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03/05/2015 08:55 AM
Carlton Draught hits slow mo
Australia’s alcohol advertising regulations are strict, as a result advertisers continually look for new ways to promote the brand – albeit without specifically promoting the product! Check out Cartlon Draught’s latest ad – the slow mo…and a few other old classics.....

03/05/2015 08:55 AM
Store update 19th May
So Sydney is on a roll with its awesome beer drinking weather this week and this weekend looks good to go. Growlers Currently we have Young Henry’s Hop Ale. This beer harks back to classic English style IPAs. Hefty malt backing meets every type of hop in our cool-room, added to all stages of the process. The all Australian hop flavour is not aggressive in its bitterness, but is evident in flavour and aroma and slowly asserts itself with a lengthy, lingering and thoroughly enjoyable palette. $28 for a Growler fill Once this is gone we’ll be moving onto Dr’s Orders Brewing Plasma. Plasma, a White IPA is yet another emerging trend that we’re happy to embrace and present a Doctor’s Orders Brewing twist on. Judicious hop use dominates Plasma’s aroma, backed up with a balanced mouthfeel defying its alcoholic payload before delivering an extremely long lingering bitterness. A deceivingly addictive prescription. The grist for Plasma is practically identical to our Zephyr (Double White Ale) which explains the appearance. However the lack of botanicals, a different yeast strain and excessive hop use deliver an ale that is Zephyr’s polar opposite. In other news Rich is in the shop today, Geoff is onto his 2nd table for the tasting room, while Will is in training for a 9km soft sand running event. Store hours 11am-3pm today, 8:30am-6pm Mon-Fri. 1300 808 254 Cheers!

03/05/2015 08:55 AM
Beer store update 5th May
So Sydney has had cracker beer drinking weather this week and it’s set to continue this weekend – sweet! Growlers Currently we have Moa Breakfast beer. A cracker of a lager with rich cherries, very easy drinking. Check out the review for it below: “The aroma is stunning with hints of dry wheat and cherry’s. The carbonation is lively, which works for a crisp summer beer. The taste has a serious hit of wheat and yeast, washing through with all those bubbles and a touch of cherry.” Joel Macfarlane – brewnation.co.nz $28 for a Growler fill Once this is gone we’ll be moving onto Mikkeller Citra Single Hop IPA probably early in the week Latest beers Murray’s No 6 2011 Anniversary Ale – the last available anywhere (limit 1 per person) Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Ale Barley wine Rich is in the shop today, Geoff is onto his 2nd table for the tasting room, while Will is in training for a 9km soft sand running event. Store hours 11am-3pm today, 8:30am-6pm Mon-Fri. 1300 808 254 Cheers!

03/05/2015 08:55 AM
April Beer Club Selection
Our Beer Club selection for April has now been sent out to all online customers. For those living in Sydney you can still pick these up from our store. The April Beer Club selection includes: Samuel Adams, Black Lager Bridge Road Brewers, Australian Ale William Bull, William’s Pale Ale Morland Brewing, Old Speckled Hen

03/05/2015 08:55 AM
A thought for the brewers and people of Christchurch
When I was a young lad of 18 years of age I packed my bags and travelled from the North Island of New Zealand to the city of Christchurch in the South to begin my university education. The move to Christchurch was a no brainer for me – I had lots of family who lived in the “Garden City” and I had been there many times before, always leaving with fond memories. Christchurch is a very special city with significant character – it is the New Zealand city that most closely resembles Melbourne with old stone buildings, a tram line and a beautiful river, the Avon. The city also has a number of other great gems including the Port Hills for excellent scenery and mountain biking, as well as the port suburb of Lyttleton, reached after travelling through one of New Zealand’s longest tunnels. If there is one word I would give to Christchurch it would be ‘beautiful’.....

03/05/2015 08:35 AM
North Coast Old No. 38 Stout

The post, North Coast Old No. 38 Stout, first appeared on The Barley Blog.

North Coast Brewing’s has another “Old” beer that I hold near and dear to my heart. And while, Old Rasputin was my first introduction — and still a favorite — to big roasty stouts, the company also has Old No. 38 Stout. This 5.4% ABV (53 IBU) dry Irish stout may not be as robust […]

The post, North Coast Old No. 38 Stout, first appeared on The Barley Blog.

03/05/2015 08:22 AM
Toppling Goliath will be canning by Summer!
The following tweets have been sent out by Toppling Goliath Brewing out of Decorah, IA and the news is very exciting to say the least! TG Brews Hop Patrol ‏@TGBrews 14m 14 minutes ago “@RKMetheny: @TGBrews @TGVectorizer you messing with us this morning?” Nope big news for you. We should be canning by mid-summer. Details ...

03/05/2015 07:58 AM
IDPA Again
I haven't been able to shoot competitively since the Fredericksburg USPSA Monster Match on November 2. I've made a few trips to the range since then, but have been itching for a little more excitement. I knew there is a year-round Tuesday evening IPDA match at Colonial Shooting Academy in Richmond, and that's been tempting me for a while. For one reason or another, weather, work, or family commitments, shooting that match kept eluding me.

This week the stars aligned, so my friend Greg and I made the trip down. When we arrived the shooting was underway and we got queued up for the next group. That was good as it gave us some time to watch and get re-familiarized with the rules and other differences from USPSA matches.

The first stage had six targets shot from three positions. It was pretty straightforward and a great ice breaker for a "return" to the sport. The second stage was an "El Prez" type of stage. The shooter started facing up range, hands over shoulders, turning and drawing to engage three targets. After a mandatory reload, the targets were shot again. As an added challenge, the center target was upside down, which meant the down 0 area was lower than usual — a switch that dinged some shooters. The final stage had 6 targets shot from 4 positions while moving down an L-shaped "hallway." They were all quick, fun stages.

It was apparent to me while shooting, and after watching the video of my first stage, that I need to practice getting into position from behind cover. In a USPSA match there's generally little shooting from behind cover, and as you approach a shooting position you are often able to see the target and have the gun lined up. In two of the IDPA stages at this match, which is typical, you are moving to target that it is hidden on your approach. As you "pie" around the barricade, the targets come into view to be engaged. Also, there is no walking the stage in advance and air-gunning in IDPA to burn the movement into memory.

The other "gotcha" for USPSA shooters is that magazines with rounds still in them must be retained, and not dropped on the ground. Most of the time though, you will shoot to slide lock and have an empty mag which can be dropped. When I finished the second stage mentioned above, I didn't even look at my hits, I was simply thrilled I remembered to not drop the mag when reloading!

When it was all said and done, I was down 10 points at the end, adding a total of 5 seconds to my time, and finishing 8th out of 26 in the SSP division. I'd like to speed up a bit, especially getting settled to shoot from behind cover, but I was very happy with how I shot. It was especially satisfying after the long break and lack of practice. The folks running the match do a great job of setting up interesting stages in a limited space. I've watched videos of other matches at Colonial and they seem to get in a good variety of challenges. Some of this week's stage setups overlapped in their space, but were arranged so that only the appropriate targets were visible to the shooter. The shooters were also run through in an efficient manner.

I had a great time at the match, and I know I'll be back for more. I really like the idea of a quick match, especially on a weekday evening. It's hard to get time away from other commitments to devote an entire Saturday or Sunday to shooting (no matter how much I enjoy it.)

[ This content originated at Musings Over a Pint ]

03/05/2015 07:57 AM
#rinnduin #trinity #scottish #smoked #njcb #craftbeer #bottleshare
from Instagram http://ift.tt/1zOCkNC via IFTTT

03/05/2015 05:50 AM
The 5th Annual Gate City Brewfest
If there's two things this beer gnerd loves, it's beerfests and pub crawls. What if I told you there an event that combines both and it'll only cost you 25 quatloos?... er dollars. You'd be okay with that, right? For the last five years the Pocotello Chamber of Commerce has put on the city's Annual Gate City Brewfest. Held in Old Town Pocate ...

03/05/2015 05:30 AM
Weekly Beer Calendar Update: March 5 - March 11
Am I getting better about tracking down more events, or are more events being scheduled as this thing called beer gets bigger?! Around 40 events in the next seven days. Just reading this should work up a thirst. Go get 'em kids. As you review beer events, don't forget PhillyTapFinder.com. As always, they host an impressive listing of beer event draft lists to help better inform your beer event

03/05/2015 05:17 AM
#VeggieDag Thursday: Quick Links for February 2015.
VeggieDag Thursday
VeggieDag Thursday is an occasional Thursday post
on an animal-free diet and ecological issues.


Quick links for February 2015

  • 28 February 2015:
    Nearly half of all fruits and vegetables produced in world end up as waste.
    —Via FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations).

  • 12 February 2015:
    Marcellus Shale field pipeline threatens pristine forest in upstate New York.
    —Via New York Times.

  • 4 February 2015:
    A pint of beer requires roughly 1.5 gallons of water solely for hop cultivation (and a total water requirement of between 8 and 24 gallons, per pint). By comparison, a glass of almond milk needs 23 gallons of water, and cow's milk requires 30 gallons.
    —Via Mother Jones.

  • 29 January 2015:
    Choose blending over juicing for more nutrients in fruit (and veggies).Texas A&M study.
    —Via NPR Food.

  • 26 January 2015:
    President Obama proposes setting aside more than 12 million acres in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as wilderness, and thus off-limits to oil exploration.
    —A map, via Washington Post.

  • 23 January 2015:
    Tomato 'Sushi:' "a dead ringer for Ahi tuna sashimi?" The plant-based faux-fish movement.
    —Via NPR Food.

  • 22 January 2015:
    Biologists unexpectedly discover fish living deep under Antarctica’s ice shelf, under 2,428 feet of ice and 528 miles from the edge of the ice shelf, far from any hint of sunlight, the energy source that typically powers marine food webs.
    —Via Smithsonian Magazine.

  • 21 January 2015:
    For the first time in over one hundred years, baby tortoises have been found on an island in the Galapagos.
    —Via The Dodo.

  • Fracking in the U.S._2015, by Inside Climate News
  • 20 January 2015:
    Fracking now occurs in 22 U.S. states; could soon begin in 5 more.
    —A map, via Inside Climate News.

  • 16 January 2015:
    2014 was the warmest year on record, since measurements began in 1880. Findings announced jointly by NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The 10 hottest years in modern times have all come since 1997, NASA scientists said.
    —Via Washington Post.

  • 15 January 2015:
    Pope Francis I on climate change: Man has "slapped nature in the face;" hopes his upcoming encyclical on the environment will encourage negotiators at a climate change meeting in Paris to make "courageous" decisions. Investor's Business Daily responds that the pope's climate change focus was "even more disturbing" than his "recent leftist statements," and that the Vatican "apparently now has been infiltrated by followers of a radical green movement."
    —Via Huffington Post Green.

  • 15 January 2015:
    "The not-so-humane way ‘humanely raised’ chickens are being raised. [...] The physical toll the chickens endure as a result of their genetic make-up only appears to be exacerbated by the physical reality of circumstances in which they're being raised. The birds are confined to a space smaller than a square foot, and frequently spend their entire lives atop mounds of feces. The result is that many birds—more than 1,000 per 30,000 bird flock—die within the first six weeks."
    —Via Washington Post.

  • 14 January 2015:
    New study: offshore wind power would create more jobs for mid-Atlantic than oil drilling.
    —Via Blue Virginia.

  • 7 January 2015:
    Researchers discover a new form of possibly resistance-free antibiotic that grows only IN soil, not in laboratory conditions.
    —Via Boston Globe.

  • 8 December 2014:
    The majority of streams in the Chesapeake Bay region are warming, and that increase appears to be driven largely by rising air temperatures. These findings are based on new U.S. Geological Survey research published in the journal Climatic Change. Air temperature has risen 1.1 C (1.98 F), and water temperature has risen 1.4 C (2.52 F) between 1960 and 2010 in the Chesapeake Bay region.
    —Via Science Daily.



  • Meatless 'Meatball' sub sandwich.
    —Via One Green Planet.

  • Vegan 'Lobster' Rolls (with hearts of palm).
    —Via The Lusty Vegan.

  • Seventeen recipes for plant-based Super Bowl snacks. (Valid for other occasions.)
    —Via YFGF.

  • The science of pie crusts.
    —Video, via Post TV.

  • Virginia Peanut Soup, but no peanut butter. Creamy, but no dairy.
    —Via Washington Post Food.

  • The recipe for, and history of, the United States Senate's famous Navy Bean Soup.
    —Via WAMU Metro Connection.
    —Vegetarian recipe, via Slate.

  • "Make 2015 the year of tempeh, [...] the cultured soybean cake with as much protein as beef. [...] Fermentation makes tempeh quite possibly the most nutritious, digestible form of soy around. It’s also one of the least-processed, using the whole bean (as opposed to tofu, made from soy milk)."
    —Via Joe Yonan (Editor, Washington Post Food).


03/05/2015 05:00 AM
Samuel Adams Family of Rebel’s: Rebel Rider Session IPA, Rebel IPA, & Rebel Rouser Double IPA
Over the course of its 30 year history, Boston Beer Company, better known as Samuel Adams, has delved into brewing more traditional styles of beers over its long history. At times, mainly for seasonal releases, Sam Adams would produce an IPA but rarely one that offered the hop intensity that us on the West Coast […]

03/05/2015 04:30 AM
Block 15 Restaurant & Brewery 7th Anniversary
All things will be turning up lucky this Saturday in Corvallis, Oregon last Block 15 Restaurant & Brewery will be celebrating its 7th Anniversary. Its hard to believe that Nick Arzner and his crew have been going at it for the past 7 years. It takes a lot of work to brew some quality beverages […]

03/05/2015 03:22 AM
Brewsvegas — Brisbane’s craft culture exposed, beer by beer
If Melbourne’s Good Beer Week is Australia’s premier major beer event, Brisbane’s Brewsvegas festival is arguably rapidly becoming its fringe festival. Driven by a bunch of Brisbane beer and bar people, the philosophy is beer egalitarianism  and  creativity in equal measure.  Even then, it’s not owned, ...

03/05/2015 03:05 AM
Berliner Weissbier breweries in the 1890’s
Not written about Berliner Weisse for ages. And this wasn’t really planned.  I didn’t wake up this morning and think “Let’s look into Berliner Weisse”. (Actually, it was “I must  search for ‘keg beer’ in the newspaper archive.)

Strange, the way I stumble through research. And how I come to look in certain books.

This all started with Twitter. A tweet about a Berlin brewery I recognised. The former Schultheiss Weissbier brewery in Prenzlauer Berg. Which is what I tweeted back. Only to be told only Lager had ever been brewed there.

I was pretty sure I was right, if only because I can remember it being open. Where to look? A web search got me to the German Wiikipedia and one of my own web pages. Luckily I’ve an excellent book on Berliner Weisse, published by the VLB. "Die Berliner Weisse", by Gerolf Annemüller, Hans-J. Manger and Peter Lietz, published in 2008.

I needed to check whether it had been the Weißbierbrauerei E. Willner. One of the handy tables at the back of the book confirmed it was the brewery on Berlinerstrasse. I scanned the page to post on Twitter. Then thought that I may as well scan all the tables. Much easier to find stuff when it’s in an electronic form.

Here’s the first table:

Membership list of Vereins der Berliner Weißbierbrauereien E.V.
Nr Firm Boss Address These breweries still existed
Street 1906 1914 year of closure
1 J. C. A. Richter & Co. Weißbierbrauerei Alfred Richter Hier C. 34 Rosenthalerstr. 51 X X ca. 1920
2 Berliner Weißbier Brauerei Akt. Ges. vorm. Carl Landre Dir. Otto Ullrich Hier. N. 37 Straßburgerstr. 6/8. X X 1927 merged with Breithaupt
3 C. Breithaupt Weißbierbrauerei C. Breithaupt Hier. N.O. 18. Pallisadenstr. 97. X X 1927, s. Nr. 2
4 Berliner Export Weißbierbrauerei C. & 0. Fischer O. Fischer Rixdorf *) Hier. S.O. 26 Prinz Handjerystr. 78/79 Waldemarstr. 74 X 1912
5 Berl. Weißbierbrauerei Jul. Boehm Max Rauch Hier. C. 25 Prenzlauerstr. 16. ca. 1906
6 Berl. Weißbierbrauerei Friedrichstadt Jul. Borsdorf Julius Borsdorf Hier. N.O. 43. Neue Königstr. 32. 1896
7 Berl. Weißbierbrauerei Ed. Gebhardt A. G. Dir. Bernh. Gebhardt Hier. N. 20. Prinzen Allee 79/80. X 1913 merged with Groterjan
8 Berl. Weißbierbrauerei und Malzfabrik Albert Bier Alb. Paegeiow Hier. C. 2. Stralauerstr. 3/6. X ca. 1910
9 Berl. Weißbierbrauerei E. Willner Gust. Pradel Pankow Berlinerstr. 80/82. X X ca. 1990/91
10 Gabriel & Jaeger Weißbierbrauerei F. W. Gabriel Hier. N. 54. Zehdenickerstr. 9 / Choriner Str. X ~ 1913 (an KindlAG)
11 Hartmann's Brauerei Wwe. Hartmann Reinickendorf Scharnweberstr. 101/2. X X ca. 1914
12 Berliner Weißbierbrauerei Carl Richter Carl Richter Hier. N. 39. Dalldorferstr. 23. X X 1964 (an KindlAG)
13 Weißbierbrauerei vorm. H. A. Bolle AG. Dir. Hugo Riedel Hier. N. 24. Friedrichstr. 128. X X 1932
14 Berl. Weißbierbrauerei Fiedler & Billep Otto Billep Schoeneberg Sedanstr. 73/75. X - 1912
15 Bert. Bierbrauerei Act. Ges. vorm. F. W. Hilsebein Dir. Max Wem berger Hier. O. 17. Koppenstr. 61/69. X - 1911, brewing operations to Carl Landré, after that maltster
16 A. Landre Weißbierbrauerei Emil Kaufmann Hier. C. 2. Stralauerstr. 36/37. X X 1917 to Carl landré
17 S. D. Moewes WeJßbierbrauerei R. Materne Hier. C. 2. Hoher Steinweg 6/7. X - 1912
18 Vereinigte Berliner Weißbier-Brauereien G.m.b.H. Dir. Paul Zoeppritz Weißensee Brauhausstr 2/5. X X ca. 1914
19 Rud. Frömchen Weißbierbrauerei Rud. Frömchen Hier. N. 20. Wiesenstr. 43 X - ca. 1910; 1931 reopened; until 1948
20 Christ. Stauch WeJßbierbrauerei Christian Stauch Hier. N. 39. Wildenowstr. 4. X X ca. 1920
21 Berliner Weißbierbrauerei Act. Ges. (vorm. Gericke) Dir. Arno Freyknecht Hier. N. 28. Rheinsbergerstr. 43/45. X - 1911
22 Berl. Weißbierbrauerei Max Füllgrabe Max Füllgrabe Hier. N. 20. Stettinerstr. 20. X X 1920
23 Alb. Laue WeJßbierbrauerei Prok. A. Laue Hier. O. 27. Andreasstr. 8. X X 1923
24 Rud. Braun WeJßbierbrauerei Rudolf Braun Charl. 1. Berlinerstr. 74. (Lützowstr. ???) X X ca. 1920
25 Berl. Weißbierbrauerei W. Bönnhoff W. Bönnhoff Hier. N. 39. Schulzendorferstr. 3/3a. X - ca. 1906
Spelling as in the original
The bosses of the numbers 1 through 3 are marked as Board of Directors.
*) The address Rixdorf, Prince Handjerystr. was obviously added later.
"Die Berliner Weisse", by Gerolf Annemüller, Hans-J. Manger and Peter Lietz, 2008, page 319.

Bit thin just that, isn’t it?

I know. Another table. Now there’s an outrageous claim by another beer writer about hundreds of Weissbier breweries in Berlin. Here are some real numbers:

Number of Weissbier breweries in Berlin (in brackets limited companies)
1844 12 1872 17 1895 34 (4) 1916 23 (2)
1849 13 1875 17 (3) 1899 49 (4) 1918 11 (2)
1855 12 1877 19 (3) 1905 51 (4) 1920 9 (2)
1860 13 1880 25 (3) 1909 39 (5) 1924 12 (3)
1865 13 1885 35 (4) 1912 38 (4) 1928 14 (2)
1870 16 1890 40 (4) 1914 25 (2) 1933 14 (2)
1940 10 (1)
"Die Berliner Weisse", by Gerolf Annemüller, Hans-J. Manger and Peter Lietz, 2008, page 319.

Not quite 700, are there?

There will be more from the book, arsing allowing.

03/05/2015 01:12 AM
Churchill’s Renaissance 2015 Details

(San Marcos, CA) –  It’s that time of year again for Churchill’s Renaissance! Another amazing tap list, spe…

The post Churchill’s Renaissance 2015 Details appeared first on thefullpint.com.

03/05/2015 12:50 AM
Boulevard Brewing Company Irish Ale
Hello beer lovers and welcome to another edition of the NorCal Beer Blog's brew review. Tonight’s featured beer is Boulevard Brewing Company Irish Ale. I picked this bottle up at the brewery. From the Boulevard Brewing Company website: “Irish Ale, Boulevard’s early spring seasonal beer, is our Midwestern tribute to the legen ...

03/05/2015 12:23 AM
Africa to become fastest growing beer market
A new report by Canadean expects more Africans to enter the beer market from the home brew sector, while commercial beer and premium brands forge ahead in the exploding African beer market.

03/04/2015 10:20 PM
Brewery List for the 2015 Kona Brewers Festival
If you were able to snag tickets for the 2015 Kona Brewers Festival consider yourself very lucky. Tickets sold out in a little less than 10 minutes online and the lines to purchase tickets at Kona Brewing’s pubs in Kona and Hawaii Kai were pretty long. The festival is Hawaii’s premiere beer event and loaded with great brewerie ...

03/04/2015 09:58 PM
Whirlpool Hopping Techniques

Recently John experimented with some hop bursting for an IPA he did. This week we ask the question ‘What is the fundamental difference between hop bursting and whirlpool hopping?’. Both techniques are all about maximizing hop flavor and aroma from hops, but each takes a slightly different approach to get there. Hop bursting relies on […]

Read the original article Whirlpool Hopping Techniques and other Brew Dudes posts.

03/04/2015 09:50 PM
This Guy Pairs Hash With Craft Beer
Ed Haas is the guy behind Stirring The Pot.  Go read it.  [...]

03/04/2015 07:39 PM
Try-It Thursday, March 5, 2015
Even in the warmer months, some beers say 'come and get me'. Pete Mitcham looks at a tempting tipple to warm the soul and even take the place of dessert.

03/04/2015 07:11 PM
Pabst Brewery: Art & Architecture

Brewing history, architecture, and art.

Pabst Brewery: Art & Architecture

03/04/2015 06:43 PM
Oskar Blues Rolls Out Pinner 6-Packs Nationwide
Oskar Blues is rolling out PINNER Throwback IPA in 6-packs of 12-ounce CANs nationwide this month, following the release of PINNER in mixed 12-pack CANundrum and on draft. Coming in at 4.9 percent ABV and 35 IBUs, this primo dry-hopped brew is easy to throw back. To put it bluntly, PINNER is the lowest year-round ABV beer to blaze out of Oskar Blues' brewhouses.

03/04/2015 06:37 PM
Bottle Logic Brewing Celebrates 1st Year w/ “Week of Logic”

(Anaheim, CA) – Bottle Logic Brewing will be celebrating their first year of operation with a weeklong festival featuring 10+ ne…

The post Bottle Logic Brewing Celebrates 1st Year w/ “Week of Logic” appeared first on thefullpint.com.

03/04/2015 06:30 PM
Coronado Brewing Grows Production 36 Percent in 2014
Coronado’s Award-Winning ales have attributed to continued growth in 2014 including a 58 percent growth in total revenue year-over-year and brewing almost 30,000 barrels, a 36 percent increase from 2013.

03/04/2015 06:28 PM
Australian International Beer Awards entries extended
Entries for the Australian International Beer Awards (AIBA) have been extended until Friday 20 March

03/04/2015 06:19 PM
Full Sail Brewing Acquisition Expected This Month
The future ownership structure of Full Sail Brewing, an employee owned beer company based in Hood River, Ore., could be known as early as Friday afternoon. Last week, Full Sail CEO Irene Firmat and executive brewmaster Jamie Emmerson told The Oregonian that 78 current and former employee-owners would vote on a possible sale to Encore Consumer Capital, a San Francisco-based private equity firm.

03/04/2015 06:06 PM
Coronado Brewing Announces 58% Growth

(CORONADO, CA) – Coronado Brewing Company’s Award-Winning ales have attributed to continued growth in 2014 includin…

The post Coronado Brewing Announces 58% Growth appeared first on thefullpint.com.

03/04/2015 06:04 PM
Kentucky Beer Bill Passes to Force A-B’s Hand in Selling Distributorships
The Kentucky State Senate today approved House House Bill 168, the divisive “beer bill.” It clarifies that a brewery cannot also operate a wholesale business. After a month of hearings and lobbying from various industry groups, HB 168 passed with a vote of 23-13 and will now head to Gov. Steve Beshear’s desk to be signed into law. The bill would force Anheuser-Busch to close down or sell two distributorships it owns in the state.

03/04/2015 05:12 PM
Good Beer Week Gala Showcase & Program Launch 13 & 14 March
In the lead up to May's Good Beer Week a Gala Showcase will take place next weekend – March 13 and 14 – in the spectacular Fitzroy Town Hall.

03/04/2015 05:09 PM
Full Sail Brewing & East Burn Host Stouts and Snouts

Portland, OR – Stouts and Snouts Hosted by East Burn and Full Sail Brewing benefiting the Oregon Humane Society SATURDAY, MA…

The post Full Sail Brewing & East Burn Host Stouts and Snouts appeared first on thefullpint.com.

03/04/2015 04:42 PM
Oskar Blues PINNER Throwback IPA Six Packs Hit Full Distribution

(Longmont, CO & Brevard, NC) — Oskar Blues is rolling out PINNER Throwback IPA in 6-packs of 12-ounce CANs nationwide th…

The post Oskar Blues PINNER Throwback IPA Six Packs Hit Full Distribution appeared first on thefullpint.com.

03/04/2015 04:17 PM
Seasonal GUBNA Imperial IPA from Oskar Blues returns with new hop bill
GUBNA Imperial IPA, spring seasonal from Oskar Blues Brewery (Longmont, Colorado/Brevard, North Carolina), returns to shelves and taps this month with a new hop bill filled with "exciting and aromatic hops."To keep their seasonal...
Promo photo for Oskar Blues Brewery's GUBNA Imperial IPA

03/04/2015 04:03 PM
Bell’s Brewery Visits Perennial Artisan Ales
[ March 5, 2015; 4:00 pm; ] Way back in 2008, Drew Huerter started a little event at Mattingly Brewing Company called Peek-a-Brew. It gave Drew a chance to showcase new and usual beers every Thursday evening. After Mattingly closed, Perennial Artisan Ales took up the mantle and started their Thursday Night Release program providing a platform for new beers to possibly [...]

03/04/2015 03:00 PM
Brewery News: OR: Bend: Deschutes announces travel dates for their "Street Pub", start May 30th
Press Release

Bend, Oregon – It’s the ultimate block party! Deschutes Brewery is shutting down the streets in cities across the United States this year with its all-new Street Pub. Can’t make it to Oregon to visit one of the brewery’s popular public houses in Bend or Portland? This traveling show brings the pub experience - on which Deschutes was founded – direct to fans with the world’s biggest transportable bar. In each city, a charitable match fund will be created with a local nonprofit – bringing people together for good.

“We were founded as a small downtown public house more than 26 years ago, and the personal connection with our patrons is a core part of who we are,” said Field Marketing Manager, Joey Pleich. “There’s nothing quite like the discoveries made while sitting elbow to elbow, pint in hand, at the pub. The Street Pub is our way to bring the essence of our pubs to fans across the nation.”

Deschutes Brewery’s Street Pub is 400+ feet of fun, making up an outdoor pub of epic proportions. Crafted from reclaimed wood and steel, the Street Pub is a one stop shop to try of all of Deschutes Brewery’s beers – from the coveted Reserve Series rarities (think The Abyss) all the way to year-round favorites like Black Butte Porter and Mirror Pond Pale Ale. Pair those beers up with culinary creations from Deschutes Brewery’s Executive Chef, Jeff Usinowicz, and live local music – and you have a street party that’s truly “crafted for community.”

Grab your friends and check out the Street Pub experience in one of the following cities:
  • May 30: Philadelphia, PA
  • June 27: Arlington, VA  
  • August 1: Cleveland, OH           
  • August 22: Chicago, IL
  • September 19: Minneapolis / St Paul, MN
  • October 17: Denver, CO
  • November 14: Sacramento, CA

The series will kick-off with a soft launch in the brewery’s hometown of Bend, Oregon on May 9, setting the stage for the gang to pack up and hit the road.

Always a big supporter of community, Deschutes Brewery donates $1 per barrel sold each year to nonprofit organizations. The Street Pub is part of a new charitable initiative in 2015 to encourage participation from fans and help give charitable organizations greater exposure. In each city listed above, a local charity will be selected and proceeds will benefit its mission.

For more information on each stop visit www.DeschutesBrewery.com/StreetPub or follow the conversation at #StreetPub

About Deschutes Brewery
Named as OUTSIDE’s Best Places to Work in both 2013 and 2014, Deschutes Brewery was founded in 1988 as a brew pub in Bend, Oregon. Still family and employee owned 27 years later, the brewery is known for brewing a diverse line-up of award winning beers including the popular Black Butte Porter and Mirror Pond Pale Ale. From the beginning, the focus has been on crafting the best beer and food using only the finest ingredients.  In 2008, the brewery opened a second pub in Portland’s Pearl District. Deschutes Brewery now ships beer to 28 states, the District of Columbia, and around the world from its main brewing facility located on the banks of the Deschutes River.  To find out more, visitwww.DeschutesBrewery.com or follow on Facebook (/Deschutes.Brewery) and Twitter (@DeschutesBeer).

03/04/2015 02:48 PM
Craft This, Craft That: We Explore What CRAFT Actually MEANS!
What exactly is “craft”? The word gets thrown around just like “artisan”, “small-batch”, “handmade”. These buzzwords, however, are rarely agreed upon within the industry, so ...

03/04/2015 02:35 PM
03/04/2015 Llywelyn’s Pub Presenting a Brew You Never Knew
While it’s fun to be on the hunt to try and find that special or fun beer, it can be pretty tiring. Well, you can stop running all around town and visit Llywelyn’s Pub in Webster Groves and St. Charles to see something cool on tap. Llywelyn’s is continuing their program that they’ve been calling [...]

03/04/2015 01:51 PM
River North Releases FarmHouse
Distinctive but sessionable, River North FarmHouse delivers the balanced Belgian character the brewery is known for, with an effervescent dry finish. At 4.6% ABV, FarmHouse is perfect for springtime in Colorado, whether you’re spending your day on the summit or in the city sun.

03/04/2015 01:48 PM
Beer Birthday: Emily Sauter
Today is the 32nd birthday of the extraordinary Emily Sauter, who by day works for Two Roads Brewing as their Social Media and Communications Manager, where on Two Roads’ website she reveals an intense love of soup but an equally powerful dislike of broccoli. I wonder how broccoli soup fits...

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03/04/2015 12:53 PM
Support Your Local Cans at Alameda Brewing
On Saturday, Saturday, March 7th you too can make a difference by attending Support Your Local Cans with Alameda Brewing. From Noon to 8:00pm, Alameda will be hosting a release party for its new canned beer. Alameda will be pouring P-Town Pils, Klickitat Pale Ale and Yellow Wolf Imperial IPA directly from the can. But […]

03/04/2015 12:48 PM
Winter Eats: Crock-pot Sausages
Weather like this calls for something hearty, but I want something on a bun, something that may or may not be topped with cheese, and hot sauce. Something easy to make, with very little clean up. So out comes the Crockpot, and in goes one of my favorite treats: Sausage and Peppers. I will say […]

03/04/2015 12:37 PM
Patent No. 2233904A: Bottle Cap
Today in 1941, US Patent 694584 A was issued, an invention of William G. Wagner, for his “Bottle Cap.” There’s no Abstract, but the description claims that the “object of the invention is to provide an improved bottle cap for use on conventionally shaped or conventionally...

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03/04/2015 12:06 PM
That's Enough to Make Me Stopping Eating It
I ran across this in my news feed reader this morning. See what happens to you when you eat anti-biotic laced food?

Yep, lost my appetite right there.

[ This content originated at Musings Over a Pint ]

03/04/2015 11:48 AM
On the Zombie Trail: Tiki Bars, Bad Movies, and the Island Fetish
Our Zombie story begins in Haiti. Well, not really. Actually, there are two different zombie stories, and they both begin in Southern California in the ...

03/04/2015 11:30 AM
Beer Birthday: Tonya Cornett
Today is Tonya Cornett’s 46th birthday. Tonya was the brewmaster of Bend Brewing in Oregon, for a number of years, but not too long ago moved to another Bend brewery — 10 Barrel Brewing — to become their R&D brewer. She was featured prominently in the film, The Love of Beer. Tonya’s...

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03/04/2015 11:20 AM
Fifth annual Madison Craft Beer Week coming May 1-10, 2015
Ten-day, two-weekend long festival highlights craft beer culture in Dane County MADISON, Wisconsin – Madison Craft Beer Week (MCBW) will celebrate its fifth anniversary this May 1-10. Festival organizers are hard at work planning for the ...

03/04/2015 11:02 AM
Winter Warmer Fest this Saturday
It's not too late to get your tickets for the best Cleveland beer fest showcasing only Ohio beers. It is the Winter Warmer Fest, to be held this Saturday, March 7th at Windows on the River in Cleveland...
Winter Warmer Fest

03/04/2015 11:00 AM
Industry News: OR: Bend: DrinkTanks announces Kickstarter campaign for "The Juggernaut" & "Kegulator" their 128oz stainless steel Growler and "Auto-Regulating Keg Cap"
Press Release

image courtesy DrinkTanks
Bend, Oregon – DrinkTanks announced yesterday the launch of its Kickstarter campaign to fund production of The Juggernaut and Kegulator. The campaign funding goal is $75K. Larger than any other growler on the market today, the Juggernaut is a one gallon, 128 oz vessel, cast from double wall, vacuum insulated 18/8 stainless steel. Paired with the Kegulator, an Auto-Regulating Keg Cap, it makes the perfect growler and personal portable keg:

The Juggernaut (patent-pending) has a guaranteed leak-proof dual-bail cap system (patented). Its ergonomic handle makes it portable and pourable, with style and comfort.
The Kegulator (patent-pending), an Auto-Regulating Keg Cap, will turn DrinkTanks Growlers into “mini Kegerators– a step beyond kegs. Why? The system uses a CO2 cartridge and a purge valve to displace the air in the same way kegerators do, keeping carbonated beverages fresh to the last drop.
The Kegulator is compatible with both DrinkTanks Growlers: the 64 oz Classic Growler (patent-pending) and the 128 oz DrinkTanks Growler.
The Kegulator allows force-carbonation with control from 0 to 40 psi – perfect for homebrewers!

“It was the Kickstarter community that helped us get our 64 oz Classic Growler into production in 2013,” said Nicholas Hill, CEO and founder of DrinkTanks. “That success led to our adding ten new jobs in Bend. We’re hoping our Kickstarter friends will respond just as enthusiastically this time around, and get the Juggernaut and Kegulator off the ground!”

All DrinkTanks Growlers keep beer cold, fresh, and carbonated without refrigeration for up to 24 hours. Available in 12 stylish finishes – stainless steel finish or powder coated in 11 different colors, with custom engraving as an option. DrinkTanks Growlers are durable, and are covered by a lifetime warranty.

DrinkTanks Kickstarter campaign offers fantastic rewards for backers at steep discounts:
The Early Bird Special: Juggernaut + Kegulator - $99 ($55 below retail).
The first 250 backers can get the Juggernaut for $69 ($30 below retail).
The Kegulator, an Auto-Regulating Keg Cap: $39 ($16 below retail).
The Dirty Dozen” $1299: 12 Juggernauts, 12 Kegulators and 12 Standard Caps ($561 below retail).
For the full list of rewards, click here: Kickstarter campaign

DrinkTanks ran a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2013, funding its original and popular 64 oz Classic Growler and adding 8 jobs to the start-up.

About DrinkTanks
Based in the craft beer and outdoor recreation mecca of Bend, Oregon, DrinkTanks was born as a father-and-son team. In 2010, Dr. Tim Hill, co-founder of the Cascade Culinary Institute, and his son, Nicholas Hill, combined their collective food and beverage knowledge and love of the outdoors to create the perfect, portable, growler and personal keg. By the end of 2015, DrinkTanks will offer the full family of stainless steel double walled, vacuum insulated growlers: the 32 oz, the 64 oz and the highly anticipated 128 oz Juggernaut, the first ever double-walled vacuum insulated growler made in this size. DrinkTanks Growlers are comprised of 22 custom parts, and built by hand, one at a time in Bend, Oregon. The rest of DrinkTanks history is yet to be tapped. For more information, visit www.drinktanks.com.

03/04/2015 10:53 AM
Double Mountain Brewing celebrates 8th anniversary on March 14

Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog.

Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog. I still remember my first visit to the taproom at Double Mountain Brewing. The place was just a couple years old and still had that new pub smell. Someone had warned me, “It’s gonna be your new favorite brewpub.” They were right. It’s an inviting, comfortable space...

03/04/2015 10:40 AM
Time for truth in all things beer?
Ripped from today’s beer blog headlines: Fakery and the Illusion of Variety. Joe Stange sounds off: “If you are a trained, experienced brewer who sometimes hires other breweries to make your recipe, you are not a brewer in the context of that beer. Sorry. “That might sound petty. I prefer accurate. As an ongoing project […]

03/04/2015 10:26 AM
Patent No. 694584A: Process Of Converting Wort Into Beer
Today in 1902, US Patent 694584 A was issued, an invention of Otto Selg and Carl Guntrum, for their “Process Of Converting Wort Into Beer.” There’s no Abstract, but the description begins by explaining that in their new invention the “body of the yeast has been withdrawn...

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03/04/2015 10:16 AM
Craft beer brand development
“B” is for the “B” in beer and branding.How will successful craft brewers develop their brands for the future? Here’s my perspective. If I look back to the past and assess...
B is for Beer branding

03/04/2015 10:12 AM
Red Hop Mess coming to Cleveland
The Christian Moerlein Brewing Co. recently announced the expansion of their popular craft beer can lineup with one of their most successful new brands, Red Hop Mess Red IPA. Red Hop Mess was originally launched in November 2014 in six...
Red Hop Mess

03/04/2015 09:19 AM
3 Brothers Fierce Blonde

The post, 3 Brothers Fierce Blonde, first appeared on The Barley Blog.

I’m gonna say something you probably don’t want to hear. No matter how much you love a brewery, no matter how excited your are to have them just down the road from your home… not all local beer is good. I know, shocker, right? The fervent, almost cult-like response you get from people over local […]

The post, 3 Brothers Fierce Blonde, first appeared on The Barley Blog.

03/04/2015 09:00 AM
Alamo Beer Company Grand Opening - March 6

03/04/2015 06:43 AM
Samuel Adams Rebel Rouser: Beer Review
Featured Contributor – John Fahrner @fahrn13 from Michigan Sam Adams, they’re a company that will get you a pretty wide variety of reaction when you bring them up in conversation.  I still think the Boston Beer company offers far more good than bad brews and their newest offering is a West Coast Style Double IPA.  I love IPA, and even more so love Double and Imperial IPA.  The only thing about these big hopped up beers that I’m not overly crazy about is their typically big hopped…

03/04/2015 04:22 AM
Great Story, Shame It’s Not True
'Pinocchio' by Luigi Orru from Flickr under Creative Commons.

Lots of pubs have fascinating stories attached to them but it’s a shame so few of them seem to be true. Take the Ostrich at Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire, which features in many of those ‘old inns of England’ books with variations on this fantastic story, as told on its website: As with most historic buildings, The Ostrich has … Continue reading Great Story, Shame It’s Not True

Great Story, Shame It’s Not True from Boak & Bailey's Beer Blog - Over-thinking beer, pubs and the meaning of craft since 2007

03/04/2015 03:17 AM
Luck of the draw
There was a raffle at the Beoir Christmas party at 57 The Headline, with a top prize of a box of Irish beers hand picked by the chairman Reuben. I never win anything so was very surprised when my number came out of the hat. Even better, there were a few in the set that I'd never tasted before. Cue this blog post.

Puck Pilsner by Jack Cody's of Drogheda had been on my must-drink list for a while. It was a perfect clear gold colour on the first pour and had plenty of head retention, though perhaps I shouldn't have used a glass with so many nucleation points at the bottom. Still, drinking through the foam wasn't a hardship: there's a gorgeous sharp and bitter herbal effect from the concentrated oils. Underneath, it's pretty plain fare with light grass up front though bitterer on the finish. The body is rounded and comfy, more like a helles than a pointy pils. I don't get much malt, though there's more than a hint of candyfloss in the aroma. And maybe a whisper of cardboard oxidation too, but you'd need to be a real fusspot to notice. Stylistically, Puck earns its pilsner stripes better than most any Irish beer out there. Be warned, however, that it's bottle conditioned and if you don't have a steady hand you'll end up with something more like a kellerbier.

A witbier to follow: Mescan's Westport White. There was lots of spume on opening so it took me a while to pour, noticing a sharp lemony aroma as I did so. The colour is a little on the pale side for the style though the ABV is a totally typical 5%. Its flavour is also true-to-style though very much on the dry end of the scale. There's a chalky crispness and a somewhat harsh beeswax bitterness at first. It mellows as it warms, with hints of honey and lemon meringue peeping through. Overall it's just a little too severe for my liking: I'd prefer more of the spice and fruit you find in the mainstream Belgian examples.

That just leaves Altered Amber by 12th Abbey, a label-sticker brand which gets beers brewed by Brú Brewery in Meath. This is the first of their three beers to come my way and is 4.2% ABV and a clear, dark red-brown. The promised citrus aromas are there, though a little muted. Its flavour is complex and interesting, starting bitter and vegetal, turning to bitter coffee roast, adding in a little toffee and a little candied fruit, and then finishing dry and rather metallic, a little unpleasantly gastric and saccharine. I'd heard it being described as a plain Irish red, but it's not, there's definitely a bigger hop element. I'd place it closer to crisp English bitter like Adnams or St Austell's Trelawny, though not as good as either. The acidic finish builds as it goes and I was finding it tough drinking before the half way point. I reckon the recipe could do with some tweaking to soften it.

Definitely a mixed bag, then. Proof that raffles are not the ideal way to source new beers.

03/04/2015 03:05 AM
Let's Brew Wednesday - 1911 Heineken Bok
You must be amazed. A Let's Brew three weeks in a row. What's happeneing to me.

It's only because I've already written these recipes for another project. What is that project exactly? I'll tell you when it's 100% definite. It's almost there. Almost.

We've another beer from Heineken's Rotterdam brewery. One of the ones they brewerd rather less of than the Gerste we saw last time. Logical enough, as Bok was a seasonal beer, as it still is today in Holland. They're released at an agreed date in October. But it waasn't always like that.

Dutch Bokbier season used to be Lent. But breweries kept releasing their Boks earlier and earlier. By the time the season had effectively moved to Autumn, the brewers' organisation said enough was enough. They set a release date each year which their members agreed to stick to. It's lasted until today, at least among the older breweries.

On with the recipe. The malts are a bit of a guess. The records have a column headed "Kleur mout" or "coloured malt". Which is a bit vague. There are two separate numbers for the Bok, quite a lot of one and not very much of the other. As I know the beer was pretty dark brown, the only way that colour is possible is if the smaller quantity is some form of roasted malt. Feel free to make any substitutions you fancy.

It's pretty lightly hopped, as were all of Heineken's beers at this point. You should see the Pils. Very few hops for the style. Hang on, you probably will see it. I've that one pencilled in for next week.

The mash technique is also a guess. Don't feel obliged to follow it. .

That's me done. Just the recipe itself to go.

1911 Heineken Bok
pilsner malt 2 row 12.25 lb 79.91%
Munich malt 20L 2.75 lb 17.94%
Carafa III  0.33 lb 2.15%
Saaz 60 min 1.75 oz
OG 1067.5
FG 1029.5
ABV 5.03
Apparent attenuation 56.30%
IBU 17
SRM 20
Mash double decoction
Boil time 90 minutes
pitching temp 48º F
Yeast WLP830 German Lager

03/04/2015 02:37 AM
Beer In Ads #1483: Green Tree Bock
Tuesday’s ad is for the Green Tree Brewery of St. Louis, and specifically their Buck Beer — apparently a bock — from 1906. Weird that they called it “buck” but then again perhaps they were thinking ahead and believed it was be easier to own or trademark the name which I confess I...

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03/03/2015 09:00 PM
Victory Brewing 2015 Release Calendar Revealed
Feast your eyes on this. The Victory Brewing Company 2015 beer brand calendar is officially out, chock-full of sudsy enjoyment for every month of the year. Along with familiar faces such as Hopdevil and Prima Pils, Victory will be...
Victory Brewing 2015 Calendar

03/03/2015 06:01 PM
Colorado Beer News 030315
Colorado Beer NewsColorado celebrates 303 Day today! The area code and calendar date line up once a year. It's a day to celebrate everything great you love about Colorado - including all that great craft beer. The snow may be falling, but don't let that stop you (just be careful out there). Here's what's happening around the Colorado craft beer scene today Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015. If you aren't reading this article on FermentedlyChallenged.com, you don't know what you're missing.

[CO Beer Festivals] -- [CO Beer Dinners] -- [CO Beer Releases]

Metro Denver

Rock Bottom Brewery - Denver - Tomorrow, Wednesday March 4th at 5:30pm to 6pm at the downtown Denver Rock Bottom location, they will be hosting a Fire Chief Ale tasting and food pairing. You can sample their Fire Chief Ale and pair it with 4 of their menu samples. This event is to also help raise awareness for the Denver Fire Fighters Burn Foundation. A portion of the proceeds of this event will benefit the burn foundation. Then coming up in a week on Wednesday, March 11th at 6pm, they will tap "Mad Cow Milk Stout" on nitro tap. Get a complimentary glass until 6:30pm. And finally on Wednesday, March 18th at 6pm, they will tap their Falcon Pale Ale and add it permanently on tap. Again, get a free glass of it until 6:30pm. [1001 16th St, Unit A-100, Denver, CO]

New Kids on the Block - Plan to attend a beer event featuring 20 Colorado breweries that are under two years old. New Kids on the Block will happen on Thursday, March 26th from 7:30pm to 10:30pm (VIP entry at 6pm) at The LOBBY in Denver, CO. This events features 80's Jams, great food, and plenty of craft beer. Dress up in your finest 80's clothes and enter the costume contest. It's an all you can drink adventure. Tickets range from $25 to $45. Tickets available now at www.imbibe-events.com. The LOBBY is located at: [2191 Arapahoe St, Denver, CO]

4 Noses Brewing Co - 4 Noses is celebrating #303Day today with $3 pints of their Pump-action Ale on special. Also, they have 6-packs of their Make My Day Sessions IPA available to-go. Food available from Knock on Wood BBQ tonight on site as well. [8855 W 116 Cir, Broomfield, CO]

Dad & Dude's Breweria - It's $2 Tuesday! Get $2 off select draft beers, $2 slices of cheese pizza, $2 bumps and $2 sliders. It's also Trivia Night tonight from 9-11pm. Plus, now you can get any of their Bomber Series beers for $12 on: Dos Generations Imperial Agave Blonde (10 ABV), Bourbon Barrel aged Lionheart Barleywine (13 ABV), Zinful beer/wine hybrid (9 ABV) and Lionheart Barleywine (12 ABV). Also, 4-packs of Dank, Ryeot and Leaves are also available. [6730 S Cornerstar Way, Ste D, Aurora, CO]

Jagged Mountain Craft Brewery - Stop in for a new beer release today - a Cascadian Dark Ale. Also today, Jagged Mountain is donating $1 for every beer sold to Denver School of Nursing. Grab some food from Pile High Burgers parked outside - ask for their 303 Burger. [1139 20th St, Denver, CO]

Kokopelli Beer Co - Never played trivia at a brewery before? Here's an incentive... If you play Trivia tonight at Kokopelli and win - 1st place team gets two tickets to the Winter Craft Beer Festival in Boulder this Saturday. Trivia starts at 6:45pm and the beers are flowing all day. [8931 Harlan St, Westminster, CO]

Golden City Brewery - Come out this Saturday, March 7th for their Grand Re-Opening party. They'll be offering $2 pints and $4 growler fills (to-go). They've got a lot of new improvements. Plus, there will be food from Wheels on Fire food truck. Please clean your growlers before you bring them in. That will help to keep the waiting line down. Tip: Have you tried GCB's own hard cider yet? Once you're done drinking beer, ask to try their new Nitro Coffee - yup - coffee on a nitro tap. [920 12th St, Golden, CO]

Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project - Today at 6:00pm for Tap-It Tuesday - Crooked Stave will be hosting a very special tapping of Sentience, a wild quadrupel. Stop on by to get a glass. [3350 Brighton Blvd, Denver, CO]

Saint Patrick's Brewing Co - It took a bit longer than expected to pass their final inspections, but now they have and set the date for Thursday, March 5th for their soft opening at their new location in Littleton. They plan to have 17 beers on tap for their opening including: - Oktoberfest, Dubbel, Berry Chili, Limoncello, Russian Imperial Stout, Pumpkin Vanilla Chai, French Barleywine, Espresso Blonde, Imperial Helles, Belgian Quad Wit, Dry Hop Saison, Hawaiian Farmhouse, Coroni, Helledel Helles, Czech Pils, Luminosity Oak Reserve, and Midnight Mocha. You'll love their new cozy atmosphere. Grand Opening is then set for March 17th (St. Patrick's Day!) [2842 W Bowles Ave, Littleton, CO]

Blue Spruce Brewing - Trivia Tuesday is tonight. Stop in with your friends, have a beer or two and compete. Round one starts at 6pm. This trivia will have the addition of multimedia with movie clips, sound clips and more. [4151 E County Line Rd, Centennial, CO]

Living The Dream Brewing Co - Join in today at 6pm this Wednesday, March 4th for a Silent Ski Auction and a chance to win a brew day with the Living The Dream Crew. They're teaming up with the National Sports Center For The Disabled (NSCD) to help them reach more athletes with disabilities. There will be a silent auction and they will donate 20% of all beer purchased to the NSCD. Drink for a good cause. [12305 Dumont Way, Unit A, Littleton, CO]

The Brew on Broadway - Now The BoB is open til 10pm this Tuesday. It's Growler Night and you can get a fill on regular house beers for $10 with the purchase of a pint. It's also Americana Open Mic night from 7pm til 10pm. Bring your talent. [3445 S Broadway, Englewood, CO]


Boulder County

300 Suns Brewing - This coming week will be busy at 300 Suns Brewing. This Thursday there will be live music from Denny Driscoll from 5-7pm. Then on Tuesday, March 10th sign up for their Craft Beer & Cheese tasting party. And then on Thursday, March 12th it's Comedy Open Mic Night. Bring your good humor and your best jokes. [335 1st Ave, Unit C, Longmont, CO]

J Wells Brewery - Don't forget you can get $2 off pints while its snowing today! [2516 49th St, Ste 5, Boulder, CO]


Northern Colorado

Fort Collins Brewery - Spring is coming and so are the Spring season beers. One such beer is available now through May - FCB's Maibock. Described as a smooth malty flavored beer made from Munich malts that finishes with a warming sweetness. It has toffee notes and an understated hop bitterness. It's been aging since the Fall and sells from February through May. Stats: 6.4% ABV, 34 IBU, 22 SRM. Also, coming up on Thursday, March 26th in the FCB Community Room is a Goat Cheese Making Class & Dinner. The cost is $35 per person for the class or $50 per person for the class & dinner. It starts at 6pm March 26th. RSVP to FCB by calling (970) 472-1499 or email rsvp@fortcollinsbrewery.com. Limited to 30 registrants. Newborn baby goats will also be on hand! PLUS - don't forget their firkin tapping this Friday, March 6th - an English Toffee Peanut Butter Brown Ale. [1020 E Lincoln Ave, Ft. Collins, CO]

High Hops Brewery - There's a special firkin tapping tomorrow, Wednesday March 4th at 5pm. Come try some "WHA?! (Weakland Holiday Ale)". This was the ale brewed by Dr. Pat and the homebrew class. It have notes of clove and cinnamon. It's a beer that pairs well with the cold weather. Plus, you'll be doing a lot of toe tapping this week with live music Thursday (Franklin Taggart's Music Showcase), Friday (Jeff Brinkman) and Saturday (The Feral West). Grab a brew or two and relax with some live tunes. Food trucks available Thursday through Sunday. Take advantage of their t-shirt special - buy a t-shirt and get a free flagship pint of beer. [6461 Hwy 392, Windsor, CO]

Patrick's Irish Pub - It's a good week for their Around the World in 80 Flavs‬ Passport holders. The take-home tour mugs arrived and one is yours to claim once you have at least 20 stamps in your 2015 passport. They are about to enter Belgium so cellar-brate with the biggest beer from their cellar, literally! Join in this Saturday, March 7th at 7pm and help them drink their big 6L bottle of Brasserie St-Feuillien S.A.'s Tripel - they're giving 1 FREE glass of it to all passport holders while supplies last. Belgian's to be tapped next week: Oud Beersel Framboise, Brasserie Dubuisson Cuvée des Trolls, and KerstSmiske. [907 8th Ave, Greeley, CO]

The Mayor of Old Town - There's a new collaboration beer being poured at The Mayor next Monday night, March 9th at 4pm - two beers meant to be poured together like a Black and Tan - only this time it's a stout poured over a brown. Come for a "Top Bunk Bottom Bunk" from Verboten Brewing and New Belgium Brewing. New Belgium made a peppermint stout and will be poured over Verboten's milk chocolate English brown. This is a taste you won't want to miss. [632 Mason St, Ft. Collins, CO]

Brix Taphouse & Brewery - Snow Day Special today - get $2 off all pints from 2pm - 5pm and get $1 off from 5pm to 7pm. Also, Brix Box members are asked to stop in and get your apparel ordered and ask about your daily specials. They will be selecting 10 Brix Box members for a special VIP Tour with Odell Brewing. Be on the lookout for your name. Open today 2pm to 12am. [813 8th St, Greeley, CO]

The Barrel - There's a new craft beer centric outdoor beer garden coming to Estes Park! [PRESS RELEASE] Soon residents and tourists visiting Estes Park, Colorado will be able to revel in the beautiful mountain views while enjoying some of the best craft beer in the State and around the Country as well as a few international selections. The vacant lot at 119 East Elkhorn Avenue will become the home of the first outdoor beer garden in downtown Estes Park in the interim of the Rocky Mountain Performing Arts Center development. Opening Spring 2015, The Barrel, an outdoor beer garden, with sixty rotating taps will focus on craft beer, mead, cider, high‐end distilled spirits and wines. The Barrel will offer guests a friendly, social atmosphere where they can catch up with old friends and meet new ones while loving some of the best Colorado has to offer. “After a solid year of planning, we are very excited to be opening The Barrel in Estes Park,” says Lou Bush, co‐Owner. “We are thrilled in being able to offer the residents and tourists an outdoor space where they can enjoy a craft beer, fill their stomachs and enjoy the Rocky Mountains.” - “We are committed to breathing new life into the vacant lot, supporting the Rocky Mountain Performing Arts Center and also see value in investing in downtown Estes Park. We look forward to sharing many experiences with our guests, meeting people from all over and becoming a favorite destination for all,” says Ingrid Bush, co‐Owner. For more information on The Barrel and/or upcoming events, please email Ingrid Bush at ingrid@thebarrel.beer [119 E Elkhorn Ave, Estes Park, CO]

Zwei Brüder Brewing - Fans of hoppy red ales will want to try their newly tapped beer "RöTpfen-esk". Ask for it by name, that is if you know how to pronounce it. Also, get ready to celebrate St. Patrick's Day - not once, but twice! They will host TWO St. Patty's parties, one on Friday March 13th starting at 6pm and the other on Saturday, March 14th starting at 4pm. There will be drums, bagpipes, German polka - plus they will tap their latest batch of Vienna Lager and also a Zwei Patrick's Day Stout. [4612 S Mason St, Ft. Collins, CO]

Big Beaver Brewing Co - Start celebrating St. Patrick's day 10 days early this Saturday, March 7th from 7-10pm. They'll have the Stubby Shillelaghs folk the house with live music and will also be tapping an Irish Red Ale just for the occasion. [2707 W Eisenhower Blvd, Ste 9, Loveland, CO]

Verboten Brewing - Good news Russian Imperial Stout fans! There's still some of their "Never Lose RIS" left on tap in their only keg of it. Plus, they still have a few bottles left for sale in the taproom. The Verboten Sisterhood meets there tonight at 6:30pm and ladies get $1 off pints tonight. [1550 Taurus Ct, Loveland, CO]

Broken Plow Brewery - Clean out your growlers and bring 'em into Broken Plow today. You'll get $2 off growler fills all day long. Also, when you're there, ask about their 2015 Plowshares Club membership. Spot open now. [4731 W 10th St, Greeley, CO]


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03/03/2015 04:49 PM
Chill Out, And Make Warm Beers A Thing Of The Past
What’s nine inches and allows for a nice cool swallow every time in just 45 minutes? The Chillsner by Corkcicle obviously. Why? What’d you think ...

03/03/2015 04:42 PM
Beer and Girls Scout Cookies – at Full Throttle Bottles

Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog.

Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog. Have they no shame? Don’t they know how hard we try to resist our cookie jones this time of year? This is the first time I’ve ever heard of someone hosting a beer and food pairing event featuring Girl Scout Cookies. Leave it to Full Throttle Bottles...

03/03/2015 04:39 PM
For The Love of Hops: The Practical Guide to Aroma, Bitterness and the Culture of Hops (Brewing Elements)
Stan Hieronymus expertly explains the nature of hops, their origins, hop quality and utilization--and even devotes an entire chapter to dry hopping. For the Love of Hops also includes a reference catalog of more than 100 varieties and their characteristics.

03/03/2015 04:37 PM
Malt: A Practical Guide from Field to Brewhouse (Brewing Elements)
Brewers often call malt the soul of beer. Fourth in the Brewing Elements series, Malt: A Practical Guide from Field to Brewhouse delves into the intricacies of this key ingredient used in virtually all beers. This book provides a


03/03/2015 04:34 PM
Water: A Comprehensive Guide for Brewers (Brewing Elements)
Water is arguably the most critical and least understood of the foundation elements in brewing beer. Water: A Comprehensive Guide for Brewers, third in Brewers Publications’ Brewing Elements series, takes the mystery out of water’s role in the brewing process. The book leads


03/03/2015 04:27 PM
Let Me Tell You About Beer: A Beginner's Guide to All Things Brewed
Beer is the world's favorite drink, yet too often it's shrouded in mystery, myth, and complex-sounding terminology. This no-nonsense guide cuts straight through all of it, with simple advice on how to seek out and enjoy the immense range of flavors offered. The


03/03/2015 04:24 PM
London's Best Pubs (2nd Edition): A Guide to London's Most Interesting and Unusual Pubs
A thirst-inducing, indispensable guide for pub aficionados! The London pub is an institution, and this completely updated book gives the lowdown on 117 of the best. They're all organized by area, mapped, and photographed inside and out. Every entry features an overview of


03/03/2015 03:00 PM
Brewery Release: NW: Coming Soon ... Two Beers Cold Brew Coffee Brown Ale
Press Release

image courtesy Two Beers Brewing Co.

SEATTLE ... – Committed to crafting beers true to the Pacific Northwest, Two Beers Brewing Co. is excited to announce the release of its newest seasonal can: Cold Brew Coffee Brown Ale. A chocolaty brown ale infused with locally roasted beans from SoDo-neighbor Fulcrum Coffee, this Seattle-inspired beer makes the perfect brunch companion, subtly sweet with a cold brew kick. Available in 12-ounce cans at select retailers beginning Monday, March 2, Cold Brew will also be available to enjoy at some of Seattle’s favorite local brunch spots – including Brave Horse Tavern, Hattie’s Hat, Lost Lake Café and Skillet Ballard – and on draft at your local ale house. 
“The goal with our seasonal line is to offer beer that really speaks to the season and to the Pacific Northwest,” said Joel VandenBrink, founder of Two Beers Brewing Co. “For this time of year, that means a great cup of locally roasted cold brew coffee. At Two Beers Brewing, we’re committed to boldness and exploring new ways to get flavors from ingredients, so we wanted to try out a method that many of our local coffee shops are known for. The result is fantastic.” 
The process for creating the expanding brewery’s Cold Brew Coffee Brown Ale is similar to the process used to make cold brew coffee. Starting with a base of chocolaty brown ale, the beer is run through a second fermenter containing 18 pounds of course ground coffee beans per batch. The beer is run through these beans – a single origin Ethiopian Harrar roast – continuously for four hours before sitting on the beans for another 20 hours, making for a balanced and flavorful brew. Low in acidity and subtly sweet due to the cold brew process used, a rich coffee nose and flavor shines through, lingering on the palate. However, while the flavor may be bold, there is no caffeine in this delicious brew, offering an approachable 5.2 percent ABV and 18 IBUs.
Cold Brew Coffee Brown Ale becomes the brewery’s third seasonal can, joined by Day Hike Summer Session Ale (summer) and Grey Skies Dark Pale Ale (winter). March also brings the return of the brewery’s popular Forester IPA and Trailhead ISA. 
For more information, be sure to follow Two Beers Brewing on Facebook, Twitter (@twobeersbrewing) and Instagram (@twobeersbrewing), or visit their website at www.twobeersbrewery.com.
About Two Beers Brewing Co. Two Beers Brewing Co. – makers of EVO IPA and a host of Northwest-inspired beers – began operations in a small Seattle basement in 2007. Today, Two Beers Brewing produces twelve unique beers including five year-round, seven seasonals, and a host of intricate infusions and limited releases in its 4,800-square-foot SoDo brewery. Two Beers Brewing can be found on tap in bars and restaurants throughout Washington, Oregon, Idaho and British Columbia, with tastings, kegs and growler fills available at The Woods tasting room Tuesday - Thursday from 3-9 pmFriday from 3-10pmSaturday from 1-10pm and Sunday from 1 - 6 pm. Select brews can also be found in 22-ounce bottles and 12-ounce cans through the tasting room, as well as local retailers in Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Idaho. With a strong belief in supporting the local economy, Two Beers Brewing takes pride in using Washington ingredients to create all of its handcrafted beers. For more information, visit www.twobeersbrewery.com.

03/03/2015 02:49 PM
Join Us As We Explore Some Bloody Good British Ale
Ted Sobel stands behind the bar. All of his ales are served from six hand pumps; there are no kegs and no CO2 hoses. Rather, ...

03/03/2015 12:47 PM
Top 10 Underrated Red Wine Grape Varieties
As the encyclopaedic Wine Grapes reminds us, there are a staggering 1,368 wine grape varieties currently identified on this planet, with scope for still more to be discovered; yet only a handful have made it into the mainstream. One might argue that from a marketing perspective the wine world is already impossibly fragmented, so why […]

03/03/2015 12:37 PM
Water Sommelier Hosts $50 Tastings. Bathroom Breaks Included
A water sommelier wants people to give as much thought to their choice of water as they would a bottle of wine, and is hoping that a $50 water tasting will convince them. Martin Riese, America’s only water sommelier, received his certification from the German Mineral Water Trade Association in 2009, shortly after he published his […]

03/03/2015 12:20 PM
Ideal vaca! Winery in Canary Islands has ‘wine & sex’ nights
Bodegas Monje in Tenerife has launched a series of “Wine & Sex” nights involving erotic games at its winery in the Canary Islands. The bodega describes the tasting events as offering consumers the chance to enjoy wine “from an erotic and gastronomic” point of view “without the usual protocols of tasting notes, terroirs, crus and […]

03/03/2015 12:10 PM
Pour your own beer by the ounce at First Draft
How would you like to have a selection of 40 taps of beer, wine and cider and be able to pour it your self for as many ounces as you wish? A new business headed to Denver will soon let you do just that - First Draft. Check out their press release issued today.

First Draft - Opening Soon in RiNo

Pour your own craft beer, wine, and cider at First Draft

[PRESS RELEASE] Denver, CO, March 3, 2015 – First Draft, a new taproom and kitchen concept, is coming to the River North (RiNo) neighborhood of Denver in late spring/early summer 2015. With 40 taps of craft beer, wine, and cider and the ability to “pour your own” by the ounce, First Draft will let customers taste and pour at their own pace in an inviting and fun environment. On tap will be an ever-rotating selection of high quality craft beer, wine, and cider from Colorado as well as the rest of the US. At First Draft, you can customize your own drinking experience.

First Draft is located at 1309 26th St. in RiNo, near the corner of 26th & Larimer. Part of the 2601 Larimer project, First Draft will feature a full kitchen, a mezzanine overlooking the main floor, and front patio complete with a fire pit. The kitchen will serve small plates and shareable items that pair with beverage offerings. Utilizing local and seasonal ingredients, First Draft will partner will local providers to create a menu that looks to put an upgraded twist on traditional taproom favorites.

“We're excited to bring a unique drinking experience to Denver, and even more excited to be a part of everything happening in RiNo,” said Mark Slattery, Owner and General Manager. Slattery, known in the Colorado beer world as the “Denver Beer Guy”, looks to curate a different set of tap offerings for Denver. “We plan to showcase the best craft beer we can get our hands on. Whether it’s being able to pour beer from some of the great small breweries on the other side of Denver, or bringing in a highly sought-after keg from across the country, we promise that our tap list will be as exciting as our draft system,” he said.

First Draft has partnered with iPourIt, the leader in self-service tap technology. iPourIt is a unique patented technology that allows customers to pour their own beer. A valve controls beer flowing through the tap while a meter measures the amount of beer a customer pours accurate to more than 1/10th of an ounce.

"We at iPourIt are thrilled to be providing the largest self-serve beer system in Colorado to First Draft,” said Joseph McCarthy, CEO of iPourIt. “With more than 30 breweries in Denver alone, First Draft will be the go-to location for enthusiasts to sample local fare as well as rare brews ‘By the Ounce’. iPourIt's patented self-serve beer and wine system is the perfect complement to First Draft's comprehensive business plan to provide a differentiated experience to its patrons," he said.

First Draft is a new taproom and kitchen concept from First Draft, LLC, a Colorado Limited Liability Company.

# # #

If you would like more information about First Draft, please contact Mark Slattery at 626.848.2204 or email mslattery@firstdraftdenver.com.

This article came from FermentedlyChallenged.com - a Colorado beer blog. Don't miss another article. Subscribe to Fermentedly Challenged by RSS today.

03/03/2015 11:48 AM
10 Absolutely Stunning Images Of Australia’s Wine Country
Over the decades, Australia has become home to some of the world’s most sought after wines on the planet. Its climate makes for the ideal ...

03/03/2015 11:00 AM
Brewery Release: NW: Coming Soon ... Oskar Blues Gubna Imperial IPA
Press Release

Longmont, CO and Brevard, NC--Oskar Blues' spring seasonal, GUBNA Imperial IPA, rolls out in March with a new hop bill featuring some of the most exciting and aromatic hops, all of which were sniffed out by Oskar Blues staff at concurrent hop selection panels at both breweries.

Each year GUBNA is reinvented, taking the season's highest quality hops and creating a formidable and complex Imperial IPA. Coming in at 100+ international bitterness units and 10 percent ABV, this inimitable beer is an IPA unlike any other. Available on tap and in 12-ounce 4-packs, this hop grenade joins the diabolical Oskar Blues roster from March until July each year.

Mash-hopped with whole-leaf Galena hops, our brewers then kettle hop with Columbus and Sorachi Ace, which spikes GUBNA 5.0 with spicy, blackcurrant notes and lemon zest overtones. The brewing is then finished with more Galena hops in the whirlpool to accent these aromas.  These colossal hop varieties fuel a serious assault on the senses, balanced by the satisfying warmth of 10 percent ABV.
The 2015 GUBNA is dry-hopped with prodigious amounts of El Dorado, Comet, and Chinook hops. These hops create a dank, dense nose and unique blend of grapefruit, apricot, pineapple and herbs, while finishing clean and bitter, but smooth. The GUB sits on a base of Rye, North American Pale, and Munich malts, which offers a smooth and flavorful backbone to support the gargantuan load of hops.

In honor of the GUBNA, Oskar Blues North Carolina Brewery will host a release party on Saturday, March 7, 2015. Oskar Blues invites all governors, whether of states or television/comic book series, to attend and quaff a GUBNA.

The 2015 release party will offer specialty barrel-aged and firkin varieties of GUBNA 5.0, along with CHUBurgers from the CHUBwagon, free brewery tours, a giant Nintendo 64 to play, and live music from indie rock Darby Wilcox and the Peep Show.


To find GUBNA, visit our online beer locator.

About Oskar Blues Brewery
Founded as a brewpub by Dale Katechis in 1997, Oskar Blues Brewery launched the craft beer-in-a-can apocalypse in 2002 using a tabletop machine that sealed one can at a time. In 2008, the makers of the top-selling pale ale in ColoRADo, Dale's Pale Ale, moved into a 35,000-square-foot facility in Longmont, ColoRADo. The brewery has since experienced explosive growth-from packaging 59,000 barrels of beer in 2011 to 149,000 barrels in 2014. In December 2012, Oskar Blues opened the doors to an expansion brewery in Brevard, North Carolina. Recently, Oskar Blues secured an additional 60,000 square feet at its Colorado location to expand its production footprint. Oskar Blues now distributes trail-blazing craft brews to 41 U.S. states, Washington, D.C., as well as parts of Canada, Sweden, and the U.K. 

03/03/2015 08:00 AM
Triple C Chocolate Covered Pretzel Stout

The quickie: Triple C Chocolate Covered Pretzel Stout is a super smooth, high gravity stout which almost fools you into...

The post Triple C Chocolate Covered Pretzel Stout appeared first on Beers & Bacon.

03/03/2015 07:27 AM
Victory Brewing Moving Parts 03

The post, Victory Brewing Moving Parts 03, first appeared on The Barley Blog.

Victory Brewing’s first Moving Parts release was, for all intents and purposes, a pretty standard and tasty IPA. With the second batch of the ever-evolving IPA, the company crossed the pond with the use of all-English hops and English yeasts, making for another unique tasting experience. For this latest Moving Parts effort, the brewery stays […]

The post, Victory Brewing Moving Parts 03, first appeared on The Barley Blog.

03/03/2015 05:53 AM
O’Hara’s Irish Stout : Beer Review
Featured Contributor – John Fahrner @fahrn13 from Michigan At the time I am writing this we are at the tail end of February and about to plunge into March leading up to one of the more entertaining holidays, St. Patrick’s Day.  St. Patrick’s day is of course known as a drinking holiday for a lot of people, a day to overindulge and celebrate Irish culture, or maybe stereotypes, and at the forefront of that celebration you will often find a healthy amount of beer.  Of course every…

03/03/2015 05:00 AM
Full Sail Brewing and Eastburn to host Stouts and Snouts
This Saturday, March 7th, Full Sail Brewing and Eastburn host Stouts and Snouts to benefit The Oregon Humane Society. Taking place from 7:00 to 10:00pm, Stouts and Snouts will offer the rare opportunity to sample 7 consecutive years of Full Sail’s Bourbon Barrel Aged vintages along with benefiting a great cause. Hors d’oeuvres will be […]

03/03/2015 04:45 AM
18th Annual Lucky Labrador Barleywine & Big Beer Tastival Beer List
The 18th Annual Barleywine & Big Beer Tastival returns for another run to the Lucky Labrador Beer Hall on NW Quimby this coming weekend. Yes, it’s hard to believe that this “big beer” fest is now legal to vote. Taking place on Friday, March 6th and Saturday, March 7th, from Noon to 10:00pm each day, the […]

03/03/2015 04:04 AM
BOOK REVIEW: Merrie England by Ted Bruning

This slim volume asks: at what point, and where, did the first establishment that we might recognise as a pub pop into existence? His definition of a pub reflects his background as a veteran writer and campaigner for CAMRA but is a good one nonetheless: Broadly, we are talking about fully on-licensed, fully commercial businesses which are … Continue reading BOOK REVIEW: Merrie England by Ted Bruning

BOOK REVIEW: Merrie England by Ted Bruning from Boak & Bailey's Beer Blog - Over-thinking beer, pubs and the meaning of craft since 2007

03/03/2015 04:03 AM
Beer jobs: WA Sales and Marketing — Nail Brewing
Multi award-winning Nail Brewing is looking for an experienced person to help improve its WA distribution.

03/03/2015 03:05 AM
German brewing in the 1970’s – fermentation vessels

Kieninger ends with an overview of the different German fermentation systems in use at the time.

It’s pretty clear where his preferences lie. Again there’s not a single mention of beer flavour in his discussion.

“Finally, I wish to discuss the types of fermentation vessels which may be used in breweries in the future. There are three main combinations of fermentation and maturation vessels in use at present.

(a) The green beer may be fermented in cylindro-conical vessels and then matured in horizontal tanks. This method has the disadvantage that the yeast must be removed from the lager tank manually and is likely to be avoided in future developments.”
Journal of the Institute of Brewing, Volume 83, Issue 1, March-April 1977, page 77.

Even in the most old-fashioned method he describes the primary fermentation is performed in conicals. He only really traditional bit is lagering in horizontal tanks. His dislike of them seems purely based on having to clean them out by hand.

This sounds even worse:

“(b) A second possibility is to use cylindro-conical vessels for main fermentation and then to pump the beer into vertical outdoor tanks, using a plate cooler to lower the temperature.

The removal of yeast from the outdoor tank is also difficult, especially if the vessel has a diameter greater than 6 m. The vessels are cheap, however, and as a result they are found in many breweries, usually with centrifuges before the plate cooler.”
Journal of the Institute of Brewing, Volume 83, Issue 1, March-April 1977, page 77.

It’s huge tanks like these that make some modern breweries look like a chemical works. Or some post-modernist building where all the guts are on the outside.

Finally, Kieninger’s favourite:

“(c) The problems of handling yeast in large tanks has led to a consideration of fermentation and maturation in a single vessel. One brewery in Italy uses this so-called 'unitank method". This brewery is not using flotation but filters the wort before fermentation by use of a kteselguhr filter. The primary fermentation is completed after 7 days at a temperature of 9°C, 7 days are needed to reduce the content of the a-acetolactate formed and after a further 7 days stabilization at 0°C the beer is filtered and bottled. The average yeast concentration before filtration is 4 million cells per ml compared to a concentration of only 0.5 million cells per ml for the classical procedure of stabilization in horizontal cylindrical vessels. Since one brew occupies a vessel for 3 weeks one must ask if the financial burden which arises from the high costs of cylindro-conical tanks compared to separate fermentation and lagering vessels is justified. The fact that removal of yeast from the cylindro-conical tanks is much easier than from horizontal or vertical lager tanks with a flat bottom is a major reason for the method being adopted.

Extensive trials in our Institute showed that fermentation at temperatures of 15-18°C altered the original character of the lager beer, even after addition of Krausen during secondary fermentation and only at temperatures of 12°C and below was no distinct effect found. We think it advisable, therefore, that the temperature of primary fermentation should not exceed 9°C during the first 3 days but during the last stages of primary fermentation the temperatures may rise to 14-I6°C to reduce the content of diketones and precursors. After this time the yeast is removed and the beer is carbonated and stabilized at 0°C in the same vessel. The procedure described requires 3 weeks production time which can be carried out on a weekly programme. A better foam stability has been found with longer maturation time.”
Journal of the Institute of Brewing, Volume 83, Issue 1, March-April 1977, page 77.

I believe the unitank system is what industrial Lager breweries use today. And I think the temperature of primary fermentation isn’t kept below 9º C, but is more like the 15-18°C than damages the character of Lager. Oh look, there’s a sort of mention of beer flavour. At just three weeks from mash to bottling, there’s not really any lagering going on.

Kieninger does have reservations about conicals:

“Summarizing these points the question arises whether the cylindro-conical tank can really be the universal vessel for beer production in the future. It is certainly possible to separate the cold break by filling the vessels at such a speed that the sludge sediments before the yeast has overcome its 8 hour lag-phase. This allows sufficient separation of cold sludge for the fermentative activity of the yeast not to be affected. Collection of carbon dioxide and removal of yeast is possible without manual work and there are no problems with stabilization and carbonation. The only disadvantage is the larger volume required for the foam head when using higher temperatures. Our experience has shown that a vessel with a height of 25 m needs 5-6 m for the foam head and this means that a vessel, depending on the temperature of fermentation, may be filled only to two-thirds of its volume. It seems that in the future, therefore, there will be a trend in many continental breweries to ferment and mature the beer in one vessel by a batch procedure.”
Journal of the Institute of Brewing, Volume 83, Issue 1, March-April 1977, page 77.

Though the ease of removing yeast and collecting CO2 outweigh not being able to fill the conicals to the top when fermenting Lager warmer than was traditional.

His prediction about single-vessel fermentation systems did indeed become true. In fact I think that’s also the way most new small breweries operate in the US.

And that's us done. At least with this article.

03/02/2015 08:08 PM
Beer Release: Cold Brew Coffee Brown Ale, Two Beers Brewing

Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog.

Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog. Two Beers Brewing announces the release of its latest seasonal creation, Cold Brew Coffee Brown Ale. Starting today, the beer is available in 12-ounce cans at select retailers, on tap at local pubs, and also at some of Seattle’s favorite brunch spots, like Brave Horse Tavern. Starting...

03/02/2015 06:14 PM
Ghostfish Brewing Grand Opening – Sat. March 21

Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog.

Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog. Not long ago we told you about our first visit to Ghostfish Brewing, which opened in February. Now we share word of the official grand opening celebration scheduled for Saturday, March 21. No only is Ghostfish one of Seattle’s newest breweries, it is also the city’s first...

03/02/2015 06:07 PM
Colorado Beer News 030215
Colorado Beer NewsWhat will March bring? To the brewery taps that is. Expect to see a lot of Irish-themed beers pouring this month in Colorado. It's also going to be one of the snowiest months of the year - so keep warm with a pint of your favorite winter warmer. Keep reading Fermentedly Challenged for upcoming St. Patrick's Day events and tappings. Here's what's happening around the Colorado craft beer scene today Monday, March 2nd, 2015. If you aren't reading this article on FermentedlyChallenged.com, you don't know what you're missing.

[CO Beer Festivals] -- [CO Beer Dinners] -- [CO Beer Releases]

Metro Denver

Copper Kettle Brewing Co - March brings an Irish-themed Cask Month to the brewery. Every Wednesday, they'll tap a slightly different version of their Keltic Dry Irish Stout. March 4th: Irish Creme Liqueur Keltic Stout. March 11th: Catholic Irish Whiskey Keltic Stout. March 18th: Chocolate Irish Creme Liqueur Keltic Stout. And March 25th: Protestant Irish Whiskey Keltic Stout. And don't forget to celebrate St. Patty's Day early with CKBC on Saturday, March 14th from 12pm to 10pm. They'll tap their "Help Me Out Stout", a dry Irish Stout. Plus live music that day from Brian Hagen & The Inquiry at 6pm. [1338 S Valentia St, Unit 100, Denver, CO]

Elk Mountain Brewing - There's Trivia with Mile High Music Patrol happening tonight from 6-8pm at the brewery. Stop in earlier for Happy Hour starting at 5:00pm. B&B Smokehouse Meats will be on site also. [18921 Plaza Dr, Parker, CO]

Odyssey Beerwerks - Want to help can some beer with Odyssey Beerwerks? If you are interested, send them a PM on Facebook with your email and phone and they'll call you with further info on how you can participate. The canning will run this Wednesday, March 4th from 9:30am to 1:30pm. They'll provide snacks and fresh free beer and some good music while you can. Then mark your calendars for the Spring Equinox - March 21st for their "Earth is Still Hurtling Around the Sun and the Days are Getting Longer Party". Come celebrate the beginning of Spring with some special beer releases, food and music. [5535 W 56th Ave, Ste 107, Arvada, CO]

Collaboration Fest Immersion Class - [PRESS RELEASE] In coordination with Collaboration Fest, Imbibe Events, the Colorado Brewers Guild and Metropolitan State University of Denver (MSU Denver) will host a Collaboration Immersion Class on Thursday, March 19 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at MSU Denver’s Hospitality Learning Center, Demonstration Theater Room 208 (1190 Auraria Pkwy., Denver CO 80204). This class will take guests through a history of collaborations and provide a preview of the festival beers. In the past ten years, breweries from around the world have been collaborating more often. Brewers often see collaboration as a chance to hang out with buddies, let loose and create a beer outside of their typical style. There have been some collaborations that have grabbed headlines like when Avery Brewing and Russian River Brewing created Collaboration Not Litigation Ale. This is one of the most popular collaborations and truly shows how the craft beer community would rather work together and help the industry grow than meet in a courtroom. This aspect of community was one of the driving focuses behind Collaboration Fest. Collaboration Fest takes place March 21 at Sports Authority Field and will feature more than 70 unique beer collaborations. The Immersion Class will give a limited number of attendees a chance to preview some of these beers in a classroom setting and ask the brewers themselves questions about their creations. The Collaboration Fest Immersion Class panel will feature Nick Nunns from TRVE Brewing Co., Jesse Brookstein from Call to Arms Brewing Company, New Belgium Brewing and several others. The class will be led by Scott Kerkmans. Kerkmans was a professional brewer with Alaskan Brewing Company and helped start Draft Magazine. He was in the group of the first five Certified Cicerones in the world and is a annual judge at the Great American Beer Festival. Kerkmans now provides professional and individual training through his companies, Beer Conscious Training and Homebrew IQ. Tickets for the Collaboration Fest Immersion Class are $35 and are on sale now at http://www.collaborationfest.com/metrostate. (Photo courtesy Imbibe Events)

Wonderland Brewing Co - Here's what's happening this week at Wonderland Brewing. Come try their newly tapped Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout. Today - Trivia with Geeks Who Drink Pub Quizzes at 7:30pm. Tuesday: Singles Ping Pong tourney at 6:30pm and $1 off Beer of the Week (Porter). Wednesday: Ladies get $2 off pints. Food trucks every night this week! Live music on Saturday at 7pm. [5450 W 120th Ave, Broomfield, CO]

Jagged Mountain Craft Brewery - Drink beer and help out a good cause this Tuesday (3/3). $1 of every beer sold on Tuesday this week goes to help Denver School of Nursing students traveling to India later this month for international medical relief program. Tip: try their Wolfpack Black Saison (7.0% ABV). [1139 20th St, Denver, CO]

Kokopelli Beer Co - Introducing their "Kids Eat Free" Mondays! Get one free meal off their kids menu or $5 off of a personal sized pizza with every adult purchase. Feed your kids and enjoy Mondays at Kokopelli Beer Co. [8931 Harlan St, Westminster, CO]

Nighthawk Brewery - First the bad news: their Imperial IPA is sold out for the next week. The second batch is nearly completed. The good news: they've got plenty of this on tap - Amber, Milk Stout, Agave Wheat, Session Porter, Ciderweizen, Herb Saison w/Lactobacillus, and a Pumpkin Peach Baltic Porter. [2780 Industrial Ln, Broomfield, CO]

Brix Taphouse & Brewery - Monday's Bomber Bottle special - buy any bomber of beer and get a free bottle of Crow Hop Brewery's Rado's Red Ale. (No take out - must consume on premises - so bring a friend or two). They also put 4 new beers on tap yesterday including: Dad & Dude's Dank IPA, Horse & Dragon's Naughty 'Nana Belgian Dubbel, FCB's Black Sheep Black IPA, and a special offering from Westminster Brewing Company. They've got 60 Colorado craft beers on tap including several nitro taps - one features Oskar Blues' Ten Fidy Imperial Stout. [813 8th St, Greeley, CO]


Boulder County

Very Nice Brewing Co - March brings the annual Frozen Dead Guys Days to Nederland - March 13-15, 2015. And you'll be able to use the Very Nice Brewing Company as your party destination during that event. They'll have live music Fri. March 13th from 7-9pm, a special beer tapping on March 14th of "Nicely Twisted", a collaboration brew with Twisted Pine that's a cherry midnight wheat saison. Also that day, the Colorado Craft Beer Radio show will be doing a live remote from 12-2pm on AM 760. Plus, a book signing with author Dan Rabin for his book "Colorado Breweries". And then live music on Sunday, March 15th from 5-7pm. Don't forget Euchre nights every other Wednesday (March 4th & 18th) from 6-8pm. [20 Lakeview Dr, Unit 112, Nederland, CO]

Großen Bart Brewery - Join in this Thursday, March 5th at 3pm for another Firkin Full Moon tapping. This month, they'll tap a Toasted Coconut Soul Patch Porter. Don't miss this one. [125 Delaware Ave, Longmont, CO]

Fate Brewing Co - Today the brewery announced the return of their brew: Nona Belgian Blonde. They also have a bit of their Chocolate Cherry stout left. Their Pale Ale is now kicked (sorry). But coming soon is a Pumpkin Peach Ale. [1600 38th St, Boulder, CO]

Avery Brewing Co - No more abbreviated business hours! Starting now, their tap room and restaurant will be open every day from 11am to 11pm. It just took a couple weeks to get everything dialed in just right. Now it's all ready for 12 hour days! Also, don't forget to buy tickets to the 13th Annual Boulder Strong Ale Fest at Avery Brewing set for Saturday April 4th at 12pm. On sale online now. [4910 Nautilus Ct, Boulder, CO]

Twisted Pine Brewing Co - Twisted Pine is already gearing up for this year's Colorado Craft Beer Week set for March 21-29, 2015. Here's their schedule for that week. March 21: pouring at Collaboration Festival. Brewery tours at 2,3,4pm. March 22: Get $1 off 5-Flight or $2 off 10-Flight. March 23: Trivia Night 7-9pm. March 24: All day Happy Hour plus Open Mic Night 6-8pm. March 25: Free pint glass with purchase of any beer! March 26: 10% off all Twisted Pine apparel. March 27: All day Happy Hour Pitchers, plus Comedy Night 7-9pm. And March 28: Brewery tours 2,3 4pm. [3201 Walnut St, Ste A, Boulder, CO]


Northern Colorado

Jessup Farm Barrel House - News from the Coloradoan last month reveals that a new brewery will soon be coming to Fort Collins in the Jessup Farm Artisan Village in the Bucking Horse neighborhood near Timberline and Drake. This brewery will be housed in a 130 year old barn. Renovations will begin soon and the play is to open sometime by May 2015 if all goes according to plan. This project is being led by Gino Campana and family along with two partners from Funkwerks - Brad Lincoln and Gordon Schuck. This project will NOT be an official Funkwerks spin-off however. This brewery will focus on beers that are both blended and barrel aged (similar to Casey Blending & Brewing). [Timberline & Drake - Ft. Collins, CO]

Self Storage & Brewery - Here's a business combo that few have heard of before. Stan Scott plans to open a large 100,000 square foot self storage business that comes with a 5,500 square foot brewery & taproom. The project will be located on a 6.5 acre property very close to New Belgium, Fort Collins Brewery, Snowbank Brewing and Odell Brewing at Lemay Avenue and Buckingham Street. They plan to use a 20 barrel brewing system. Plans to begin building this starting in the Fall and may be open by the end of the year. Not sure if the brewery will end up with a different name or not because the official business name is Fort Collins Self Storage.

City Star Brewing - Don't forget - Mondays are Free Beer Mondays! Fill up your 64oz growler and get a free beer or a beer nickel good for a free beer later. Cushion the blow of Mondays with beer. Also - save the date for Saturday, July 11th for the 2015 Hops and Harley event in Fickle Park in Berthoud, CO - drink beer and help support the National Mill Dog Rescue. [321 Mountain Ave, Berthoud, CO]

Berthoud Brewing Co - Stop in Tuesday, fill your growler and get a free pint. On Wednesday they'll be offering Wings from Origins Catering and $1 off Happy Hour all day. Their Farmer Aid Session will be back on tap. On Thursday, their Back 40 Stout will be back on tap - a chocolaty oatmeal stout. On Friday, they'll tap a firkin of Pepper Peach Ale at 5pm. Saturday come try their RailBender Scottish Ale on nitro tap. [450 8th St, Ste B, Berthoud, CO]

Grim Brothers Brewhouse - Come play NoCo Geeks Who Drink Trivia at Grimm Bros tonight at 7:0pm. It's free, fun and you'll get a chance to win prizes through the night. Also, plan to come back on Sunday afternoon for their Dungeons & Drafts Board Game Takeover event at 2pm. Drink specials for all gamers that day. [623 Denver Ave, Loveland, CO]

1933 Brewing Co - The brewery is turning 1 year old this month and to celebrate they are holding specials all month long. This week, March 3-8, they are offering Happy Hour daily from 4-6pm with $1 off pints. Next week, March 10-15, get 10% off all merchandise. On Wednesday March 11th they will host a beer release party with live music and a food truck. Then from March 17-22 get special free treats and goodies (including ice cream beer floats). And the last week of March 24-27 - get 3 pints and a snack for $19.33. Wrapping it all up is their Birthday Blowout Party on Saturday, March 28th - stay tuned for more details. [4025 S Mason St, Ft. Collins, CO]


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Hop Scotch Spring Beer & Scotch Fest – a rite of spring

Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog.

Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog. The official name is Hop Scotch Spring Beer & Scotch Festival, but people usually just refer to it as Hop Scotch: Seattle’s annual celebration of beer, Scotch, whiskey, and wine.  It’s a rite of spring around here, and although spring seems to have sprung early this year,...

03/02/2015 02:33 PM
#freshhopnz15 STARTS NOW!!!!

Yesterday 13 Auckland brewers, and many of Auckland’s craft beer bars met to discuss the details for #freshhopnz15 An event which will feature 13 beers made with Fresh Hops, straight from the hop fields of Nelson. Like this Facebook page and stay up to date with developments, updates from breweries, launch date as well as the list of the beers and the bars and outlets you can get them in.   Read about what we did last year #freshhopnz14 BEERVANA – Fresh Hop 2014 - 3/3/14 24 HOURS IN THE HOP FIELDS (Part 1) – 11/3/14 24 HOURS IN THE […]

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Colorado Beer Releases February 2015
Colorado Beer Releases
February 2015 was Stout Month for many Colorado breweries as big, bold, dark brews tended to dominate the brewing landscape here in the state. February also saw record heat as well as record snow. It made for some rare February patio drinking days. Luckily, there was a bounty of new beer releases in the state. Something for just about every taste.

The following list is a recap of just some of the known craft beers that were released during the last month in Colorado. How many of these beers did you try? Winter seasonals were released in numbers. Here's what was new for the month of February 2015 in Colorado.

Colorado Breweries: Didn't see your beer listed here? Be sure to let Fermentedly Challenged know about your beer releases. Use the Contact Form to send updates about your beer releases.

Colorado Beer Releases - February 2015

12 Degree Brewing - Walter's White - returns February 25th.
1933 Brewing - Bathtub Blonde Ale - February 10th.
1933 Brewing - Squash Saison - February 13th.
38 State Brewing - Smoked Porter - February 13th.
Alpine Dog Brewing - Darth Hop Black Double IPA - February 19th 5pm.
Asher Brewing - Peace of Porter - February 24th.
Avery Brewing - Tart's Bliss - sour Karma w/tea - special tapping - February 9th 11am.
Avery Brewing - Chupacabra - Meph w/habanero & chocolate - February 9th 11am.
Avery Brewing - Bourpkin - bourbon bbl aged Rumpkin - February 9th 11am.
Avery Brewing - Uncle Jacob's Stout - Batch No. 4 - 2015 edition - February 22nd 11am.
Baere Brewing - Imperial Stout - 7 gallon batch (10.7% ABV) - February 25th.
Baere Brewing - Barrel Hoppy Brown Batch 3 - bourbon bbl-aged - February 26th.
Barrels & Bottles Brewery - Pixie's Stout - returns February 4th.
Barrels & Bottles Brewery - Dark Thing IPA - returns February 4th.
Barrels & Bottles Brewery - The Big LeBEERski - imperial golden milk stout w/coffee - Feb. 19th.
Berthoud Brewing - Raspberry Peppermint Porter - firkin - February 6th 5pm.
Berthoud Brewing - Peach Habanero - firkin - February 13th.
Berthoud Brewing - 1888 ESB - February 14th.
Berthoud Brewing - Aztec Chocolate Stout - firkin - February 20th 5pm.
Berthoud Brewing - Caramel Brownie Stout - firkin - February 27th 5pm.
Beryl's Beer - Logan's Lager - coffee schwarzbier - February 6th.
Beryl's Beer - Imperial Stout - February 6th.
Beryl's Beer - Barrel-aged Extra Stout - February 13th.
BierWerks Brewery - Doppelbock - February 18th.
Big B's Hard Cider - Hard Apple Lemonade - February 23rd.
Big Beaver Brewing - Pumpkin Peach Ale - February 6th.
Big Beaver Brewing - Vanilla Porter - February 7th.
Big Choice Brewing - Here it Gosegan - Gose (salty/sour beer) - small batch - February 11th.
Black Bottle Brewery - Dark Ritual - bourbon bbl oatmeal stout w/vanilla - Feb. 19th @ The Whisk(e)y.
Black Bottle Brewery - Shameless - Dry Irish Stout on nitro - February 24th.
Black Bottle Brewery - Carlos - American Brown Ale - returns February 27th.
Black Sky Brewery/American Craft Beer Radio - Hazelnut Porter - February 14th 11am.
Blue Spruce Brewing - Pomegranate Porter - slightly sour - February 3rd.
Blue Spruce Brewing - Chocolate Raspberry Stout - special release - February 14th.
Bonfire Brewing - Cone of Shame IPL - India Pale Lager - February 4th.
Bootstrap Brewing/Walnut Brewery - NutStrap Imperial Coffee Stout - collaboration - Feb. 13th 5pm.
Boulder Beer - Rude Eagle - bourbon barrel aged Double IPA - 1 keg - February 6th 8pm.
Boulder Beer - A Honey of a Saison - February 13th.
Boulder Beer - Limited Edition Barrel-aged Cherry Porter - February 17th 4pm.
Breckenridge Brew Pub - 25 Years Strong Imperial Double Oatmeal Stout - February 6th.
Breckenridge Brewery - Ophelia Hoppy Wheat Ale - seasonal - returns mid-February.
Breckenridge Brewery - Barleywine Batch #2 (2015) - February 27th.
BREW Pub & Kitchen - Peggy - American Stout - late February.
BREW Pub & Kitchen - Samuel - American Pale Ale - February 23rd.
Brewery Rickoli - Totally IPA - returns February 8th.
Brewery Rickoli - Enormous Richard - double cream ale - returns February 8th.
Brewery Rickoli - Black Pline - black IPA - February 8th.
Brewery Rickoli - Vanilla in 'yo Rye - returns February 17th.
Bristol Brewing - Smokebrush Porter - charity beer - February 12 5:30pm.
BRU Handbuilt Ales & Eats - BRU TANG Cream Ale - February 17th.
BRU Handbuilt Ales & Eats - Pinesnarl - Cascadian Dark Ale (6.5% ABV) - February 23rd.
Bull & Bush Brewery - Ice Cream Clone Stout - annual release - February 10th.
Cannonball Creek Brewing - Single Hop IPA - w/Nelson Sauvin hops - February 27th.
Casey Brewing & Blending - East Bank - new batch - February 7th 11am.
Casey Brewing & Blending - Saison - new batch - February 7th 11am.
Casey Brewing & Blending - Fruit Stand Farmhouse Ale - new batch - February 7th 11am.
Chain Reaction Brewing - Denver Comedy Pale Ale - February 13th.
Chain Reaction Brewing - Chinese New Year Wit - w/chinese spices - February 19th.
Chain Reaction Brewing - Single Hop Pale Ale - w/Belma hops - February 19th.
Chain Reaction Brewing - Look What I Saaz - session smash beer - February 19th.
Coda Brewing - Bramble On - Blackberry Imperial Kolsch - February 7th.
Coda Brewing - 180 Gram - 12% ABV Russian Imperial Stout - February 7th.
Coda Brewing - Blueberry Kolsch - February 9th.
Coda Brewing - Lover Rock - Oatmeal Blackberry Brown - 1 keg - February 13th.
Coda Brewing - Foxfeather Red - February 17th.
Coda Brewing - The Bad Plus Chocolate Java Stout - February 17th.
Coda Brewing - Dragondeer Beer - tart saison - February 20th.
Coda Brewing - 42/- Shilling - February 20th.
Comrade Brewing - Imperial IPA (9.5% ABV, 100+ IBU) - February 6th 12pm.
Copper Kettle Brewing - Chocolate Vanilla Imperial Cream Ale - cask - February 4th.
Copper Kettle Brewing - Rum Barrel Imperial Pumpkin Porter - nitro tap - February 6th.
Copper Kettle Brewing - Cherry Chocolate Imperial Milk Stout - cask - February 11th.
Copper Kettle Brewing - Chocolate Toasted Coconut Imperial Porter - cask - February 18th.
Copper Kettle Brewing - Chocolate Hazelnut Peanut Butter Imperial Brown Ale - February 25th.
Crabtree Brewing - Hunka Hunka Burnin' Love Porter - firkin - February 6th 6pm.
Crabtree Brewing - Ginger Bee - returns February 11th.
Crabtree Brewing - Apple of my Eye - English-style dry apple cider/pilsner - firkin - February 13th.
Crabtree Brewing - Grand Marnier oak chip Oatmeal Stout - firkin - February 20th 6pm.
Crabtree Brewing - Oatmeal Stout - returns February 21st.
Crabtree Brewing - Braggot - firkin - February 27th 6pm.
Crazy Mountain Brewing - Pink Vail Fruit Ale - February 27th.
Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project - Surette Reserva Cassis - special keg - February 3rd 6pm.
Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project - Passion Party - golden sour w/passion fruit - Feb. 10th 6pm.
Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project - Progenitor - dry-hopped golden sour - February 18th.
Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project - L'Brett d'Pluot - golden sour w/pluots - February 26th 6pm.
Crow Hop Brewing - Small Batch Session Ale (4% ABV) - February 6th.
Crow Hop Brewing - Belgian White IPA (7% ABV) - February 13th.
Crystal Springs Brewing - Bulleit Bourbon Barrel Aged Paul's Coffee Imperial Black IPA - Feb. 13th.
Dad & Dudes Breweria - Something Light Cream Ale - February 17th.
Dad & Dudes Breweria/The Fermentologists - Winter Yum Yum - chocolate raspberry stout - Feb. 23rd 7pm.
De Steeg Brewing - Gewurztraminer Ale - beer w/grapes & sake yeast - February 13th.
De Steeg Brewing - Grapefruit Wheat - half keg only - February 13th.
Declaration Brewing - Dec - American Style Kolsch - February 14th Grand Opening.
Declaration Brewing - American Style Stout - February 14th Grand Opening.
Declaration Brewing - American Style Amber - February 14th Grand Opening.
Declaration Brewing - Electric Silk - oatmeal IPA - February 14th Grand Opening.
Declaration Brewing - Purloined Pearl Pale - American Style Pale Ale - February 14th Grand Opening.
Declaration Brewing - American Style Pilsner - February 14th Grand Opening.
Declaration Brewing - MRCA Wheat - February 14th Grand Opening.
Declaration Brewing - Hardtack Copper - February 18th.
Declaration Brewing - Bel-Gum - February 18th.
Declaration Brewing - Double IPA - February 18th.
Declaration Brewing - Peg - strawberry wheat - February 18th.
Declaration Brewing - Mile Highlander - Scottish Strong - February 18th.
Declaration Brewing - Ripple Belgian Table Ale - February 18th.
Denver Beer Co - Miss Daisy's Chocolate Milk Stout - February 27th.
Dillon Dam Brewery - 18th Damiversary Double IPA - small batch - February 5th.
Dillon Dam Brewery - Chocolate Brown Ale w/raspberries & habaneros - 5 gal - February 10th 5pm.
Dillon Dam Brewery - Chocolate Milk Stout - small batch - February 25th.
Dodgeton Creek Brewing - Oktoberfest - returns February 12th.
Dry Dock Brewing (South) - Rabbit in Red - Gruit - w/no hops - February 1st.
Dry Dock Brewing (South) - DoppleDock - German-style Dopple Bock - February 6th.
Dry Dock Brewing (South) - Cherry Ambassador Sour - firkin - February 6th 3pm.
Dry Dock Brewing (South) - Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla Porter - firkin - February 13th 3pm.
Dry Dock Brewing (South) - Chocolate Raspberry Porter - February 14th.
Dry Dock Brewing (South) - Sugar Daddy Brown Ale - on nitro - February 24th.
Dry Dock Brewing (South) - S.S. Flyer - hoppy wheat - returns February 24th.
Dry Dock Brewing (South) - Double Chocolate DoppleDock - firkin - February 27th 3pm.
Dry Dock Brewing (North) - Chocolate Hefeweizen - firkin - February 28th 12pm.
Echo Brewing - Echo Helles - w/grapes & chardonnay oak - February 4th.
Echo Brewing - Peach Amarillo Session Ale - firkin - February 18th.
Echo Brewing - Munich Helles - returns February 19th.
Edgewater Brewery - The Scottish - Scottish ale - February 12th.
Elk Mt Brewing - Raspberry Red - firkin - February 4th 4pm.
Elk Mt Brewing - Satsuma Puma IPA - firkin - February 11th 4pm.
Elk Mt Brewing - Chocolate Covered Strawberry Stout - February 14th.
Elk Mt Brewing - Pumpkin Peach Ale - February 27th 5pm.
Epic Brewing - Lil' Brainless Raspberries - draft & can - February 5th.
Equinox Brewing - Eclipse Brown Ale w/peaches & pumpkin pie spices - February 5th.
Equinox Brewing - Sunrise Golden Ale - dry-hopped w/Amarillo - firkin - February 12th.
Fate Brewing - Imperial Moirai IPA - February 2nd - 2nd anniversary.
Fate Brewing - Imperial Sudice Stout - February 3rd - 2nd anniversary.
Fate Brewing - Imperial Norns Roggenbier - February 4th - 2nd anniversary.
Fate Brewing - Vinum Viognier Saison - 2nd Anniversary Ale - February 4th.
Fate Brewing - Imperial Laimas Kolsch Style Ale - February 5th - 2nd anniversary.
Fate Brewing - Imperial Parcae Belgian Pale Ale - February 6th - 2nd anniversary.
Fate Brewing - Coffee Stout - on nitro - February 14th.
Fate Brewing - Pale Ale - w/Summer, Galaxy & Citra hops - February 24th.
FERMÆNTRA - Backlit - Black IPA - February 20th.
FERMÆNTRA - Canticle - Belgian Dubbel - returns February 25th.
FERMÆNTRA - Sidereal - Blonde Rye Ale - February 27th.
Fiction Beer - Subtle Ruse - pilsner - February 14th.
Fiction Beer - Waves and Ripples - Gose - salted sour German wheat - February 25th.
Fieldhouse Brewing - White Russian Coffee Stout - February 4th.
Fieldhouse Brewing - Belgian IPA - February 8th 12pm.
Fieldhouse Brewing - Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Stout - February 11th.
Fieldhouse Brewing - Pumpkin Peach Stout - February 18th.
Former Future Brewing - Four different coffee beers - 1st anniversary - February 1st.
Former Future Brewing/Denver off the Wagon - 4x4 Imperial Brett IPA (7.8% ABV) - February 20th.
Fort Collins Brewery - Giles - Golden Imperial Ale - Malt Monster Series - February 20th.
Fort Collins Brewery - Maibock - returns February 23rd.
Front Range Brewing - Cherry Stout - bourbon bbl-aged - February 14th.
Front Range Brewing - Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Coffee Stout - February 18th.
Fossil Brewing - Achocalypse - chocolate beer - February 12th.
Fossil Brewing - Coffee Stout - collaboration beer - February 19th.
Funkwerks - Belgian Stout - bottle & draft - February 21st.
Gold Camp Brewing - Mizz 51 - coconut chocolate stout - end of February.
Gold Camp Brewing - Fr. Kavanaugh's Irish Red - end of February.
Gold Camp Brewing - Phoenix Phire Double IPA - end of February.
Gold Camp Brewing - 2 Guns Nan - w/Centennial hops - end of February.
Gold Camp Brewing - Connemara Irish Stout - end of February.
Gold Camp Brewing - Pearl de Vere Blonde Ale - end of February.
Gold Camp Brewing - The Easy Way - Pumpkin Peach Belgian Ale - end of February.
Golden City Brewery - Red Hot REd Ale - cinnamon beer - February 14th.
Goldspot Brewing/Cerebral Brewing - Uh Huh Honey - honey IPA - February 21st Grand Opening.
Goldspot Brewing - Belgian Pale Ale - February 21st Grand Opening.
Goldspot Brewing - Coffee Cocoa Porter - February 21st Grand Opening.
Goldspot Brewing - Imperial Stout - February 21st Grand Opening.
Goldspot Brewing - Kolsch-style Golden Ale - February 21st Grand Opening.
Goldspot Brewing - IPA - February 21st Grand Opening.
Grand Lake Brewing - Dopplebock - February 14th.
Great Storm Brewing - Black Bear Zwartbier - randall w/cocoa nibs - February 14th.
Great Storm Brewing - Sugar Bear - French Toast Dopplebock - February 14th.
Great Storm Brewing - Black Wheat Wine - randalled w/blueberries - February 18th 6pm.
Grimm Brothers Brewhouse - Charles the Great - German Belgo Blonde Ale - February 7th 12pm.
Grimm Brothers Brewhouse - Rose Petal Snow Drop - firkin - February 9th.
Grimm Brothers Brewhouse - Tequila Dos Grios - Vienna Lager aged in Tequila bbls - Feb. 14th.
Grimm Brothers Brewhouse - Magic Mirror - Imperial Kottbusser Ale - bottles only - Feb. 14th.
Grimm Brothers Brewhouse - Pumpkin Peach Bearskin Stout - firkin - February 27th.
Grimm Brothers Brewhouse - Bearskin - Dry Stout - February 28th.
Grist Brewing - Whiskey Lager - February 13th.
Großen Bart Brewery - Soul Patch Porter - February 24th.
Gunbarrel Brewing - Touch of Grey - Blonde ale - @ Grandma's House - February 7th 4:30pm.
High Hops Brewery - Yo!atmeal Stout - firkin - February 4th 5pm.
High Hops Brewery - Hinterwälder Lager - February 5th.
High Hops Brewery - Gin Barrel Wit - bbl-aged American wheat - February 11th.
High Hops Brewery - Groot - Belgian style Dubbel - February 12th.
High Hops Brewery - Van Dam - vanilla milk stout w/Damiana aphrodisiac firkin - Feb. 14th 12pm.
High Hops Brewery - Habanero Honey - red ale w/habaneros - firkin - February 14th.
High Hops Brewery - DaPa Brown - Homebrew class ale release - February 18th 5pm.
High Hops Brewery - Vanilla Barn Owl - vanilla hefeweizen - firkin - February 25th 5pm.
High Hops Brewery - License to 'IL - double India lager 8.25% ABV - February 26th.
Horse & Dragon Brewing - Pucker Up & Whistle - tart cherry honey brown - February 14th.
Horse & Dragon Brewing - Trina's Mint Chocolate Stout - February 26th.
Horse & Dragon Brewing - Fire Captain Irish Red Ale - on nitro - returns February 27th.
J Wells Brewery - Bergstaat Dunkelweiss - February 27th.
Jagged Mountain - Sawatch IPA - February 4th.
Jagged Mountain - Grizzly Peak Session Porter - low ABV - February 10th.
Jagged Mountain/Prost Brewing - Quickdraw Kolsch - February 17th.
Jagged Mountain - Wolfpack Black Saison - February 24th.
Joyride Brewing - Edgewater IPA - returns February 11th.
Joyride Brewing - Antelope Amber - returns February 18th.
Joyride Brewing - Bluecifer - Belgian Golden Strong - February 23rd.
Joyride Brewing - Emerald Irish Stout - nitro tap - February 27th.
Joyride Brewing - Czech the Rhime - Czech-style Pilsner - February 27th.
Kannah Creek Brewing - Wee Heavy - smoked Scotch ale - firkin - February 9th 5pm.
Kannah Creek Brewing - Crossed Irons Irish Ale - February 19th.
Kannah Creek Brewing - Cherry Chocolate Porter - firkin - February 23rd.
Left Hand Brewing - WTF sour ale - archived single keg - February 14th 11am.
Left Hand Brewing - Great Juju - Imperial Ginger Pale Ale - February 28th 11am.
Liquid Mechanics Brewing/The Post Brewing - Little Red Planet - February 6th.
Liquid Mechanics Brewing - Colorado Red Ale - February 6th.
Living The Dream Brewing - The Eternal Hoptimist Double IPA - returns February 5th.
Living The Dream Brewing - Belgian Brune - returns February 5th.
Living The Dream Brewing - Experimental Ale #1001-B4 - hoppy amber ale - February 12th.
Living The Dream Brewing - Dunkel - February 24th.
Locavore Beer Works - Tooth 'n Ale ESB - cask - returns February 26th.
Locavore Beer Works - 5th Season Pale Ale - February 26th.
Lone Tree Brewing - Longshanks' Wee Heavy (8+% ABV) - February 18th 12pm.
Lost Highway Brewing - WhEaT Dreams - early February.
Loveland Aleworks - Sorachi Ace IPA (7.4% ABV) - winter seasonal - early February.
Loveland Aleworks - American Sour Ale w/black currants & strawberries - February 12th.
Loveland Aleworks - Barrel Aged Grand Cru - February 13th.
Loveland Aleworks/Crow Hop Brewing - For the Love of Stout (themed beer) - February 14th.
Loveland Aleworks - Brendan's Strong Scotch Ale (9.7% ABV) - winter seasonal - mid-February.
Lowdown Brewery - Tuggie Milk Stout - new name - returns February 6th.
Lowdown Brewery - Sinister Aged Saison - 1st Anniversary tapping - February 11th 5pm.
Lowdown Brewery - Lowdown's 1st Anniversary Ale - February 11th 5pm.
Lowdown Brewery - Russian Imperial Stout - aged stout - February 11th 5pm.
Mancos Brewing - Chocolate Wheat Lager - February 14th.
Mockery Brewing - Smoked Lager - February 6th.
Moonlight Pizza Brewpub - Imperial Porter - February 5th.
Moonlight Pizza Brewpub - Double IPA - 100th batch - February 6th.
Mountain Sun - February was Stout Month - House Stouts: 48 Smooth Chai Stout, Addiction Coffee Imperial Stout, Bourbon Barrel-Aged Addiction Coffee Imperial Stout, Brett Stoudt American "Wild" Stout, Casual Friday Stout, Cherry Chocolate Stout, Chocolate Dip Stout, Chocolate Thunder Imperial Chocolate Milk Stout, Coconut Cream Stout, Dark Harvest Pumpkin Stout, Dropkick Stout, Girl Scout Stout, Korova Cream Stout, Megatron Imperial Stout, Mutual Respect Coffee Stout brewed with Odell Brewing, Nihilist Russian Imperial Stout, Norwegian Wheat Stout, Oatimus Prime Oatmeal Stout, Old School Dry Irish Stout, Sharkbite Foreign Stout, Space Odyssey Stout, Stoked Oak Stout, Totally Stoked Stout, Thunderhead Stout, Trickster Stout, and Yonder Mountain Oatmeal Stout.
Mountain Sun - Chocolate Thunder Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Chocolate Milk Stout - Feb. 3rd.
Mountain Sun - Megatron Imperial Stout - February 10th.
Mountain Sun - Oatimus Prime Imperial Oatmeal Stout - February 10th.
Mountain Sun - Cherry Chocolate Stout - February 14th.
Mountain Sun - Daisy's Raspberry Chipotle Stout - February 18th - Homebrew competition winner.
Mountain Sun - The KRÄKEN - spiced and smoked stout - February 23rd.
Mountain Sun - Bourbon Barrel-Aged Addiction Coffee Imperial Stout - February 24th.
Mountain Toad Brewing - Galaxy Hop - golden ale with Australian hops - February 5th.
Mountain Toad Brewing - Monsieur Fleru - belgian golden spiced ale - February 12th.
Mu Brewery - Colorado Bastard IPA - $1 pints - 1 keg - February 12th 3pm.
Mu Brewery - Pumpkin Peach Ale - $1 pints - 1 keg - February 19th 3pm.
Mu Brewery - Searing Smoked Serrano Wheat - chili beer - small batch - February 27th 5:30pm.
New Belgium Brewing - Cocoa Molé - Lips of Faith - porter - February 18th.
New Belgium Brewing - 2015 La Folie - annual release - February 7th - Lost in the Woods.
New Belgium Brewing - 2015 Transatlantique Kriek - February 7th - Lost in the Woods.
New Belgium Brewing - Oscar-Worthy - coffee sour beer - February 20th.
Nighthawk Brewery - Herb Saison w/Lacto (6.3% ABV) - limited batch - February 18th.
Nighthawk Brewery - Berliner Weisse - late February.
Nighthawk Brewery - Session Porter - late February.
Odell Brewing - Brazzle - sour golden raspberry ale - bottle & draft - February 27th.
Odyssey Beerwerks - Primordial Gruit - w/spices - February 1st.
Odyssey Beerwerks - Northern Lights Sahti - w/juniper & spruce - February 1st.
Odyssey Beerwerks - Berry Cauldron Stout - Discovery beer - February 11th.
Odyssey Beerwerks - Dubbel Dragon - dubbel w/dragon fruit green tea - February 25th.
Our Mutual Friend Brewery - Colorado Pale Ale - returns February 26th.
Pagosa Brewing - Salty Caramel Stout - returns February 5th.
Pagosa Brewing - Wolf Tracks - Espresso Stout - February 13th.
Palisade Brewing - Zoso IPA - w/Zoso hops - February 6th.
Pateros Creek Brewing - The Queen of Beers - Peach Pumpkin Imperial IPA - Outlaw tap - February 5th.
Pateros Creek Brewing - English Ale w/ American Roots Tea - Outlaw tap - February 12th.
Pateros Creek Brewing/Grossen Bart Brewign - Bear Shark Barleywine - February 20th.
Pateros Creek Brewing - Ain't No Sunshine - Kolsch w/strawberry tea - Outlaw tap - Feb. 26th.
Pikes Peak Brewing - Switchback Coffee Porter - in cans - February.
Platt Park Brewing - Phaded Pale Ale w/Citra hops - firkin - February 4th.
Ratio Beerwerks - Repeater - Extra Pale Ale - February 14th Grand Opening.
Ratio Beerwerks - Hold Steady - Chocolate Rye Scotch Ale - February 14th Grand Opening.
Ratio Beerwerks - Dear You - French-American Saison - February 14th Grand Opening.
Ratio Beerwerks - Domestica - American Standard Ale - February 14th Grand Opening.
Ratio Beerwerks - Genius Wizard (11% ABV) - seasonal - February 14th Grand Opening.
Red Leg Brewing - Milk Stout - nitro tap - February 6th.
Red Leg Brewing - Mint Chocolate Stout - February 27th 5pm.
Renegade Brewing - оранжевый (Oranzhevvy) - Hammer & Sickle aged on cocoa nibs/orange peel - Feb. 9th.
River North Brewery - River North White fermented Oktoberfest-style - lager - February 11th.
River North Brewery - Anniversary Ale 3 - Biere de Garde (17.2% ABV) - February 13th 1pm.
River North Brewery - Coffee Avarice - Imperial Stout - 1 keg only - February 25th.
Rock Bottom Denver - Fire Chief Ale - returns February 11th 6pm.
Rockyard Brewing - Lighting Strike - oatmeal stout - February 1st - Stout Month.
Rockyard Brewing - Lighting Strike Nitro - February 1st - Stout Month.
Rockyard Brewing - New Memphis BLACK Stout Chili Ale - February 1st - Stout Month.
Rockyard Brewing - Kimbo 2.0 - Russian Imperial Stout - small batch - February 1st.
Rockyard Brewing - Fluff Monster Smoked Russian Imperial Stout - February 1st.
Rockyard Brewing - Cerise Stout - cherry stout w/French oak - February.
Rockyard Brewing - Terre Pecan Stout - stout with pecans and French oak - February.
Rockyard Brewing - Grand Cru - American Brett Ale - February 19th.
Ska Brewing - Ska Face - limited release bbl-aged Barleywine (11.5% ABV) - February 18th.
Snowbank Brewing - Ghana Chocolate Stout - February - February 20th.
Snowbank Brewing - The Wakatu Experience - single hop ale - half anniversary February 22nd.
Snowbank Brewing - Winey Blonde - Belgian blonde w/Malbec-soaked oak-chips - February 22nd.
Snowbank Brewing - Bee's Knees - small batch IPA Braggot - February 22nd.
Snowbank Brewing - Moon Arete Wheat - returns February 23rd.
Snowbank Brewing - Cocoa Squall - black IPA with cacao husk & nibs - February 27th.
Station 26 Brewing - Single Hop Chinook IPA - February 6th.
Station 26 Brewing - Horchata Milk Stout - firkin - February 19th 4pm.
Steamworks Brewing - Framboozin - raspberry Lambic/Stout - firkin at Durango Mt Resort - Feb. 27th 3pm.
Strange Craft - Strange Specialty Stout - 1 barrel - February 4th.
Strange Craft - Pumpkin Saison - limited batch - February 9th.
Strange Craft - Le Bruit du Diable - Farmhouse Ale - February 26th.
The Old Mine - Cinnamon Cherry Pomegranate - small batch hard cider - February 12th.
The Old Mine - Chocolate Chili Strawberry - small batch hard cider - February 12th.
The Old Mine - Citra Hopped Handlebar Hard Cider - February 17th.
The Post Brewing - Lovey Dovey - Belgian-style Amber ale - February 13th.
Three Barrel Brewing - Morada - dark tart brett sour ale - February 4th.
Three Barrel Brewing - Hermano - light tart lacto sour ale - February 4th.
Three Barrel Brewing - Unfiltered Wheat Sour Ale on brett - February 4th.
Three Barrel Brewing - Thursday Special - Coconut Brown Lager - draft & bottle - February 5th.
Tivoli Beer/99.5 The Mountain - Pass The Buck - preview @ The Mayor of Old Town - Feb. 19th.
TRVE Brewing - Crimson Death - sour ale w/raspberries & boysenberries - 1st week February.
Two Creeks Brewing - Wunsch - German-style Amber Ale - February 6th 6pm @ Grandma's House.
Trinity Brewing - Flo IPA - dry hopped - firkin - February 7th 11am.
Trinity Brewing - For the Love of Stouts - February 13th 12pm.
Trinity Brewing - Cherry Chilly Water Baltik Porter - single keg - February 14th.
Trinity Brewing - 45th Parallel - Oregon-style IPA - February 27th 5pm.
Two22 Brew - Patio Peach - 1st Anniversary - returns Feb. 21st.
Two22 Brew - Boo! 22 - 1st Anniversary - returns Feb. 21st.
Two22 Brew - Hefeweizen - 1st Anniversary - returns Feb. 21st.
Two22 Brew - Imperial Melon IPA - 1st Anniversary - returns Feb. 21st.
Two22 Brew - Saison - 1st Anniversary - returns Feb. 21st.
Two22 Brew - Abbey - 1st Anniversary - returns Feb. 21st.
Two22 Brew - White IPA - 1st Anniversary - returns Feb. 21st.
Two22 Brew - Chocolate Porter - 1st Anniversary - returns Feb. 21st.
Two22 Brew - Fruits of Philanthropy - Anniversary Beer - February 22nd.
Upslope Brewing - Barrel Aged Imperial Stout - Lee Hill Series Vol 3 - cans - February 19th.
Verboten Brewing - Killer Boots with Peppermint - on nitro - February 20th.
Verboten Brewing - Plethora - rum bbl-aged Belgian Quad (11% ABV) - February 27th.
Verboten Brewing - Never Lose - bourbon bbl-aged Russian Imperial Stout w/coffee & cocoa - Feb. 28th.
Vindication Brewing - Big Sampson IPA - rye IPA 9% ABV - February 12th.
WeldWerks Brewing - IPA - February 21st - 1st day of business.
WeldWerks Brewing - Red Ale - February 21st - 1st day of business.
WeldWerks Brewing - Coffee Stout - February 21st - 1st day of business.
WeldWerks Brewing - Hefeweizen - February 25th.
Westminster Brewing - Abel - Black IPA - February 6th.
Westminster Brewing - 12 Apostles - German-style Kolsch - can release - February 27th.
Wild Woods Brewery - Blackberry Bourbon Wheatwine - February 5th.
Wild Woods Brewery - Chipotle Chili Campfire Red - cask - February 5th.
Wild Woods Brewery - Smores Stout - cask w/coconut - February 12th.
Wild Woods Brewery - Frozen Forest - barleywine w/spruce & coriander - February 19th.
Wild Woods Brewery - Barrel Aged Butternut Brown - February 26th.
Wiley Roots Brewing - Double Chocolate Porter - small batch - February 5th.
Wiley Roots Brewing - Mexican Chocolate Stout - small batch - February 5th.
Wiley Roots Brewing - Tequila Barrel Aged Deep Roots Chocolate Porter - February 5th.
Wiley Roots Brewing - Anise-Caraway Stout - small batch - February 12th.
Wiley Roots Brewing - Whiskey Barrel Aged Deep Roots Chocolate Porter - February 12th.
Wiley Roots Brewing - Wine Barrel Aged Deep Roots Chocolate Porter - February 12th.
Wonderland Brewing - The Cat's Pajamas - Belgian Imperial Weizen (8.3% ABV) - February 6th.
Wynkoop Brewing - Saison De Seigle - February 17th.
Yak & Yeti Brewpub - Cinnamon Apple Ale - February 11th.
Yak & Yeti Brewpub - Yakety Yak Don't Talk Bock - bock - February 17th 4pm.
Zwei Bruder Brewing - Englisch - Maltastic brown ale - February 6th.
Zwei Bruder Brewing - Trunk - American IPA - February 6th.
Zwei Bruder Brewing - Can I get a Harrumph? - Pale Ale - February 13th.
Zwei Bruder Brewing - Dopple Weizenbock - February 17th - Karneval.
Zwei Bruder Brewing - Double IPA - February 17th - Karneval.
Zwei Breder Brewing - Dry Hopped Pils - 2nd in a series - February 17th - Karneval.

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03/02/2015 01:14 PM
DUI, Part IV: Incarceration
Last year my life was forever changed. I was arrested for DUI as I was driving home from a beer festival. As a long-time beer blogger and advocate of knowing when to say when, this was devastating. Over the next few weeks, I will be telling my story in hopes that my experience will resonate […]

03/02/2015 12:54 PM
Grapevine Craft Brewery Raises Funds for Grapevine Charity
Grapevine Relief And Community Exchange (GRACE) a community service organization that runs a food pantry, transitional housing, and a community clinic. In mid Februray their donation center was robbed and set on fire. Grapevine Craft Brewery Founder Gary Humble went to GoFundMe and pledged to match donation of up to $2500. Within days, the GoFundMe page had collected almost $15,000, bringing the total money raised to almost $20,000. You can read all about it here.

03/02/2015 11:39 AM
BBSU Starts Wednesday!
Better Beer Society University starts Wednesday! There are still some open spots, so grab your no. 2 pencils (or perhaps your keyboard) and sign up today! Classes meet Wednesdays from March 4th through May 20th at either 6pm or 7:30pm at Republic Seven Corners. Now in it’s third year, Better Beer Society University offers up ...

03/02/2015 11:00 AM
Book Release: OR: Portland: Local writer Niki Ganong releases "A Traveler’s Handbook to State Liquor Laws", April 21st
Press Release

image courtesy Niki Ganong, Cole Gerst, & Overcup Press
A Traveler’s Handbook to State Liquor Laws
By Niki Ganong

This book is the puzzle piece that has long been missing from drinking in America. A joy to read and an impressive mountain of knowledge to unearth.” – Jeffrey Morgenthaler, author of The Beer Book: Elements of Cocktail Technique

How anyone could take such a dry subject as state-to-state liquor laws, and write a book on the subject that’s not just informative, but also really fun to read, is completely beyond me. Niki Ganong has pulled it off in grand style, though. This is a fabulous, and very useful, book for boozers in the USA.”
 Gary “gaz” Regan, author of The Joy of Mixology

Inspired by a relentless pursuit to understand America’s confusing liquor laws, Niki Ganong spent the last three years researching each state’s history with alcohol along with the current laws of the land. The result is a different type of guidebook -- one that keeps thirsty travelers informed about how to buy alcohol on the road. With colorful illustrations and arranged in a state-by-state regional format from east to west, THE FIELD GUIDE TO DRINKING IN AMERICA (Overcup Press, April 21, 2105, $19.99) tells the story of America through alcohol in a narrative filled with interesting people, places, conflicts, and values all connected by the thread of alcohol.

“I had a nagging curiosity about America’s history with alcohol,” said Ganong. “After Prohibition was repealed, each state and county was on its own to regulate how liquor was bought and sold and this lead to confusion once outside the state’s borders. Alcohol is an intricate part of human culture, so I kept asking what have the people in this place historically done to make, sell or consume alcohol. Then we followed that line of thinking to modern times.”

THE FIELD GUIDE keeps thirsty travelers informed when they cross state lines and armchair travelers entertained as they consider the complexity and variety of state laws enacted since the repeal of Prohibition:
Find out when bars make last call.
Know how packaged liquor, beer and wine are sold in all 50 states and Washington, DC. 
Plan ahead for the Sunday "blue laws" that can throw off your tailgate party.
Use easy to follow icons to identify control states, growler refill laws, corkage/re-corkage rules and more.
Get tips from local bartenders, brewers, and distillers about drinking in each state.

About the author:
Niki Ganong is a food and drink writer from Portland, Oregon. She is a frequent contributor to epicurean publications and is a frequent beer judge. The Field Guide to Drinking is her first book.

By Niki Ganong; Art Direction & Design by Cole Gerst/option-g
978-0983491729; April 21, 2015; Paperback; $19.99; 224 pgs; 220 color illustrations, 52 maps, 52 color photos

03/02/2015 10:47 AM
Great Lakes Brewing Blackout Stout

The post, Great Lakes Brewing Blackout Stout, first appeared on The Barley Blog.

I’ve had a few Great Lakes Brewing beers since they started shipping to Virginia back in February of 2012, but none of their products were so firmly set in my sights as their Blackout Stout. I don’t know why it’s taken me this long to finally find a bottle (or three) on shelves, but it […]

The post, Great Lakes Brewing Blackout Stout, first appeared on The Barley Blog.

03/02/2015 08:44 AM
They Closed Schools Again
All I encountered driving to work was cold and fog.

Over the last few weeks, it seems the rule here is schools close one day for each inch of snow.

[ This content originated at Musings Over a Pint ]

03/02/2015 05:46 AM
Next week, links about actually drinking beer
MONDAY BEER LINKS, MUSING 03.02.15 Organizing the links this week I figured out what was missing. Making & selling beer Inside The Ram Brewery. Whoa! There’s a nanobrewery inside the Ram Brewery, the place where Young’s and Co, made beer 1831 and 2006. Here’s the tour: “We’re shown a set of cast iron grain hoppers, […]

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