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07/05/2015 01:02 AM
Carlton Draught hits slow mo
Australia’s alcohol advertising regulations are strict, as a result advertisers continually look for new ways to promote the brand – albeit without specifically promoting the product! Check out Cartlon Draught’s latest ad – the slow mo…and a few other old classics.....

07/05/2015 01:02 AM
A thought for the brewers and people of Christchurch
When I was a young lad of 18 years of age I packed my bags and travelled from the North Island of New Zealand to the city of Christchurch in the South to begin my university education. The move to Christchurch was a no brainer for me – I had lots of family who lived in the “Garden City” and I had been there many times before, always leaving with fond memories. Christchurch is a very special city with significant character – it is the New Zealand city that most closely resembles Melbourne with old stone buildings, a tram line and a beautiful river, the Avon. The city also has a number of other great gems including the Port Hills for excellent scenery and mountain biking, as well as the port suburb of Lyttleton, reached after travelling through one of New Zealand’s longest tunnels. If there is one word I would give to Christchurch it would be ‘beautiful’.....

07/05/2015 01:02 AM
Store update 19th May
So Sydney is on a roll with its awesome beer drinking weather this week and this weekend looks good to go. Growlers Currently we have Young Henry’s Hop Ale. This beer harks back to classic English style IPAs. Hefty malt backing meets every type of hop in our cool-room, added to all stages of the process. The all Australian hop flavour is not aggressive in its bitterness, but is evident in flavour and aroma and slowly asserts itself with a lengthy, lingering and thoroughly enjoyable palette. $28 for a Growler fill Once this is gone we’ll be moving onto Dr’s Orders Brewing Plasma. Plasma, a White IPA is yet another emerging trend that we’re happy to embrace and present a Doctor’s Orders Brewing twist on. Judicious hop use dominates Plasma’s aroma, backed up with a balanced mouthfeel defying its alcoholic payload before delivering an extremely long lingering bitterness. A deceivingly addictive prescription. The grist for Plasma is practically identical to our Zephyr (Double White Ale) which explains the appearance. However the lack of botanicals, a different yeast strain and excessive hop use deliver an ale that is Zephyr’s polar opposite. In other news Rich is in the shop today, Geoff is onto his 2nd table for the tasting room, while Will is in training for a 9km soft sand running event. Store hours 11am-3pm today, 8:30am-6pm Mon-Fri. 1300 808 254 Cheers!

07/05/2015 01:02 AM
Beer store update 5th May
So Sydney has had cracker beer drinking weather this week and it’s set to continue this weekend – sweet! Growlers Currently we have Moa Breakfast beer. A cracker of a lager with rich cherries, very easy drinking. Check out the review for it below: “The aroma is stunning with hints of dry wheat and cherry’s. The carbonation is lively, which works for a crisp summer beer. The taste has a serious hit of wheat and yeast, washing through with all those bubbles and a touch of cherry.” Joel Macfarlane – brewnation.co.nz $28 for a Growler fill Once this is gone we’ll be moving onto Mikkeller Citra Single Hop IPA probably early in the week Latest beers Murray’s No 6 2011 Anniversary Ale – the last available anywhere (limit 1 per person) Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Ale Barley wine Rich is in the shop today, Geoff is onto his 2nd table for the tasting room, while Will is in training for a 9km soft sand running event. Store hours 11am-3pm today, 8:30am-6pm Mon-Fri. 1300 808 254 Cheers!

07/05/2015 01:02 AM
April Beer Club Selection
Our Beer Club selection for April has now been sent out to all online customers. For those living in Sydney you can still pick these up from our store. The April Beer Club selection includes: Samuel Adams, Black Lager Bridge Road Brewers, Australian Ale William Bull, William’s Pale Ale Morland Brewing, Old Speckled Hen

07/04/2015 11:24 PM
Ask a Brewer: Monday Night’s Peter Kiley
We get asked all sorts of questions about what it’s like to make beer and work for a brewery, so today we’re sitting down with our head brewer guy, lab director, and ironic wine snob, Peter Kiley to have him answer a few of your most burning questions. Monday Night: How do you go about getting into the brewing industry? P ...

07/04/2015 08:54 PM
Big Eat 2015
Photo from Imbibe’s Big Eat event page Denver has its share of stellar restaurants, so many in fact that it’s hard to find time to visit them all. So what could be better than bringing over 50 of them to the same place at once?! The fifth annual Big Eat is happening on Thursday, July 23rd from 6-10 p.m. at The Galleria at ...

07/04/2015 06:20 PM
The Week Ahead in Beer: Dear summer, let us drink our beers in peace
Greetings, New Mexico craft beer lovers. Stoutmeister here with the reunified edition of The Week Ahead in Beer. This column covers all the breweries in Bernalillo and Sandoval counties, with Santa Fe’s four breweries and one newcomer down in Socorro also joining the party. We tried hard to keep the state edition going, but without partic ...

07/04/2015 04:39 PM
Irony. And Oppression.
I have some fired brass to ship off to an ammo supplier for credit. So on the day we celebrate our Nation's independence I headed to the local post office to pick up a few Flat Rate boxes to prepare the shipment. I found it ironic, and extremely irritating, that in order to support an interest that is guaranteed by the 2nd amendment, I must give up that very same Constitutional right.

During the drive I was thinking about the people who promote, pass, and enforce limitations on the our liberties, especially the 1st and 2nd Amendments, and how they have willfully and consciously made a decision to ignore the Constitution of the United States. Their motives should worry free men.

[ This content originated at Musings Over a Pint ]

07/04/2015 04:33 PM
Patent No. 4844932A: Separation Of Wort From Mash
Today in 1989, US Patent 4844932 A was issued, an invention of Iyadh S. Daoud, assigned to The Brewing Research Foundation, for his “Separation of Wort From Mash.” Here’s the Abstract: A barrier cross-flow separation method is used to separate wort from mash in beermaking. The separator...

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07/04/2015 04:25 PM
UPDATE: Chicago Brewery renames Trump beer, “F*ck Your Hair”
UPDATE FROM PREVIOUS POST: 5 Rabbit Cerveceria dumped Trump over recent comments about Mexican immigrants even though it meant losing business. The brewery was making a house beer for Trump Tower’s Rebar but wouldn’t think of continuing to do business with the ignoramus under the circumstances. The owners of the brewery are Latin American and […]

07/04/2015 03:54 PM
Rehoboth says yes to new Dogfish brewpub
The News Journal Rehoboth says yes to new Dogfish brewpub The News Journal REHOBOTH BEACH – Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats celebrated its 20th anniversary a day early Monday night. The Rehoboth Board of Adjustment granted the Rehoboth Avenue brewpub a variance so it can expand its restaurant space by about 12 percent ...

07/04/2015 03:46 PM
Beer Birthday: Dave Hoops
Today is the 48th birthday of Dave Hoops, Master Brewer at Fitger’s Brewhouse in Duluth, Minnesota. I first met Dave when he was brewing in the Bay Area in the 1990s, but lost touch after moved to the midwest. Happily, I’ve been seeing more and more of him at beer events and judging for...

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07/04/2015 02:31 PM
Brew Review Crew: On Tap Podcast Episode 5 – 07/04/2015

This week was another doozy in the world of craft beer! This week On Tap: Donald Trump Lambasted by Latino Libation Creators The Little Red Riding Hoods of Craft Beer … Continue Reading →

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07/04/2015 01:18 PM
Founders Next Backstage Series Beer Set: reDANKulous coming in August
I just saw the following Tweet from Founders Brewing Company. reDankulous will be released this August in 750 mL bottles around the $9.99 price point. Here’s more from Founders on this brew: We plan to release reDANKulous Imperial Red IPA in August 2015 to mark the thirteenth installment in our popular Backstage Series. Like all Backstage ...

07/04/2015 12:59 PM
Patent No. 2513765A: Mashing And Lautering Apparatus For Brewing
Today in 1950, US Patent 2513765 A was issued, an invention of Arthur B. Webb, assigned to the Cream City Boiler Company, for his “Mashing and Lautering Apparatus For Brewing.” There’s no Abstract, although in the description it includes this summary: This invention relates to mashing...

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07/04/2015 12:34 PM
Vacationland Distributors Brings Farnham Ale & Lager To Maine
The team at Vacationland Distributors, LLC. proudly announce the U.S. launch of Farnham Ale & Lager, a craft beer made just across the border in North Farnham, Quebec. The Portland launch party will be at The Thirsty Pig on Friday, July 10th, and at Blaze in Bangor on or about Thursday, July 23rd.

07/04/2015 09:54 AM
Mood Music
Getting into the spirit of the day.

A little slow, but a noble effort.

I began my Independence weekend celebration at the range. The sounds were music to my ears, though they couldn't be described as melodic. 

[ This content originated at Musings Over a Pint ]

07/04/2015 09:48 AM
Happy 4th Of July!
I hope you all have a fantastic and safe beer driven holiday! Today is my last major event as a Floridian! If you are looking for a good time, head to downtown Fort Myers for the Freedom Fest! It starts … Continue reading

Happy 4th Of July! is a post from: Worst Beer Blog Ever Advertise on this site! http://worstbeerblogever.com/contact/

07/04/2015 06:37 AM
When Should I Harvest Hops?
Question: Could you tell me when I should harvest some hops I have grown and what I can do with them to turn them into beer. I grew these and forgot to find out what I need to do next! Answer: Hops are ready to harvest when the cones feel dry to the touch.  If […]

07/04/2015 05:25 AM
Pic(k) of the Week: American Independence Day
Flag Day 2014

In 1776, John Adams —Constitutional Convention delegate from Massachusetts and future President— believed that it would be the 2nd of July, not the 4th, that would be celebrated as American Independence Day. *
The Second Day of July 1776, will be the most memorable Epocha, in the History of America. I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated, by succeeding Generations, as the great anniversary Festival. It ought to be commemorated, as the Day of Deliverance by solemn Acts of Devotion to God Almighty. It ought to be solemnized with Pomp and Parade, with Shews, Games, Sports, Guns, Bells, Bonfires and Illuminations from one End of this Continent to the other from this Time forward forever more.

Why 2 July?

Because it was on 2 July 1776 that the Second Continental Congress voted for independence. It would not be until two days later, on 4 July 1776, that Congress would approve an actual Declaration of Independence. And, it would not be until 2 August 1776 that the Declaration would actually be signed by delegates.
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

  • * Story of John Adams and Independence Day from: The Independent, 2 July 2015.
  • Full text of the Declaration of Independence: here.
  • Pictured is the Blue and Gray Building, in Falls Church, Virginia. It is the oldest surviving building in this small municipality, ten miles west of Washington, D.C., erected by a Willson Clover in 1797.

  • Pic(k) of the Week: one in a weekly series of personal photos, usually posted on Saturdays, and often, but not always, with a good fermentable as a subject.
  • Commercial reproduction requires explicit permission, as per Creative Commons.

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07/04/2015 03:05 AM
The Haight
No breakfast worries this morning. My doggy bag of BBQ contains more than enough for the rest of my stay in San Francisco. Possibly enough for the rest of the month.

With my taxi bill cosying up to Dolores and threatening to kick me out of my home, I decide to walk.

I should tell you where I’m going, I suppose. Or maybe why first. Or when. Or how.

Why? Because it’s in walking distance (see previous comment about taxi bill). And I’m getting the hang of getting about in San Francisco: don’t walk up a hill unless you have to.

When? Just before midday.

How? To the right. I’ve only ever turned left on leaving the Majestic so far.

I should have explored more. There’s an offie much closer on turning right. And more. Japantown.

Whenever I travel, I have you’re a fucking idiot Ronald moments. This is one. I could have eaten here rather in that spookily-empty Chinese.

I’m learning about the history of the city, as well as of my own stupidity. My hotel I know predates the earthquake and fire.  Lots of the houses look Victorian. Then I find one with a date: 1878. Doesn’t look like the fire troubled this hill.

Almost forgot. Where am I going? Hippy central.

Having read the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers as a small child, and the classic “Needle Sharing on the Haight” as a sociology student, I couldn’t drop in San Francisco without dropping by its old hippy heaven. And Toronado. A legendary boozer.

The sun is shining almost as much as the arse of my kecks. That’s a bad thing. Not a huge fan of hot and sticky. Unless it’s a barbecue sauce.

Drugs Free Zone? Confiscating pensioners’ prescriptions are they? What total shite is that? You may as well declare an Air Free Zone or Dirt Free Zone. Ain’t never going to happen.

Despite the uphill section at the end, the walk is quite fun. In a sweaty really wishing I could afford a taxi sort of way.

Not sure what I expected of Haight Street. Fat Freddy, probably. He was always my favourite. The sort of chav to suck down suds with in a dive bar.

I’m surprised by how small an dive-bary Toronado is. That’s a pleasant surprise. The barman, a sort of burned out old hippy, is convincingly surly in his service. I’m warming to this place already. This is my natural habitat, gut leaning on the bar, my mind freewheeling. Nothing to do but drink and watch and listen. I love pubs.

Now isn’t that a coincidence? There are several Moonlight beers in their extensive cask list. The owner, Brian Hunt, is a friend. And a shit-hot brewer. Whom I'll be meeting later. I start with one of his classics:

Moonlight Death and Taxes $4
Nearly black, tanish head. Just noticed they have two cask Moonlight beers. Damn. Oh well, I wanted to try this again, anyway. Slightly metallic, smoke coffee and toffee. Chocolate, too.  This is nice. Fucking nice. Have a second pint nice.

Bum, bum, bum. I just filled my camera’s memory card. And I can’t work out how to delete images, old technophobe that I am.

God it’s cheap in here. Even cheaper than the prices on the menu. Must be some sort of happy hour because there’s a dollar off all the draughts. Cash only, mind you. Pay as you go. I do the leaving the change on the bar thing that I picked up when living in New York.

Time for another beer.

Moonlight Twist of Fate Bitter (cask) $4
Pretty dark for a Bitter. Just about in Dark Mild country. Fairly decent head and it’s in reasonable condition. I was a bit worried about that. Biscuity malt, a pleasant undertone of bitterness, carbonation as soft as a wimp’s handshake. Very drinkable.

Moonlight Bombay by Boat (cask) $4
Much paler than the last beer. More hoppy, unsurprisingly, similar carbonation soft as fresh puppy shit. Bit of citrus. Nice tasting bitterness again. Very nice. Again. Brian really can brew.

Pliny the Elder $5
Very pale yellow, fuck all head. I can smell it from here. Has than lemon washing up liquid thing going on. That is nice. Loads of hop flavour. I can see why people go so crazy over it.

It’s been a bit like a Brian tribute session – all his beers except Pliny. And that has a connection with him, too. It’s what he brought over for me last time he visited Amsterdam.

The barman is pretty cool in a Big Lebowski sort of way. Just asked him if they have Guinness American Lager. They don’t, so I’ve made do with another Pliny. That shows the power of advertising – I’ve seen TV ads for Guinness Lager.

I really like this place. The barman is starting to warm to me, even chatting a little. So different from the full-on trendiness of the Mikkeller Bar. And with much lower prices. 5$ for a US pint of Pliny – how reasonable is that?

I bravely return by foot. By a flatter route. I’m getting the hang of this San Francisco walking lark. In a boring, illogical European city, the streets would follow the contours of the land. And avoid unnecessary inclines.

Back in my room, I quickly unload images from camera card to flip flop. Want to do a bit of snapping tonight. I’ve a dinner date. With Brian Hunt. I couldn’t visit the Bay Area without seeing him. A cool bloke and talented brewer. As today has proved.

The traffic has him running a bit late. I don’t mind. The evening air is cool outside the hotel. And my mind can freewheel with no obligations other than having a good time.

Brian is as bearded, opinionated and fun as ever. We bumble back Haight-wards in his van. This time the venue is that Magnolia.

A very nice young lady gives us a tour of the brewery in the cellar. It’s pretty cramped, as you’d expect.

As I noticed yesterday, Magnolia is big on cask. Thinking about it, most of the places I’ve been to in the US in the last year or so have been. But perhaps that’s self-selecting. Brewers of English-style cask Ales are more likely to get in touch with me.

We sink a few pints, eat and chat. Mostly the latter, as I’m trying to keep my belly from resembling a hippo’s. And Brian has to drive home.

I pick up another couple of Racer 5s as a nightcap. To wash down my eye-closer Laphroaig. Sleep rushes towards me like a runaway train full of drunken soldiers.

Tomorrow I’ve an event with home brewers. Should be able to shift some books there, shouldn’t I?

07/04/2015 02:30 AM
Beer In Ads #1605: A Very Special Glass Of Beer
Friday’s ad is another baseball-themed one for Ballantine Premium, from 1968. This one is “Go Phillies!” and shows the three broadcasters for the Philadelphia games. The only one I recognize is Ashburn, who also used to play for the Phils (but then I was an Orioles fan as a...

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07/03/2015 07:20 PM
Patent No. 654788A: Ale Or Beer Filter
Today in 1900, US Patent 654788 A was issued, an invention of Alfred E. Feroe, for his “Ale or Beer Filter.” There’s no Abstract, although in the description it includes this summary: My invention relates to an improved ale and beer filter for brewery use. The object of my improvement...

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07/03/2015 04:51 PM
Oregon Craft Beer Month Events and New Brewmaster at Rock Bottom Portland
Located in the heart of downtown and still one of two breweries in Portland’s business district, Rock Bottom is set to host four events over each of the upcoming Thursdays in July. This also happens to be the last month of that current Brewmaster Charlie Hutchins will be leading the brewhouse. It has been announced […]

07/03/2015 02:38 PM
Wikeeps: The Best of Wine Anytime
It’s the middle of the work week — #winewednesday, in fact – and you’ve earned a glass of wine for making it this far. And ...

07/03/2015 01:07 PM
Diamond Knot releasing beer to benefit local firefighters

Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog.

Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog. Diamond Knot is releasing Beach House Blond Ale with a celebration to benefit the Mukilteo Fire Department Benevolent Fund. The press release with all the info is below. Mukilteo, WA – When firefighters from the Mukilteo Fire Department approached Diamond Knot Craft Brewing about helping to raise...

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07/03/2015 01:02 PM
A Glimpse Inside Italy’s Wine Regions: The Wines of Montalcino & Gorizia

Italy is a popular travel destination that attracts thousands of wine lovers each year. In 2014, Italy ranked second next to France in wine production. According to the International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV), Italy holds the record as the world’s largest wine producer in the past decade. With thousands of wine varieties from […]

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07/03/2015 12:57 PM
Sloop Brewing Grows from a Nanobrewery to a Rising Microbrewery in the Hudson Valley

As the saying goes, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” For co-founders of Sloop Brewing Company, Adam Watson and Justin Taylor, this certainly holds true. Adam started home brewing in the bathtub about 15 years ago with his dad, David, who manages Sloop’s finances. Justin’s dad, Jim, has been home brewing since 1989. […]

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07/03/2015 12:49 PM
Boulevard Beer West Coast Launch with Pop-Up Bar Events

To celebrate the west coast launch of Boulevard Beer and the last stop on Boulevard’s VW bus road trip, a pop-up bar – BLVD on the P…

The post Boulevard Beer West Coast Launch with Pop-Up Bar Events appeared first on thefullpint.com.

07/03/2015 12:23 PM
Session beers are taking over the craft world. Maybe?
This is counter-intuitivity at is finest: With rising health awareness and concern about binge drinking driving sales of low and non-ABV beers among consumers, it seems counter-intuitive that innovation in strongly alcoholic beers should be rising. But new research from … Continue reading

07/03/2015 12:11 PM
Week of 07/03/15 Beer Tastings
Today, from 4PM to 6PM the Wine and Cheese Place in Clayton will hold its weekly Friday beer tasting in which Jen from Oskar Blues will be pouring: Oskar Blues Dales Pale, Oskar Blues Mama’s Little Yella Pils, Oskar Blues G’Knight Imperial Red IPA, Oskar Blues Pinner Throwback IPA, Oskar Blues Gubna Imperial IPA, Oskar Blues Old [...]

07/03/2015 11:32 AM
These Old Eyes at the IDPA Match
I've written about my experiences with vision correction and shooting previously. It's been just over a year since I last updated the lenses in my shooting glasses and a regular eye exam about 3 months ago showed no significant change in my vision. However, recently I've begun see a less than sharp view of the sights when using the prescription inserts. Earlier this week during some dry fire it became abundantly clear (heh) that I wasn't seeing the front sight in focus. I wrote it off as being due to low room light, and I found the practice session went a lot better not wearing the Rx glasses.

At this Wednesday’s Black Creek IDPA match as I did a few practice draws in the safe area, even in the filtered sunlight, it was still difficult to see a outline of the front and rear sights. Removing the prescription insert from my glasses allowed a very sharp sight picture. I finally decided to shoot the match without the Rx inserts. Sure the targets were blurry, but they’re supposed to be with a proper sight picture, right?

The match went pretty well for me. As always, the match director made good use of the single shooting bay by using the same targets in multiple stages, and shooting them from different positions and with different requirements. Stage 1 started with the gun on a barrel, shooting six shots through a tunnel created by a sideways barrel and barricade combo, to a target with only the center portion available. One miss and one low shot left me 6 down. The narrow and blurred target zone gave me a good feeling of the vision challenge to expect on the rest of the match.

The next two stages involved shooting four targets from cover behind stacks of barrels and wooden wire spools. Each of the targets required 3 hits each. The shooting order and gun start location changed between the stages. There were options on how you engaged the targets, and most of the views were fairly limited.

The fourth and final stage made use of the entirety of targets and props that made up the first three courses of fire. There was an added twist of requiring a varied number of hits on the targets. We started at the first stage, and put a minimum of two hits on the narrow target through the barrel. Next, we advanced toward the positions used for stages 2 and 3. The right two targets required 3 hits each, and the last two on the left required 4 hits each. Positioning was interesting as there were numerous ways to shoot the stage, all the while keeping in mind cover and engagement order. I lost track of my shot count at the last position, between a reload and a quick malfunction clearance, so ended up putting extra shots on the targets. It all worked out in the end as I finished the stage down 0. 

It was a fun, but hot, match. I didn’t have time to shoot a second gun this time, but after the clean finish on the last stage it was good to stop while I was ahead! The lack of focus in the distance didn’t appear to have much of an effect, and by the end of the match, I didn’t really notice. I couldn’t see my hits on the targets but they say you should “call your shots” anyway and not look for the holes in cardboard. I’ve talked to some other shooters with distance correction who just accept the blur of targets in the distance when shooting. I’ll wait a bit before deciding if I need to update my prescription. I do especially like the idea of not looking through a double layer of lenses, and I found I didn't need squint my left eye to pick out the front sight. I recently switched to a fiber optic on the front sight which also helps in finding that front post.

Sometimes the limitation in shooting is the equipment, not the store-bought stuff, but the parts we are born with.

[ This content originated at Musings Over a Pint ]

07/03/2015 10:39 AM
Happy 1st Birthday to Burleighs Signature London Dry Gin
Burleighs Gin began as just a dream for Phil Burley. He envisioned a craft distillery located in his home county of Leicestershire. Fate would approve ...

07/03/2015 10:14 AM
Oregon’s 4th of July Weekend Beer Events
So it’s now Friday and we made it to the extended holiday weekend for many of us. Normally the 4th of July Weekend is not known for a plethora of craft beer related events but for this year things have kicked up a bit. There are quite a few events to consider over this three […]

07/03/2015 10:12 AM
Monkey's Uncle Imperial IPA next up in cans from Straight to Ale
Straight to Ale (Huntsville, Alabama) announced recently that Monkey's Uncle Imperial IPA will find its way into cans for the first time this summer. Do you remember when you were a kid and your favorite uncle visited...
Can design for Straight to Ale's Monkey's Uncle Imperial IPA

07/03/2015 10:00 AM
Last Call: Maui to Open Restaurant; 5 Rabbit ‘Dumps Trump’
What’s a cheeseburger in paradise without a beer? Maui Brewing, in its plans to open its first Oahu location next fall, is set to take over the space currently occupied by Jimmy Buffett’s at the Beachcomber, reports the Star Advertiser.

07/03/2015 09:59 AM
Matthew’s Restaurant to feature Left Hand Brewing Company beer dinner
: Matthew Medure is something of a local legend in Jacksonville. As half of the famed Medure brothers restaurateur and chef dynasty, he and his brother David own Matthew’s and Medure’s fine dining restaurants as well as the popular M Shack burger joints. On Wednesday, July 22, Matthew will apply his talents to a beer […]

07/03/2015 09:25 AM
Harpoon releases 54th 100 Barrel Series beer: Nordic Saison
Holding Brewing Permit #001 in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is something of a big deal. It means that Harpoon Brewing Company was the first brewery in Boston. In the early day, the brewery, owned by three friends — Dan Kenary, Rich Doyle, and George Ligeti — was founded in 1986 after Kenary and Doyle returned from […]

07/03/2015 09:00 AM
Festival News: OR: Portland: White Owl Social Club hosts Lagerfest July 11th
Press Release

image courtesy White Owl Social Club

Portland, OR ...  - The 3rd annual LagerFest, a benefit for XRay.fm takes over the White Owl Social Club's spacious bar and back patio on Saturday July 11th with the largest selection of lagers in the state, perhaps the country!

The White Owl is excited to host the third annual giant patio party that celebrates the almighty but often overlooked LAGER! 50+  international and craft brews will be out on the legendary White Owl patio, and the beers will be flowing harder than Aesop Rock while riding the back of Damian Lillard dunking over Dwight Howard from the top Multinomah Falls during a Red Fang versus Lord Dying heavy metal deathmatch battle royale extravaganza!

Ok maybe not that hard, but we mean business! We spent a lot of careful time cherry picking lagers from all over the industry, and we took great pains to fill the line up with a variety of colors and flavors that span the entire Lager horizon! That ended up being a lot of beer, and it’s not going to drink itself, so check out the lineup, get in the shade with us, put up your feet and enjoy these tasty Lager brews!!

image courtesy White Owl Social Club


  1. Airways Brewing: Pre-Flight Pils.
  2. Arch Rock Brewing: Gold Beach Lager.
  3. PINTS Brewing: Schwarzbier.
  4. Snipes Mountain: La Somara.
  5. Anchor Brewing: (still unnamed brew).
  6. Ballast Point Brewing: Longfin Lager.
  7. Bridgeport Brewing: Mettle & Mash.
  8. Cascade Lakes: Paulina Lake Pils.
  9. Deschutes Brewery: Trees of Doom.
  10. Elysian Brewing: Zephyrus.
  11. Full Sail Brewing: Cascade Pilsner.
  12. Georgetown Brewing: Eddie .
  13. Hacker Pschorr: Munich Gold.
  14. Rogue: Irish Lager.
  15. Sierra Nevada: Nooner.
  16. Stone Brewing: Murder She Rotte.
  17. Base Camp Brewing: Hop in the Pool.
  18. Coalition Brewing: Bulletproof Tiger.
  19. Green Flash Brewing: Ristretto.
  20. Leavenworth Brewing: Bakke Hill.
  21. Seven Brides Brewing: Hazelbock.
  22. Victory Brewing: Prima Pils.
  23. 10 Barrel Brewing: Seasonal Depression.
  24. Bouy Brewing: Buoy Helles.
  25. Burnside Brewing Co: Couch Select Lager.
  26. Commons Brewery: Baltic Porter.
  27. Ecliptic Brewing: Double Dry Hopped Spica Pilsner.
  28. Fort George Brewery: Booy's Back.
  29. Hop Valley Brewing: Light Me Up.
  30. Lompoc Brewing: El Commandante.
  31. Oakshire Brewing: Reclamation.
  32. Pelican Brewing: PelicaÑa extra.
  33. Uinta Brewing: Baba Black Lager.
  34. Widmer Brothers: Norlander Pils.
  35. Birra Del Borgo/Dogfish Head: My Antonia.
  36. Caldera Brewing: Dark Lager.
  37. Double Mountain Brewery: Swihart's Summer Lager.
  38. Einbecker: Winterbock.
  39. Epic Brewing: Hop Syndrome.
  40. Everybody's Brewing: Helicoptor Parent.
  41. Fat Heads Brewing: Ultra Pils.
  42. Laurelwood Brewing: Dos Excellente.
  43. pFfriem Family Brewers: Helles.
  44. Plank Town Brewing: Springfest.
  45. Schlenkerla: Maerzen.
  46. Terminal Gravity Brewing: Wallowa Lake Lager.
  47. Upright Brewing: Engelberg Pilsener.
  48. Walking Man Brewing: Flip Flop Pils.
  49. Woodland Empire: Kristof.
  50. 13 Virtues Brewing: Baltic Porter.
  51. Block 15 Brewing: Black Knight.
  52. Heater Allen Brewing: Coastal Lager.
  53. Orlison Brewing: Roast House Stout.
  54. Rusty Truck Brewing: Blacktop.

Event Date: Saturday July 11th, 2015
Location: White Owl Social Club, 1305 SE 8th Avenue, Portland, OR 97214
Event Time: 2PM - 10PM
No pre-sale tickets - first come first serve at the door!
Extra Drink Tickets:
Cup + 5 tickets for $10 • 6 tickets for $10 • 3 tickets for $5 • 1 ticket for $2
Live Music by: COUNTRY TRASH
(First set at 5pm - Second Set at 10pm)


07/03/2015 07:54 AM
How Do I Use A Hydrometer
Question: Being a total novice at home brew, I would like to know how to properly use a hydrometer. The instructions that came with the one that I bought are difficult to understand, to say the least. Do I just bung the hydrometer into the bin of fermenting lager – and what should I be […]

07/03/2015 05:00 AM
July 3rd, 2015
Better safe than sorry!


07/03/2015 04:43 AM
The Only Brewery to Drink From this 4th of July – 21st Amendment

This 4th of July, it is our wish for you, readers of the Brew Review Crew, that you are surrounded by friends, family, and thine fellow countrymen to commemorate our nation’s independence … Continue Reading →

The post The Only Brewery to Drink From this 4th of July – 21st Amendment appeared first on The Brew Review Crew.

07/03/2015 03:10 AM
All about the content
Session logoEverything but the beer is the preferred topic for The Session this month. Host Jack is asking us to look at the odds and ends that go with: beermats, bottle caps and the like. One brewery with a very distinctive look to its packaged beers is Stone of San Diego and it's one of theirs that's the subject of my contribution.

This bottle of Xocoveza was kindly donated by Chris and Merideth on their recent visit to Ireland. There's nothing too unusual about the shape of the bottle: it's your standard American 650ml bomber. But they've made great use of the space it affords to tell the convoluted story of this beer.

Its roots lie in Stone's annual home brewing competition which in 2014 was won by Chris Banker, so that's his name you see emblazoned across the top of the main printed space. His recipe is an 8.1% ABV milk stout brewed with added coffee and spices, intended to recreate the effect of Mexican hot chocolate. The dense wording on the back introduces the drinker to everything they're about to experience, with quotes from the creator as well as Mitch Steele from Stone and the brewer at Cerveceria Insurgente, the Tijuana outfit which also participated in the brew.

The beer itself is heavy on the nutmeg, with a real Christmas-cookie effect, made extra sweet by the lactose sugar. Bitterness from the dark chocolate and strong coffee is fleetingly perceptible behind it. The only other pieces of entertainment it affords are the luxuriously smooth texture and a cheeky pinch of chilli in the aroma. It's not a subtle beer, nor as multifaceted as the list of additional ingredients on the front might imply, but it's fun to drink if you don't take the grimacing gargoyle on the neck too seriously.

And if you have a complaint, you'll find ways to contact the brewery on the underside of the bottle cap:

07/03/2015 03:05 AM
Dutch Lager Styles 1870 - 1960 (part three)
The first Dutch Lagers
The Lagers initially brewed in Holland were called Beiersch and were in the Munich Dark Lager style. Munich beers were the prototypical Lagers and it was only when bottom-fermenting techniques spread outside Bavaria that Lagers began to be brewed in other hues.

Dutch  Beiersch was roughly the equivalent of a Munich Sommerbier or Lagerbier. It had a gravity higher than Pilsener – 13º to 14º Plato, was less lightly hopped and more poorly attenuated than Lager of the Pilsener type.

Gerstebier was originally a top-fermenting style, but Heineken used the name for a cheap and cheerful type of Lager.  Baartz, of Oranjeboom in Rotterdam, described Gerstebier in 1884 as "although a bottom-fermented beer, it is of a low gravity and not lagered, and is a beer quick to make for a significantly lower price" ("een weliswaar ondergistend bier, maar van licht gehalte en geen Lagerbier, maar een bier van snelle confectie en tot belangrijk lager prijs").*

Though this may well just be sour grapes on the part of Mr. Baartz. From other sources it seems that Gerste Bier was lagered.

Gerste Bier was brewed with Heinieken’s D strain of yeast, while the posher beers were brewed with their A strain, the one they still use today.

Beers called Vienna or Wiener – both Amstel and Heineken brewed one at some point – were presumably amber in the Austrian style.

Culmbacher, named after the Franconian town of Kulmbach, was a style brewed in several countries when Lager first began to spread from Central Europe. It was a very dark, almost black, Lager which was hopped at three times the rate of Munich Lagers.

Hopping rate per 100 pounds of beer
place beer lbs hops
Munich Sommerbier 4
Munich Winterbier 2.3
Bamberg Sommerbier 8
Bamberg Winterbier 4.4
Kulmbach Sommerbier 12
Kulmbach Winterbier 4
Karlsruhe Sommerbier 7
Karlsruhe Winterbier 2.9
Bohemia Sommerbier 3.3
Bohemia Winterbier 2.2
Prague Sommerbier 4.4
England Porter 12
England IPA 32
Scotland Ale 12
Deutsche Vierteljahrsschrift für öffentliche Gesundheitspflege, Volume 2, 1870, page 276.

Dortmunder, or Export, was originally slightly higher gravity than Pils and not as heavily hopped.

The Culmbacher and Vienna styles didn’t last that long in Holland.

Early Pils
The first mention I can find of Dutch-brewed Pilsener is from 1879. It wasn’t brewed in Amsterdam or Rotterdam, but in Amersfoort:

Het Nieuws van den Dag, 15-10-1879, page 4.

The first advert for their Pilsener I can find is dated 5th March 1879.

* "Korte Geschiedenis der Heineken's Bierbrouwerij Maatschappij N.V. 1873 - 1948", by H. A. Korthals, 1948, page 96.

07/03/2015 01:44 AM
YourBeer – An Exclusive Look at a New Craft Beer Smartphone App

We love our smartphones. While Cory and I differ on which phone is more dominant (I’m an iPhone guy, while he…is less intelligent than I) we both love mobile technology … Continue Reading →

The post YourBeer – An Exclusive Look at a New Craft Beer Smartphone App appeared first on The Brew Review Crew.

07/03/2015 12:45 AM
Tasting Notes: Starr Hill Brewery's Northern Lights IPA, New vs. Old
Starr Hill Brewery (Charlottesville, Virginia) recently announced that they have reformulated their flagship Northern Lights IPA. For a little change of pace, I am going to go back to my reviewing roots by comparing the new and old versions...
Side-by-side comparison of Starr Hill Brewery's Northern Lights IPA, new vs. old

07/03/2015 12:12 AM
Go Fish Drinking Game

Go Fish is one of the most popular card games in the world because it is so easy to understand. In order to turn it into a drinking game, all you need is liquor, plus the cards of course. If you already know how to play Go Fish, skip the …

Continue reading

The post Go Fish Drinking Game appeared first on Best Drinking Games From All Over The World.

07/02/2015 09:48 PM
Boilermakers gathering steam
The traditional pairing of whisky and beer is continuing its ascension in Australia, with a recent Bottled Lightning Co event putting 4 Pines beers alongside spirits from Diageo.

07/02/2015 08:25 PM
Ecliptic Brewing UltraViolet Blackberry Sour Ale & Aurora Crimson Saison Bottles

(Portland, OR) – Ecliptic Brewing, a craft brewery and restaurant in Portland’s Mississippi neighborhood, has released the …

The post Ecliptic Brewing UltraViolet Blackberry Sour Ale & Aurora Crimson Saison Bottles appeared first on thefullpint.com.

07/02/2015 08:12 PM
Odell Brewing and The Real Dill Collaborate to Create Myrcenary Pickles

(Fort Collins, CO) – On July 10, 2015, Odell Brewing and The Real Dill will celebrate the release of their co-creation, Myrcenary …

The post Odell Brewing and The Real Dill Collaborate to Create Myrcenary Pickles appeared first on thefullpint.com.

07/02/2015 08:00 PM
Fat Yak births Lazy Yak; CUB revises craft beer strategy
CUB has announced its first brand extension for the Fat Yak range establishing it as a new franchise, while signalling a change in its craft beer strategy...

07/02/2015 06:46 PM
The Beer Junction celebrates 5 year anniversary

Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog.

Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog. Starting today, The Beer Junction celebrates its 5th Anniversary. Events are listed below. Just over five years ago, I met Morgan Herzog at the small retail space that would become The Beer Junction. I thought the space was too small, but knowing how desperately West Seattle needed...

The post The Beer Junction celebrates 5 year anniversary appeared first on Beer News.

07/02/2015 06:07 PM
Pressure Drop Brewing
Pressure Drop was formed in 2012 and we sold our first beers in January 2013. We're Graham, Sam and Ben, three blokes in a railway arch doing lots of cleaning and trying to make the tastiest beers we can.

07/02/2015 04:55 PM
Never Have I Ever (For Two People)

This is a game that is typically played by larger groups but we’ve adjusted the game so it can be enjoyed by as few as two people. The basis of this game is stating something that you have never done, seen or experience, and if your partner has done it …

Continue reading

The post Never Have I Ever (For Two People) appeared first on Best Drinking Games From All Over The World.

07/02/2015 04:54 PM
Icon Interview: Ken Lewis: Retail Guru Turned Craft Distiller
  Ken Lewis is regarded as a master marketer who helped to reshape the liquor retailing business and reinvented himself along the way. His creation, ...

07/02/2015 04:28 PM
Sun King Opens New Fishers Tasting Room
Sun King Brewery celebrated the opening of the new Tap Room and Small-Batch Brewery on 96th Street in Fishers today. The new location will create new and unique specialty craft beers and offer patrons the opportunity to sample and enjoy Fresh•Local•Beer on site, as well as for carry out.

07/02/2015 04:26 PM
Deschutes Changes Bay Area Distributor
Deschutes Brewery today announced it has signed new distribution agreements with Horizon Beverage Company and Markstein Sales Company, for coverage throughout Alameda and Contra Costa counties in the San Francisco Bay Area.

07/02/2015 04:11 PM
Jester King Brewery’s 2015 Vernal Dichotomous

(Austin, TX) – Jester King Craft Brewery is pleased to introduce 2015 Vernal Dichotomous – a blend of mature barr…

The post Jester King Brewery’s 2015 Vernal Dichotomous appeared first on thefullpint.com.

07/02/2015 03:57 PM
Portland Brewing Releases Super S.M.A.S.H.
With July heat in full effect and Oregon Craft Beer Month underway, it’s the perfect time to double your summer fun with an extra special brew.

07/02/2015 03:48 PM
D4th of July & Surly #’Merica
Before craft beer entered my life, there was punk rock. And one fine day in central Minnesota twenty (?!?!) years ago, Dillinger 4 entered my life. D4 played my hometown of Fergus Falls to a mixed crowd. By and large, none of us really knew what to expect of this young band from the Twin Cities, ...

07/02/2015 03:27 PM
Love Wimbledon? Enjoy it with a cocktail right out of tennis ball. Win!
London restaurant, Holborn Dining Room, serves this novel champagne cocktail. Try it! Hey, at least it’s not out of tennis shoe! Break Point cocktail Cumber infused Stolichnaya Elit Vodka (or your choice) Fresh cucumber juice Lanson white label champagne (or your choice) A squeeze of fresh lime juice Then, make a hole in the top […]

07/02/2015 01:58 PM
Rapid All Grain Beer Brewing – Part One – Brewing
TimerPFWe’re all incredibly busy these days and many of us are short on time to brew. So this week in part 1 I take a look at ways to shorten your all grain brewing session so you can brew more beer in less time. In part 2 we’ll take a look at ways to speed […]

07/02/2015 01:23 PM
Los Angeles Times Announces Event Schedule for The Taste
      Los Angeles Times Announces Event Schedule for The Taste Tickets on sale now for The Times’ annual food and wine festival over Labor Day weekend The Los Angeles Times announced the schedule for The Taste, its annual celebration of Southern California’s vibrant, influential culinary scene, returning to Paramount Pictures Studios’ iconic backlot […]

07/02/2015 01:19 PM
Crooked Stave – Nightmare on Brett (Apple Whiskey Barrel Aged) Release Details

(Denver, CO) – Crooked Stave will hold a special limited release of Nightmare on Brett aged in Leopold Brothers Apple Whiskey Bar…

The post Crooked Stave – Nightmare on Brett (Apple Whiskey Barrel Aged) Release Details appeared first on thefullpint.com.

07/02/2015 12:38 PM
American Pét-Nat Is Taking The US By Storm: WHAT Is It & WHY Should You Be Drinking It?!
  Pét-nat: if you’ve never heard of it, it’s time to get in the know. Just over the past few years this naturally sparkling wine, ...

07/02/2015 11:39 AM
Horse & Jockey
Welcome to the Horse Jockey Chorlton
A family-friendly pub and restaurant in the heart of Chorlton, serving real-ales and hearty food, the Horse and Jockey boasts all of these things plus a the fine location overlooking Chorlton's leafy Green. 

07/02/2015 08:53 AM
Isis Pale Compass

Commercial description:  This beer has been crafted with fruity European hops to complement Crystal and golden malted barleys, then dry hopped with American citrus hops for an excellent finish. Isis Pale Ale is a transatlantic tipple that, like the best boat race crews, is truly greater than the sum of its parts. Isis Pale, named [&hellip

The post Isis Pale Compass appeared first on Real Ale Review.

07/02/2015 08:48 AM
A Month Off

We’re taking a month off and will be back in August. As per our own advice, we need to recharge our beer blogging batteries and concentrate on some non-beer-related projects for a few weeks so we’re not going to post anything here at all. The 11,000+ word essay we’ve just put up is about equivalent to a month’s-worth … Continue reading A Month Off

A Month Off from Boak & Bailey's Beer Blog - Over-thinking beer, pubs and the meaning of craft since 2007

07/02/2015 08:30 AM
The Good, the Bad & the Murky — Brew Britannia: One Year On

This piece is 11,000 words long so you might want to consider downloading it to read on your tablet or smartphone via Pocket, Instapaper or another offline reader. It is also available as a free e-book in various formats via Smashwords. Contents Introduction A London Particular – why everyone is talking about ‘murky’ beer I Can I … Continue reading The Good, the Bad & the Murky — Brew Britannia: One Year On

The Good, the Bad & the Murky — Brew Britannia: One Year On from Boak & Bailey's Beer Blog - Over-thinking beer, pubs and the meaning of craft since 2007

07/02/2015 08:00 AM
Project Pabst Returns To Portland July 18th and 19th
Late last summer Pabst Brewing Company set up shop on Portland’s South Waterfront in the currently vacant Zidell Yards to host the inaugural Project Pabst, a two day music fest that brought Portland a diverse musical lineup that wowed the masses. Once again Pabst and its promotional partner Superfly are proud to announce the return […]

07/02/2015 07:48 AM
Sterilizing New Brew Equipment
Question: I’m a new to home brewing I bought a starter kit last week. The question I have is, even though I have not brewed beer before, do I still need to sterilize my bucket and keg before brewing? and if so what do I use? Answer: There are a lot of products out on the […]

07/02/2015 07:46 AM
Harpoon unveils ‘Nordic Saison’ Collaboration
Harpoon is proud to introduce the 54th installment of the Harpoon 100 Barrel Series: Nordic Saison. Anders Kissmeyer of Kissmeyer Beer & Brewing, Will Meyers of Cambridge Brewing Company, and Jaime Schier of Harpoon Brewery created this effervescent golden Saison using local honey and cranberries, rosehips, yarrow, and heather flowers.

07/02/2015 07:00 AM
Bailey’s Taproom 8th Anniversary
Plans are underway for Bailey’s Taproom’s 8th Anniversary that will take place a week earlier than normal. This year’s Anniversary will be held on Saturday, July 25th during the Oregon Brewers Festival from Noon to 11:00pm. New for this year, Bailey’s 8th Anniversary  will see a much larger space for its Anniversary by taking the […]

07/02/2015 06:59 AM
Lagunitas Equinox

The post, Lagunitas Equinox, first appeared on The Barley Blog.

Lagunitas first brewed Equinox back in 1995. I’m not sure if it was under the same moniker or even 100% the same recipe, and honestly, I don’t care. I’m just glad that they made this tasty 8% ABV imperial pale ale. Equinox is brewed with pale oat which gives it a smooth texture on the […]

The post, Lagunitas Equinox, first appeared on The Barley Blog.

07/02/2015 06:32 AM
Zupan’s Markets and Coalition Brewing Partner for Farm-To-Market IPA
PORTLAND, Ore (July 1, 2015)  –  In honor of Zupan’s 40th Anniversary and Portland’s summer bounty, Zupan’s Markets and Coalition Brewing have partnered together to create Farm-to-Market IPA. This one-of-a-kind IPA is dry-hopped with Ella and Galaxy hops for a citrusy and tropical nose that’s balanced by its malt base and 250 pounds of local […]

07/02/2015 05:46 AM
Bear Republic introduces Café Racer 15
Racing back in July, Bear Republic Brewing Company fan favorite Café Racer 15™ is arriving at a store near you. A summer seasonal release, Café Racer 15™ is one of our premium offerings with considerably limited production and distribution.

07/02/2015 05:30 AM
Weekly Beer Calendar Update: July 2 - July 8
Here we go, headfirst into the second half of the year. More than a brewer's dozen of beer events around the region to help you enjoy your favorite beverage during the hazy, crazy days of summer. Also, please keep my book events in mind where I'm talking beer, selling/signing books, and in some cases tasting beer with anyone who shows up. The events thus far have been successful and I'm looking

07/02/2015 05:00 AM
Brewery Release: NW: Coming Soon ... Terminal Gravity Weed Wacker Session Ale
Press Release

image courtesy Terminal Gravity Brewing Company

Terminal Gravity Brewing is excited to announce the seasonal release of Weed Whacker Session Ale!

At 4.7% ABV, and 20 IBU’s, this Summer Session Ale is an easy drinking beer that celebrates all things summer.   Described as “The perfect accompaniment to your summer yard work” This limited session ale from Terminal Gravity
 is reminiscent of fresh grass and lemon trees with
a hint of bread. It's pretty much summer in a bottle!

Beginning July 1st, beer fans can find this summer favorite in 12 ounce bottles and six packs wherever TG is sold.

Founded in 1997, Terminal Gravity Brewing Company sits in the foothills of the Wallowa Mountains in Enterprise, Oregon.  TG first entered the Oregon beer market with its TG IPA.  Often referred to as the “old standard” in today’s market, TG IPA quickly changed the beer scene in Oregon in the late 90’s.  With a wide selection of bottled beers, draught varieties, and seasonal specialties, Terminal Gravity Brewing distributes its beer in Oregon, Washington and Idaho, and recently expanded its market presence to Hawaii.

TG’s brewers work on an 18 bbl. system and brew a humble 6,000 barrels of beer per year.  For more information please connect with us on social media!

07/02/2015 04:36 AM
VIDEO: The Lost Breweries of Dublin

For the Irish Craft Beer Show John ‘The Beer Nut’ Duffy gives a guided tour of key sites in Dublin’s brewing history.

VIDEO: The Lost Breweries of Dublin from Boak & Bailey's Beer Blog - Over-thinking beer, pubs and the meaning of craft since 2007

07/02/2015 03:05 AM
That’s my country!
My joy at awaking every morning grows as the years are grated off my life’s cheese. Why do I like grilled sandwiches so much?

Disillusioned by yesterday’s breakfast fiasco, I choose the lazy option. And smash my fast with a huge hammer in the hotel. A bacon and egg hammer.

Posh, but near empty is the dining room. I check the menu. No nasty orange-shaped shocks today.

My charming waitress has an unnerving nametag: Nookie. Carry On films can’t be big over here. It’s only when the women’s footie comes on in the bar that I understand.

“That’s my country!” she tells the barman when she hears the anthem. Norway vs. Thailand is the match. I hope she isn’t too disappointed by the result. Thailand gets thumped four nil.

The eggy bacony stuff I stuff in my stuffing hole is dead good stuff. What’s on the dominoes today? Another expensive taxi ride.

Antsy doesn’t do justice to my mood. I even had the location wrong until 5 minutes ago. It’s not on hippy heaven Haight. But way out in the nobdocks. Taxi time.

American cities are a doddle to navigate. A simple grid pattern of numbered streets. I’m headed for 2505 3rd St. We pass 1st Street. 2nd. 3rd. 10th. 16th. Is it me, or are we going in totally the wrong direction? I’m tempted to say something. But I wouldn’t say goo to a boose. Taxi paranoia is kicking in big time.

Overcoming my Englishness, I mention the strange streeting to my driver. Third is a mutant, twisting off 90 degrees from its brothers. Right. I think. But we do arrive on an improbable 3rd intersecting with 20th. Where I make my next mistake.

Spotting something called Dogpatch I tell the driver we’ve arrived. Mmmm… Something doesn’t look right. The total lack of beer and a coffee theme suggest this might not be the right spot. Fuck. Where is it I’m heading again? I consult my trip document.

Bum. It has the wrong address. It has the Haight location. I’ve scribbled down an address. But it doesn’t seem to right.

I wander off down the street, hoping to stumble across it. Most people would just look it up on their phone. But I don’t have one that works in the US. I catch a group of young blokes coming out of a building. If they know where Magnolia is. They don’t. But do have working phones. A few ticks later I’m much wiser. I need to walk another block.

Magnolia Smokestack is, as you could probably guess, a combination of brewery and BBQ place. I can see how that could work.

Owner Dave McLean hasn’t arrived yet. I get a beer and my books out out back. In the brewery part of the building. As everywhere oak casks are stacked up against a wall. Oddly, most are from a distillery in Utah.

Dave arrives and we chat a little. It’s pretty quiet. And the people out the front look more interested in smoked meat that beer history. But I’ve a pint of cask Mild in my hand. The sun is shining outside and there are free sausages. Things could be a lot worse.

Eventually two people turn up. They’re late because they’d first gone to the Haight Magnolia. I wonder if there is anyone still at the wrong location.

The event is so low key, it’s subsonic. The worst turnout I can recall.

When Dave needs to leave, I hang around for some more cask and some BBQ. They give a month’s worth of meat of various delicious kinds. I’d look pregnant if I ate that lot. Luckily, this is the US. There’s a fridge in my hotel, too. I ask for a doggy bag.

The waitress looks at my tray and says “Death by barbecue.” She’s not far wrong.

Had a pretty nice nerdy chat about beer, even if my rucksack is still as full of books as when I arrived. After several pints of cask Mild and Porter, I’ve now moved on to the IPA. Mmm . . . cask IPA. My favourite sort. IPA flavour without all the fucking burping.

Proving Ground IPA
Pretty clear, a cask-style head. All that citrusy hop thing and low carbonation. Demonstrates why IPA works so well on cask. Hop flavour + drinkability.  I had a couple of keg Imperial Stouts earlier. The cask IPA is definitely going down more easily. With less burping. Go cask!

It’s getting dark by the time I ask them to call me a cab. I’m slightly disappointed no-one has answered: “OK, you’re a cab.”

It’s a long wait. A very long wait. After 30 minutes - and the third PCC car - I get bored. I go back inside and ask them to ring the cab company again.

“Are you headed for the city? I’m just finishing, I can take you.” A very friendly waitress says. That’s another $35 saved.

It’s too late to head anywhere else for a beer when I get back to my hotel. Instead a pick up a couple of bombers of Racer 5 in the nearest convenience store. That should keep me going until sleepytime time.

I’ve a free day tomorrow. One dedicated to fun, fun, fun. And dinner with an old friend.

Magnolia Smokestack
2505 3rd St,
San Francisco, CA 94107.
Tel:+1 415-864-7468

07/02/2015 03:00 AM
Continuing the Italian theme, here's a post from the archives. I first visited Milan's Birrificio Lambrate in March 2008 and this was my write-up. Since then I've been back a couple of times and enjoyed more of their beers (I was non-plussed first time around - either they got better or my tastes changed). I can now say it's one of my favourite boozers in the world. They've opened a second site

07/02/2015 12:26 AM
Stone RuinTen Triple IPA returns and brings Ruination Nation with it
Stone Brewing Co. (Escondido, California) aims to provide hop fiends everywhere with a proper lupulin fix with this week's release of Stone RuinTen Triple IPA and a series of #RuinationNation events during the month of July. &nbsp...
Promo image for Stone Brewing Co.'s Stone RuinTen Triple IPA

07/02/2015 12:00 AM
Beer52.com – a UK Beer Club
We’ve had a few US based ‘Beer of the month’ club links here at The Brewclub, but here in Blighty they’ve been thin on the ground. I even investigated starting one myself, but couldn’t get funding, ah well. I received a leaflet the other day for Beer52.com a British ‘Beer of the Month’ club, that sends […]

07/01/2015 10:25 PM
Young Henrys exits WA brewery
The West Australian brewery currently known as Young Henrys Beer Farm is to become a completely separate entity.

07/01/2015 10:15 PM
Second Batch Lambic Session

Hard to believe that it was a year ago that John brewed his first batch of sour beer, (a lambic styled beer), but 365 days have passed and now he’s got a bucket full of dregs and it’s time to brew again! It was a pretty straightforward brew day; creating a wort using wheat dry […]

Read the original article Second Batch Lambic Session and other Brew Dudes posts.

07/01/2015 08:24 PM
Beer Release – Falconer’s Flight 7C’s, Top Rung Brewing

Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog.

Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog. New beer coming from Top Rung Brewing. Here’s the official release info. Top Rung Brewing Releases “Falconer’s Flight 7C’s the Hop” Pale as part of Pale Series July 1, 2015 – On July 3rd we will release the third beer in our Pale series. “Falconer’s Flight 7C’s...

The post Beer Release – Falconer’s Flight 7C’s, Top Rung Brewing appeared first on Beer News.

07/01/2015 07:41 PM
Flying Bike Brewery finally takes flight – brews first batch

Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog.

Story by Kendall Jones, via Washington Beer Blog. It’s been a long ride, but Flying Bike Brewery (Washington’s first cooperative brewery) is currently in the process of brewing its very first batch of beer as I write this. The brewery on Greenwood Avenue North, practically next door to Naked City Brewery, is now up and...

The post Flying Bike Brewery finally takes flight – brews first batch appeared first on Beer News.

07/01/2015 07:36 PM
Small is the new IPA
Earlier today Brewers Association economist Bart Watson tweeted this: “Small breweries are small. Looking at CA 2014 data: Breweries < 100 bbls = 144. 100 < breweries < 1,000 = 209. Breweries > 1,000 = only 122.” If you break down the percentages that’s 30% under 100 barrels, 44% between 100 and 1,000, and 26% […]

07/01/2015 06:43 PM
Bright Brewery launches beer club
Victoria's Bright Brewery has launched Bright Mash, a beer club giving members with year-round access to its beers.

07/01/2015 05:30 PM
Beer jobs: Sales Reps, Vale Brewing — Vic, SA and Sydney
Vale Brewing has sales roles open in Sydney, South Australia and Victoria...

07/01/2015 05:21 PM
The votes are in, and you elected BEER!

Remember that archaic time when breweries in Georgia weren’t allowed to send you home with any beer? Oh, that was yesterday? Weird. Well, folks, it’s a new era. Thanks to the tireless work of the Georgia Craft Brewer’s Guild, our lobbyists, brewery owners, and the countless local beer lovers who helped us pass SB63, as […]

The post The votes are in, and you elected BEER! appeared first on Monday Night Brewing.

07/01/2015 05:16 PM
Brewery Becker : A Year Of Unique Beer
Some of the greatest treasures to be found in the world are tucked away in small towns.  Amazing restaurants, unique wines, shops that provide goodies for both young and old, and of course unique breweries that curve the bar and remind you just how deep the world of beer can go.  Brewery Becker is one of these gems, located in the heart of Brighton Mi. sits the historic building, once a hotel and now a bastion of inspired beer the likes of which you might…

07/01/2015 04:36 PM
07/01/2015 Llywelyn’s Pub Presenting a Brew You Never Knew
While it’s fun to be on the hunt to try and find that special or fun beer, it can be pretty tiring. Well, you can stop running all around town and visit Llywelyn’s Pub in Webster Groves and St. Charles to see something cool on tap. Llywelyn’s is continuing their program that they’ve been calling [...]

07/01/2015 04:32 PM
New Glarus Serendipity – Too sweet, or Fruitful PERFECTION?


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07/01/2015 03:35 PM
Sundown at The Grove is back for another summer season
Are you ready for another summer season of great craft beer? Then look no further than downtown Houston as Sundown at The Grove returns for another year. Now sponsored by Southwest Airlines, Sundown at The Grove is in its fourth...
Sundown at The Grove

07/01/2015 03:30 PM
Brew: Craft breweries are attracting babies, toddlers
Two-year-old Cal Novario sat at one of the long communal tables at the JAFB Wooster Brewery in Wooster, Ohio, enjoying a tall, frosty mug of chocolate milk, as his father munched on a sandwich…

07/01/2015 03:00 PM
Pairing Recipe: Celebrate the Fourth of July with some Oskar Blues Beer Can Chicken
Press Release

Longmont, CO & Brevard, NC--Because the Fourth of July is on Saturday this year..which gives America three days to drink beer and handle meat...so here's Oskar Blues iconic Beer Can Chicken recipe for the weekend celebration. Happy grilling!


1 3-lb delish chicken
1 Oskar Blues CAN of bliss
Salt & pepper Rev. Rog's BBQ Rub
1 beer can holder to hold the can
Covered gas grill that heats to at least 400 degrees

  • Heat covered gas grill to 375 degrees. Season bird inside and out with all seasonings.
  • Drink half an Oskar Blues beer. Put the other half in the can holder.
  • Stick chicken on the can/can holder. 
  • Cook the bird on top of the can for about an hour and a half or until bird reaches 180 degrees. Stick meat thermometer thru the breast to the middle of thigh to insure proper temp.
  • Keep the direct flame off bird throughout cooking.
  • Serve with homemade coleslaw or potato salad and corn on the cob. 
 Happy birthday, USA, from all of us at Oskar Blues Brewery!

Oskar Blues Brewery Soul Founder, Dale, getting his Beer Can Chicken on

About Oskar Blues Brewery

Founded as a funky little brewpub by Dale Katechis in 1997, Oskar Blues Brewery launched the craft beer-in-a-can apocalypse in 2002, using a tabletop machine that sealed one can at a time. In 2008, the makers of the top-selling pale ale in ColoRADo, Dale's Pale Ale, added a brewery in Longmont, ColoRADo. The brewery has since experienced explosive growth-from packaging 59,000 barrels of beer in 2011 to 149,000 barrels in 2014. In December 2012, Oskar Blues opened the doors to an expansion brewery in Brevard, North Carolina. Oskar Blues has continued craft can innovation by introducing the CROWLER as a canned off-premise growler alternative. The innovative, original canned craft brewery now distributes trail-blazing craft brews to 44 U.S. states, Washington, D.C., as well as parts of Canada, Sweden, and the U.K. For more information and social media visit http://www.oskarblues.com.

07/01/2015 02:49 PM
A newcomer in DC's beer scene
One of the joys of being a craft beer fan is that extra thrill you get when traveling. It's fun seeing landmarks and eating good food, but there's just something special about seeing Hopslam in the...

07/01/2015 02:35 PM
Harpoon Brewing Introduces Nordic Saison

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Press Release Boston, MA (July 1, 2015) – Harpoon is proud to introduce the 54th installment of the Harpoon 100 Barrel Series: Nordic Saison. Anders Kissmeyer of Kissmeyer Beer & Brewing, Will Meyers of Cambridge Brewing Company, and Jaime Schier of Harpoon Brewery created this effervescent golden Saison using local honey and cranberries, rosehips, yarrow, […]

The post, Harpoon Brewing Introduces Nordic Saison, first appeared on The Barley Blog.

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