their diverse core and seasonal favorites, and hosts fans and beer tourists in their new tasting room for tours, barrel-aged previews, and special releases.

In 2010/11, Cowan published his small business memoir, Craft Beer Bar Mitzvah: How It Took 13 Years, Extreme Jewish Brewing, and Circus Sideshow Freaks to Make Shmaltz Brewing Company an International Success. A free sampling of Chapter One and suggested beer pairings, can be viewed at www.craftbeerbarmitzvah.com. In 2012, Cowan spearheaded the creation of the non-profit New York City Brewers Guild (which manages NYC Beer Week) and served as its Founding President.

Cowan also has presented at the 2013 Craft Brewers Conference, as well as previous Great American Beer Festivals, BevNet's Brewbound conference, Beer Advocate's Extreme Beer Festival, the Atlanta and the St. Louis Jewish Book Fairs, and the San Francisco and New York Jewish Museums.

Shmaltz Brewing beers have appeared in such distinguished media outlets as The New York Times, CNN Headline News, Beer Advocate Magazine, NPR's "Weekend Edition," Fox Business News, Men's Health, San Francisco Chronicle, The Jerusalem Report, New York Jewish Week, and Washington Post.

10/24/2014 12:55 AM
Beer In Ads #1352: Gimme Gold Label
Thursday’s ad is for Acme Beer, from 1951. This is from a series of billboard ads from the same year I stumbled upon, though I’m sure the originals in color are more spectacular. In this Acme ad for their Gold Label beer, they’re advertising it as a “new lighter, drier...

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10/23/2014 11:08 PM
Celebs and special guests join Asahi to launch new concept bar
If your beer brand is badge for you, and ingesting alcohol unencumbered by flavour is your aim, this is one of the greats...

10/23/2014 07:21 PM
Boulder Beer Co. To Release Scourge Of The Dude

Boulder, CO – Boulder Beer Company, Colorado’s First Craft Brewery, will release Scourge of the Dude on Saturday, Novemb…

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10/23/2014 06:23 PM
Pizza Port Brewing Co. Announces First Distribution Outside of Southern California

Las Vegas, NV – For the first time, Pizza Port Brewing Company’s celebrated craft beer will be distributed outside of Sout…

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10/23/2014 05:51 PM
Bent Paddle Cold Press Black
The first time I tasted the Cold Press variation of Bent Paddle Brewing Company’s black ale, I knew I had to have some more. Apparently I wasn’t the only one. Bent Paddle’s Bryon Tonnis says it’s been one of their most requested special offerings, “People really wanted to see this beer in cans from the ...

10/23/2014 05:34 PM
Colorado Beer News 102314
Colorado Beer NewsToday is iPod Day. It was on this day back in 2001 that Apple unveiled the first iPod and from then on the world of music was changed forever. Today, downloadable music is on just about every portable device. Celebrate the day by listening to some music on your favorite portable device whether it be Apple or other. What's going to be the next big innovation? Hoverboards? Around Colorado, that innovation is craft beer! It's also a Partial Solar Eclipse Day here in Colorado from 3:18pm (start), to 4:35pm (peak), to 5:44pm (end). Here's what's happening around the Colorado beerosphere today Thursday, October 23rd, 2014. If you aren't reading this article on FermentedlyChallenged.com, you don't know what you're missing.

[CO Beer Festivals] -- [Beer Dinners] -- [CO Beer Releases]

Metro Denver

Dad & Dude's Breweria (Aurora) - On Saturday, November 1, Dad & Dude’s Breweria celebrates its 4th birthday. Starting this coming Monday, the brewpub is putting on a stretch of “homecoming” activities leading up to its birthday. The fun includes daily special-release beers from D&D’s "massive" 1.5 barrel system, nightly prize raffles and goofy costume nights. Attendees who dress for the night’s theme receive double tickets for entry into the raffles. Here's some of the beers being released in the week leading up to their birthday: 10/27 Gourd-Geous Pumpkin Ale (nitro), 10/28 - Sun Kissed Braggot, 10/29 - Oad-aged Bard's Yard (fresh hop beer), 10/30 - Rum Forrest, Rum! (American-style stout w/vanilla beans aged in rum barrel), 10/31 - Lion Heart Barley Wine (12% ABV), and 11/1 - Zinful (beer/wine hybrid). [6730 S Cornerstar Way, Ste D, Aurora, CO]

CAUTION: Brewing Co (Lakewood & Denver) - It's Thursday, and that means a new ‪#‎ExBeeriment‬ is on tap! Their Bière de Garde is the perfect example of a Belgium style amber with subtle cellar notes combining with a dry finish and malty smoothness. Come get some before it's gone! ‪#‎partywithcaution‬ [EAST: 12445 E 39th Ave, Unit 314, Denver, CO - WEST: 1057 S Wadsworth Blvd, Unit 60, Lakewood, CO]

Joyride Brewing Co (Edgewater) - It's Thursday. It's almost the weekend, the Broncos are playing the Chargers tonight, pints are $1 off during the game and Moe's Original Bar B Que will be there. What more do you need? (How about a Broncos victory!) [2501 Sheridan Blvd, Edgewater, CO]

Arvada Beer Co (Arvada) - Today's rare beer is a Baltic Porter. They've never made a batch until now. You'll want to get in and try this one. But careful, this one weighs in at 9.5% ABV and has a nice roast nose and licorice notes. Just a 20 gallon batch - pours til it's gone! PLUS - Arvada Beer is hiring! They are looking for a server / beertender. Drop off your application today. Multi days/shifts available. [5600 Olde Wadsworth Blvd, Arvada, CO]

Station 26 Brewing Co (Denver) - They'll be showing the Broncos - Chargers game on the big screen tonight at 6:25pm. They're also tapping a firkin of Double IPA with cloves at 4:00pm. Plus, the Farm to Truck will be at the taproom from 4:00pm to 9:00pm serving locally sourced street food! How's that for a Thursday night? [7045 E 38th Ave, Denver, CO]

Denver Beer Co Canworks (Denver) - Come over to their Canworks taproom location tonight to watch the Broncos game. They've got day-fresh cans of Hey! Pumpkin and Incredible Pedal (in orange and blue cans) available to drink. Watch the game on their new big screen TV! [4455 Jason St, Denver, CO]

4 Noses Brewing Co (Broomfield) - Pumpaction Pumpkin Ale Release tonight! Pumpaction Pumpkin Ale (6.4% ABV, 14 IBUs) is brewed with 8+ lbs per barrel of roasted pumpkins, pumpkin pie spice, brown sugar and whole cinnamon sticks! Come get some while it lasts. Thursday Night Broncos Football is on tonight as well! Basic Kneads Pizza Truck will be in all night. [8855 W 116 Cir, Broomfield, CO]

Living The Dream Brewing Co (Littleton) - Bronco-Orange infused wit is happening in the Randall today! Also over 100 square feet of TV's will be broadcasting the whipping Manning is about to unleash on the Chargers tonight. Game starts @ 6:25pm. Street Frites food truck is back tonight too. [12305 Dumont Way, Unit A, Littleton, CO]

Baere Brewing Co (Denver) - Today they release a Belgian Blonde and a Sweet Stout in the taproom. Open 5-9pm! Reminder that they will be CLOSED tomorrow for a founder's party. Open Saturday normal hours. [320 Broadway, Ste E, Denver, CO]

Beer By Design Brewery (Northglenn) - Attention sour beer lovers! They have a Blueberry Wheat Sour back on tap in the Tap Room. If you are just hearing about their sours now, then you need to know they have three more on tap for your enjoyment. A plain wheat sour, a strawberry and raspberry sour in addition to the blueberry sour. Ask their beertenders about their many beer blends, like their Blueberry Pie (80% Blueberry Sour and 20% Prairie Style Porter).

Boulder County

The Very Nice Brewing Co (Nederland) - It's their 2-Year Anniversary Celebration! Join us in the Very Nice tap room this Saturday, October 25th from Noon-10pm for special tappings, beer giveaways, door prizes and live music! They'll be tapping this year's anniversary beer at 3:00pm and will be giving away a 10-oz pour of it til a 6'er is gone! Music from Caribou Mountain Collective starts at 6:00pm. [20 Lakeview Dr, Unit 112, Nederland, CO]

Echo Brewing (Erie) - Enjoy an Echo beer and pizza on their patio today! Broncos play the Chargers at 6:30pm, stop in to watch the game. Happy Hour prices start at 3:00pm and extend through the game - $1 off all Echo pints and $4 glasses of Riesling! [600 Briggs St, Erie, CO]

Odd13 Brewing (Lafayette) - Today they are tapping Pepo the Picker (sour ale with pumpkin and apples) and Derplomat (American brown ale) at 3pm. Pepo will also be available in bombers. To top it off, the Broncos take on the Chargers at 6:25pm. Lena B Bar-b-Que will be in the courtyard with their delicious smoked meats. [301 E Simpson St, Lafayette, CO]

Boulder Beer Co (Boulder) - Join in on Saturday, November 8th at the brewery for the first ever release of Scourge of the Dude! Their second ever bottled barrel-aged beer, with only 16 bourbon barrels that have been aging for eight months in their cooler, will be first on sale to the public on the 8th so get it while you can! (Makes a great holiday gift!) [2880 Wilderness Pl, Boulder, CO]

City Star Brewing - Berthoud CO
Sponsored ad from City Star Brewing - Berthoud, CO.

Northern Colorado

Verboten Brewing (Loveland) - Tonight is FREE pizza starting at 6pm - first come first serve. They'll have the Bronco game on at 6:30pm. Here's some recently tapped beers for you to enjoy tonight: The last of their "In Love with Summer" strawberry rhubarb wheat, Midnight Expresso - espresso stout on Nitro, and "Walking the Parapet" aka Killer Boots aged in a bourbon bbl. Also at 6pm join Steve for the Verboten Run Club. Get $3 beers afterwards for you hearty souls. [1550 Taurus Ct, Loveland, CO]

Pateros Creek Brewing Co (Ft. Collins) - Enjoy an evening with PCBC. Starting at 7pm, join in for Geeks Who Drink Pub Quizzes. There will be beer specials, an Outlaw tapping of Fishtastic (Swedish Fish candy beer), the Curry Favor food truck, and prizes for trivia winners. [242 N College Ave, Ft. Collins, CO]

Snowbank Brewing Co (Ft. Collins) - The new Beanies are in! Ready yourself for the cold weather ahead with one their embroidered beanies - perfect for the first ski/snowboard day of the season that's coming up soon. They have the brand new Stop n Chop in today from noon until 8pm serving up fried pork chop sandwiches, onion rings, fries and more! Order anything from the truck and get a dollar off a pint of Moon Arete Wheat to pair. The taproom is open until 8pm tonight. There is beer and food aplenty! Come hungry. Come thirsty. [225 N Lemay Ave, Ste 1, Ft. Collins, CO]

Black Bottle Brewery (Ft. Collins) - Count Chocula fans! The date has been set for the Cerealiously with Count Chocula beer tapping - October 30th at 5:00pm! Due to the overwhelming support from General Mills (makers of Count Chocula), BBB will also be giving away Monsters gift bags from General Mills. They will also have side cars of Count Chocula cereal to pair with your Cerealiously beer as well. In addition, BBB will be making Monster Marshmallow Bars for a spooky treat. [1611 S College Ave, Unit 1609, Ft. Collins, CO]

Broken Plow Brewery (Greeley) - It takes a lot of steps to make a real pumpkin ale! Roasting the pumpkins brings out the rich flavors and creates depth and creaminess. The spices are of course the most important ingredients and Broken Plow thinks they struck a great balance. Come taste the results for yourself. Releases tomorrow - October 24th! [4731 W 10th St, Greeley, CO]

Funkwerks (Ft. Collins) - Two fun experimental infusions this week! Saison with Anise and Cocoa Nibs & Tropic King with Kukicha tea. If you haven't tried them yet this week, get IN there because they might not last much longer. [1900 E Lincoln Ave, Ft. Collins, CO]

Buckhorn Brewers (Loveland) - Thursday means $3 special pints. Today's $3 pint is "Eden Valley Oat Soda". Doors opened at 3pm - get there soon! [4229 W Eisenhower Blvd, Loveland, CO]

Southern Front Range

Smiling Toad Brewery (Colorado Springs) - Don't forget about their Chili Cook-off this Sunday, October 26th from 1pm to 5pm. Bring in your best chili to share. They will provide power for your crock pots, bowls, spoons, crackers and prizes! You provide the chili and friends. Categories for red, green and white chili. [1757 S Eighth St, Colo. Springs, CO]

Iron Bird Brewing Co (Colorado Springs) - Today there's not 1 but two new beers on tap. First up - an Oatmeal Stout. And second, a cask of an Extra Special Bitter (ESB). It's going to be one helluva Thirsty Thursday! #RoadToRealAle [402 S Nevada Ave, Colo. Springs, CO]

Red Leg Brewing Co (Colorado Springs) - They'll have the Bronco game on at 6:25pm and Bite Me Gourmet Sausage will be out front grilling up food. Tomorrow, Friday October 24th they will have a new beer release at 5pm - a Dark Brett Saison!. Plus, plan to attend their Halloween Costume Party on October 31st. They will be tapping two new pumpkin beers! [4630 Forge Rd Ste B, Colo. Springs, CO]

Dodgeton Creek Brewing Co (Trinidad) - Come in and grab a growler before tonight's Broncos game. Thursday's hours are 2:00pm to 8:00pm. They will have the game on the radio. This week's tap line-up is: Wheated Bitter, Coffee Porter, Lagered Bitter, Scottish Ale, Red's Dirty Lil' Ale, A Different IPA, Milk Stout, and a Pumpkin Stout. [36730 Democracy Dr, Trinidad, CO]

Bristol Brewing Co (Colorado Springs) - Their seasonal favorite Winter Warlock oatmeal stout makes its frosty return to the taps at their October 30th release party. Plan to be there! [1604 S Cascade Ave, Colo. Springs, CO]

Mountains and West

Palisade Brewing Co (Palisade) - Halloween Night - October 31st - It's their biggest party of the year! Jack-n-Jill (band) will be playing a special show in the loft of the brew house, drink specials all night (8-11pm) and a hilarious costume contest. [200 Peach Ave, Palisade CO]

Hideaway Park Brewery (Winter Park) - The brewery will be back to regular business hours starting TODAY and lasting through the Fall. Stop by and grab a pint. Their 64oz glass growlers are back in stock as well as their 40oz stainless steel growlers. Hours: Wed. thru Fri. 4pm-8pm, Sat. 12-8pm, and Sun. 2-6pm. [78927 US Hwy 40, Winter Park, CO]

Pagosa Brewing Co (Pagosa Springs) - Plan to attend their Halloween Bash on Friday October 31st. They will be tapping their Great Pumpkin Ale, doing special Halloween food pairings, and hosting Adult & Kids Costume and Coloring Contests. Plus Halloween Candy & Campfires. And, a REAL Magician at 5pm! [118 N Pagosa Blvd, Pagosa Springs, CO]

Broken Compass Brewing (Breckenridge) - Attention beer and disco lovers, it's party time! Tomorrow (Friday, Oct. 24th) they are hosting a day long celebration of the birth of their esteemed boss and co-owner, David Axelrod. Festivities will begin at A-Basin during the day (there will be beer) before moving to the Broken Compass taproom for a DISCO party starting at 7pm. Tastefully exposed chest hair, absurdly flashy sequins and ludicrous mustaches are strongly encouraged, as is any and all forms of dancing. Let's boogey! [68 Continental Ct, Unit B12, Breckenridge, CO]

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10/23/2014 04:54 PM
That's 2,000 Musings
The previous post was number 2,000 for these Musings. I find it appropriate that the subject was reminiscing over one of my long-time favorite beers. Now to get to work on the next thousand.

The post announcing my 1000th post, not the post itself, is consistently in the most popular post listing in the sidebar, though I'm not sure why. It will be interesting to see what happens with this one!

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10/23/2014 04:50 PM
Beer List Unveiled for Firestone Walker XVIII Anniversary Party

(Paso Robles, CA) – Firestone Walker is holding their 18th Anniversary Party this coming Saturday at the brewery. For the pa…

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10/23/2014 02:20 PM
Better than the stockmarket: Top 10 Most Collectable Scotch Whiskies
While Scottish distillers are investing heavily in increasing stocks of Scotch whisky, there’s continued soaring interest in historical and vintage expressions on the second-hand market. Some rare expressions of single malt Scotch can fetch as much as £381,620 at auction, the most expensive being a six-litre decanter of The Macallan M at Sothebys in Hong […]

10/23/2014 01:20 PM
Green Flash Brewing Releases Soul Style IPA, Jibe Session IPA and Discovery Pack

(San Diego, CA) – Beginning in November, Green Flash – the San Diego-based brewery known for unabashedly crafting assert…

The post Green Flash Brewing Releases Soul Style IPA, Jibe Session IPA and Discovery Pack appeared first on thefullpint.com.

10/23/2014 01:15 PM
Noble Experiment: A Secret Passage to Craft Cocktails
To get into Noble Experiment, you first have to enter another bar, Neighborhood, which is one of the more popular craft beer bars in downtown ...

10/23/2014 12:48 PM
Two Roads Brewing Celebrates Brewmaster’s Milestone

(Stratford,CT) – In honor of his 25 year anniversary of professional craft brewing, Two Roads Brewing Company will doff the…

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10/23/2014 12:44 PM
December 2014 Colorado Beer Festivals Calendar
2014 Colorado Beer Festivals & EventsDecember 2014

December 2014 Colorado Beer Festivals & Events Calendar

December begins the long cold winter and with it, most beer activities are indoors. The holiday season is here and all and winter seasonal beers are abundant. December still has a few festivals, but the coming of winter means that beer drinkers will be looking to stay warm with bigger beers. These calendar listings are updated regularly or whenever new events are made public. Event organizers wishing to have their Colorado beer-related event added to these calendar listings please use the Contact Form and let us know all the details. In most cases, the event will be listed within a few days.

[ November 2014 ] - [ January 2015 ] - [ Main Calendar ] - [ Beer Dinners ]

Denver Beer Festivus
Saturday, December 13, 2014
McNichols Building - 144 W Colfax
Denver, CO
Time: 3pm to 6:30pm.
Cost: General $40 - $65 VIP.
A beer festival for the rest of us! Featuring 30+ Denver-only breweries. The 2012 Denver Beer Festivus was incredible. The 2013 Denver Beer Festivus was even better. You better believe 2014 will be the best yet! Expect over 30 Denver breweries and countless food, music, and surprises to make this year's festivities impossible to miss. There will be more food, more music, and more Festivus! Food extra - not included in the price. Sorry, no children or pets allowed. For more information and tickets visit: www.denverfeerfestivus.com.

BeerAdvocate Winter Warmer Pub CrawlBeerAdvocate's Annual Winter Warmer Pub Crawl
Saturday, December 6, 2014
Various Downtown locations.
Denver, CO
Time: 11:00am - 8:00pm (estimate)
Cost: Per beer consumed.
It's time for the annual Winter Warmer Pub Crawl. BeerAdvocate will be selecting up to 5 stops on this walking tour for beer in downtown Denver. Come meet fellow beer enthusiasts as well as some of the BeerAdvocate gang. They will be stopping for 2 hours at a time at each location. Stops will be announced soon. Pay as you go. More information on BeerAdvocate.com.

Other December Events Expected - Details and more events coming soon.

- Wynkoop Brewing's Parade of Darks 2014 - Denver, CO - Est. $35 adv, $42 day of. 1-4pm. Early Dec.
- Denver's Littlest Big Christmas Beer Fest @ Hops & Pie - Denver, CO - mid-Dec on a Saturday. TBA.
- New Year's Eve Parties - Statewide at various breweries, pubs, bars, restaurants. TBA.

[ November 2014 ] - [ January 2015 ] - [ Main Calendar ] - [ Beer Dinners ]

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10/23/2014 11:35 AM
7 World Series-Worthy Brews To Drink The Giants To Glory
The World Series has BEGUN and what better way to celebrate than with a list of 7 champion-worthy brews. These hand picked Giant themed beers ...

10/23/2014 10:05 AM
Beer School: Learn how to Homebrew!

If you live in Northwestern Ohio and you are a homebrewer, you probably know how hard it is to find a good homebrew store.  I got used to driving over … Continue Reading →

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10/23/2014 09:06 AM
NJ Diner Culture: The Makings of Great Disco Fries.
I am justifying the inclusion of another foodie theme work on here basically on the grounds that I really do not have any format anyways. And fries go good with beer, and bad movies, and bacon, so there is also that. A twitter discussion with NJ Isn’t Boring, got me in the nostalgic mood so […]

10/23/2014 09:04 AM

First and foremost, on behalf of our family, we wanted to thank the NC Craft Beer Community for their support of our first hops season and making it such a success. We also wanted to let everyone to know that…

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10/23/2014 08:04 AM
Let me try again
In my first year of writing about beer I was filled with enthusiasm for a topic that was then largely new not only to me but also to most others. Nobody knew what "craft beer" was. Harvey's Best was exotic. Beer was brown or yellow. CAMRA reigned supreme. If someone had tried to charge you £4.95 for a half you'd have probably been in a Soho clip joint with a scary bouncer and a young lady from a

10/23/2014 07:38 AM
Heavy Seas Loose Cannon
It was like visiting with an old friend. This week's "Steal the Glass" event at Capital Ale House featured beers from Heavy Seas Brewing in Maryland. One of the beers was an old favorite of mine, Loose Cannon Hop3 IPA. Also available were Cutlass Amber Lager and Small Craft Warning Über Pils. Naturally, I started with the Loose Cannon.

Two different glasses were offered for "stealing," a Belgian-style glass and a standard "shaker pint." I opted for the stemmed glass, as did Colleen for her Cutlass Amber Lager. Loose Cannon on draft has long been one of my favorite beers. It's not uncommon to find that a beer on draft tastes better than the same beer from a bottle. However, I've repeatedly found that Loose Cannon is significantly better on draft. So much so that I rarely bring it home, choosing to enjoy it whenever I find it on draft (which is infrequently in my local area.) The pine and fresh citrus flavors, caramel malt, and mild bitter finish brought back memories of the many pints enjoyed through the years.

I noticed that shaker pint glass offered sported an updated logo, different from the Clipper City/Heavy Seas pints I acquired years ago. So, in the interest of completeness, I opted for another helping of Loose Cannon, this time in the logo pint glass. A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.

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10/23/2014 07:11 AM
Sierra Nevada Alt Route

The post, Sierra Nevada Alt Route, first appeared on The Barley Blog.

The second beer that I tackled from Sierra Nevada’s Beer Camp Across America mixed pack is Alt Route. This 6.6% ABV (50 IBU) altbier is the result of collaborative efforts between the company and Victory Brewing. While the malt bill for this brew is fairly traditional, the hop profile is anything but. With each brewery’s […]

The post, Sierra Nevada Alt Route, first appeared on The Barley Blog.

10/23/2014 07:00 AM
Cascade Lakes Brewing releases Paddleboard Porter
Just as we celebrate Killer Bend Fest today at Orenco Taphouse for Killer Beer Week, news came into us for a a new beer release from Cascade Lakes Brewing. The Bend based brewery announced the release of Paddleboard Porter. This Porter is inspired by the world class river and lake paddle boarding in Central Oregon. […]

10/23/2014 06:00 AM
Weekly Beer Calendar Update: October 23 - October 31
Let's close out this month with an eight-day calendar of rollicking beer events around the greater Philadelphia region. When you plan for beer events, don't forget PhillyTapFinder.com. They continue to host an impressive listing of beer event draft lists to help better inform your beer event planning. Click through here for a look at the full monthly calendar of beer events around the

10/23/2014 05:05 AM
My November Northwest tour events
I've just about got all the events arranged for my upcoming tour of the Pacific Northwest. I can almost stop worrying. Almost.

This is what I have planneed:

Narrows Brewing Company
9007 S 19th St,
Tacoma, WA 98466.
Saturday 8th November at 3pm. Short, informal talk on Stock Ale.

Hogshead brewery
4460 W 29th Ave,
Denver, CO 80212.
Sunday 9th November at 6pm Chat about beer and tap the "Beer from the Wood" version of 1845 Lovibond XX. Also a cask conditioned Stout based on Barclay Perkins 1928 OMS.

Hair of the Dog
61 SE Yamhill Street,
Portland OR 97214
Wednesday 12th November ??pm. Tasting of the beers brewed from recipes in the Home Brewer's Guide to Vintage Beer at the brewery.

The Cobalt
917 Main St,
BC, Canada
Thursday 13th November 7pm. Talk: the Home Brewer's Guide to Vintage Beer, plus beers brewed from the book.

Foggy Noggin Brewing
22329 53rd Ave SE
Bothell, WA 98021
15th November 4pm. 12:00 – 16:00 book signing
Release of 8 collaboration brews
18:00 vintage beer tasting event

So a fairly relaxed schedule.

10/23/2014 03:05 AM
Brewing in WW II (part four)
I'm skipping one bit about nitrogen in malt that made my head hurt when I read it. We'll move directly on to yeast problems. Though you'll see that there's still a connection with the nitrogen level in malt.

And remember, this the less head-melty part of the article:

"The nitrogen constituents which are precipitated on cooling go forward into the fermenting vessel, and although some of them and those precipitated in the copper which have not been completely removed in the hop back rise to the surface with the first dirty head, a proportion, however, drop through the wort and settle on the bottom of the fermenting vessel; and, as Bishop has demonstrated (ibid., 1938, 70), forms points of disengagement for the CO2, the bubbles of which become coated with yeast as it rises through the beer and by thus bringing it to the surface is liable to restrict the attenuation of the beer. Where there is an excess of this type of nitrogen compounds this effect will be enhanced. The ph value of the wort has a direct influence on the cold break of wort, and when this is not normal the precipitation in the cold is not complete and a type of nitrogen compound will remain in a state of fine dispersion in the wort. There are other nitrogen compounds which are not precipitated on cooling but tend to coagulate as the ph value is altered during the progress of fermentation, and all these are capable of being adsorbed on the surface of the yeast cells. This coating on the surface of the yeast restricts its power of assimilating the yeast feeding material in the wort and results in a deterioration in its health and vigour. This effect was especially noticeable during the past year, for although the malts contained a high percentage of permanently soluble nitrogen the greatest difficulty was experienced in producing healthy and vigorous yeast crops. This was one of the most serious difficulties with which the majority of brewers had to contend throughout the war years, but it was most pronounced during the years when the malts were high in nitrogen and poor in quality. Another effect of the coating of the yeast is to cause it to agglomerate or flocculate, and when this happens it is inclined to purge out of the beer at an early stage of the fermentation. leaving the attenuations high and causing the beer to rack very clean. Slow cask conditioning is the result, and where there is any infection with wild yeast this has an opportunity of developing and cask frets inevitably follow."
Journal of the Institute of Brewing Volume 52, Issue 3, May-June, 1946, page 120.

This is how excess nitrogen buggers up a fermentation. They mess up the cold break and leave crap in the wort. This nitrogen crap coats the yeast and either drags it up to the surface or prevents it working properly. So brewers couldn't get a decent crop of yeast from their fermentations.

Presumably because it racked so clean there was too little yeast from the secondary cask conditioning. I guess there was a lot of flat beer in pubs. What a shame the Whitbread Gravity Book inspectors weren't around.

More about yeast problems:

"Yeast weakness has been a constant source of trouble throughout the country, and caused the brewer the greatest anxiety. The average gravity of beers when war broke out was down to 1041°, but this figure varied considerably in individual breweries, and when it became subject to a reduction of 20 per cent, some of those whose original average gravity was low were faced with considerable difficulty, which was appreciably increased in those years when the malts were so poor in quality. While lack of attenuative power is often taken as a measure of yeast weakness, it is not always so, as a weak yeast will more often than not cause excessive attenuation. The appearance of the yeast cells under the microscope is the surest method for determining yeast weakness. Signs of elongation of the cells are the first indication, and the more numerous and pronounced these become the greater is the deterioration in health and vigour. This is readily confirmed by the appearance of the heads on the fermenting vessels. The first effect of a falling off in health and vigour is the development of a "yeast bite" in the beer, which becomes more pronounced as the deterioration becomes progressive. It has been noticeable in low gravity beers of an average gravity of 1030° and under, and he was afraid that there have been many beers brewed of even a lower gravity. In beers of higher gravity a weak yeast tends to produce an unpleasant unclean flavour, and when this becomes very pronounced it renders the beer almost undrinkable. That flavour also is associated with an unclean nose, which can be readily detected on the fermenting vessel, usually at about half gravity, and, in fact, can often be detected as soon as the fermenting room is entered."
Journal of the Institute of Brewing Volume 52, Issue 3, May-June, 1946, page 120.

Occasionally there are higher gravity brews in brewing logs during the war years where it specifically says they were to produce a good yeast crop. It might also explain the weird practice of some brewers like Truman and William Younger who in the years imnmediately after WW I fermented fairly strong worts then blended them to produce a weaker finished beer. Were they doiing that for the sake of their yeast, making sure some of it was healthy?

I'm not sure I follow why a weak yeast would over-attenuate. Makes absolutely no sense to me on any level. An "unclean nose" sounds more like an infection than just crappy yeast. It doesn't sound as if the end result was much fun to drink. Presumably in the difficult war years, even almost undrinkable was better than no beer at all.

Now something about Californian barley and nitrogen:

"In discussing possible war-time problems he had suggested that the lack of Californian malt might prove a difficult one (ibid., 1940, 272), he stated then that "Practical experience had shown that the use of Californian malt improves the brilliance of beers and assists in obtaining polish in bottled beers. It is evident, therefore, that it must be effective in adjusting the balance of the nitrogen constituents in the wort and effecting a stable equilibrium." Various opinions were expressed on this point during the discussion, and the general opinion appeared to be at that time that no serious difficulties had been experienced by reducing the proportion of Californian malt or discontinuing its use altogether. This, however, was experience gained in 1940 with the well-made malts from the sound barleys of 1939. Later on, when the quality of the malts deteriorated, and especially during the two very bad years, there is no doubt that the usefulness of Californian malt would have been clearly demonstrated. There is no question that the maltsters would have welcomed a supply of Californian barley, especially in those years when the quantity of held-over barleys was small and the quality was poor, as it would have enabled them to hold off malting the new season's crop until it had recovered from its dormancy and satisfactory results could have been assured."
Journal of the Institute of Brewing Volume 52, Issue 3, May-June, 1946, pages 120 - 121.

So it wasn't just the nitrogen content of Californian barley that made it attractive but also the fact that it was ready to malt earlier than British barley. Which also gave the home-grown stuff time to get into shape before it was malted. How complex this is.

Next time we'll be looking at flaked grains.

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Beer In Ads #1351: From The Land Of Sky Blue Waters
Wednesday’s ad is for Hamm’s, from 1951. This is from a series of billboard ads from the same year I stumbled upon, though I’m sure the originals in color are more spectacular. In this Hamm’s ad, using their iconic tagline “From the land of sky blue waters,”...

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10/22/2014 10:43 PM
The Quest for Range Time
There's been no shortage of beer blogging recently, but time for the second topic listed up there in the header has been sorely lacking. I've been lamenting about this situation with family and friends, but this evening I was reviewing my shooting and practice journal, and it really hit home — I need to get out to the range more!

There was a time when I'd manage two or three matches in a month, and at least one range trip for practice each week. Just this past July I squeezed in four matches! Then in August, I did one match, and hit the practice range just twice. September faired slightly better when there was time for not one, but two matches. However, there was but a single practice session at the range the entire month, although we did take a fun class in September so that counts as practice too. 

So here it is, the waning days of October, and I've been to the range just twice. They tell me shooting is a perishable skill, so I fear there may be cobwebs on more than just my range box.

I think I may need to take a little time off from work to rectify this situation. Yes, that's the ticket...

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American Cream Ale Recipe Changes

American Cream Ale is a favorite beer style of mine. Its the only American style I brew that competes with the English styles I brew most of the time. American Cream Ale is a great beer for the craft beer uninitiated. And for craft beer lovers, American Cream Ale is still a great everyday any […]

Read the original article American Cream Ale Recipe Changes and other Brew Dudes posts.

10/22/2014 08:16 PM
Drink: Armeno Coffee Roasters, Ltd.

The other day I realized I was wasting way too much money buying coffee everyday ($2.65 a day and roughly $80 a month) at Dunkin Donuts. Yes, I know. It's not good coffee. It was just easy for me to grab on my way to work. I decided it was time to stop being lazy and make my coffee in the morning. So what did I do? I reached out on the Book of Faces (Facebook) and asked if anyone knew of a good place to pick up some good quality coffee.

My buddy Reuben recommended a place called Armeno Coffee Roasters, Ltd. in Northborough, MA. I decided to head over there after work and check it out. The minute I walked in, I was pleasantly greeted by whom I assume is the owner and helped me with any question I had. They had EXACTLY what I was looking for which was a pretty obscure coffee bean called Monsooned Malabar. After browsing a little bit Puerto Rico Hacienda San Pedro 360 Reserva also caught my eye.

After I made my decisions the owner showed me around and I got to see the whole process. It was very neat. I got to see the green beans before they are roasted. I am definitely going to be going there whenever I need coffee from now on and I highly suggest you do too.

10/22/2014 07:00 PM
Golden Road Brewing expands product range with new stout
US-based establishment Golden Road Brewing has expanded its product range with the introduction of new Back Home Gingerbread Stout.

10/22/2014 07:00 PM
Pizza Port Brewing to expand product presence to Nevada
US-based establishment Pizza Port Brewing will expand its product presence to Nevada, under a partnership with Southern Wine & Spirits of Nevada.

10/22/2014 05:24 PM
When The Food Babe Talks, No Questions
This would almost be funny, if I didn’t consider her misinformation so dangerous. Oh, and a h/t to Maureen Ogle for this one. Dr. Kevin M. Folta, who is the chairman of the Horticultural Sciences Department at the University of Florida, writes on his blog, Illumination, about a recent visit...

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Colorado Beer News 102214
Colorado Beer NewsToday is CAPS LOCK DAY. There's a seldom used button on your keyboard called the Caps Lock key. When pressed it turns everything into capital letters. When used online during chat sessions, it is generally considered as shouting and is widely discouraged. However, this is the one day a year where the use of the Caps Lock key is actually encouraged. GO AHEAD AND SHOUT! Just be sure to turn it off later on. Your friends will appreciate it. Here's what's happening around the Colorado beerosphere today Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014. If you aren't reading this article on FermentedlyChallenged.com, you don't know what you're missing.

[CO Beer Festivals] -- [Beer Dinners] -- [CO Beer Releases]

Metro Denver

Copper Kettle Brewing Co (Denver) - [PRESS RELEASE] Copper Kettle Brewing Company is pleased to announce the release of the 2nd year of “Well Bred”, the company’s Barrel Aged Barleywine. This seasonal bottle will release on Saturday, October 25th, 2014, starting at noon when Copper Kettle’s doors open. An English Barleywine, rich in malt with hints of vanilla and caramel, also aged in Breckenridge Distillery bourbon barrels. This English Barleywine is far maltier than its American counterpart. [1338 S Valentia St, Unit 100, Denver, CO]

Great Divide Brewing Co (Denver) - Great Divide is excited to announce that they have officially broken ground on their second location along the South Platte River in the downtown Denver neighborhood of River North (RiNo), and their expansion project is finally underway as of the end of September 2014. The first phase of the expansion is set to be up-and-running by Summer 2015 and will be a 65,000 square foot warehouse, storage and packaging facility. In addition, that location will also house a taproom called the Barrel Bar. Look for work to be happening at 3403 Brighton Boulevard in Denver. Meanwhile, the Autumn Seasonals have returned. Look for Oak Aged Yeti Imperial Stout, Fresh Hop Pale Ale, and Hibernation Ale (English Style Old Ale) - all now on store shelves from October through December - while supplies last. [2201 Arapahoe St, Denver, CO]

Big Choice Brewing (Broomfield) - This Saturday, October 25th starting at 10am, Big Choice will host a Beer Brunch featuring Saison Beermosas and a breakfast beer "Steamed Porter with Coffee" on cask. Breakfast food will be provided by Tasty Eats. No tickets necessary - just come in and enjoy! Kick off your Saturday right. The brunch goes until the food is gone. And then on Sunday, October 26th starting at 2:30pm they will be hosting a Pumpkin Carving contest. They will provide carving tools, paints, and pumpkins. Pumpkins are $6 each or you can bring your own. Best carved pumpkin gets 6 free pints! Judging starts at 4pm. Happy Hour on pints from 2-5pm that day and they'll tap a Pumpkin Pie Porter! [7270 W 118th Pl, Unit A, Broomfield, CO]

Odyssey Beerwerks (Arvada) - There's a new Discovery Beer being tapped today at 5:00pm. It's called "Smoka Mocha Brown Ale". This brew will pair great with pulled pork, brisket, ribs and more from Bubba Due's BBQ who will be on site today. [5535 W 56th Ave, Ste 107, Arvada, CO]

Former Future Brewing Co (Denver) - The remainder of their GABF Bronze Medal Coolship Ale: Black Project #1 (Flyby) is being bottled soon and will be released in 750ml bottles along with Batch #2. Look for them in your near future. [1290 S Broadway, Denver, CO]

De Steeg Brewing (Denver) - Trivia Tonight! Starts at 7 PM. This will be our last trivia for a while so come in and win your growler. Also, a freshly tapped Belgian IPA is now available. Nice and hoppy for all you IBU lovers. Open 4 PM - 11 PM. [4342 Tennyson St, Denver, CO]

Renegade Brewing Co (Denver) - Their pumpkin beer is here! And to celebrate the addition of Disarm to the tap wall every time "Disarm" by Smashing Pumpkins plays the beer will be $1.00 starting at 6:00pm. Slyderman will be set up outside. [925 W 9th Ave, Denver, CO]

Boulder County

Avery Brewing Co (Boulder) - The next beer in their bottled Barrel-Aged Series is being released this coming Sunday, October 26th at 1pm. Avery Brewing is set to release "Antonius' Carmen Barrel-Aged Sour Ale". This 7.43% ABV brew had only 291 cases produced and is a brewery only release (not going to stores). Bottle sales will begin at 1pm, limit 12 bottles per person. Also at 11am that day, they will also have some rare beers on draft including: Drew's Fuzzy Peach, Karmarita, Papa Sour, Eremita V, The Preacher, 2013 Mephistopheles' Stout, and Vanilla Bourbon Coffee Chocolate Stout. In other Avery news, the new facility over at 4910 Nautilus Court is coming along nicely. In fact they plan to start making beer there starting in December! Current location: [5763 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder, CO]

3rd Annual Boulder IPA Fest (Boulder) - Have you gotten your tickets to the Boulder IPA Fest yet? It's happening in the Avery alley on Saturday, November 8th starting at 1pm. This festival will feature IPAs from all around the country including such beers as: Hop Shovel from Bear Republic, Flower Child IPA from Cambridge Brewing, Hoperation Overload from DESTIHL, Elevated IPA from La Cumbre Brewing, and 100 more! Information and tickets can be found on Eventbrite. Event location - Avery Brewing Co [5757 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder, CO]

Echo Brewing Co (Frederick) - Today they'll be tapping their Pumpkin Ale once again at their Frederick location and are getting ready for Halloween. Also on tap are: Kirby Kolsch, Balefire Red, Mirror Image IPA, Nocturnal Black IIPA, C.V. Milk Stout, Razz, Echo Amber, Echo ESB, Tri-Town Brown, and Frank. Which one of these are YOUR must have beer? Happy Hour from 4-6pm and Giggling Greek on site from 5-7pm. [5969 Iris Pkwy, Frederick, CO]

Boulder Beer Co (Boulder) - Have you tried their "Blood Orange VamirePA" yet? It's available exclusively at an Old Chicago near you. The Halloween Mini Tour runs through October. Try it while you can! [2880 Wilderness Pl, Boulder, CO]

City Star Brewing - Berthoud CO
Sponsored ad from City Star Brewing - Berthoud, CO.

Northern Colorado

Black Bottle Brewery (Ft. Collins) - When the USA Today got word of a story about cases of Count Chocula cereal disappearing from Fort Collins store shelves, little did Sean Nook (owner/brewer) of Black Bottle Brewery realize how viral that story would go. His upcoming beer "Cerealiously" made with said Count Chocula cereal is now gathering a lot of attention. Even General Mills who makes Count Chocula is sending him more of that cereal so that Sean can send them some of that beer. Here's a story that 9News reporter Keven Torres did yesterday on Black Bottle Brewery. View the video below on Torres' Facebook page. [1611 S College Ave, Unit 1609, Ft. Collins, CO]

Verboten Brewing (Loveland) - Verboten is once again raising money for prostate cancer research and men's health! During the month of November they will release a special beer, aptly named Twig and Berries, a Dark Ale with Raspberries and Wild Cherry Bark. Part of the proceeds from this beer will be donated to the Movember USA campaign. Last year they raised $400 for the campaign. In addition, they have formed their Movember team and are looking for brothers and sistas to join. If you would like to, visit their Movember page and take a look at the details (or donate to the cause directly). Also - Wednesday Happy Hour is 3pm to 6pm with $1 off pints. Come by for a Walking the Parapet, a bourbon bbl-aged Killer Boots (7.5% ABV). [1550 Taurus Ct, Loveland, CO]

Grimm Brothers Brewhouse (Loveland) - Get $2 off growler fills all day today. Starting this week and every Wednesday they'll be picking one of their rotating beers for a special $4 off discount. This week it's "Odds and Ends: Columbus", a single hop pale ale. [623 Denver Ave, Loveland, CO]

Southern Front Range

Fossil Brewing Co (Colorado Springs) - Opening day is set for this Friday, October 24th at 2pm til 10pm. At long last, the first beers will be pouring at this newest Colorado brewery. Here's their starting tap line-up: Megalodon Blonde Ale, Evolution Amber Ale, Mammoth India Pale Ale, Buried Brown Ale, Hair of the Hound Saison, Sabertooth Imperial IPA, Steggy Stout, and a non-alcoholic Ginger Ale. Food vendors for opening day are still TBA. Plan to welcome in this new brewery Friday. [2845 Ore Mill Rd #1, Colo. Springs, CO]

Paradox Beer Co (Woodland Park) - Paradox is releasing 5 cases of their cellared "Spirit of Skully" Rum bbl-aged Strong (15% ABV). It was made with honey and apricots, bottled 17 months ago. It will be available this weekend only in their Tasting Cellar. No bottle limit til they're all gone. [106 E Village Terrace, Ste 100, Woodland Park, CO]

Red Leg Brewing Co (Colorado Springs) - You've made it to the midpoint in the week! And it's a special night there at Red Leg. Tonight is their night in the Fields Family Fundraiser! Please come down and help them raise funds to support the Fields Family. They will be donating $1 from every pint sold from 6-8PM, and will have donation jars out all day. Bite Me Gourmet Sausage is here all evening, and will also be supporting this wonderful cause, so come hungry and thirsty! [4630 Forge Rd, Ste B, Colo. Springs, CO]

Mountains and West

Dillon Dam Brewery (Dillon) - The ski season has started, but more snow is needed to be a great season this year. This is why Dillon Dam Brewery is hosting a "Pray For Powder Party" this Friday, October 24th starting at 5pm. Happy Hour will be extended until 7pm! Get $2.75 pints and half price wings 3-7pm. Be there for the fun and games. Reps from Ski Loveland and A-Basin will be there. Loveland is selling 4 pack tickets for $119 from 4-7pm. While you're there, stay for the Oktoberfest dinner. Cost is $34 per person and includes one pint of their Dam Otto's Oktoberfest. Dinner available from 5-10pm. No reservations needed. [100 Little Dam Rd, Dillon, CO]

Ska Brewing (Durango) - Ska teased a new beer coming soon. It's called "Dementia Aged & Confused", a bourbon bbl-aged Euphoria Pale Ale. This brew will help them celebrate 10 years of collaboration with Venture Snowboards. Stay tuned for release details. [225 Girard St, Durango, CO]

San Luis Valley Brewing Co (Alamosa) - On tap right now: The Reaper King - Imperial Pumpkin Ale. This double brown pumpkin ale (7.4% ABV) will get you into the spirit of fall. Once you've gotten your trick, come on down for this treat. [631 Main St, Alamosa, CO]

Catch up on Colorado Beer News from earlier this week:
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10/22/2014 05:00 PM
Brewery News: OR: Deschutes Brewery heads to Houston, Texas, for Base Camp

Press Release

Are you ready Houston? Deschutes Brewery’s Base Camp for Beer Fanatics is heading your way for its final crazy traveling event week of the season! Craft beer fans are in for an amazing series of specialty beer tastings, beer and food pairings, and appearances by Woody, the giant beer barrel on wheels. Deschutes brewers, ambassadors and fanatics will be on hand to provide some in-the-trenches insight into our courageously crafted brews.

Deschutes Brewery’s Base Camp not only celebrates the brewery’s popular Mirror Pond Pale Ale, but they also pull out the stops with other year-round favorites and specialty brews that can’t be found elsewhere.

Where’s Woody?

Woody, Deschutes Brewery’s good-times-on-wheels mobile bar, will be meeting and greeting fans around the region throughout Base Camp week. Woody may be found roving around your Houston neighborhood so you can snap a few photos, grab some swag and have some afternoon fun. Follow him at @dbwoody!   

  • Wed, 11/12, 12-3pm
  • Thurs, 11/13, 12-3pm

You can chime in and listen to the Base Camp chatter on Twitter by following @DeschutesBeer & @DeschutesWoody
Event Overview:

  • Sat, 11/8, 1-5pm                       Woody Tailgate Party & Base Camp Kick-Off (Spec’s)
  • Tues, 11/11, 12-2pm                 Brewmaster Lunch Break (Nobi Public House)
  • Tues, 11/11, 6-9pm                   Pizza and Pints (Boondoggles)
  • Tues, 11/11, 6-9pm                   Brewmaster Bottle Share (Chelsea Wine Bar)
  • Wed, 11/12, 6-10pm                 Beer Knurd Bonanza (Flying Saucer – Downtown)
  • Wed, 11/12, 6-10pm                 Beer Knurd Bonanza (Flying Saucer – Sugarland)
  • Thurs, 11/13, 5:30-10pm           Pedals and Pints Pub Crawl (start: Urban Bicycle Gallery)
  • Thurs, 11/13, 6-9pm                 Pint Night (Hay Market)
  • Thurs, 11/13, 6-9pm                 Beer-aoke (Hans Bier Haus)
  • Thurs, 11/13, 7-10pm               Flights & Bites (BRC Gastropub)
  • Fri, 11/14, 12-3pm                    Brewers Luncheon (Hubbell and Hudson Market & Bistro)
  • Fri, 11/14, 5-7pm                      Deschutes Brewery 6 for 6 Sampling (HEB – The Woodlands)
  • Fri, 11/14, 8pm-late                   Base Camp Blowout (Little Woodrow’s -Midtown)

Media Contact:  Marie Melsheimer, 541-815-3951, marie@campbellconsulting.com


Woody Tailgate Party & Base Camp Kick-Off
Deschutes Brewery is kicking off a week-long string of events for beer fanatics with something they know how to do just right: a tailgate party. Why is this type of event a specialty of theirs? Well, they are bringing Woody, a giant traveling beer barrel, to the parking lot and he’s an expert. He’ll be lording over a tasty BBQ, plus cornhole and other games. Inside the store, Deschutes’ beers will be paired with Spec’s fine foods and visitors can chat beer with representatives who are visiting from the brewery’s Oregon headquarters.

When: Saturday, November 8, 1-5pm

Where: Spec's Wine, Spirits and Finer Foods, 2410 Smith St, Houston, TX 77006

Brewmaster Lunch Break
Have your mid-day respite in style at Nobi Public House and lunch while chatting with a Deschutes Brewery brewer (here visiting from Oregon) about all the fantastic beers you are sampling with your paired luncheon menu. Some of favorites from the brewery will be on tap, Woody – the giant traveling beer barrel – will be out front and giving away commemorative pint glasses. What better way to spend a Tuesday? You may want to take the rest of the afternoon off.

When: Tuesday, November 11, 12-2pm

Where: Nobi Public House, 241 E. Nasa PKWY, Webster, TX 77598

Pizza & Pints with Deschutes Brewery

Few things pair better than pizza and beer! This is especially true when you are enjoying both items while chatting with the Brewmaster from Deschutes Brewery, here from Oregon to celebrate all things craft beer. The pizza for the evening will be inspired by the brewery, and they’ll also be giving away commemorative pint glasses and hosting some fantastic live music. To top it off, you will get to meet the brewery’s giant traveling beer barrel, Woody!

When: Tuesday, November 11, 6-9pm

Where: Boondoggles Pub & Pizzeria, 4106 Nasa Pkwy, El Lago, TX 77586

Brewmaster Bottle Share with Deschutes Brewery
Deschutes Brewery is in town from Oregon, and tonight their Brewmaster will be sharing some special brews with Chelsea Wine Bar visitors. Exclusive flights of rare beers from the brewery have been paired up with cheeses to sing in perfect harmony in your mouth. Come get a commemorative pint glass and meet Woody, Deschutes’ giant traveling beer barrel.

When: Tuesday, November 11, 6-9pm

Where: Chelsea Wine Bar, 4106 Nasa Rd. 1, El Lago, TX 77586

Beer Knurd Bonanza (Houston)
The Deschutes Brewery gang is here from Oregon! Not only is the beer lineup for the evening totally “knurded” out with some fantastic Oregon brews, but visitors can quiz the Brewmaster who’ll be visiting from Deschutes as well. Sample some hard-to-find brews that have been paired up with great grub. You’ll have a chance to win special prizes by playing craft beer trivia, and we’ll be giving away limited edition stainless steel pint glasses to a few lucky patrons. Check the Flying Saucer website for special Deschutes events all week long: http://www.beerknurd.com/stores/houston/

When: Wednesday, November 12, 6-10pm

Where: The Flying Saucer Draught Emporium (Downtown), 705 Main St, Houston, TX 77002

Beer Knurd Bonanza (Sugar Land)
The Deschutes Brewery gang is traveling over from Oregon with Woody, their giant traveling beer barrel – the biggest beer “knurd” of them all. Not only is the beer lineup for the evening totally “knurded” out with some fantastic Oregon brews, but visitors can quiz the brewer who’ll be visiting from Deschutes as well. He’ll be leading a special bottle tasting of hard-to-find brews that you won’t want to miss. You’ll have a chance to win special prizes by playing the mother of all board games – Deschutes and Ladders. We’ll be giving away limited edition stainless steel pint glass to a few lucky patrons.

When: Wednesday, November 12, 6-10pm

Where: The Flying Saucer Draught Emporium (Sugarland), 15929 City Walk, Sugar Land, TX 77479

Pedals & Pints Pub Crawl
Riding bicycles from pub to pub is one of our favorite things to do. So to celebrate all things craft beer, Deschutes Brewery is inviting everyone to join in the bike crawl fun. Bikers start out the evening at Urban Bicycle Gallery for complimentary beer samples, and then make their way through the area to end up at BRC Gastropub (Just around the Corner from Urban Bicycle Gallery) for “Flights and Bites”. Each stop has special Deschutes Brewery beers and Woody, the brewery’s giant traveling beer barrel, will be the tour guide for the evening. Safety first - taillight and helmets are required. And if you’d like to donate a bag of dog food or a toy, Urban Bicycle Gallery will make sure it gets to a local dog shelter.

When: Thursday, November 13, 5:30-10pm

Where (and in this order):
Urban Bicycle Gallery, 4814 Nett St, Houston, TX 77007
The Hay Merchant, 1100 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006
Hans Bier Haus, 2523 Quenby St. Houston, TX 77005
BRC Gastropub, 519 Shepherd Dr, Houston, TX 77007

Deschutes Brewery Pint Night
It’s your lucky night! Deschutes Brewery is in town from Oregon and they brought some special brews with them. Sample beers ranging from year-round favorites to specialty, hard-to-find brews from their Bond Street and Reserve Series. Woody, the brewery’s 25-foot long traveling beer barrel will be on hand, and the gang from Deschutes will be giving away prizes and pint glasses all evening long.

When: Thursday, November 13, 6-9pm

Where: The Hay Merchant, 1100 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006

Beer-aoke with Deschutes Brewery

We all need a little liquid courage to get up on stage, right? Well then this is the perfect night to showcase your karaoke skills. Deschutes Brewery is in the house with a special lineup of beers to help you give your best performance. Woody, the brewery’s giant traveling beer barrel will be outside to cheer you on and provide a great backdrop for publicity photos after you exit stage left.

When: Thursday, November 13, 6-9pm

Where: Hans Bier Haus, 2523 Quenby St. Houston, TX 77005

Flights and Bites with Deschutes Brewery
A giant beer barrel, a brewer and a bunch of fun people have come to Houston from Oregon to celebrate all things craft beer – and they’re bringing the party to BRC Gastropub! Deschutes Brewery is in the house and the evening features specials on Deschutes’ flights and a Deschutes-inspired appetizer menu. Take home a commemorative pint glass and have the tastiest Thursday ever.

When: Thursday, November 13, 7-10pm

Where: BRC Gastropub, 519 Shepherd Dr, Houston, TX 77007

Brewers Luncheon
Have your mid-day respite in style at Hubbell and Hudson Market & Bistro and lunch while chatting with the Deschutes Brewery crew (here visiting from Oregon). You can talk with them about all the fantastic beers you are sampling with your special Deschutes-inspired lunch menu. Woody – the giant traveling beer barrel – will be on the patio and you can get your own commemorative pint glass. What better way to spend a Friday? You may want to take the rest of the afternoon off

When: Friday, November 14, 12-3pm

Where: Hubbell and Hudson Market & Bistro, 4526 Research Forest, Suite 100, The Woodlands, TX 77385

Deschutes Brewery 6 for 6 Sampling
Deschutes Brewery is bringing its “Base Camp for Beer Fanatics” to Houston, and they’re really doing it right in The Woodlands. Not only are they bringing their giant traveling beer barrel, Woody, to help celebrate, but there will be six beer samples throughout the store set up with six perfect bite-sized food pairings. Nosh on the goodies while viewing a live cooking demonstration on how to cook with beer. The brewery will be giving away some Oregon swag, so come on down and get some!

When: Friday, November 14, 5-7pm

Where: HEB (The Woodlands), 9595 Six Pines Dr., The Woodlands, TX 77380

Deschutes Brewery Base Camp Blowout
Brace yourselves beer fanatics: Oregon’s Deschutes Brewery is wrapping up a week of craft beer celebrations in the Houston area in a big way! This Base Camp finale features music from some of Houston best local bands among other great entertainment. Get ready to loosen up and dance along while trying a specially selected lineup of Deschutes beers. The gang from Deschutes will be in the house to chat beer, give away prizes and snap your photo with Woody, their 25’ beer barrel on wheels.

When: Friday, November 14, 8pm-late

Where: Little Woodrow’s (Midtown), 2306 Brazos St, Houston, TX 77006

www.DeschutesBrewery.com     Facebook.com/Deschutes.Brewery   @DeschutesBeer

10/22/2014 04:10 PM
Coaster Critique: Black Bear Long Pumpkin Stout
Name: Long Pumpkin Stout    Brewed By: Black Bear Brewery Style: Pumpkin Stout ABV: 7%   Long Pumpkin Stout is deep black in color, no light breaks through, carbonation appears to be light, head is thin and khaki colored. Picking up some chocolate, maybe caramel notes in the nose, cinnamon and nutmeg are noticeable but not […]

10/22/2014 03:00 PM
Brewery News: OR: Eugene: Oakshire Brewing celebrates 8 years with Cascade Brewers Society, during National Homebrew Day

Press Release

EUGENE, OR (November 1, 2014) –Oakshire Brewing and Cascade Brewers Society are pleased to announce a collaborative event celebrating Oakshire’s 8th anniversary and National Learn to Homebrew Day.   On Sat. Nov.1 from 10am to 4pm at the Oakshire Public House in Eugene, members the local homebrew club will be on hand to demonstrate and discuss the homebrewing process.  A variety of brewing methods and associated equipment will be demonstrated, for beginning to advanced brewers.  Meanwhile Oakshire will be celebrating its homebrewing roots and its 8th anniversary with the release of Oakshire 8, a Barrel Aged Belgian Ale brewed with cherries, available on draft and in 750ml Belgian-Style Bottles.  Rounding out the event, local homebrew author Denny Conn will be on hand to sell and sign copies of his latest book “Experimental Homebrewing”. 

Learn to Homebrew Day was established by the American Homebrewers Association (AHA) in 1999 to encourage people to homebrew.   Their website HomebrewersAssociation.org is full of homebrewing information you can use to make your first batch.  Learn to Homebrew Day is an international event with locations around the world so people can learn how to brew or teach others how to make beer.

Oakshire is a community inspired small batch brewing company located in Eugene, OR.  Founded in 2006, Oakshire exists to create and share great beer experiences.  Oakshire’s beers, including Watershed IPA, Overcast Espresso Stout and a variety of limited release beers are available on draft, in cans and 22-ounce bottles throughout the Northwest and at the Oakshire Public House, located at 207 Madison Street in Eugene.  Learn more at http://oakbrew.com.

For more information about the event, contact Denny Conn of the Cascade Brewers Society (beerguy@cvcable.com) or Meridy Wheeler of Oakshire (meridy@oakbrew.com).

10/22/2014 01:30 PM
Beer: Tree House Brewing Co.
So, in our quest to create the perfect IPA, what do us brewers do? Research. And what does research entail when you brew beer? Drink beer. Rough life isn't it? The Ourbeer crew and I will be heading over to Tree House Brewing Co. in Monson, MA on Thursday to get our hands on some delightful "Julius". They will also have "Ma" on tap as well which is a Hoppy Amber Ale.

What is Julius? Well it is described by Tree House as:
"(American IPA - 6.8% ABV) - Bursting with pungent American hops, Julius, our American IPA, is loaded with notes of passionfruit, mango, and citrus. A soft, pillowy mouthfeel and rounded bitterness makes Julius very, very easy to drink. You've been warned!"

All I can think about when I see this beauty is, "Would you just look at it?"

The first time I went there with my buddy Senecal, I was blown away. They were extremely humble and you just felt like you were part of something right when you walked through those doors. Yes, the wait is long. But in the end of the day, it is well worth it. I will be writing a follow up post to review and let you know how the excursion went. In the meantime, cheers!

10/22/2014 01:26 PM
Pro golfers want in on craft beer boom with new product line
A threesome of pro golfers have teamed up to create some new options for the 19th hole. With the help of Florida-based brewer The Brew Hub, PGA tour members Graeme McDowell, Keegan Bradley and Freddie Jacobson are teeing up a line of new craft beers targeting golfers. The three beers — G-Mac’s Celtic Style Pale […]

10/22/2014 01:08 PM
Waconia Brewing Taproom Opens Today at 2pm
Today we add another brewery to the ranks! Beer fans, let’s give a warm welcome to Waconia Brewing Company located in (get this!) Waconia, MN. Today at 2pm, Waconia will be the first brewery to open its doors in the town since 1890. If you’re free, stop by ant welcome them to the scene. They’ll ...

10/22/2014 01:03 PM
Reuben’s Brews collaborates with UK brewery

Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog.

Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog. A transatlantic collaboration between a Seattle brewery and a UK brewery produces Ottrey Porter, launching in Seattle on November 1st The other day I was talking to someone about the idea of our local breweries forging relationships with breweries overseas, similar to the way American cities have...

10/22/2014 12:42 PM
Beer Birthday: Jonathan Cutler
Today is the 42ND birthday of Jonathan Cutler, brewmaster/owner of Piece Brewing in Chicago. His brewpub makes great pizza and even better beer. Plus, he’s a terrific, fun person. He even got a shout-out at the Academy Awards a coiuple of years ago, when Quentin Tarantino said “Piece...

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10/22/2014 12:08 PM
Say what you want, but these are ridiculously tasty. #seaweed #nori #snack
from Instagram http://instagram.com/p/udgBLCtdOX/ via IFTTT

10/22/2014 09:00 AM
Draught House 46th Anniversary - October 25
As if I needed to tell you, Draught House Pub and Brewery is at 4112 Medical Parkway in Austin.

10/22/2014 08:00 AM
New beer company tees off in Florida, headed by professional golfers
The Brew Hub in Lakeland is off to a great start with contracts to brew several beers for Cigar City Brewing Company and now a new set of brews from professional golfers Freddie Jacobson, Keegan Bradley, and Graeme McDowell. The trio of golfers have teamed up to produce a series of easy-drinking brews that pair perfectly with […]

10/22/2014 07:00 AM
Brewery News: OR: Deschutes Brewery expands distribution to Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia

Press Release

Bend, Oregon – Deschutes Brewery announced today that its craft beers will be available in Washington D.C. and northern Virginia starting the week of October 27. The Oregon-based brewery will partner with Premium Distributors of Virginia and Premium Distributors of Washington DC, both part of the Reyes Beverage Group.

Stacy Denbow, expansion manager for the brewery, said, “Our fans on the east coast have been anxious to get our beers for quite some time, so we’re happy to finally extend our reach their way. Our Zarabanda collaboration with Chef José Andrés was the impetus for the growth, and we are looking forward to launching a few of our fan favorites in the region as well.”

In Washington D.C. and northern Virginia (Arlington and Alexandria regions), Deschutes will initially offer year-round beers Black Butte Porter, Mirror Pond Pale Ale and Fresh Squeezed IPA in draft only. Zarabanda will be available in both 22-ounce bottles and draft. A limited amount of Reserve Series bottles and kegs of Mirror Mirror and Black Butte XXVI will also make out for the launch.

Zarabanda, is a brand new spiced Saison that was created through a collaboration between José Andrés and Deschutes Brewery. Zarabanda provides a complex malt body formed from a generous use of Vienna and Spelt malts.  A classic Saison yeast strain contributes light fruit esters, which are complemented by aromatic dried lime, spicy pink peppercorn, lemon verbena and savory sumac. Launch events for the beer are being planned for later this fall.

Deschutes will also bring its celebrated barrel-aged imperial stout, The Abyss, to both the District of Columbia and Virginia when it is bottled later this year. More beers from the Deschutes Brewery portfolio will be launched in these areas later in 2015.

About Reyes Beverage Group
Reyes Beverage Group operates from seventeen warehouses in thirteen markets: Charleston/Beaufort South Carolina, Chicago, Northern Illinois, Los Angeles/Orange County, San Bernardino/Riverside California counties, San Diego, California, Central Florida, the District of Columbia, Maryland, Chesapeake Bay, and Northern Virginia -- offering the greatest variety of import, craft, and domestic beer brands available to retailers in their marketplace.  A fantastic portfolio, a strong team, and superior operations drive unsurpassed retailer knowledge and customer service, enabling Reyes Beverage Group to deliver the highest share of beer in their markets. For more information go to www.reyesbeveragegroup.com.

About Deschutes Brewery
Named as OUTSIDE’s Best Places to Work for both 2013 and 2014, Deschutes Brewery was founded in 1988 as a brew pub in Bend, Oregon. The brewery is known for brewing a diverse line-up of award winning beers including the popular Black Butte Porter and Mirror Pond Pale Ale. From the beginning, the focus has been on crafting the best beer and the food using only the finest ingredients.  In 2008, the brewery opened a second pub in Portland’s Pearl District. Deschutes Brewery now ships beer to 27 states and around the world from its main brewing facility located on the banks of the Deschutes River.  To find out more, visitwww.DeschutesBrewery.com or follow on Facebook (/Deschutes.Brewery) and Twitter (@DeschutesBeer).

10/22/2014 04:08 AM
Juicy Bangers vs. the Periodic Table of IPA

Boak & Bailey's Beer Blog - Writing about beer and pubs since 2007

Beer styles are hard work, so why don’t we sometimes talk instead about the ways in which different types of beer act on our palates and emotions, or the social functions they perform? When Chris Hall wrote about ‘juicy bangers’™ last week, something seemed to click: It captures in two words everything I look for from my […]

Juicy Bangers vs. the Periodic Table of IPA

10/22/2014 03:44 AM
Anheuser-Busch requests for Budweiser of Owensboro license transfer approval
Anheuser-Busch has filed a lawsuit in Franklin County asking the court to compel the Kentucky State ABC malt beverage administrator to immediately grant the company’s application for a distributor’s license in Owensboro (Budweiser of Owensboro), which has been pending for more than 60 days.

10/22/2014 03:11 AM
Finishing up
We're not still in Germany are we? Who'd have thought there'd be so much beer? This post is for some of the odds and sods from my notebook that didn't fit in anywhere else.

Novelty beer of the trip was one I spotted in Bamberg's Café Abseits and one I've been wanting to taste for a long time. Steinbier Original is brewed the prehistoric way, using hot rocks to boil the wort. I've read that this imparts a unique caramel flavour to the finished product. It arrived in a stein, of course, so I'm not exactly sure what colour it is, but it looked a kind of pale honey brown at the bottom of the mug. It tastes disappointingly plain and inoffensive: big on green noble hop herbal flavours and maybe some extra caramel, but not terribly impressive overall.

A pork-and-dumpling-free night in Bamberg brought us to a generic studenty pizzeria where Reckendorfer Pils was the house beer. It did the job: a clear bright gold with a lovely warming bread-like quality to it. Beats the hell out of the beer offering in most by-the-numbers Italian-style eateries.

My first beer of the trip was chugged from the bottle with a döner at Munich railway station, waiting for the Nuremberg train. It was Tegernseer Helles and it was similarly functional: smooth and sweet with just enough crispness to balance it, but otherwise not very memorable. The brewery have recently opened a bar in the centre of Munich so, following a couple of recommendations, I wandered in for a gander. Tegernseer Tal - Bräuhaus is a very bright and airy pub, and was trading briskly on the Tuesday afternoon we visited. For me a Tegernseer Hopf, their weissbeer. It smells strangely sour and the texture is a bit watery but there are some great flavours: traditional ones like bubblegum and clove, but also notes of pineapple and tinned peaches. Herself opted for Tegernseer Dunkel, a chestnut brown lager with lots of chocolate, burnt toast and grain husks. Wholesome, but quite hard work.

Our last day involved a mini pub crawl around Munich, taking in the Augustiner Grossgaststätten, Ayinger Wirtshaus and out to the English Gardens for a Hofbräu under the Chinese Tower. The lunchtime crowd was a mix of locals and the first of the large groups of tourists arriving in for Oktoberfest, due to begin a couple of days later. The band played and there were occasional screams from those hit by conkers from the enormous chestnut trees. All rather jolly. As well as Hofbräu Helles from the holzfass, the bar was selling Hofbräu Urbock. It's rose gold and offers up an enticing maple syrup aroma. This woody quality continues in the flavour, with extra sweet burnt notes. A delicious outdoor sipper and a nice bookend to the trip.

10/22/2014 01:27 AM
Beer In Ads #1350: This Is How Beer Ought To Taste
Tuesday’s ad is for the Continental Can Company, from 1935, the year beer cans debuted. I love the innocent photo, and that tagline: “Say! This Is How Beer Ought To Taste!” And the can itself is priceless in its generic-ness, not to mention “Cap Sealed” and...

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