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09/01/2015 01:01 PM
Store update 19th May
So Sydney is on a roll with its awesome beer drinking weather this week and this weekend looks good to go. Growlers Currently we have Young Henry’s Hop Ale. This beer harks back to classic English style IPAs. Hefty malt backing meets every type of hop in our cool-room, added to all stages of the process. The all Australian hop flavour is not aggressive in its bitterness, but is evident in flavour and aroma and slowly asserts itself with a lengthy, lingering and thoroughly enjoyable palette. $28 for a Growler fill Once this is gone we’ll be moving onto Dr’s Orders Brewing Plasma. Plasma, a White IPA is yet another emerging trend that we’re happy to embrace and present a Doctor’s Orders Brewing twist on. Judicious hop use dominates Plasma’s aroma, backed up with a balanced mouthfeel defying its alcoholic payload before delivering an extremely long lingering bitterness. A deceivingly addictive prescription. The grist for Plasma is practically identical to our Zephyr (Double White Ale) which explains the appearance. However the lack of botanicals, a different yeast strain and excessive hop use deliver an ale that is Zephyr’s polar opposite. In other news Rich is in the shop today, Geoff is onto his 2nd table for the tasting room, while Will is in training for a 9km soft sand running event. Store hours 11am-3pm today, 8:30am-6pm Mon-Fri. 1300 808 254 Cheers!

09/01/2015 01:01 PM
April Beer Club Selection
Our Beer Club selection for April has now been sent out to all online customers. For those living in Sydney you can still pick these up from our store. The April Beer Club selection includes: Samuel Adams, Black Lager Bridge Road Brewers, Australian Ale William Bull, William’s Pale Ale Morland Brewing, Old Speckled Hen

09/01/2015 01:01 PM
Beer store update 5th May
So Sydney has had cracker beer drinking weather this week and it’s set to continue this weekend – sweet! Growlers Currently we have Moa Breakfast beer. A cracker of a lager with rich cherries, very easy drinking. Check out the review for it below: “The aroma is stunning with hints of dry wheat and cherry’s. The carbonation is lively, which works for a crisp summer beer. The taste has a serious hit of wheat and yeast, washing through with all those bubbles and a touch of cherry.” Joel Macfarlane – brewnation.co.nz $28 for a Growler fill Once this is gone we’ll be moving onto Mikkeller Citra Single Hop IPA probably early in the week Latest beers Murray’s No 6 2011 Anniversary Ale – the last available anywhere (limit 1 per person) Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Ale Barley wine Rich is in the shop today, Geoff is onto his 2nd table for the tasting room, while Will is in training for a 9km soft sand running event. Store hours 11am-3pm today, 8:30am-6pm Mon-Fri. 1300 808 254 Cheers!

09/01/2015 01:01 PM
Carlton Draught hits slow mo
Australia’s alcohol advertising regulations are strict, as a result advertisers continually look for new ways to promote the brand – albeit without specifically promoting the product! Check out Cartlon Draught’s latest ad – the slow mo…and a few other old classics.....

09/01/2015 01:01 PM
A thought for the brewers and people of Christchurch
When I was a young lad of 18 years of age I packed my bags and travelled from the North Island of New Zealand to the city of Christchurch in the South to begin my university education. The move to Christchurch was a no brainer for me – I had lots of family who lived in the “Garden City” and I had been there many times before, always leaving with fond memories. Christchurch is a very special city with significant character – it is the New Zealand city that most closely resembles Melbourne with old stone buildings, a tram line and a beautiful river, the Avon. The city also has a number of other great gems including the Port Hills for excellent scenery and mountain biking, as well as the port suburb of Lyttleton, reached after travelling through one of New Zealand’s longest tunnels. If there is one word I would give to Christchurch it would be ‘beautiful’.....

09/01/2015 12:50 PM
Deschutes Unveils 2015 Jubelale With Art By Taylor Rose

(Bend, Oregon) –  Deschutes Brewery’s winter seasonal, Jubelale, will start showing up on shelves and tap handles next mon…

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09/01/2015 12:34 PM
Deschutes Brewery’s 2015 Jubelale Wrapped Up in Art by Bend, Oregon’s Taylor Rose
Bend, Oregon – 01 September 2015 –  Deschutes Brewery’s winter seasonal, Jubelale, will start showing up on shelves and tap handles next month to help herald in the cooler days of fall. Inside the bottle, fans will find the warm spiciness, dried fruit and a hoppy finish they’ve come to love. Outside the bottle, this […]

09/01/2015 12:26 PM
Cigar City Brewing – Hunger Action Month – Win Some Hunahpu’s!

(Tampa,FL) – September is Hunger Action Month. Once again we’ve teamed up with Feeding America Tampa Bay to host a food dri…

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09/01/2015 11:54 AM
KEXP and Scuttlebutt Launch Transistor IPA to Benefit KEXP’s New Home
One of the best radio stations in all of the land, KEXP is in the process of relocating its studios to a new spot in the Seattle Center, a few blocks west of its current location. To make this move the non-profit radio station is raising funds and has teamed up with Scuttlebutt Brewing Company […]

09/01/2015 11:51 AM
Getting Punched At Heritage Fire: BBQ & Cocktail Sensations Combined
At Cochon 555’s Heritage Fire event in Napa Valley there’s a secret tradition of getting punched. I don’t mean woozy Fight Club punched. I mean ...

09/01/2015 11:45 AM
Jesus John joins the Stonch team
So that makes us four: the fearless band of hardy, incorruptible bloggers at your Super Soaraway STONCH has a new member. Depending on your point of view, this makes Britain's number one beer blog even better, or simply adds another head to the hydra. Let me introduce you to "Jesus John". It's a moniker he adopted in the years following graduation from Cambridge, now a bit embarrassing for a man

09/01/2015 11:32 AM
Robin Hood Pale Ale is the official real ale of Banksy’s Dismaland
Nottingham Post Robin Hood Pale Ale is the official real ale of Banksy's Dismaland Nottingham Post But punters at the "bemusement" park are being well-oiled thanks to one of Nottingham most well-known brews. Robin Hood Pale Ale has been named as the official beer of the attraction – a former lido in Weston-super-Mare which has be ...

09/01/2015 11:24 AM
Corvi Concrete Wine Cooler
The Corvi Wine Cooler is an elegant option for those searching for a sophisticated way to store their favorite vintage. Inspired by the simplicity of ...

09/01/2015 11:00 AM
Trophy Beers, Are They Worth It?
Let us hunt! Chasing trophy beers, it’s arguably the most annoying trend that accompanies craft beer and we see it all the time. People on social media pestering random liquor store accounts demanding that things be held for them. People lining up outside a bar creating a wait that can last hours due to some “rare” tapping. Beer is meant to be enjoyed not fought over like a mid 90’s tickle me Elmo found on Black Friday. I’m lucky enough to get my hands on…

09/01/2015 09:04 AM
Lively Weekend of Music and Brews at TC Microbrew Fest
With blue skies, sunshine, and the end of summer looming, the eighth annual Traverse City Summer Microbrew & Music Festival captured the spirit of summer in Northern Michigan on Friday and Saturday. This year’s festival atmosphere attracted thousands of people from near and far. Over the course of eight years, it has become known as ...

09/01/2015 08:41 AM
Spencer Devon Rocko's Milk Stout
As I often do when I'm headed out to enjoy good beer, I contemplated my beer selection during the drive downtown for Sunday brunch at Spencer Devon Brewery. In this instance, my choice was going to be easy. At last week's Virginia Craft Brewers Cup, the Fredericksburg brewery was awarded a Bronze medal in the Stout category for its Rocko's Milk Stout. I had realized that was the one Spencer Devon beer I had never ordered. There's no specific reason for that oversight, other than I'm typically an IPA or Pale Ale kind of guy.

Rocko's Milk Stout pours a very dark brown color with a thin beige head. The aroma is mild, with roasted malt and a touch of sweet chocolate. The flavor profile brings crisp roasted malt and dark coffee. A bit of chocolate sweetness in the background smooths it all out. The mouthfeel is creamy and full-bodied. The finish is very clean, leaving behind a hint of dark, slightly bitter coffee.

I sort of regretted not trying this one in the past. To make up for that, I enjoyed a second pint with my delicious Blackened Catfish Po'boy topped with Cajun Remoulade & Pickled Jalapeño Slaw. The slightly spicy sandwich and flavorful beer made for a delightful meal on a relaxing Sunday afternoon.

[ This content originated at Musings Over a Pint ]

09/01/2015 06:36 AM
Choices galore at Buffalo Brew Pub
Buffalo.com Choices galore at Buffalo Brew Pub Buffalo.com Buffalo Brew Pub touts itself as New York State's oldest brew pub, and it very well may be, as it was established in 1986. At one time 34 beer taps was enough, but with the craft beer explosion going on all around the country, General Manager Chris ...

09/01/2015 06:28 AM
If Punch pulls through, it's good news for the pub industry
True, a 0.3% rise in net income might not seem terribly impressive, but for shareholders and creditors of Punch Taverns it's finally something to celebrate. The Morning Advertiser has the story. I think those of us who love pubs should be pleased too. The problems of Britain's number two pubco have been well documented and need not be recounted here. Between early 2009 and late 2014 I leased a

09/01/2015 05:00 AM
Cider Summit Seattle Returns to South Lake Union
Cider Summit Seattle returns to South Lake Union in Seattle, Washington on September 11 – 12. Now in its sixth year, this annual event returns to The South Lake Union Discovery Center near Westlake & Denny in downtown Seattle and is the premiere event during Washington Cider Week that takes place from September 10 – […]

09/01/2015 04:10 AM
Uinta Get’s Bonefide
That's right, H.I. Uinta is finally Bonafide!  Ever since the brewery started making high point beer back in the mid 90s. there was one thing you weren't allowed to do with their high abv beers - drink 'em at the brewery! Now finally after 22 years, that final b.s. restriction has finally been lifted. Yesterday at the Utah Division of A ...

09/01/2015 03:26 AM
Hardknott Nuclear Sunset 4.7%
on to the beer, which was inspired by a Japanese wheat beer. The beer was to be brewed with the regulation orange peel and coriander, but to include orange juice and nutmeg. The Japanese inspiration was fermented with Sake yeast, while Hardknott chose an American ale yeast.

09/01/2015 03:05 AM
DDR Beer Styles (part two)
I realised there’s lots more information in TGL 7764 that’s interesting. Well, to me. I can’t speak for anyone else.

We’ll be looking at some of the more technical aspects. Such as which ingredients, and in which quantities, were required for each style. And stuff like packaging, shelflife and pasteurisation.

Beginning with the ingredients, I can now see a difference between Deutsches Pilsator and Deutsches Pilsner Spezial: the latter contained slightly more malt. Unsurprisingly, low-alcohol beers like Einfachbier and Doppel-Karamelbier have minimal hopping, considerably lower than even Berliner Weisse. The Pilsners and Porter had the heaviest level of hopping. Again, not really a surprise.

The other ingredients are more intriguing. Quite a bit of white sugar in Doppel-Karamelbier. Sugar colouring – I guess some sort of caramel – in Einfachbier, Doppel-Karamelbier and Porter. Plus artificial sweetener in Einfachbier. Don’t think the latter is a particularly DDR thing. They did exactly the same in the West in that class of beer. Unlike in the West, Berliner Weisse had to contain at least 30% wheat malt in the DDR.

I can’t believe this is the first time that I’ve noticed the bit about Dekkera bruxellensis (another name for Brettanomyces bruxellensis) in Porter. In "Leitfaden für den Brauer und Mälzer" (Dickscheit , 1953) has a description of Porter brewing that includes a secondary Brettanomyces fermentation in wood. It says this isn’t necessarily how Porter was brewed in the DDR, but was the proper method for the style. That caveat had me doubting whether Brettanomyces was ever used. This seems to confirm that it was.

DDR beer styles
lagering time (days)
label colour shelf life (days) pasteurised? standard minimum
Einfachbier brown 6 N
Weissbier dark green not specified N
Hell yellow 8 N 20 12
Schwarzbier red and black 15 N
Doppel-Karamelbier blue 30 Y
Deutsches Pilsner light green 10 N 25 15
Diabetiker-Pils white 30 Y
Deutsches Pilsator anything 18 N 50 30
Deutsches Pilsner Spezial anything 90 Y 50 30
Märzen light grey 30 Y
Weißer Bock oder Bockbier Hell wine red 10 N 30 18
Dunkler Bock oder Bockbier Dunkel wine red 10 N 30 18
Deutscher Porter carmine red 24 N
"Technologie für Brauer und Mälzer" by Wolfgang Kunze, 1975, pages 419 -  425.

Now some mostly packaging-related stuff. I love the way labels were colour-coded by style. If you think this is just a totalitarian thing, try taking a look at some modern beer labels. Pilsner ones are often green.

The life expectancy of bottled beer was pretty short. I can remember Eisenacher Hell being particularly unstable. Best to drink it on the way back from the shop. It didn’t matter too much because most beer was consumed close to where it was produced. And, as in the Czech Republic, people didn’t leave beer lying around at home.

The exception to this were the types that were pasteurised. And Berliner Weisse, for which there was no sell by date. As a naturally-conditioned beer, it could last pretty much forever. I’ve had bottles that were over 30 years old and still perfectly drinkable.

The lagering times look very short to me. Though I’m sure they’re longer than most industrial breweries now bother with. 30 days doesn’t seem long for Bock. Personally, I’d go for at least double that, preferably four times.

DDR beer styles
malt kg/hl max min hops g/hl white sugar kg/hl max sugar colouring kg/hl max crystal sweetener g/hl max salt g/hl max special ingredients
Einfachbier 4.5 40 0.2 8
Weissbier 14.5 80 Min. 30% wheat malt, Lactobacillus delbruckii
Hell 17 180
Schwarzbier 19 230
Doppel-Karamelbier 10.5 40 6 0.35
Deutsches Pilsner 20 250
Diabetiker-Pils 18 300
Deutsches Pilsator 20 300
Deutsches Pilsner Spezial 21 300
Märzen 24 240
Weißer Bock oder Bockbier Hell 26 180
Dunkler Bock oder Bockbier Dunkel 26 150
Deutscher Porter 34 500 0.45 100 Dekkera bruxellensis
"Technologie für Brauer und Mälzer" by Wolfgang Kunze, 1975, pages 419 -  425.

Finally, I love this little note about what couldn’t go on a label:

"Fantasy names, which suggest a higher quality, such as:

Edel, Doppel (with the exception of Doppel-Karamelbier), Extra, Exquisit, das Feinste, aus bestem Malz und Hopfen bereitet, are not allowed."
"Technologie für Brauer und Mälzer" by Wolfgang Kunze, 1975, page  426.

There are lots of labels today that would fall foul of that rule.

09/01/2015 03:03 AM
Somewhere Between Passion and Greed

We stick by the idea that most brewers, or most craft brewers — cut it how you like — are motivated more by passion than greed. But let’s unpack that word ‘passion’ a bit: it doesn’t necessarily mean gibbering, cultish fervour. How many people are really passionate about what they do to pay the rent? But plenty … Continue reading Somewhere Between Passion and Greed

Somewhere Between Passion and Greed from Boak & Bailey's Beer Blog - Over-thinking beer, pubs and the meaning of craft since 2007

09/01/2015 01:34 AM
Cleethorpes pub toasting Camra success for tenth year in a row
Grimsby Telegraph Cleethorpes pub toasting Camra success for tenth year in a row Grimsby Telegraph The Number Two Refreshment Room (Under The Clock) at Cleethorpes Railway Station was voted Town Pub Of The Year by members of the Grimsby and North East Lincolnshire branch of Camra – the volunteer-led Campaign For Real Ale group. I ...

09/01/2015 01:03 AM
Beer In Ads #1664: Daisy, Daisy
Monday’s ad is another one for Guinness, this time from 1937. This is an odd little ad. A couple — who to my eyes look almost identical except for their clothing — had to stop while bicycling through the countryside. While he tried to fix the bike, she sensibly fixed lunch. Yet he seems...

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09/01/2015 12:00 AM
Builders and Brewers Honor Brooklyn’s Beer Heritage
In the 20th century, Brooklyn breweries dominated the industry. Now, developers are paying tribute to the borough’s heritage, and new breweries are seeking to revive its stature.

08/31/2015 09:47 PM
Pale Ale trademark showdown looms
CUB, Lion, Asahi and Thunder Road have opposed a bid by Coopers to trademark ‘Original Pale Ale’.

08/31/2015 08:20 PM
Patent No. 2448063A: Machine For Stripping Hops From Vines
Today in 1948, US Patent 2448063 A was issued, an invention of Edouard Thys, for his “Machine For Stripping Hops From Vines.” There’s no Abstract, although in the description it includes this summary: This invention relates to means for mechanically picking hops and has particular...

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08/31/2015 06:33 PM
21st Amendment Introduces Toaster Pastry, India-Style Red Ale

(SAN LEANDRO, CA) – Just months after opening their new 95,000 square foot state-of-the-art brewery in San Leandro, 21st Amendm…

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08/31/2015 05:25 PM
Russian River Beatification 2015 Release Details

(Santa Rosa,CA) – Russian River Brewing just dropped details on the upcoming bi-annual release of Beatification. Accordi…

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08/31/2015 05:25 PM
Canned Wine: Union Wine Company
Wine is wonderful for sipping and pairing, but the large glass bottles make them a hassle to bring on the go. Careful packaging, accommodation, and ...

08/31/2015 05:17 PM
Lone Tree Brewing Company To Celebrate Oktoberfest September 19

(Lone Tree, CO) – Lone Tree Brewing Company is excited to announce the 4th annual Lone Tree Brewing Company’s Oktoberfest…

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08/31/2015 04:21 PM
Mexican Cake – Best Spiced Stout!?


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08/31/2015 04:11 PM
Patent No. 589231A: Bung Branding Machine
Today in 1897, US Patent 589231 A was issued, an invention of Jacob Fred Theurer, assigned to the Pabst Brewing Company, for his “Bung Branding Machine.” There’s no Abstract, although in the description it includes this summary: My invention pertains to a machine for branding bungs, the...

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08/31/2015 03:11 PM
Craft Beer + Food 2015 – Ticket Info and More

Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog.

Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog. Here is the press release about the 5th Annual Craft Beer + Food event. Tickets for this highly anticipated event go on sale tomorrow, Tuesday, September 1st. Once again, it is expected to sell out quickly. Announcing the 5th Annual Craft Beer + Food, an Event Celebrating...

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08/31/2015 02:40 PM
Counterbalance Brewing Hosting a Doubleheader on Oct. 4th

Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog.

Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog. Counterbalance Brewing invites you to join them for a Seattle Doubleheader on Sunday, October 4th. In Seattle, we have a roof on our baseball stadium, which drastically reduces the chances of the Mariners playing a doubleheader. These days doubleheaders usually occur only because of a rained-out game....

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08/31/2015 01:39 PM
Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival 2015 as fabulous as ever!
What a fabulous event! Where else can you sample extraordinary food from extraordinary restaurants all in one place, all in one night? Add to that a ton of wineries and you have yourself an incredible evening of food and drink. The Los Angeles Food and Wine Festival took over Grand Avenue in DTLA and rolled […]

08/31/2015 01:25 PM
Are You An Alcohol Expert: Which Celebrities Built These Brands?

08/31/2015 01:21 PM
Patent No. 589065A: Method Of And Apparatus For Treating Beer
Today in 1897, US Patent 589065 A was issued, an invention of Otto Zwietusch, for his “Method Of And Apparatus For Treating Beer.” There’s no Abstract, although in the description it includes this summary: My invention relates to the treatment and finishing of beer and other malt...

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08/31/2015 12:15 PM
Episode 114 – Stone Farking Wheaton W00tstout
Beer: Stone Brewing Company Stone Farking Wheaton W00tstout

08/31/2015 12:15 PM
Nano-Brewery Startup Tips with John Blichmann – BeerSmith Podcast #110
PodNew200John Blichmann, President of Blichmann Engineering joins me this week to discuss starting a nano-brewery including equipment options as well as many of the business considerations that come into play with starting a beer brewery on a shoestring. Subscribe on iTunes to Audio version or Video version Download the MP3 File – Right Click and […]

08/31/2015 11:00 AM
Chilgrove Dry Gin
  Surrounded by woodlands and situated in a corner of rural and historical England, Sussex hamlet of Chilgrove gives birth to Chilgrove Dry Gin. Gaining ...

08/31/2015 08:51 AM
Wild time in store for guests to Brew at the Zoo
For nine years, the Wild Things, the Jacksonville Zoo’s Young Professionals group, has been throwing a party at the zoo billed as the “wildest food and drink festival in town.” Indeed, over the years, Brew at the Zoo has grown to become one of the premiere events of its kind in Northeast Florida. Attendance seems […]

08/31/2015 08:34 AM
"Empty Nest” Weekend
Technically, we’re not empty nesters, we're just adjusting to our son being away at college. However, I was curious what the first weekend would bring us. It was pretty much the same as any other weekend. The weekend's highlights...

  1. Coffee and read the paper
  2. Breakfast
  3. Coffee
  4. Coffee
  5. Mow the lawn
  6. Exercise
  7. Lunch
  8. Clean guns
  9. Movie date with Colleen! (Okay, that’s different — first one in 19 years)
  10. Dinner
  11. Netflix and Hopsecutioner IPA
  1. Coffee
  2. Breakfast
  3. Coffee
  4. Mass
  5. Coffee (I’m sensing a pattern.)
  6. Dry fire practice
  7. Phone call with son!
  8. Mid-afternoon brunch and award winning Rocko’s Milk Stout at Spencer Devon Brewery (More to come on that.)
  9. Another Netflix movie
In other words, just old married folk.  Wouldn’t have it any other way.

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08/31/2015 08:00 AM
Beer Calendar: What To Do in September 2015
And, just like that, we're back to school. Time to lament where the summer went, how the kids got another year older, and how time just generally flies too quickly. Luckily you've got this here lil beer calendar to soothe your mental anguish. Sales of my new book Beer Lover's Mid-Atlantic is continue to hum along quite nicely. You'll see below how I'm participating in the annual Beer Yard,

08/31/2015 07:55 AM
Green Flash Treasure Chest Fest brings Polynesia to San Diego
Philanthropy in the craft beer industry is a fairly common thing, as most people have an issue that inspires passion. While many companies partner up with a charity because they believe in the cause, personal involvement in the fight can...
Green Flash Treasure Chest Beer

08/31/2015 07:46 AM
Hardywood Vinalia Urbana

The post, Hardywood Vinalia Urbana, first appeared on The Barley Blog.

My mind isn’t always operating on all cylinders all the time. Such was the case when happening across this new brew from Hardywood Park. My first thought was, “Why the Hell would anyone brew a beer with Vidalia onions!?” Thankfully, my puddle of gray matter sorted itself out and I added Vinalia Urbana to the […]

The post, Hardywood Vinalia Urbana, first appeared on The Barley Blog.

08/31/2015 07:00 AM
So You Wanna Be a Brewer?
During my time at Oakshire Brewing in Eugene, Oregon, my colleagues and I had a saying that we would use sarcastically on those days our jobs were anything but the popular over-glamorized view of working in a brewery — “So you wanna be a brewer”. For example, on those mornings your un-insulated warehouse is barely […]

08/31/2015 07:00 AM
Brewery News: OR: Eugene: Oakshire Brewing announces the return of "Single Batch Fest", October 24th, from 11am - 9pm
Press Release

image courtesy Oakshire Brewing

EUGENE, OR - Mark your calendars: Oakshire Brewing is putting on another amazing beer fest to remember! On Saturday, October 24th, from 11am to 9pm, join Oakshire for the 2015 Single Batch Fest at the Public House in Eugene.  This year’s line up again features breweries from all over the Pacific Northwest, showcasing their rarest, unique, one-off creations - including many fresh-hopped and pumpkin beers and other seasonal favorites. Live music and a selection of food carts will complement this incredible beer lineup. Craft brewing fans will not want to miss it! Keep posted to social media for updates.

Facebook @oakbrew
Instagram @oakbrew

About Oakshire Brewing: Oakshire Brewing of Eugene, OR, was founded in October 2006 with the goals of brewing the highest quality craft beer while providing exceptional customer service. Oakshire has become regionally and nationally recognized for consistently brewing fresh, unique and delicious beers in Oregon's lower Willamette Valley. The name Oakshire represents our core values: Strength, like the enduring oak; Independence, which fuels our innovation; and Community, remembering our place within the whole. The Oakshire Brewery is located at 1055 Madera Street and Oakshire’s Public House is located at 207 Madison Street, both in Eugene, OR.


08/31/2015 06:38 AM
The Hourglass Brewery announces new brewers
The Hourglass Brewery announces the departure of founding brewer, Sky Conley, and the elevation of Michael Delancett and Matthew Gemmell as co-brewers.

08/31/2015 06:17 AM
New Belgium Brewing to introduce products in Hawaii
Colorado based New Belgium Brewing has announced that the company will start shipping its products to Hawaii next year.

08/31/2015 06:02 AM
Authenticity and the future of Belgian beer
MONDAY BEER LINKS, MUSING 09.01.15 First the important stuff Declare your #hopslove for a chance to win a book by @StanHieronymus! Contest details here –> http://t.co/Rl66mkN0Uk pic.twitter.com/IYPD8kkgPQ — CraftBeerdotcom (@craftbeerdotcom) August 28, 2015 Meantime stretches authenticity of London Lager. [Via Beer Insider] #EBBC15 – Belgian Family Brewers and the Future of Belgian Beer Culture. [Via […]

08/31/2015 06:00 AM
Lardo Oktoberfest with Occidental Brewing
Lardo is back at it once again when it will turn its Southeast Portland location into an Occidental Brewing Pop Up Pub just in time for its week long Oktoberfest celebration. Beginning on Wednesday, September 16 and running through Wednesday, September 23, Lardo will host its Oktoberfest featuring Occidental Brewing beers on all 12 of […]

08/31/2015 03:45 AM
Meet the Hebrews
Tom is a beer geek from Israel, currently seconded to a work project in Dublin. Back in June he offered to bring some beers over from home for a tasting. A group of us got together in the Bull & Castle one quiet Sunday afternoon to get an idea of what's happening in the Israeli craft beer scene.

Under Tom's direction we started, perhaps unusually, with an Oak Porter from Negev brewery. It's only 5% ABV but smells a lot stronger. It doesn't look great in the glass, all murky and opaque. The wood has been laid on very thick with massive amounts of vanillin and a sharper lactic quality too. The heavy-handed ageing means any trace of the porter that used to be here is now gone.  Even drinking a small sample was tough going and I can't say I enjoyed it. Shapiro Oatmeal Stout was a much better proposition. 5.2% ABV and again smelling hot, this time with a kind of acetone quality, it's actually smooth and sweet on tasting with no off-flavours at all. There's lots of lovely chocolate and cream, to match the texture. Alexander Black is a more orthodox (not, not that way) stout: 7% ABV and looking clear, pure, but most definitely black, in the glass. It smells oily, like strong coffee, and has an almost Caribbean brown-sugar sweetness. That's about all it delivers, however.

From stout to black IPA and Ha'Dubim Paradox is next, another nasty-looking murky one. It has the spicy vegetal aroma which I'm coming to regard as one of the hallmarks of the style and makes excellent use of its hops. A beautiful chocolate and fresh mandarin flavour opens it up and there's a sharp biting bitterness in the finish. An absolute classic, this, and packing a lot of complexity into 5.6% ABV.

There were two more from Ha'Dubim ("The Bears") and we followed Paradox with Kodiak, badged as an "IPW", so what generally gets called "white IPA", then. It's yellow and cloudy and the aroma is all over the place: a little bleachy, a lot sugary and with added plasticine notes as well. It gels together a bit better on tasting with the sweetness dominating, creating a strong impression of drinking vanilla ice cream, helped along by the creamy texture. The hops arrive late, adding a pithiness to the finish. It's an odd beer and I'm not sure I'd want to investigate it further.

The inevitable Grizzly is Ha'Dubim's special edition double IPA: 9% ABV yet a rather wan and hazy witbier-yellow colour. The aroma is gorgeous, pelting out bittersweet mandarin spritz. The strength is immediately apparent on the first sip, but it's a clean heat, not heavy or boozy, reminding me a little of Trouble Brewing's Hop Priority triple IPA. But it's not all alcohol; the hops are working very hard in here too with an oily dank base cheered up by bursts of citrus zest. Double IPA wouldn't be my favourite beer style but then not many of them are as well executed as this one.

More IPAs next, starting with Pressure Drop by Ha'Shakhen. This 6%-er claims to be an "Extrememly hoppy craft beer" and I'll grant that hops play a big part in how it tastes. Onions on the aroma; mango, papaya and lime rind in the flavour: that's all hops. But there's a lot of caramel in here also and the whole is just a bit too sweet to be enjoyable. We had it next to one of the original Israeli IPAs and one considered to be among the best still: Srigim Brewery's Ha'Hodit Ha'Mekhoeret, "The Ugly Indian". 6.5% ABV, a brownish-orange colour (murky again) but smelling lovely, simultaneously sweet and spicy with lots of citrus promised. The flavour is very unsubtle, being big on bitterness but there's enough malt body to carry it. The murk lets it down a little however, allowing a savoury yeast coating dull the otherwise bright and fresh flavours. This one could do with a little polishing but is still perfectly enjoyable for what it is.

A couple of odd ones to finish. Dictator Irish Red has, for some reason, been blended with Laphroaig whisky, and plasters this fact across the label in huge letters. It's a pale murky orange and smells massively peaty. Peat is there again on the first sip but goes away quickly leaving a fresh, soft, peachy hop flavour. The old peat 'n' peach one-two is not something I've ever experienced in a beer before and it's not at all unpleasant. Shapiro's Jack's Winter Ale has also been liquored-up, this time with the addition of Jack Daniel's oak chips. They impart lots of oaky vanillins but no real whisky booze effect. Instead, this 8.2% ABV ale is big on warming toffee malt, all smooth and mellow. Even in the eastern Med, they like something for the fireside, it seems.

Overall impressions? Israeli craft beer is a little rough around the edges and not all of its experiments are worthwhile ones from the drinker's point of view, but there's some real talent on display in this lot. The beer fan certainly won't get bored. Thanks to Tom for the insight.

08/31/2015 03:05 AM
Draught Bitter in 1960
Table time again. The words are still rationed, owing to me having spoken too much last weekend. I don’t have an infinite supply of these things, you know.

Having obtained some fresh, juicy numbers, courtesy of Boak and Bailey, I thought I’d do something with them. As 1960 marks the end of the period I’m currently focussing on, it seems a good excuse to take a look at the state of British beer then.

Boak and Bailey’s data came from a Which? Report into beer from 1960. It’s hard to imagine how much in the dark drinkers were about the strength of the beer back then. Brewers were very secretive about how strong their beer was. With good reason. Their reflex reaction to tax increases  had long been to cut gravities. By not telling their customers about gravities, they hoped they might not notice their beer was getting weaker.

This report and the occasional newspaper article were the only times beer strengths were ever detailed. I know kicking CAMRA is a modern sport, but it was they who dragged beer gravities out into the open. In the late 1970’s, as brewers wouldn’t say how strong their beers were, CAMRA had them analysed themselves. And published the results in the Good Beer Guide. Once the information was out in the open, some brewers started to publish their gravities. Eventually legislation obliged them to include it on beer labels.

But back in the dark days of 1970, the only way to get an idea of the strength of a beer was its name and price. Though those indicators weren’t 100% reliable. There are plenty of examples of Best Bitter in the tables below that aren’t very best. They range from 1032º to 1048º. As average gravity was around 1037º at this time, I would expect a Best Bitter to be stronger than that.

You’ll notice that several beers appear in both tables. I’m reassured that the prices mostly match, as do the gravities to within a few percentage points.

The bitterness number which appears in the Which? Table is something called “Index of Hop Bitter”. Not sure exactly what that is, but it doesn’t look far off an IBU number to me. Perhaps a touch lower. It amuses me that one of the beers with the highest bitterness is From William Younger, a Scottish brewery. Weren’t they supposed to use almost no hops in Scotland?

There’s a huge variation in value for money, as indicated by the final column, which gives the price in pennies of 1% ABV.  I’m pleased to see that the winner of this particular race, by a whisker, is Carlisle State Management. A nationalised brewery. And it’s reassuring to see that by far the worst value for money is a keg beer, Flowers Bitter. You’ll note that the average price per % ABV is very similar for both tables, 4.21d and 4.22d.

That’s me done. I’ll leave you with the lovely tables.

Draught Bitter in 1960
Brewer Beer Price per pint d OG FG ABV atten-uation bitterness price per % ABV
Ansells Bitter 17 1045.3 1010.7 4.50 76.38% 31 3.78
Worthington  "E" 18 1041.8 1006.5 4.60 84.45% 28 3.91
Bass Red Triangle 18 1043.1 1008.5 4.50 80.28% 34 4.00
Carlisle State Management Bitter 14 1038.2 1008.2 3.90 78.53% 28 3.59
Charrington India Pale Ale 19 1044.9 1013.25 4.10 70.49% 37 4.63
Courage & Barclay Bitter 17 1040.3 1010.25 3.90 74.57% 40 4.36
Flowers Keg Bitter 22 1039.1 1012.8 3.40 67.26% 33 6.47
Fremlins Best Bitter 21 1044.7 1009.3 4.60 79.19% 34 4.56
Friary Meux Bitter 13 1034.9 1007.2 3.60 79.37% 28 3.61
Georges Bitter 13 1030.9 1004.75 3.40 84.63% 24 3.82
Greenall Whitley Bitter 14 1034.4 1005.95 3.70 82.70% 40 3.78
Greene King Bitter 15 1037.0 1006.25 4.00 83.11% 33 3.75
Hammond United Best Bitter 16 1035.5 1004.05 4.10 88.59% 20 3.90
Ind Coope Bitter (BB) 15 1037.7 1008.4 3.80 77.72% 36 3.94
John Smiths Best Bitter 16 1036.8 1010.55 3.40 71.33% 40 4.71
Tennant Best Bitter 16 1038.3 1006.05 4.20 84.20% 30 3.81
Tennant Queen's Ale 18 1041.7 1008.6 4.30 79.38% 35 4.18
Thwaites Bitter 16 1035.8 1006.6 3.80 81.56% 32 4.21
Truman Bitter 16 1037.6 1007.6 3.90 79.79% 30 4.10
Ushers Bitter 13 1031.9 1008.75 3.00 72.57% 25 4.33
Vaux Best Bitter 15 1034.8 1005.6 3.80 83.91% 22 3.95
Watney Special Bitter 19 1043.1 1014.5 3.70 66.36% 33 5.14
Whitbread Bitter 17 1037.4 1009.65 3.60 74.20% 35 4.72
Wilson Bitter 15 1036.1 1006.1 3.90 83.10% 35 3.84
Younger, Wm. Bitter 18 1043.9 1010.8 4.30 75.40% 40 4.19
16.44 1038.6 1008.4 3.92 78.36% 32.12 4.21
Which Beer Report, 1960, pages 171 - 173.

Draught Bitter in 1960
Brewer Year Price per pint d OG FG ABV atten-uation Colour price per % ABV
Bass Bitter 21 1044 1009.8 4.45 77.73% 19 4.72
Beasley Bitter 15 1034.3 1004.5 3.72 86.88% 35 4.03
Blatch Brewery Bitter 14 1031.8 1003.9 3.49 87.74% 20 4.01
Burt & Co. Best Bitter 13 1032.6 1004.5 3.51 86.20% 20 3.70
Charles Wells  Bitter 18 1034.4 1006.6 3.48 80.81% 18 5.18
Charrington  Ordinary Bitter 14 1033.8 1008 3.35 76.33% 18 4.18
Charrington  Best Bitter 19 1044.5 1012.9 4.10 71.01% 24 4.64
Clinch Bitter 13 1034 1006.1 3.49 82.06% 20 3.73
Courage & Barclay Directors' Bitter 24 1048.8 1008.4 5.27 82.79% 26 4.56
Courage & Barclay Bitter 17 1040.4 1009.1 4.07 77.48% 23 4.18
Courage & Barclay Alton Pale Ale 17 1040.4 1009.4 4.03 76.73% 25 4.22
Dunmow Brewery Bitter 14 1033.6 1006.6 3.37 80.36% 25 4.15
Flowers Bitter 19 1040.6 1008.8 3.97 78.33% 24 4.78
Fremlin XXX Bitter 14 1035.5 1005.7 3.72 83.94% 26 3.76
Friary Bitter 14 1033.8 1005.2 3.57 84.62% 20 3.92
Friary Meux Treble Gold 18 1042.3 1008.9 4.18 78.96% 23 4.31
Fullers London Pride 20 1042.3 1010.5 4.13 75.18% 24 4.85
Fullers Ordinary Bitter 16 1032.2 1005.3 3.50 83.54% 24 4.58
Garne & Sons Best Bitter 17 1042.9 1009.5 4.18 77.86% 30 4.07
Garne & Sons Bitter 13 1031.2 1004.3 3.36 86.22% 21 3.87
Gibbs Mew Blue Keg Bitter 18 1036 1007.6 3.55 78.89% 25 5.07
Gray's Bitter 13 1033.6 1006.1 3.44 81.85% 21 3.78
Greene King Abbot Ale 22 1051.3 1007.9 5.43 84.60% 20 4.06
Greene King Best Bitter 15 1038.4 1007.4 3.88 80.73% 20 3.87
Greene King Ordinary Bitter 13 1033.9 1005.7 3.53 83.19% 26 3.69
Harvey's Bitter 14 1033.8 1006.1 3.46 81.95% 22 4.04
Ind Coope Double Diamond 19 1040.2 1010 3.92 75.12% 22 4.85
McMullen Best Bitter 16 1041.1 1010.8 3.79 73.72% 25 4.22
McMullen Ordinary Bitter 15 1037 1008 3.63 78.38% 22 4.14
Mew Langton Best Bitter 18 1037 1008.6 3.55 76.76% 19 5.07
Morland Bitter 14 1035.6 1006.1 3.69 82.87% 18 3.80
Morrell Best Bitter 15 1035.3 1005.3 3.75 84.99% 23 4.00
Morrell Light Bitter 12 1030.7 1005 3.21 83.71% 17 3.74
Rayments Best Bitter 14 1035.7 1006.4 3.66 82.07% 22 3.82
Rayments Bitter 12 1030.3 1004.1 3.27 86.47% 18 3.66
Ridley Best Bitter 21 1047 1007.8 4.90 83.40% 22 4.29
Ridley Ordinary Bitter 14 1034.2 1009.8 3.05 71.35% 19 4.59
Simonds Best Bitter 19 1042.3 1007.5 4.35 82.27% 17 4.37
Simpson & Co. Bitter 15 1036.2 1008 3.53 77.90% 24 4.26
Star Brewery SPA 17 1039.5 1005.8 4.21 85.32% 22 4.04
Star Brewery Bitter 12 1029.5 1003.3 3.28 88.81% 20 3.66
Tamplin Bitter 14 1034.3 1006 3.54 82.51% 24 3.96
Tetley Bitter 16 1037.9 1003.7 4.28 90.24% 20 3.74
Tollemache Bitter 16 1033.3 1003.4 3.74 89.79% 20 4.28
Truman Best Burton Bitter 18 1042.7 1009.7 4.29 77.28% 19 4.20
Truman Ordinary Burton Bitter 16 1037.4 1007.6 3.87 79.68% 20 4.13
Usher Ordinary Bitter 13 1032.5 1007.3 3.15 77.54% 18 4.13
Usher, Trowbridge Best Bitter 18 1043.6 1010 4.20 77.06% 21 4.29
Watney Special Bitter 19 1044.2 1009.6 4.50 78.28% 26 4.22
Wells & Winch Bitter 16 1036 1010.3 3.21 71.39% 12 4.98
Wenlock Bitter 16 1035 1008.7 3.41 75.14% 26 4.69
Whitbread Bitter 17 1038.5 1011 3.56 71.43% 20 4.77
Young & Co Best Bitter 20 1048.4 1011.5 4.61 76.24% 24 4.34
Young & Co Ordinary Bitter 15 1037.5 1006.6 3.86 82.40% 19 3.88
16.15 1037.7 1007.4 3.818 80.52% 21.81 4.22
Whitbread Gravity book held at the London Metropolitan Archives, document number LMA/4453/D/02/002.

I’ve a few other types of beer to plough through. Unless I get distracted.

08/31/2015 03:00 AM
Festival News: WA: Bellingham: Schooner Zodiac announces "Bellingham Beer Week" voyage, September 17th
Press Release

BELLINGHAM, WASH ... —The Schooner Zodiac, the Bellingham based tall ship is announcing a 2-hour beer tasting sail on Bellingham Bay on Thursday, September 17th. The cruise takes place during Bellingham Beer Week and features beer from Aslan Brewing, a 100% organic brewer based in Bellingam.

The excursion departs at 5:30 pm from the Bellingham Cruise Terminal in the Fairhaven district and returns to the dock at 7:30 pm. Prior to the beer tasting, guests can join the crew and work as a team to raise the ship’s sails including the largest mainsail on the west coast. Once the sails are raised, passengers will be treated to five different styles of Aslan’s brews and hearty snacks prepared fresh in the ship’s galley. Tickets are available for $65 and include the beer and food. To make a reservation please call (206) 719-7622. More information on the cruise and the Zodiac can be found at www.schoonerzodiac.com.

The Zodiac is a classic, 160-foot U.S. Coast Guard certified vessel, operated by a licensed captain and experienced team of volunteer crewmembers. She departs her Bellingham homeport for a variety of public and private charters, as well as day and evening sails from spring through fall, exploring the pristine anchorages of the San Juan Islands and Canadian Gulf Islands. Zodiac also is an ideal setting for company events, wedding receptions and gatherings of family and friends.

08/31/2015 03:00 AM
"Fish guts"
@jeffreyjohnbell They definitely do the job, don't get me wrong. Just to lots of people, fishguts in the beer seems odd/unnecessary. — Kew Brewery (@KewBrewery) August 27, 2015 Whenever someone calls finings - the things that help cask beer to settle and clear - "fish guts" you know they're protesting too much. The truth is a lot of brewers don't like finings because they introduce a new way

08/31/2015 01:12 AM
Beer In Ads #1663: Picnic Time Is Guinness Time
Sunday’s ad is still another one for Guinness, this time from 1957. Two fit couples relaxing at the beach with tomatoes, eggs, oranges and bread … and, of course, Guinness. But look in the background. What the hell is that blow-up horse? The post Beer In Ads #1663: Picnic Time Is...

[[Click through to the Bulletin for full content]]

08/31/2015 12:15 AM
New look lager from Stone & Wood
Stone & Wood Lager grew volumes by 80 per cent last year, and the brewer has announced tweaks to the product to further capitalise on the trend.

08/30/2015 09:43 PM
Balter’s the real deal: Scott Hargrave
It might be backed by some of the world’s top surfers but there’s nothing gimmicky about Balter Brewing, promises head brewer Scott Hargrave.

08/30/2015 09:40 PM
Barrels on Bonna: BOBFest

Yup, another beer festival.

But for Indy, it is not just another beer festival.

It is a festival dedicated to barrel aged beers.  And that excites me.  If you know me (and some of you do), you know how much I love beers aged in barrels.  Festivals that are dedicated to styles or variations (like Upland's Midwest Sour + Wild + Funk Fest) are a much needed addition to our beer festival scene.  And I am happy that Black Acre Brewing is taking it on.

You can find the details at BarrelsonBonna.com, but here is the breakdown...

Date and Time: Saturday, October 10, 2015; 1pm-5pm

Location: Black Acre's production brewery at 5543 Bonna Avenue in the Irvington neighborhood.

Participating Breweries: 20+ Indiana breweries plus select national breweries

Tickets: $50, capped at 800 tickets

Food: Available from Beast food truck and another vendor TBD

Music: Audio Diner, Marc and Friends, the Lightweights, the Blue Alchemy Trio

Beneficiary: All profits go to Friends of Irving Circle, a 501(c)3 in Irvington that focuses on urban beautification and programming (it should be noted that I am a board member of Friends of Irving Circle; the board is all volunteers and there are no paid staff or administrative costs)

08/30/2015 07:57 PM
A long time favorite surpassed
It’s been a week since I got home,  but It wouldn’t have been a trip to Vermont without bringing back some Heady Topper, I picked up my four pack at the Craft Beer Cellar in Waterbury, just across the street from the Prohibition Pig where The Alchemist Brewpub used to be before Hurricane Irene. Since the […]

08/30/2015 07:00 PM
Diageo trials non-alcoholic beer in Indonesia
British multinational alcoholic beverages company Diageo is trialling non-alcoholic beer Guinness Zero in Indonesia.

08/30/2015 12:31 PM
Reflecting on beer and life, and Michael Jackson.
The great beer writer Michael Jackson died today in 2007, at the age of 65. During his career, Jackson, a journalist by trade, 'beer-hunted' the world, bringing world attention to Belgian beer, telling the birthing stories of America's beer renaissance, writing on malt whisky, and single-handedly promulgating the concept of 'beer styles' when there had been no such thing.

In the September 2013 issue of All About Beer Magazine, past editor Julie Johnson selected her ten favorite columns written by Jackson for that magazine.
  • Calagione”: September 1999, Vol. 20, No. 4.
    Long before Dogfish Head Craft Brewery and founder Sam Calagione gained national fame, Jackson spent a day with Sam in Delaware, talking literature and tasting what he called “extraordinarily adventurous beers.”

  • Finally, the Kiss of Magic Malt”: January 2000, Vol. 21, No. 1.
    This tour of Moravia is a perfect example of Jackson on the road—part history, part travelogue, with brewery visits and brief but tempting tasting notes.

  • Tasting Beer Under the Sea”: November 2000, Vol. 21, No. 6.
    In a PR exercise to promote his Great Beer Guide to a group of booksellers, Jackson hosts an all-day beer tasting on a train as it travels from London, under the Channel and on to Belgium.

  • Just Words”: January 2001, Vol. 22, No. 1.
    A playful exploration of the origins of words used in brewing, with the help of a friendly priest.

  • Blue Collar Brews”: May 2001, Vol. 22, No. 3.
    Jackson recalls his immigrant background and working-class roots, and the English beer styles formulated to slake the thirst of laboring men.

  • Celebrating a Great 21st … But This is not Kansas City”: September 2002, Vol. 23, No. 5.
    At the 21st Great American Beer Festival in Denver, he recalls the visit of its founder, Charlie Papazian, to the Great British Beer Festival years earlier and the role of that meeting in launching the GABF.

  • Farewell, Father … It’s Beer War”: November 2002, Vol. 23, No. 6.
    Readers love lists, but woe betide the writer who omits a favorite beer from one titled The Ten Best Belgians.

  • My Tribute to The Coach” July 2005, Vol. 26, No. 4.
    A touching remembrance of a favorite publican in a portrait of the pub he tended and the community that gathered there.

  • The Silence of the Ram”: September 2006, Vol. 27, No. 5.
    A rare flash of anger over the closing of a venerable brewery.

  • Did I Cheat Mort Subite?”: September 2007, Vol. 28, No. 5.
    Jackson’s final essay for All About Beer, published after his death.
In that same 2013 issue, Stan Hieronymous —a writer on beer, excellent in his own right— wrote about the Michael Jackson Collection at the Oxford Brookes University library: an archive of 1,800 books, the contents of 29 filing cabinets, and countless handwritten notes.

Michael Jackson, 28 March 1995.

Jackson's spoken voice was a firm Yorkshire tang delivered sotto voce, and often punctuated by an oft-repeated "but I digress," as many would sit, entranced by yet another wonderful story.

What did Jackson's written voice sound like?

Here he is, from "A Twist on Tradition: The Right Beer, Dish by Dish," a 1983 Washington Post byline (his first for that paper) on choosing beer, not wine, for the American tradition of the Thanksgiving meal.
The most dismal Thanksgiving I can imagine is the one detailed by Dale Brown in his definitive work "American Cooking": "A glass of spring water stood at each place. No wine here, not ever - except perhaps when the men drank it in the barn." So what should it be next week: A little Seawright Spring Water, from the Blue Ridge Mountains? Or, to be moderately more chic, a glass of Perrier - while the men drink Zinfandel in the garage?

Water taken in moderation cannot hurt anybody, as Mark Twain observed. Those watery celebrants, however, were guilty of what Twain termed "intemperate temperance." There is an idea, whose time has surely gone, that, because they were Puritans, the Pilgrims did not drink alcohol. I have heard of poor souls in New England who, in glorification of this myth, affect to enjoy glasses of cranberry juice with their Thanksgiving meal.

To give thanks is a matter of joy; should that be confined by excessive sobriety? Better still, Thanksgiving is an annual opportunity to refresh old friendships and make new ones, in which matter both the ritual and effect of a shared glass is the best tie.

Wine should be more than acceptable at this feast, for even the most ordinary meal without the grape is, proverbially, like a day denied sunshine. Unless, of course, you prefer beer.

Eight years ago, Michael Jackson died of complications related to Parkinson's Disease. Today, consider contributing to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research, in Jackson's name. Or, at no cost, link your PC or Mac into Folding@Home, a distributed computing campaign run by Stanford University: a network of thousands of home computers working to find a cure to Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Huntington's, and many cancers.

Tonight, to the man who described himself as "sometimes the quiet, courteous, friendly Lithuanian Jewish Yorkshire Englishman," I say, in fractured Lithuanian: "Labanaktis, Ponas Jackson. (Good night, Mr. Jackson.)

  • The Beer Hunter —Jackson's nom de beer— is a website maintained to this day on Jackson and his writing: here.
  • An obituary of Michael Jackson from fellow British beer writer Roger Protz: here.
  • The Amazon page for Mr. Jackson: here.
  • What I've written on Mr. Jackson and his legacy: here.
  • Thanks to Joseph Marunowski —past Director of Brewing Operations for Heavy Seas Beer (Baltimore, Maryland), among other breweries in his career— for pointing me to this collection of Jackson essays.

  • For more from YFGF:

08/30/2015 10:24 AM
Cannabis Labeling
Is it just a matter of time before TTB is scutinizing cannabis labels — for sneaky references to — wine? I hope so. That would be great. This article about cannabis beer got me to thinking about all manner of cannabinoid-related issues. Did TTB approve the label yet? Not that I can see. I don’t […]

08/30/2015 10:20 AM
Truman’s Brewery

Until the late 1980s beer in East London was synonymous with Truman’s brewery until the company folded and disappeared from our pubs. It was thought that the black eagle on the pump clips would never been seen again until 2013 when in Hackney Wick they started brewing once again. Theirs is a story just like any

The post Truman’s Brewery appeared first on CraftBeerWorld.

08/30/2015 06:00 AM
Beer of the week
A new regular Sunday feature for the STONCH blog: each week one of the team will write about the best new beer they've had that week. Tinnies and bottles have their place - most notably on trains and sofas - but STONCH is about enjoying pints in pubs, so the beer of the week will always be on tap, and we'll always quote the price (we all need to do our bit to keep pubs - particularly craft beer

08/30/2015 03:48 AM
Michael Jackson 1942 – 1981
As regular Brewclub readers will know, August 30th marks the passing of Michael Jackson, 'The Beer Hunter'.

08/30/2015 03:05 AM
Colbitzer beers
Here’s another DDR brewery and its beers. This is so much fun. A way of using all those DDR labels I recently picked up.

Colbitz is in Sachsen-Anhalt, about 10 km North of Magdeburg. The brewery was founded as the Colbitzer Brauerei in 1879 by Friedrich-Christoph Ritter. In 1959 it was partially nationalised and in 1972 fully nationalised. In 1991 it was returned to the family that formerly owned it. The brewery is still active.

There’s a little on their website about the beers brewed in the late 19th-century. I’m pretty sure they’ve got the top- and bottom-fermented beers the wrong way around. It reckons these were top-fermented: helles Lagerbier, Doppelmärzen, Doppelmärzen-Bock and Malzbier. And these bottom-fermented: Weißbier and Braunbier “Puparsch-Knall”.

Jumping forwards more than 100 years, this is their current beer range:

Cannewitzer beers in 2015
Beer style OG Plato ABV
Colbitzer Pils Pilsner 11.2 4.90%
Colbitzer Bock Bock 16.8 7.10%
Colbitzer Dunkel Dunkles 11.25 4.90%
Colbitzer Edel Helles 11.25 4.90%
Colbitzer website http://www.colbitzer-heidebrauerei.de

Next are their beers from the DDR period, in the form of labels. Unsurprisingly, Bock and Pilsner are constants:

08/29/2015 08:17 PM
Bad Brew Series – Part 1 – Kirkland Light
I can drink macro beer, I can. I can, I can, I can do it.  In fact, a lot of us in the craft beer industry have a favorite closet macro.  I often hear a lot of craft beer folks exclaim their love for PBR, Yuengling, Rolling Rock even gasp Bud.  These types of beers are good on a hot day or when your boss hands you his favorite beer.  They tend to be cheap, light, limited on flavor, smell like corn and remind me…

08/29/2015 05:04 PM
If a monk is chatty, where might he go?
Apparently, Phoenixville.

08/29/2015 09:45 AM
Palate Wrecker from Green Flash Brewery – Beer Review
When my buddy John reviewed Soul Style from Green Flash I was excited to read his opinion on that beer.  We seem to have the same likes/dislikes when it comes to beer so his reviews give me the chance to “virtually” try a lot of beers.  When he dislikes a beer, I save money.  When John likes a beer I try to find it.  He liked Soul Style but what really got me excited was the response from the brewery. You’ve heard it from me…

08/29/2015 08:42 AM
Pic(k) of the Week: With a beer, he waits.
With a beer, he waits (02)

A man waits at The Ornery Beer Company.

But not for his beer. The Virginia brewpub began serving its own beers (and food) on 17 August 2015.

A few days later, this gentleman was the first customer for the day in the brewpub's biergarten, a large space with long communal-seating tables, whose garage-style doors can be opened to the outside on a pleasant day ... which they were, on that day, Friday, 28 August 2015.

Notice his glass of beer. The stem allows him to hold the beer without warming it. The slight tulip bulb concentrates aromas. The glass has capacity for a foam-head and for 16-ounces of beer. There are no standard 'mixing' pint glasses at the pub.

Located in the Woodbridge area of Prince William County, Virginia, Ornery Beer is, in fact, the first brewpub in that county.


08/29/2015 03:41 AM
Drinker's Digest
This post is written by Arthur and the views expressed are his. It's a long weekend! Balancing your responsibilities (you do have some...right?) with a series of ever severer hangovers, culminating with a real skull-breaker on the day you return to work. Brilliant stuff. Anyway, enough on your depressing future here's a guide to what's been going down in beer town. The week in "beer

08/29/2015 03:05 AM
DDR Beer Styles
I just came across this dead handy document I’d forgotten I had. It’s TGL 7764: the official DDR standard document for beer.

One of the useful bits of information is something on beers styles. A little table documenting the characteristics of each type of beer. It’s rather longer than the table in Kunze and includes some styles I never came across. Things like Lagerbier Dunkel, Lagerbier Spezial and Dunkel.

It doesn’t include ABV, so I’ve calculated it from the OG and rate of attenuation. I’ve used the middle of the gravity range and either the middle of the attenuation range or the minimum value. What it shows is quite a narrow range of ABVs, with the vast majority of styles between 3.5 and 5%.

I’d been wondering about Doppel-Karamelbier. It always specifies Vollbier on the label, but I was fairly certain it was low ABV. The fact no rate of attenuation is specified implies to me that it’s very low. And that it’s one of those weird German styles with a normal OG, but minimal amount of alcohol. Consulting Kunze*, I see that it had an ABC of 0.63% to 1.5%. So hardly fermented at all.

Another odd feature is the number of Pilsner styles: four in total. I’m not sure why Deutsches Pilsator and Deutsches Pilsner Spezial get separate entries as their specifications seem identical. As do Lagerbier Hell and Lagerbier Spezial, Lagerbier Dunkel and Lagerbier Dunkel Spezial.

It’s handy that there’s an indication of bitterness, though I’m not sure how that relates to IBUs. It does indicate the relative bitterness of the types, at least.

You'll notice that every DDR label has TGL 7764 on it somewhere.

Here you go:

DDR beer styles 1987 - 1990
Type OG Plato ABV App. Atten-uation CO2 Content Isohumulon Content EBC colour
% % % % min. Mg/l
Dunkel (Einfachbier) 5.7 - 6.2 1.84 55 - 65 0.35 3 - 11 min 79
Alkoholfreies Bier 6.5 - 7.0 10 - 15 0.42 22 - 28 max 12
Weissbier 7.0 - 8.0 2.90 min 75 0.60 nothing specified 9 - 15
Extra 8.5 - 9.0 3.41 min 75 0.45 22 - 34 max 12
Hell 9.5 - 10.0 3.82 min 75 0.40 16 - 26 max 14
Edel-Bräu Hell 10.5 - 11.0 4.23 min 75 0.42 16 - 28 max 14
Dunkel (Vollbier) 10.0 - 10.5 4.02 min 75 0.40 16 - 26 min 79
Doppel-Karamelbier 11.7 - 12.2 0.63 - 1.5 nothing specified 0.42 3 - 10 min 93
Schwarzbier 11.7 - 12.2 4.12 60 - 70 0.42 20 - 34 min 160
Deutsches Pilsner 10.5 - 11.0 4.23 min 75 0.40 22 - 34 max 12
Diabetiker-Pils 10.0 - 10.5 0.42 22 - 34 max 13
Lagerbier Hell 11.5 - 12.0 4.65 min 75 0.42 20 - 34 max 31
Lagerbier Dunkel 11.5 - 12.0 4.65 min 75 0.42 14 - 26 min 40
Lagerbier Spezial 11.5 - 12.0 4.65 min 75 0.42 20 - 34 max 31
Lagerbier Dunkel Spezial 11.5 - 12.0 4.65 min 75 0.42 14 - 26 min 40
Deutsches Pilsator 11.5 - 12.0 4.83 min 78 0.42 26 - 39 max 12
Deutsches Pilsner Spezial 11.5 - 12.0 4.83 min 78 0.42 26 - 39 max 12
Spitzenbier 12.0 - 12.5 4.86 min 73 0.45 28 - 40 max 18
Märzen 13.5 - 14.0 5.13 min 70 0.42 20 - 34 max 110
Weißer Bock oder Bockbier Hell 15.0 - 15.5 5.86 68 - 75 0.40 14 - 26 21 - 43
Dunkler Bock oder Bockbier Dunkel 15.0 - 15.5 5.62 65 - 72 0.40 10 - 25 min 83
Deutscher Porter 17.5 - 18.0 6.10 min 64 0.42 35 - 50 min 160
TGL 7764

* "Technologie für Brauer und Mälzer" by Wolfgang Kunze, 1975, page 422.

08/29/2015 02:30 AM
News, Nuggets & Longreads 29/08/2015

Here’s our pick of the most interesting, entertaining or eye-opening beer-related reading of the last week. → Glynn ‘Beer Insider’ Davis gave us a proper bit of journalism digging out the truth behind Meantime having a proportion of its London Lager brewed in Holland. → Saved to Pocket this week: Jess Mayhugh’s long piece for All About … Continue reading News, Nuggets & Longreads 29/08/2015

News, Nuggets & Longreads 29/08/2015 from Boak & Bailey's Beer Blog - Over-thinking beer, pubs and the meaning of craft since 2007

08/28/2015 09:53 PM
Full slate of beer festivals on Saturday in San Diego
It might be about time to flip the calendar pages to September, but summer is still in full swing for the San Diego craft beer scene. While many summer weekends are usually occupied with at least one brewery-sponsored event...
Treasure Chest Fest

08/28/2015 08:33 PM
Friday Night Basement Brewery Tour

Summer is winding down my friends. These Brew Dudes have been busy squeezing in the last drops of summer we can get. Family vacations and back to school planning occupies much of the days. Oh and we still have to work too. Anyway, I got nothing special for you this week. I just thought I’d […]

Read the original article Friday Night Basement Brewery Tour and other Brew Dudes posts.

08/28/2015 07:00 PM
Brewery News: MA: Boston: Samuel Adams announces the return of the Oktoberfest Stein Hoisting Competition
Press Release

BOSTON ... – Football. Foliage. Flannel. These are classic images that make us think of fall.  But over the past five years Sam Adams has added the sight of shaky-armed competitors at bars across the country, holding one-liter glass steins of OctoberFest beer, to that list. Started in 2011, the Sam Adams Stein Hoisting Competition is comprised of local events at participating bars and restaurants across the U.S., and at larger Oktoberfest gatherings like the annual America’s Oktoberfest event in Cincinnati. Competitors are required to hoist a one-liter glass stein filled with Samuel Adams OctoberFest, with a straight arm, for as long as possible. If you sip, spill, or bend your arm, you’re out!

“We started our national Sam Adams Stein Hoisting Competition to pay homage to the more than 200-year-old German Oktoberfest celebration, which itself is the inspiration for our award-winning and highly sought after OctoberFest beer,” said Jim Koch, Samuel Adams founder and brewer. “We’re thrilled to offer craft beer lovers our 2015 batch of OctoberFest and to celebrate our Stein Hoisting Competition’s fifth anniversary in a big way.”

This year marks the first time that craft beer lovers across the country will have the opportunity to witness the final round of the competition in a unique way: via ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. On October 13th, ABC’s hit late-night show will host the first-ever national Stein Hoisting Competition finals, where two winners – one male and one female – will each receive a Grand Prize trip for two to the 2016 Oktoberfest celebration in Munich.

Samuel Adams OctoberFest, one of the brewery’s most award-winning beers, is a deep red amber, medium-bodied märzen style lager with a rich malt complexity, a light Bavarian Noble hop note, and a smooth, sweet finish. First brewed in 1989, it is a perpetual drinker favorite with classic roasted malt character and sweet notes of caramel and toffee. To find local stein hoisting events near you, visit http://www.samueladams.com/steinhoisting.

How to get your hands on the Samuel Adams OctoberFest:

·         To find where Sam  Adams brews are sold near you, visit: http://www.samueladams.com/find-a-sam


The Boston Beer Company began in 1984 with a generations-old family recipe that Founder and Brewer Jim Koch uncovered in his father’s attic. Inspired and unafraid to challenge conventional thinking about beer, Jim brought the recipe to life in his kitchen. Pleased with the results of his work, Jim decided to sample his beer with bars in Boston in the hopes that drinkers would appreciate the complex, full-flavored beer he brewed fresh in America. That beer was aptly named Samuel Adams Boston Lager, in recognition of one of our nation's great founding fathers, a man of independent mind and spirit. Little did Jim know at the time, Samuel Adams Boston Lager would soon become a catalyst of the American craft beer revolution.

Today, The Boston Beer Company brews more than 60 styles of beer. It relentlessly pursues the development of new styles and the perfection of classic beers by searching the world for the finest ingredients. Using the traditional four vessel brewing process, the Company often takes extra steps like dry-hopping, barrel-aging and a secondary fermentation known as krausening. The Company has also pioneered another revolution, the 'extreme beer' movement, where it seeks to challenge drinker's perceptions of what beer can be. The Boston Beer Company has been committed to elevating the image of American craft beer by entering festivals and competitions around the globe, and is one of world’s most awarded breweries at international beer competitions. As an independent company, brewing quality beer remains its primary focus. Although Samuel Adams beer is America's leading craft beer, it accounts for only one percent of the U.S. beer market. The Boston Beer Company will continue its independently-minded quest to brew great beer and to advocate for the growth of craft beer across America. For more information, please visit www.samueladams.com.

08/28/2015 05:10 PM
Celebrate Bellingham Beer Week Aboard the Schooner Zodiac

Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog.

Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog. We just received word of a special Bellingham Beer Week beer cruise offered by the Schooner Zodiac, a 160-foot sailing ship (a two-masted gaff topsail schooner, to be exact). The event takes place on Thursday, September 17th. Celebrate Bellingham Beer Week Aboard the Historic Schooner Zodiac BELLINGHAM,...

The post Celebrate Bellingham Beer Week Aboard the Schooner Zodiac appeared first on Beer News.

08/28/2015 03:20 PM
Innis & Gunn releases White Oak Wheat Beer as newest seasonal
Innis & Gunn (Edinburgh, Scotland) announced this week the release of a new fall seasonal, White Oak Wheat Beer. Known for their award-winning oak-aged beers, Innis & Gunn is experimenting with something a little different for their...
Promo image for White Oak Wheat Beer from Innis & Gunn

08/28/2015 01:58 PM
Beer Release – Nothing but Flowers, Black Raven Brewing

Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog.

Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog. Black Raven Brewing is about to release its seasonal, sessionable IPA: Nothing but Flowers. Here’s the release announcement. Nothing but Flowers SIPA (Session IPA Series) Release date: Tuesday, September 1st @3PM This is the next beer in our session IPA series. Built on a simple malt base,...

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08/28/2015 01:02 PM
QUOTE: Pub Perfume

“Before opening time there is a beautiful, virgin aroma of freshness, an inimitable pub-perfume mixture of hops and malt, spirits and polish with perhaps a faint touch of violet-scented air-freshener. This is my boyhood nostalgia. Spilt ale, dried and sugar-sticky.” Adrian Bailey in an essay for Len Deighton’s London Dossier, 1967.

QUOTE: Pub Perfume from Boak & Bailey's Beer Blog - Over-thinking beer, pubs and the meaning of craft since 2007

08/28/2015 12:42 PM
Week of 08/28/15 Beer Tastings
Today, from 4PM to 6PM the Wine and Cheese Place in Clayton will hold its weekly Friday beer tasting in which they will be pouring: Avery Perzik Saison, Great Divide 21st Anniversary American Sour, Great Divide Lasso IPA CANS,  Summit Unchained Make it So ESB with Earl Grey Tea, 4 Hands Resurrected IPA, and this week’s classic beer sampling will [...]

08/28/2015 12:33 PM
Two Beer Releases from Silver City Brewery, Oktoberfest and Le Fat

Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog.

Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog. Silver City Brewery announces the return of Oktoberfest Lager for the fall season and the 2015 release of Le Fat: Oak Barrel Aged Belgian Sour Scotch Ale. Oktoberfest Lager Celebrate the season with tradition and authenticity. This classic amber lager presents rich malty sweetness and spicy hop...

The post Two Beer Releases from Silver City Brewery, Oktoberfest and Le Fat appeared first on Beer News.

08/28/2015 11:36 AM
Winner of Two Tickets to Craft on Tap
I’m happy to announce the winner of two tickets to the Craft on Tap event taking place tomorrow is Jonathan “Chuck” McGuire! Congrats to Chuck and thank you all for entering.  Also big thank you to the City of Clayton and Craft Beer Cellar for offering up tickets to the festival. A few tickets are still available for tomorrow’s event, which [...]

08/28/2015 11:00 AM
Brewery Release: OR: Bend: Deschutes Brewery raises over $69,000 for Great Lakes and local schools
Press Release

Oregon’s Deschutes Brewery set up the world’s largest pop-up pub in Chicago last weekend and raised a total of $69,762.82 for Alliance for the Great Lakes and local schools. On August 22, the brewery brought its 402-foot custom, transportable bar to Chicago’s Logan Square, serving 150 kegs to approximately 8,500 people. The one-day-only event donated 100 percent of proceeds to the Alliance and neighborhood schools.

With a soft launch in Deschutes Brewery’s hometown of Bend, Oregon and three national stops in Philadelphia, Cleveland and Chicago so far this year, the Street Pub has raised more than $160,000 total for charity.

This giant bar is traveling to select locations around the country to benefit the communities where it sets up its 40 taps. Next stops include Minneapolis on September 19, Denver on October 17 and Sacramento on November 14.
For more information visit www.DeschutesBrewery.com/streetpub or follow the conversation at #StreetPub.

08/28/2015 09:33 AM
Brews Up Homebrewing Conference
There was lots of drinking, laughing and general silliness and a bunch of support for a community I love. This year’s National Homebrewing Conference was held in San Diego. It was my first American Homebrewers Association event and it was a fascinating experience. Truth be told, the conference was much different than I had expected. Why? I didn’t think Wil Wheaton would be there. Then again, that guy likes to homebrew. He seemed surprised (as I was) over the level of fun and sincerity the homebrew…

08/28/2015 08:03 AM
St. Augustine, Patron Saint of Brewers
August 28 is the Feast Day of St. Augustine of Hippo, one of the patron Saints of Brewers. Now considered a Doctor of the Church, Augustine led a life of debauchery until, through the ardent prayers of his mother, St. Monica, he converted to Christianity. He died in 430 A.D.
St. Augustine of Hippo is the patron of brewers because of his conversion from a former life of loose living, which included parties, entertainment, and worldly ambitions. His complete turnaround and conversion has been an inspiration to many who struggle with a particular vice or habit they long to break. 
This famous son of St. Monica was born in Africa and spent many years of his life in wicked living and in false beliefs. Though he was one of the most intelligent men who ever lived and though he had been brought up a Christian, his sins of impurity and his pride darkened his mind so much, that he could not see or understand the Divine Truth anymore. Through the prayers of his holy mother and the marvelous preaching of St. Ambrose, Augustine finally became convinced that Christianity was the one true religion. Yet he did not become a Christian then, because he thought he could never live a pure life. One day, however, he heard about two men who had suddenly been converted on reading the life of St. Antony, and he felt terrible ashamed of himself. "What are we doing?" he cried to his friend Alipius. "Unlearned people are taking Heaven by force, while we, with all our knowledge, are so cowardly that we keep rolling around in the mud of our sins!"
Full of bitter sorrow, Augustine flung himself out into the garden and cried out to God, "How long more, O Lord? Why does not this hour put an end to my sins?" Just then he heard a child singing, "Take up and read!" Thinking that God intended him to hear those words, he picked up the book of the Letters of St. Paul, and read the first passage his gaze fell on. It was just what Augustine needed, for in it, St. Paul says to put away all impurity and to live in imitation of Jesus. That did it! From then on, Augustine began a new life. 
He was baptized, became a priest, a bishop, a famous Catholic writer, Founder of religious priests, and one of the greatest saints that ever lived. 
 Today we'll raise a toast in honor St. Augustine and persistent, loving mothers too!

Catholic Online has more on St. Augustine's life, teachings and great influence on the Church.

[ This content originated at Musings Over a Pint ]

08/28/2015 07:08 AM
Delirium Argentum

The post, Delirium Argentum, first appeared on The Barley Blog.

Delirium Tremens was one of, if not the first, Belgian ale that I crossed paths with so many years ago. I remember distinctly sipping on it and wondering how this could be beer — and instantly falling in love. So when I got wind of Delirium Argentum, the 25th anniversary celebration of the Delirium brand, […]

The post, Delirium Argentum, first appeared on The Barley Blog.

08/28/2015 03:05 AM
Cannewitzer beers
Some more DDR fun, this time in the form of some old labels. Yes, you've guessed it. I can't be arsed to write anything and this is an easy cop out.

Cannewitz is a tiny place which is part of Grimma, a small town to the Southeast of Leipzig. Surprisingly, since the brewery closed in 1999, there are still beers available under the Cannewitzer name. They're brewed at the Glückauf brewery, around 100 km further south, but Still in Saxony.

This the current beer range:

Cannewitzer beers in 2015
Beer style OG Plato ABV
Cannewitzer "Nerchauer Pumpernickel" Schwarzbier 11.7º 4.9%
Cannewitzer Pilsner Pilsner 11.5º 4.9%
Cannewitzer Bock Bock 16.2º 5.9%
Cannewitzer "Gold Quell" Hell Helles 11.7º 4.9%
Wurzener Ringelnatz Pils 11.5º 4.9%
Cannewitzer "Wilder Robert" Pilsner Pils 11.5º 4.9%
Cannewitzer „Disco Cola“ Cola - 0%
Cannewitzer website http://www.cannewitzer.de/.

Looks to me like there are only really four beers as the three Pilsners look remarkably similar. Who wouldn't want to drink something called Disco Cola?

This is what they usede to brew:

Three beers have the same name as DDR-period brews. Though the Nerchauer Pumpernickel has transformed itself from Pilsator to Schwarzbier.

I may continue this series. Depending on how easy it is. And if there's some audience interest. Though the latter is optional.

Klaus Fruchtsäfte & Cannewitzer Biere
Apfelweg 11,
04808 Wurzen.
Tel: (0 34 25) 81 35 95
Fax: (0 34 25) 81 66 97

Hauptstraße 176,
09355 Gersdorf.

08/28/2015 03:00 AM
Industry News; OR: Salem: Oregon Fruit Products LLC annouces release of Oregon Speciality Fruit purees
Press Release

... SALEM, Ore. – Oregon Fruit Products LLC today announced the company’s 14th addition to its Oregon Specialty Fruit purees made for the craft beer market.  The new grapefruit puree adds a touch of tart, citrus flavor to a variety of fruit beers, ciders, meads, and other fermented beverages.  The velvet-smooth puree consists of 100% Ruby Grapefruit juice and grapefruit pulp, with no added sugar, preservatives or additives.

“We’re seeing strong growth in our fruit puree business, all fueled by craft brewers who are seeking innovation with new flavor profiles,” says Chris Sarles, CEO of Oregon Fruit Products.  “Because our purees are made with the highest quality fruit and processed into aseptic packaging, brewers are finding it a very convenient and more consistent alternative to fresh or frozen fruit.”

Aseptic products are flash heated at ultra-high temperatures for a very short time to minimize microbes in the fruit puree.  The product is cooled quickly to maintain the best fresh fruit flavor and color.  The entire process is closed, with the package filled and capped in a sealed environment, without letting any contamination enter the system.  The majority of Oregon Specialty Fruit purees have a shelf life of 18 months in ambient temperature.

Oregon Fruit’s grapefruit puree is already inspiring some creative brews across the country:  White Street Brewing Company in Wake Forest, North Carolina has created a Session IPA dubbed “Grapefruit I-Plié,” made with Mandarina and Mosaic hops and fermented with grapefruit puree.   In Nashville, Indiana Big Woods Brewing Company now has a “Kemosabe Session IPA” full of hop and citrus bitterness.  Wicked Weed Brewing in Asheville, North Carolina is using Oregon Fruit’s puree for a Grapefruit/Honey Gose-inspired Ale to be released late 2015, while sour beer consumers will look forward to trying the barrel-aged grapefruit beer next year that Green Bench Brewing Company in St. Petersburg, Florida is crafting.

“When one of our brewers asked me to source a grapefruit puree, I immediately made the call to Oregon Fruit,” said Dan Kopman, founder of Schlafly - The Saint Louis Brewery in St. Louis, Missouri.  “We add purees to our fermentations, and the real grapefruit puree developed by Oregon Fruit gave our Dry-Hopped Grapefruit IPA a distinctly fruity taste without adding unwanted sweetness.”

Oregon Fruit Products’ grapefruit puree is now available in 42 lb. bag-in-box, 425 lb (55 gallon) drums, and 2,300-lb. totes.  The product is certified Kosher, made in the U.S.A., non-GMO, gluten-free and vegetarian.  Oregon Fruit Products does not use, nor does it allow, any of the eight major allergens (milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, soy and wheat) in the products or processing areas.

Oregon Fruit Products LLC
Founded in 1935, Oregon Fruit Products offers a complete line of canned, frozen and shelf-stable premium fruit for consumers, foodservice operators and ingredient sales.  The company is located in Salem, Oregon and can be found on the web at www.oregonfruit.com and www.fruitforbrewing.com.

08/28/2015 01:38 AM
Ranking America's 10 Best-Selling Beers: What Tastes Best?
According to VinePair, these are the 10 best-selling beers in America, listed from least to most popular: Heineken, Busch, Michelob Ultra, Busch Light, Natural Light, Corona Extra, Miller Lite, Budweiser, Coors Light, and Bud Light.


Submitted by Jay Theriot

08/27/2015 10:34 PM
Episode 65: Crowd funding taps and Scott Hargrave
This week we take a look at the latest crowd-funding campaign, this time to pay for a new venues taps and also speak with brewer Scott Hargrave about his soon-to-open Gold Coast brewery.

08/27/2015 10:21 PM
Southern Westchester Music Festival offers fun for the whole family
Come out to the Southern Westchester Music Festival (SOWE) on Saturday, September 19 in Mamaroneck for a day of music, food trucks, crafts, beverages, and family fun!According to the producer of the event, Rich Baumer, the event initially began...
SOWE Music Fest

08/27/2015 06:20 PM
Hayseed has an identity crisis
On our return trip from Vermont this past weekend we decided to take a route that would bring us to Freeport, Maine so we could finish up some schools shopping for my oldest who’s heading to Kindergarten. My wife suggested we make a detour to stop at Hayseed in Hampton, New Hampshire for lunch, sounded […]

08/27/2015 04:48 PM
2015 Midsummer Nightmare at iTAP CWE
[ August 29, 2015; 2:00 pm; ] Do you know what's a wonder of the modern age?  Air conditioning. Why am I waxing on about modern conveniences on a beer blog?  Because I hear too many people talk about not wanting stouts during the summer. I'm not advocating drinking a 13% beer after mowing the grass (though, there isn't anything wrong with that.) [...]

08/27/2015 04:22 PM
Texas Breweries at the 2015 Great American Beer Festival
The 2015 Great American Beer Festival begins in less than a month, so it's a good time to take a look at the Texas breweries that will be attending this year.

Last year there was 47 Texas breweries with booths on the festival floor which was the largest turnout ever. It's down slightly to 45 this year, but that probably has more to do with the space limitations in the convention hall and how the booth space is assigned due to the record number of craft breweries now operating. According to the GABF website, the following breweries will be representing Texas this year:

(512) Brewing Co
903 Brewers
Austin Beerworks
Bitter Sisters Brewing Company *
Black Star Co-op
Blue Owl Brewing *
Bluebonnet Beer Co *
Round Rock
Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co
Circle Brewing Company
Community Beer Co
Deep Ellum Brewing Co
Flix Brewhouse - Round Rock
Round Rock
Fredericksburg Brewing Co
Freetail Brewing Co
San Antonio
Freetail Brewing Co - Brewpub *
San Antonio
Hops & Grain Brewing
Humperdinks Restaurant & Brewery
Independence Brewing
Lakewood Brewing Co
Live Oak Brewing Co
Martin House Brewing Company
Fort Worth
Middleton Brewing Co
San Marcos
No Label Brewing Co
North By Northwest Restaurant and Brewery
Oasis Texas Brewing Company
Panther Island Brewing Company *
Fort Worth
Pedernales Brewing Co
Peticolas Brewing Co
Pinthouse Pizza
Rahr and Sons Brewing Co
Fort Worth
Real Ale Brewing Co
Revolver Brewing
Saint Arnold Brewing Co
South Austin Brewery
Southerleigh Brewing *
San Antonio
Spoetzl Brewery
Texas Beer Refinery
Texian Brewing Co
The Austin Beer Garden Brewing Co
The Collective Brewing Project *
Ft Worth
Tupps Brewery *
Twin Peaks Brewery
Twisted X Brewing Co
Dripping Springs
Uncle Billy's Brew & Que
Zilker Brewing Co*
* Denotes first time attending GABF
This is another great turnout from Texas and includes quite a few new breweries. Hopefully this will result in another great medal showing after Texas breweries took home 16 medals last year and 10 the previous year. 

Good luck to all the breweries who have beer entered in the competition this year and I look forward to sampling your beers on the convention floor.
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08/27/2015 04:21 PM
Bell’s Homebrew Competition 2015 — Winner Goes to GABF!

On September 19th, 2015, the 6th Annual Bell’s Homebrew Competition Kick-off and Expo at Bell’s beautiful Eccentic Cafe in Kalamazoo, MI.  This is a chance for homebrewers to take a Bell’s base beer, and add their own personal touch on it. There is no registration fee; however, in order to enter the competition you must use

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08/27/2015 04:03 PM
GALLERY: ‘You Ought to Know Whose Beer You’re Drinking’

These two leaflet were among the lovely pile of ephemera Steve ‘Beer Justice’ Williams sent us when he moved house. The Young’s leaflet is dated 1979 and the Fuller’s one, we guess, is of about the same vintage. Most notable is Young’s rhetoric — ‘You Ought to Know Whose Beer You’re Drinking’, ‘We don’t go … Continue reading GALLERY: ‘You Ought to Know Whose Beer You’re Drinking’

GALLERY: ‘You Ought to Know Whose Beer You’re Drinking’ from Boak & Bailey's Beer Blog - Over-thinking beer, pubs and the meaning of craft since 2007

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